Name: Saphira Brightscales

Age:  Around 1 or 2. She hatched at the beginning of the first book

World: The Inheritance Cycle


Out of every character I have talked about or plan to talk about, Saphira is the one who most reminds me of you. Only she’s a gigantic blue dragon who is regarded as a natural flier. 

Seriously though. I just paused in writing this to do some fact checking so I could really write about her accurately, and I almost cried about how much like you she really is. For starters, she is highly intelligent, opinionated, and wise, though she has lazy tendencies. Saphira is very proud, and even vain at times, once mentioning that she didn’t understand how people could go into battle looking anything but their best, and that she wanted her enemies to admire her as well as fear her.  She believes herself to be the most magnificent creature in the world, but also has doubts about this. She wants a family badly- it’s a physical pain to her that she is the last free dragon in existence, which makes mating an issue. She doesn’t hesitate to give an honest and passionate opinion, and can be brutally blunt. 

Saphira is an interesting character because not only do you see her grow as a character, you see her grow up. At first, she’s a baby, and slowly she learns to speak, learns to fly, learns to empathize with others. She becomes older. We see her when she develops a bit of a sex drive, and when she really comes to terms with the being that she is. Her journey is so much more incredible than that of other characters because you see this… you can see exactly why she is who she is. 

There are so many interesting things about Saphira, probably because she has so many opinions and will not stand to keep them quiet. Like you, she sees beauty in pain, although she hates to see anything suffer for too long. She is a firm believer of the food chain, which does put her at odds a bit with her rider Eragon, who is a firm vegetarian starting in the second book. As I said earlier, she loves to look her best, but doesn’t see the point in being pretty if it isn’t practical as well. She doesn’t tolerate stupidity.

I used to not like Saphira so much, but I really have grown to love her. And I do believe that if you read the series, you’ll adore her.


Traits: fearsome, fierce, vain, proud, compassionate, calming, polite, wise

Things that might take points off:  I really can’t think of anything you might dislike about Saphira herself. The books, though, do tend to start off slow. I know people who can’t stand them simply because of how slow they start out. 

All around Zoë compatibility:  10. Yes, I’m giving her a perfect score. I think she deserves it.

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Adding to your ask about "excusing" Dean... Not to mention Dean is a very non-verbal person when it comes to his feelings. He's the most emotional and sensitive character on the show, but also the least verbal about his feelings. So he's grateful to Sam and Cas and you can see that. That's visible. Hopefully, one day, he'll be comfortable enough with his emotions to say it... but just because it's unspoken doesn't make it not true or not there. Words to live by.

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I READ THAT AND I AM SO EXCITED! I also saw someone hate on Benny because of the section about him and their ships and I was like “fuck you people”


And yeah, if anything this will probably only strengthen Dean and Cas’s relationship in the end.  And even if it doesn’t, then I’m still happy.  Dean needs more friends or people to interact with even if their loyalties are questionable.  Even if it turns into a Ruby thing.  Because that makes the character dynamic and the characters more interesting.  I want to have questions and doubts and see corruption and redemption.  I want jealousy and war buddies and I mean…of all the creatures Dean has the best chance of relating to a vampire since HE WAS ONE.  Oh gee I could go on about why I’m going to love this FOREVER.

“…I thought language was much more beautiful.”

“Oh, no,” insisted Sable. “Numbers have such regular features. Languages are all lopsided and irregular, like goblins. If I know the word for "dog,” I don’t know the word for “horse.” But if I know three and four, I know thirty, forty, three hundred, four hundred. And if I know three multiplied by three, I know three multiplied by thirty, and then division, which is multiplication in reverse. All the patterns are so beautiful, and they always come true. Numbers are something you can depend on.“

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im so done with all of you 

Name: Catherine “Kate” Winslow

Age:  17 and 18 in the first book, 24 in the second,  elderly in the third

World: The Hollow Kingdom


Let’s talk about Kate Winslow. She’s the epitome of nineteenth century badass female. In a family that wants Kate to be molded to their purposes- meaning a proper Englishwoman, she’s a bit of a rebel. But it’s kind of hard to describe- Kate is fine with proper on the condition that she does it her own way. She is educated far more than other females, determined, confident, and sticks to her guns. Even when sticking to her guns means that everyone, even her own sister (see Emily Winslow) thinks she is going insane.

