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I don't suppose you had any pictures/references on spidrens? I can't find any. And if spidrens use weapons, would that mean that their legs are more humany so that they can double as hands?

As far as I can tell, Tammy made them up, so finding references on them isn’t going to be possible? You’ll probably have to go look up pictures of big hairy spiders and figure out their anatomy and then glue a human head on there somewhere.

As for your second question, I’d never really thought of that! I suppose it’s possible, seeing as how spiders don’t have anything resembling hands. What do you think, followers?

“One of the two male spidrens exploded. The female spidren shrieked and kicked Daine to the ground behind her. The girl squinted. What had happened? One spidren was gone, blown to pieces.

In the splatter of black blood that was his remains stood Numair. Livid with rage, he raised his staff as the female spidren reared.”

(apologies if it’s too dark ;;;; this scene stuck with me a lot tho just imagine really what he must’ve been thinking, poor baby)



The realm. In her time as a squire she had seen more of it than most people knew existed, from the damp and mossy streets of Pearlmouth to Northwatch Fortress. She had hunted pirates in the west, built up dams against floods in the east. Mountains, green valleys, desert–she had ridden or walked in them all, measuring them with blisters and grit. Was this what was meant by “the realm”? Or was it other things: a little girl with a muddy doll, Buchard of Stone Mountain livid with grief and rage, a king who admitted a law was wrong, Lalasa in her bustling shop with pins in her mouth. If they were the realm, then so too were griffins, sparrows, dogs ugly and beautiful, Stormwings, foul- and sweet-tempered horses, spidrens.
If she owed duty to the realm, then it was not the dry, withered thing it sounded in people’s mouths. Duty was what was owed, good parts and bad, to keep the realm growing, to keep it as fair as life could be kept. Duty was an old man, snug in his fur-lined robe, snoring lightly somewhere behind her.
—  Squire, book three of Protector of the Small

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hell no | how about no | eh | kinda cute i guess | that’s adorable | omg omg yes | otp | you’re fucking kidding right i’m dying because of these two

and i’ll also tell you who:

  • proposes: George, of course. 
  • shops for groceries: Maud ;) No, George makes sure they have food around, although he probably doesn’t go to the market and buy it himself very often.
  • kills the spiders: Alanna kills the spidrens.
  • comes home drunk at 3am: George occasionally, Alanna almost never.
  • makes breakfast: gah, so many things they don’t have to deal with themselves. They have a cook. But when they’re traveling and decide to camp, it’s George.
  • remembers to feed the fish: George again. Alanna’s no good at remembering to feed anything that doesn’t come up and ask to be fed.
  • decorates the apartment: Maud, or whoever they have as a housekeeper. Neither of them cares about decor at all.
  • initiates duets: George tries. Alanna only joins in when she’s drunk.
  • falls asleep first: Alanna, because she learned to keep early hours as a page and squire. As a thief, George worked at night, and he’s still a night owl. (Sometimes Alanna still overuses her gift and collapses, too. Happens less often than it used to, but it does happen.)
  • sends the most selfies: George would, if there’s a Tortall equivalent. Once their relationship is established and Alanna knows George will be there for her, she focuses in on whatever she’s doing in the moment, and waits to catch up with her husband in person. 
  • makes the first move: George made the very first move, then backed off when Alanna said she wasn’t into him, and I love that. Alanna made the move that started their actual relationship. 
  • plans spontaneous trips: Alanna, usually because someone needs help or she hears about a magical knick-knack and wants to go find it. (George may have side business on some of these trips - may, in fact, plant the rumors and the knick knacks to give them an excuse to be in a certain area at a given time. Which may be a trick he learned from his father-in-law - but if I told you about that, I’d have to kill you.)