Wig Hack Wednesday #7!

So, many of you guys are probably familiar with the wire+tape method to make drill curls in wigs. But did you know you can also use wire+tape for spikes? You can get more natural-looking spikes that won’t flop over time with this method. And you won’t have to spend hours glueing hair down on a foam core. This method is good for long spikes that stick outward like Axel from Kingdom Hearts, or Aigami from Yu-Gi-Oh! In this tutorial, I used a Vegas base wig in Dark Blue from Arda Wigs
Here are the steps:

- Section off hair for the spike. Cut a piece of floral wire in the length you need for the spike plus extra 1 inch (you will know why later). And sandwich the wire between two strips of clear heavy-duty packaging tape. Trim the tape down to long triangle shape
- Divide the hair you parted eariler into two sections and clip them away (make sure the top section has more hair than the bottom). Stick the end tip of the wire into the wig cap and have it poke out below. If you need to, use your shears to punch a small hole in the wig cap so the wire can poke through
- Bend the end tip of the wire up into the main wire to create a triangle leg that will help support the wire’s position. Hot glue part of the wig cap to the wire inside the leg to secure it
- Tease the inner layer of hair from each half of the spike with a teasing brush or fine-tooth comb
- Comb out the outer layer of the spike to clean it up. Put glue on the wire and press down the top section of the spike first
- Do the same for the bottom section of the spike
- Trim more layers near the tip of the spike to create more dimension
- With a flat iron on medium heat, flip the end of the spike to shape it, hold until it cools
- Comb the outer layer of the spike, spray it in place with Got2B spray, and use Got2B glue or Tacky glue to secure the tip

And that’s it! Enjoy your cool spikes with minimal effort. I hope this was helpful to you guys. :D

Wig Styling Tutorial: Creating Large Spikes

The trick to “large” spikes is figuring out how to defy gravity. With that in mind, you have two options for holding up those big, spiky chunks of hair:

1) Use an understructure as your inner support. For instance, styrofoam, stiffened felt, or even wire.

2) Support the spike using teasing and/or large quantities of hair.

For this tutorial we’ll be going down route number 2, which does not require any additional structure materials. When spiking a wig this way, I will always do two things: first, I will weft in extra hair. Second, I will always tease the base of the spike, if not the entire thing.

“Why the extra hair?”

Spiking a thin wig or even an average-thickness wig is no fun. When you pinch the fiber into a spike you’re compressing that shape down, and if you do not start with a large amount of hair you’re going to be left with thin, sad spikes. In addition, lots of hair means lots of volume - double-wefting a wig or just adding extra wefts gives the hair a chance to push against itself, to the point where your spikes may even begin to stand up with no teasing at all.

“Why the teasing?”

Teasing serves two purposes. First, it creates even more volume when you kink your fiber, giving us thicker-looking spikes and forcing the hair to stand up naturally. Second, it physically locks the hair together, especially at the base of the wig. This means that your spike will last far longer than if you’d just used glue.

Click the below cut to get started!

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Throwback Thursday styling tips! Since I wasn’t feeling well and missed the chance to upload this week’s Wednesday Wig Hack, a friend of mine suggested that it would be a cool idea to talk about some wigs I have styled in the past.
I have gotten questions about how to style “wavy spikes” like I did for my Dio (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) wig so here is a little demo. You can also use this technique for characters like Nagito Komaeda (Dangan Ronpa), or Lancer / Diarmuid (Fate/Zero). :)

- First, you want to make your spike. Follow countless of spiking tutorials online for this step. :P Don’t apply too much hair product though because we will use heat on it so it still needs to be sort of soft and flexible
- Use a flat iron, with the medium heat setting (I used 380 F for this), grab the spike where you want the wave to start. Bend you wrist so that the spike point downwards. Keep in mind, for this kind of wavy spikes, the pattern of wave will be down>up>down
- Let go of the flat iron after a few seconds and immediately use your fingers to catch the spike to hold its shape until it cools down. (Use gloves if you’re sensitive to heat. My hands can’t feel a thing because I’m used to heat tools)
- Go at it with the flat iron again! Grab the spike a good distance from the first wave, around 1 inch and a half for me. Then flip your wrist so that the spike points upwards
- After a few seconds, let go of the flat iron and catch the spike with your hand again. If you want extreme curve near the tip, you can push the spike in towards the wig. Once it cools down, it should hold the shape
- Now you can go in and “puff” up the spike by squeezing the sides. I use Got2B spiking glue on my fingers to lightly coat the spike throughout
- Touch up the tip by adding another wave with the same steps as before. Use Got2B spray to seal the style. And you’re done! (Just kidding you have to do like 30 other spikes. Good luck 👌👌 )

Base wig used for tutorial: Malinda in pale blonde from Arda Wigs
Base wig used for Dio: Magnum Long in light blonde from Arda Wigs


Mitch Cosplays at Momocon

Every once in a while I like to bring out my small line of cosplays to conventions. I have a few characters that are dear to my heart and I really enjoy getting into character. I’ve been cosplaying as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop for about 6 years and it’s by far my favorite costume to show off. I also really enjoyed the game Catherine and simply had to meet up with another cosplayer at the bar get an appropriate photo. 


So I made a couple cosplays for @asofterfan‘s punk!AU and I bothered my sister into taking pictures with me. So! Snapchat story from Patton!

Bonus, from Logan:

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