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lunarrosegems  asked:

Can you do 22 and 62 with Peter Parker from the Amazing Spider-man? Thanks!😄

22. “You can scream if you want.”
62. “They’re not as quiet as you think they are.” 

You watched a droplet of sweat travel down your forehead and slide down your forehead, hitting the cold concrete beneath you in one perfect drip. You were panting, your heart was beating in your ears, and your head was throbbing. That was all without the stress and agony of being held over the Brooklyn Bridge by your wrist.

You can scream if you want, but I don’t think your loverboy will save you,” the villian spat as you kicked your legs and flailed your other arm to try and grab ahold of something.

It was dark, noisy, and, on top of it all, raining heavily on all of you, but you could still hear the gasps from the people on the bridge when a certain Spier-Man hero swooped in. He swung from web to web, the swishing noise of him flying through the air cancelled all of the other noises out, even your captor’s evil, pitiful laugh, ‘Wanna bet?” he called, dangling in front of the villian from one strand of spider-web. Even though your life was at stake, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes and laugh.

“You won’t be laughing soon when you’re falling two-hundred and seventy feet now, will you?” the villian laughed and, suddenly, you weren’t being held onto anymore. You were free falling.

You let out one last scream and braced yourself for impact by squeezing your eyes shut. The impact you were expecting never came though, your boyfriend swooped in and pulled you into his arm, swinging to the bank of the river, “H-how did you know I’d be here?” you asked, trying to keep from crying. Peter took his mask off briefly before embracing you in a hug, an adorable grin spreading across his face.

They’re not as quiet as you think they are,” he said with a chuckle. You shook your head and pressed a kiss to his lips, right before he slid his mask back over his face to head back to fight, “Don’t go anywhere, I love you!”



In honor of going to see Spider-Man today, my Spider-Man 1960’s cover…


Merry Christmas from the perfect ensemble boys of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”