spiking the football

You know my favorite thing about Lois and Clark’s relationship in Smallville is how Clark is always investigating something to like save people and what not. And he tries to not involve people because it will put them at risk, etc.

But Lois always shows up along the way with the same, or more information than him.

This happens from the very beginning. They are both trying to find out who killed Chloe, and Clark finds out where she is and goes to face that guy who can turn himself to metal. And Lois shows up, and Clark is all, “How did you get here?”

And then when the cheerleaders spike the football player’s punch with a love potion, and Chloe is infected. Clark tells Lois about it, and she’s like, “Good job. Now do you want to know what they are using?”

And it just sort of continues for years, and it surprises them here and there. But they finally just learn to accept it. Like when Clark is in the ring to fight Titan, and they throw Lois in there first. And both of them are basically like, “of course you’re here.”

It’s just so cute. Clark starting at the planet, and them becoming partners was just so natural at that point, because they’d been basically working together for years without even realizing.

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(Fuck Co-workers) s/o to the second shift sco attendant tonight (7/4) who football spiked a $3,000 piece of equipment in a fit of rage and left the overnight sco (me) without a vital tool to do the job with :)))))))

How the horoscope meme has made me see the signs
  • Aries: abrasive sheep with an attitude
  • Taurus: stubborn lazy bull who likes snacks
  • Gemini: passive aggressive bag of giggles
  • Cancer: sad emotional crab who is sad and crying
  • Leo: insecure shiny lion with big hair and a bigger ego
  • Virgo: shrill and anal af
  • Libra: innocent friendly genius who's actually not that innocent
  • Scorpio: horny kinky ball of spikes
  • Sagittarius: obnoxious overexcited football
  • Capricorn: awkward overachieving snob
  • Aquarius: hella spacy gay raindrop
  • Pisces: fishy who's out of fucks because they already used them all

Max, Border Collie (5 y/o), Governors Island, New York, NY • Max and his handler patrol Governors Island for geese • “He used to herd livestock on a farm, so he would get depressed when the geese flew away. We had to bring in a trainer to teach him to stop working once the geese were gone. Now he’ll do a victory circle and start rolling in the field, like spiking a football.”

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Aww Danny. Tom's intensity often seems to catch him off guard LOL. I still remember him flinching when Tom spiked the football that one time. He and Jules look like little babies whenever they stand next to Tom or Gronk.

This is probably my favorite gif in existence.

the way Danny startles and recoils makes me lol every time I see it. (Credit: @jaybeers)

Tom definitely gets very amped up, a lot of slapping and headbutting usually occurs. Just ask Gronk lol.


Cross-country. Cross-culture. America supports its team.

It’s red, white and blue… and it’s coming to the World Cup. To launch the new away kit, USMNT captain Clint Dempsey and the USWNT’s Sydney Leroux were joined by Diplo, HAIM, Spike Lee, NFL players Andrew Luck and Ndamukong Suh, skateboarders Eric Koston and Sean Malto, Allyson Felix, and former U.S. National Team member Alexi Lalas. America? America.