Quick note before we begin: Kate shows up as a prominent character in all three Hollow Kingdom novels. The first one, which she is the main character of, is divided into three parts, which together function as a series of short stories that flow seamlessly into each other. Each part has their own unique antagonist. Because of the way the novel is set up, I will be effectively spoiling three-quarters of the first part. If you want to not read that, just know she’s awesome and skip to the bottom now.

Kate and Emily are recently orphaned at the opening of “Starlight,” Part One of The Hollow Kingdom. Luckily, they have distant relatives and a large piece of land with two manors, a huge lake, tons of woodsy areas, and even an old circle thought to be left behind by druids. It’s a simple but comfortable life- except for the fact that Hugh Roberts, their young uncle and new guardian, seems to despise both of the Winslow sisters. To counter this, both girls stay away from him, preferring to roam around outside and explore the land that they own.

This backfires when Kate begins to show strain on her nerves because she KNOWS that she’s being watched, and nobody else realizes it. She tries to get over the feeling, but when she wanders into a strange group of gypsies and one named Marak escorts her back to the Lodge manor, she has horrible feelings about him. She does her best to try to keep herself and Emily away from him, but that is easier said than done as he can pop himself into mirrors, shatter windows, and lure her to him with a powerful persuasive voice. And the reason he can do all this? He’s the goblin king (“marak” means goblin king in their language) and he plans to spirit Kate away and force her to marry him.

Most anyone would try to fight, but not the way Kate does. She fights with her mind, outthinking him. Marak tries his best to deny that she can outthink him, but eventually does admit that she has been giving him a lot of trouble. Kate does everything to ensure that Marak will not capture her, despite his tricks, physical strength, and magical powers. And on top of that, she does it while trying to deny that she’s mad and while protecting Emily. That’s a strong character, especially considering that this is HISTORICAL fantasy and Kate doesn’t live in a time where strength is easy.


Traits: witty, clever, brave, courageous, protective, polite, intelligent, determined, confident

Things that might take points off:  She isn’t always the most honest character, though her openness does grow as her stories progress. Nor does she have horrible self hatred. Or any at all, really. Self disgust, definitely, but she is very comfortable with her personality.

All around Zoë compatibility:  8

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her life. what does any songwriter who writes about their life write about when they get married? Her kids, her husband& her past relationships and the new and changing perspectives on them. her friends relationships, situations shes inspired by and to the person jelbertie who said she wont be able to handle the commitment& I believe people grow. If I didnt, I dont know what the point in life would be. But this is Taylors biggest personal struggle right now. I believe in growth.


thank you for this wow because i mean i wasn’t trying to tease her i was actually wondering because really all she writes about now is like guys abd breakups so it got me thinking

that was deep spikey, thanks. and you listen anna. listen. they are right.

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one and a half more days


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My will-power had never been tested so much in my entire life.

I KNOW i have never been more tested before. i gave in and listened to speak now last time it leaked but i refuse to do that for RED. but its so hard ive wanted to just pick one song and then i was thinking of listening to one of the demos on the target version BUT I CANT I JUST CANT DO IT

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I showed it to my chemistry major cousin who laughed


i’m glad your cousin derived amusement from it


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On the topic of the bathroom scene, you also have to take into account Spike's POV. He almost raped her, and it was terrible... but he was just as terrified when he realized what was going on. He had reached the end of his rope and violence was the only thing he knew. Buffy had pushed him around and he had no idea what else to do. I'm not blaming her by any means... just pointing out Spike's POV. I feel so bad for both of them when I watch that scene.