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Oh my god, that picture you reblogged just now with the giant spider!! I just saw it was touching that persons hand and I automatically shook my own hand to get it off... Right now I'm laughing at myself. I don't like spiders, I'm scared of them and still found my reaction funny. :D I just had to tell you that, why, I don't know. Hope you're having a nice day <3

Hahaha I get like that with certain things. Like wasps oh god no even looking at them makes me paranoid.x_x

Story time, the other day I was walking along and I saw this little brown bird by the road being super greedy and gobbling up lots of stuff from the ground and I couldn’t figure out what it was, it definitely looked like some sort of bugs but I was like, why would there be so many bugs on one little piece of pavement?

It wasn’t until I got closer and had already started walking under this tree that I realised THE TREE WAS FUCKING RAINING WASPS. There were like a million buzzing around up there and they were just falling out of the tree and landing on the ground buzzing around angrily.

I nearly had a bloody heart attack and spent the next three hours freaking out any time I felt the tiniest tickle anywhere on my body ughhhhh.

Hahaha at least you can laugh at your fears, that always helps.:3

Thanks for sharing.:D

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I’m so glad & relieved you found the strength to reach out. I hope you continue to recover. Getting meds right for depression and other mental illnesses is a tricky business. I hope they found a good solution for you. *hugs*

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I’m so happy you’re feeling better. My inbox is always open for you if you wanna talk. Take care, hun! <3

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glad you’re safe and recovering man. and i’m happy you had someone to be the lifeline on the other end of that phone call. stay strong. <3

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It’s good to hear that you’re a bit better.. I was wondering where you went. <3

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Thank you for sharing and I’m relieved you reached out. Do what ever you need to do that will help you in your recovering, my thoughts go out to you and we’re glad you’re here

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I am very sorry to hear you have been through such a tough time. I am here if you need a chat.

<3 <3

Thank you, lovelies. 

I have a lot of follow up with my doctor ahead to make sure everything is going okay, and have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m just taking it easy this weekend.

If any of you have a skype, besides those of you I already have added, feel free to add me and we can talk outside of tumblr.

For now, I’m just gonna post some happy things.


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Well, that is something I’d like to know more about. ^^ What happened ?

Its not as serious as it sounds, but I was about 8/9 at the time and theres this SUUUUUPER old graveyard that I’ve always loved going to, and it was near my school so I’d often spend some time there after school and stuff.

But like, what I ASSUME is going on is that its so old that little bone fragments have kinda made their way to the surface, because I found a bunch of random chunks of old bones partially buried around a lot of the graves.

Sooo unless someone has been burying random pieces of large animal bone in the graveyard, I can only assume its human. So I collected a bunch because I thought it was really interesting, brought them to show my science teacher and she asked where I got them, I explained and she was there like .______________. ….Yeah don’t do that

LOL. They’re probably still somewhere in my mums house but I haven’t been able to find them, or any of my old animal skulls and bird feet etc. anywhere and it annoys me so much.>:C