Where is your journey to? I think that answer is different for everyone.

I want people to look at this and imagine their own journey, something special and unique that only they can see. Is what you see something wondrous or even a little whimsical? Maybe a long long road, yet turgid with it’s own distinct pulchritude? Whatever it may be, I wish you the best of luck on it! ^0^

Journey © Thatgamecompany

My completed entry for the strange, kooky and oh so fun TF swimsuit contest closing on the 8th of July. Poor Jetfire from Transformers Animated was my chosen victim!

Don’t despair Jetfire, you look cute! O//u//O

Competition here http://1forsorrow2forjoy.deviantart.com/journal/Roll-out-and-Rise-up-because-it-s-Summer-CONTEST-363270286

Jetfire © Hasbro