Conspiracy Theorist Max Spiers has been found dead in Poland.

39-year-old Briton Max specialised in UFOs and government cover-ups. He had been staying in Poland with friends, as he was preparing for a big presentation that he was going to give in the summer. Police have assured people that Spiers died of natural causes, despite no post-mortem being carried out. Friends reported that he vomited a dark, sticky liquid before mysteriously dying on a couch in his sleep. The most chilling thing about this story is the last text message Max sent to his mother:

“Your boy is in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”


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UFO conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died under mysterious circumstances

Max Spiers, a student of UFOs and pusher of alleged truths, died in July at the age of 39. But recently, speculation about the nature of his death has gained traction, prompting some to question whether his search for the truth was to blame. An ominous text and alleged black liquid are fueling the theories.

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