Calling Buffy Fans

Hello fellow Buffy fans!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there is a new show called Class. If you are a fan of Buffy then I would highly recommend it. Yes, the show is a spin off to Doctor Who, but do not let that dissuade you, you do not need to watch or even like Doctor Who. The show stands on it’s own. The show takes place at a school named Coal Hill, which is suddenly a hot spot for aliens. A group a teenagers and their teacher are fighting against these aliens, protecting their fellow students and school. 

Why would I recommend this to a Buffy fan? Well first off, the writer of the show wanted to give it a Buffy feel, but he wanted to make it darker. Like Buffy, the show has some amazing, powerful women. One of these women is an abuse survivor. Another one is a slave who constantly fights for her freedom. The third female character, is a 14 year-old black girl who is a genius. It takes place at a high school that is constantly under attack from aliens (with Buffy it is supernatural forces). 

Second of all, the show has two leading queer characters. Like the relationship between Willow and Tara, the relationship is a non-issue. The couple is established in the first episode and everyone accepts it. Due to the fact that the show was only given eight episodes, they could not develop the relationship as much. The relationship is healthy and loving, and like a normal couple, they have their issues and they talk about them. It is also worth mentioning that one of the boy’s in this relationship is a Polish IMMIGRANT. He actually shares his experiences about learning english. While the relationship is a non-issue, his storyline does tackle homophobia. His parents do not accept him, but don’t worry, his parents do not make an appearance so you will not see anything too upsetting. 

Thirdly, the show has amazing poc representation. There are two leading poc characters, and there is plenty more with the side characters. The classrooms are diverse, and the children’s parents also make appearances. Like Buffy mother’s Joyce, the parents are actually involved with their children’s lives. they find out what’s going on and they care about them. There is a positive father/son relationship. 

The show is not as good as Buffy, but it is still good. Two episodes have already premiered. If you wish to watch it then I would recommend watching it on the BBC America app. The show tackles posted, grief, guilt, depression, etc. The teenage characters are actually very relatable. The show is premiering on Saturday’s on 10/9c on BBC America. If you loved Buffy then you will probably enjoy this show. It’s got romance, action, strong female characters, poc characters, disabled characters, and queer characters. I could not recommend it enough. 

buffysummere  asked:

top 5 spike looks

1. the hawaiian shirt, the jorts, the combat boots he pulls it off so effortlessly….

2. punk!spike billy idol whom?

3. buffy: “are you posing?”spike: “google earth always taking pics”

4. it’s a crime the style department only broke out this sweater in the last season 

5. and of course this jaunty little number

@luscious2 asks Xanya, Xandelia, Tillow and Spander for the ask meme

Xandelia: I’m glad I got this one, because @radison and @catty-words have caused me to rethink this relationship. From an out of universe stand point we know Xandelia sunk because Charisma Carpenter was headed to Angel. But I’m going to contemplate it from an in-universe perspective. 

I stand by my opinion that Cordelia thought she was better than Xander and that Xander felt a little disgusted with himself for liking a bully like Cordelia (someone he probably tried to label as shallow and stupid). They never got to where I wanted to see them go, with both of them in a real, serious relationship misgivings aside. There was a feeling of “are we really doing this” to the very end. Which is a fun beginning, but I was looking forward to the next stage. I wanted to see Cordelia stand up for Xander, and not in the way she did to the Cordettes (by insulting him). I wanted to see Xander stand up for her, too.

Instead Xander cheated. The break up was messy because it didn’t really exist. There was no final talk, no mutual understanding. I think Xander should have pushed Cordelia more, but I don’t think he ever truly believed she liked him much anyway and he was too afraid to be rejected. This, in turn, probably made Cordelia feel like he never cared enough to reconcile with her. Which is probably why she was so incredibly nasty post-break up. Thinking of things this way, I’m a little more forgiving of her behavior than I was in my episode reviews. I do think it was incredibly wrong to share the intimate things she’d learned about Xander during their relationship and use it against him. You just…don’t do that. But she’s in high school, and she’s hurt, so I do get it. I also think she was mad at herself for ever going for Xander, which is why she won’t go for Doyle in Angel

TLDR: I’m disappointed we never got to see where this couple was going, because I liked their dynamic. It feels like this relationship died in the beginning of its arc.

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