Twilight: “No matter how much we age…” 

“I miss the old days, so it’s good that you bring laughter like that…”


~*Woo! That was quite the entrance! Princess Twilight can take your questions now!*~


More reverse au stuff I’ve been working on. I drew the Pinkie/Spike pic before I decide to swap Spike for Gummy, so don’t take it as canon.

Even moore facts:

-Bigmac and Cadence are a happily married couple here. Bigmac is the prince of the Crystal Empire while Cadence is the captain of the Crystal Guard. and lemme tell you there’s nothing more awesome than captain cadence

-look I know I said appledash was a canon couple in this au but RARIJACK. but seriously I just needed to do it, and i already said rares and aj made out previously so yeah

-Working around with the concept of Rarity wanting to become a guard. She’s even trained by Cadence. And Rares is lowkey gay for her because Cadence is just SO stunning and pretty

-Alicorn princess Pinkie?? I still gotta get used to her design because it’s weird as hell but lol

-Some EQG designs made for the funsies. Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie are my faves. Twilight looks like scitwi lol

Again thanks @beach-city-mystery-girl for so many ideas. We’re creating some good shit here :^)


MLP - Twibra - Argue

Sombra: 當個「老師」也不過如此…
Twilight: 她畢業了!


(Story background)
The story is that Sombra had returned, but lost most of his magic (he could still: turn into shadow form, levitate things, and making awesome fire effect(x) )
And now he stay with Twilight in the name of “(forced to) Learning the Magic of Friendship”



Took longer than I thought to finished it.

WORTH IT !!!<333
( I love Ponyta Twilight so much~~ )


Here’s a quick set of basic circular icons I made if anyone wants to use them! No credit is required, but I would ask that you like or reblog this post if you do use them!

I also have a set of pride icons here and am willing to do requests as these are all pretty simple, just feel free to ask!