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Taking Tom To A Festival
  • Someone made a request about taking Tom to Brazil day but i thought i’d make it all festivals in general so here ya go.

  • Tom being so fascinated by everything, he basically looks like a child as he takes everything in

  • “Babe this is awesome! Look at the cool lights”

  • He even let you pick out his outfit and put face paint on him

  • He’s especially loves the lights and makes you take a photo of him standing besides them

  • Taking cute instagram photos in your get up’s

  • Getting great festival food and sharing ofc

  • “You have your own, darling”

  • “Yeah, but I like yours better”

  • Probably holding hands the whole time because he doesn’t want to lose you

  • Wearing his jacket when it gets cold because he has like 3, the boy is prepared

  • At one point he got a bit overwhelmed with all the people but you were there to comfort him

  • Dancing a heck of a lot together

  • Also singing, his voice is heaven

  • A lot of fans wanting to get photos with him but you don’t mind, you were even in a few

  • He’d probably end up carrying you to the taxi at the end of the night

  • “I’m tired”

  • “I know, we’re almost home”

  • All of the photos are seriously so cute he can’t decide what one to post so he posts like 6

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