Spike: “..I’m surprised you all know we live in a castle- I haven’t said anything about it.”

“You all are interdimensional voices though, so you’ve likely seen other realities that are similar to ours. So it shouldn’t really be a surprise to me that you all know that.”

Finished pic of the Mane7 + Spike as Hogwarts students :D

Gryffindor: Sunset, Rainbow

Hufflepuff: Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie

Ravenclaw: Twilight, Spike (though I’d like Spike as a Slytherin too)

Slytherin: Rarity

Get the full pic for free here ! ^^

someone save AJ



Twilight: “No matter how much we age…” 

“I miss the old days, so it’s good that you bring laughter like that…”


~*Woo! That was quite the entrance! Princess Twilight can take your questions now!*~

Second review up! Gonna try to speed up writing these, the season’s moving right along. I’ll try to have these uploaded every three days until I’m caught up and start posting weekly.

This was really fun to draw for too! Grump Starlight!


As the Mane6 leave to go on a friendship retreat, Starlight and Trixie spend time together practicing magic spells. During one of these sessions, Trixie accidentally teleports away the Cutie Map, sending Starlight into an understandable panic. Starlight begins a frantic search to find the Map before Twilight returns, but becomes increasingly frustrated and resentful towards her best friend, who doesn’t seem to take anything that has happened seriously. Unwilling to express this growing fury and risk losing Trixie in the process, Starlight resorts to literally bottling up her emotions. This ends with less than desirable results…

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