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For four seasons, The Golden Oak Library has been central to the story of countless episodes, not just as the residence of Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Owlicious, but as a place for Twilight and her friends to gather as they began their journey discovering the magic of friendship.

The treehouse has taken many beatings, including pegasus crashes, uprootings and giant apple implosions, before ultimately being razed when Tirek attacked.


Fire of Friendship

Though the winter brings all its cold and storm
The glow in our hearts keeps us warm
The friends we now call our family
Will always see us through

–MLP:FIM “The Heart Carol”

To all my friends and followers: have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for all your comments, notes and up-votes this year. See you in 2016!

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“Sweet two-headed dragon suit, Spike!”


Mod: Sorry. Allow me to break the illusion again, since it would be impossible for Twilight and Spike to be with the others in the Crystal Empire owing to the Nightmare Night episode. 

So without breaking out the “they took a late train” excuse, we have DJ-Sh1ning out of the prowl. Cadance’s outfit was first inspired by the fact that she had no inspired Princess Dress done by Rarity, and took on a battle suit, specifically the one referencing Princess Star Butterfly.

Then, I kinda just brought Flash Sentry in with the Crystal Guard-type armor, since I thought it really goes nicely with Twilight’s canonical outfit.

Happy Nightmare Night, Everypony!