4 Artists on Tumblr to look out for

So I just wanna do something fun and start using this blog for more than just giveaways and complaining about how poor I am so I thought I’d, give some shout-outs to some awesome musicians that are here on tumblr who you should all check out~

1. Aeon Fux

Doom-soul space-opera music with world class vocals and dreamy harmonic textures pitted against a Q-chord! One of my favorites right now.

Listen to her music: x

Follow her tumblr: x

2. DOx

Gritty and unforgiving EBM beats with elements of dance and industrial. I’ve had the pleasure of playing live alongside him collaborating on tracks with him. And being his gf.

Listen to his music: x

Follow his tumblr: x

3. Life Inversion

Another favorite, a good friend of mine (I’M SORRY I STILL HAVEN’T EMAILLED YOU BACK AHHH), and a hugely talented dude. Bluesy atmospheric soundscapes. Heart-wrenching and raw. Almost impossible to attach a genre to, but definitely unmissable music.

Listen to his music: x

Follow his tumblr: x

4. Spiivak

Multi-media queer industrial noise with amazing, esoteric visuals and mind melting experimental music and a progressive approach to gender and sexuality. Abrasive and provocative.  Plus one of the only industrial artists around right now that’s reminiscent of the original version of the genre. 

Listen to their music: x

Follow their tumblr: x

So these are my top four for now, but I’ll do another list next month :) Might make it a regular thing idk. Hope you guys enjoy the music!

- F


I saw SPIIVAK live for the for the first time ever tonight :)
Imogen was so good! I loved it and bought some merch and will eventually buy some of his art!


In a v. good way ‘cause I apparently didn’t realize how much i wanted to do some filming until i listened to SPIIVAK and then talked to ripley and oh man i need me some film action.

i mean i’m gonna be doing the documentary and promo stuff but that’s different, and later than this month.

fucking good music sparks good shit. i can’t wait to get all artsy.

an alien mixtape

1. club eternity - mass effect 2 ost 

2. brandy (ft. tina kristina helene) - woulg (x)

3. firefly - tortoise 

4. class 5 roaming vapour - tipper 

5. black dust - SPIIVAK (x)

6. face hugger - alien ost 

7. vidrar vel til loftarasa - sigur ros

8. pulk/pull revolving doors - radiohead 

9. adrift in hilbert space - ott 

10. you could feel the sky - boards of canada 

11. back from space - amon tobin

12. null moon - akira yamaoka 

13. subterranian homesick alien - radiohead 

14. breathe - pink floyd 

15 - dropped from the sky - amon tobin

16. spaceboy - smashing pumpkins

17. music to watch space girls by - leonard nimoy

18. alien - bush

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