spilled ink love

it will still hurt sometimes
but never nearly as bad
you will be able to breathe again
—  forward - a.m
As human beings we suffer from an innate tendency to jump to conclusions; to judge people too quickly and to pronounce them failures or heroes without due consideration of the actual facts and ideals of the period.
—  Prince
You leave me with your jacket that smells just like you
I cry because I know I am still in love with you, as much as I tell myself every day I’m not
The truth is when I have a bad day you’re the first person I want to see
But when you have a bad day you just want to pull away from me
and I know we’ve had this conversation a thousand and one fucking times
I said I could handle this like an adult
But I’m not
I’m sick of being lonely
But I’m not going to settle for something that feels so fucking hollow


The silver moon mocks my love

Haunts me with our memories

The blazing sun burns me down

Round my ashes demons dance

Dawn breaks upon the mingled seas

I wait for you to come back home

Comes shrieking the gust of wind

Takes my ashes to the land unknown

The golden beams crack through walls

As whisper my lips your name unheard

Out of the black, into the blue

I sit and look the clouds above.

The singing birds, they sing your songs

The heavy clouds, they shed your tears.

Occuring I feel something strange

My ashes are turning into new me

A breeze comes and brushes by

I smell a fragrance known to me

I dig the soil and put my blood

Blossoms a flower, sweet and soft

Listen not the demons bothering you

Watch your steps and follow the scent

Pave the rocken path reaching me

Take watchful steps as you come

Hate clenches heart, length bruises feet

But your spell of love strenghtens me

Here I reach and there come you

Celebrate our eyes as they meet

Rays turn into flames of silver

A delicate touch of yours on mine

Demons dance but so do we

Finally our souls merge at last

We breathe our warmth, lie we so close

Intertwined our souls, interlocked our hearts

World and Nature both are gay

Singing song of our reunion


Here I present “Reunion”, the outcome of a collab between very talented and creative @a-silent-lover and me ( @tenaciousbirdreview ). Her words in italics, mine in bold. We hope you guys will enjoy.


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it’s the moments right before falling asleep and upon waking up. i forget that things have changed, that you’re not my normal anymore, and i reach out to send you a message on my phone. until i see our last conversation. my glow fades, and i remember. i remember everything, and my stomach drops, because i wish i could get that moment of forgetting back. or better yet, that moment in the past. but i can’t, and i start and end my day with an ache that won’t go away no matter how hard i try.
—  A Story a Day #22 by bramble-lee

I told you everything. For the first time in my life i had courage just so you could tear me apart with the simple phrase “i dont feel the same way about you”.