spikey mikey

Can we take a moment of silence and discus Mikey’s tallness

Can I just rant on how tall mikey is like wtf happened who gave you the damn right to be this tall what is he know like almost 6 ft like no just no what is your problem you can’t be that tall. And this is what I hate because there changing way to much and I pretty soon nobody will recognize them as the boys from iconic boyz.

Spikey Mikey or Mikey Fusco

You and Mikey dated through out his whole ABDC experience you supported him all through put the end and he loved you for that and you knew he did … But people only know him as Spikey Mikey that kid on ABDC the cute one when you hear that it makes you remember to when you and Mikey were the “dorks ” of the school you remember that you and Mikey used to study everyday for the next math quiz you guys weren’t total nerds you were just smart but all that changed after he got back from ABDC.
before no body would talk to you guys because the boys and him would dance and “that was for girls” and now everyone is like (y/n)!!!! Where’s Mikey !! Or Mikey’s so cute why is he dating her ?!?!
You saw Mikey that morning and told you “ Morning babe ready for school. ;) ” and gave you a peck on your lips that “ yeah , and you? ” you asked without looking at him still thinking of the past “ what’s wrong you always smile when I kiss you .” “Nothing I’m just thinking .” “ of what ?” “Us the past .” “What about it it’s just like now just better .” He intertwined your hand with his and smiled down at your face you smiled back but it slowly faded away with the vogue memories of what used to be “Mikey ?” “Mhhm” Mikey looked at you “ what happened to us ?” “ what do you mean ?” He looked at you confused “ I mean we used to be that dorky couple who no one ever cared about we used to be that one couple that if we had to study that night we would make it a date . What happened ?” You started to feel your eyes start to water you didn’t know why but Mikey noticed Right away he held you in his arms and whispered “ baby don’t cry ok please I hate seeing you like this ” you looked at him waiting for an answer he nodded and said “ remember what I told you right before I left for LA that no matter what happens I wanted you to always be there for me because if we win or lose I was never going to leave you and that, after that first time on stage that everything was going to change and I needed you to be there for me.” You nodded “ well this is one of those changes everyone told me that school was going to be the same but I knew when I first took a step into that building that my past was all gone all the girls and guys that used to pick on us and the boys wanted us or wanted to be us but you were the only one that still treats us like the dorks that used to be and that’s why I love you so much and I always will sometimes when I hear those girls In the halls that say why are you with her Mikey she’s so ugly and stuff I tell them she’s beautiful and she liked Mikey Fusco that awkward kid in the front of the class with his dorky girlfriend sitting right next to him not Spikey Mikey the dancer on ABDC ” he said smiling at you while you smiled back like a total idiot “thank you and you’ll always be my dork remember that ” you said he smiled and gave you a passionate kiss

Don't mess up

You were at home and your mom just left for work so you had to clean the house when you were just finishing the dishes you got a text from Mikey : “ Hey beautiful ;)”
You : “ Hi Michael <3 ”
Mikey : “ what are you doing this fine morning ?”
You: “ cleaning -.-”
Mikey : “ hahahaha I’m at home my mom is cleaning and making breakfast .”
You : “ go help her !!!”
Mikey : “ you come help her !”
You: “ I’m in my pajamas Mikey -.-”
Mikey : “ I’ll help if your here ;)”
You : “ fine let me just finish here ”
Mikey : “ okay love you 😘”
You: “love you too 😘”
*skipping car ride its to mainstream *

*knock knock *

“I’ ll get it !!"you heard Nicollett yell you were literally in you onesie no makeup and your hair up in a messy bun when Nicollett
opened the door you said ” hi ^•^“ and hugged her she said hi back and told you to come in when you walked in you saw Mrs.Fusco washing the dishes you walked in the kitchen and said hi and asked if she needed any help she was cooking and
washing the dishes she said "No your a guest just go hang out with Mikey ”
“I’m not here for Mikey though he told me you were cleaning and he wasn’t helping so I came to help !” You answered she just looked at me like “really ” I’m like “ what ?!?! ” “oh nothing it’s just that your the first girlfriend that Mikey’s had that actually wants to help ” she told me she was mixing the tomato sauce for the spaghetti she was going to make I made my way to the sink and started washing the dishes . That’s when I heard Mikey come downstairs Nicollet was sitting on the bar that they had she was going to tell Mikey I was there because he didn’t notice yet before she told him I put my finger to my mouth and said “shhh.” Nicollet just nodded Mrs . Fusco caught on and told Mikey “ Mikey say hi to our new neighbor ;) ” “ Hi ” he said pretty bluntly “ Hi your really cute ;) ” you tried to sound flirty he was looking in the fridge to look for something to eat “ thanks but my GIRLFRIEND is on her way ” “ so ” you giggled because he was being so cute he was about to leave when you and the girls started laughing at the fact that he still didn’t know “ wait” he stopped “ that laugh that’s my laugh !! (Y/n) your here !! ” he exclaimed “I’ve been here dummy ” he didn’t hesitate to run and give you a hug no he pulled back and you saw that little smirk on his face he leaned in to kiss you and you turned away “ hey ! What was that ?!?!” He questioned “manners I can’t kiss you in front of your family !” You said “ why ?!” He asked “because for one its awkward and two it’s rude that’s for me and you not everyone else !” He just stood there like a little kid with a pout on his face . He was about to sit down when you went up to him and said “ NO NO NO make your self useful help me with the dishes .” That’s when you heard Nicollet say “ I’m going to my room before you make me clean too .” “ why me ?!?!” Mikey told you" if you don’t no more kisses for you ;) “ you whispered to him ” fine just because of that “ he sighed and followed you to the kitchen you were about to finish when you told Mrs.Fusco you’ll set up the table you left but forgot a plate you were walking into the kitchen when you heard your name so you decided to just listen
Mrs. Fusco:” I like her she’s the first one that helps and has manners “
Mikey: ” I really like her too “
Mrs.Fusco : "Mikey she made you clean you better not mess this up if you don’t stay with her I will ”
Mikey : “ hahahaha it’s ok mom i won’t mess it up I plan on it ”
You walked In and just had the stupidest smile on you face
You: “ I forgot a plate”
As you were walking out you took Mikey with you once there was no body in the dining room you kissed him like never before you could feel him smiling into the kiss when you both let go
You" I don’t plan on leaving you either “
Mikey ; ” I love you ❤"