I have been really into SpideyPool, SpideyNova and Peter x Harry. My tumblr is filled with Spider-Man, Deadpool, and SpideyPool references and hilarious comic scans. I have also been heavily into the fan fiction and this one writer YCHBS writes really well. I love her style of writing. :3 

So, I decided to draw some fanart and stick with the Ultimate Spider-Man look and feel. I did add a little bit of my own style in there but the colors are still dumbed down to simple lights and shadows rather than full on gradients. 

I used the “All My Circuits” text and changed it to something I thought was a little funny. I almost want to consider this a title page to a fanfic I have had in my mind for a while involving all three of them. Peter just can’t decide and ends up with them all or has little oneshots with each one that kind of overlap one another. Anyhoo, here is what I have been working on! Fluff-Smut lol. I don’t normally like to do perverted or kinky images but if it has some humor in there, why not! I all for humorous porn or something that can be taken far more lightly than it could be intended. Plus Deadpool is there so it makes up for it. :3 

Spidey, Nova, Harry, and Deadpool all belong to Marvel Comics ©