spidey sighting


We asked for Spider-Man sightings, and our readers delivered! Several hundred emails later, we’ve culled the best of the best. Spidey’s here to stay, and it sounds like he’s got a New York attitude.

Siddharth K., Upper East Side

“It was a normal evening at my flower stand, nothing special, until some guy pulls a knife on me. I freeze. I think of my wife. I think of my kids. I think about how no one robs people with knives anymore. It’s 2013! But before the guy can even finish saying, ‘Give me your money,’ he gets web-splattered and tossed inside a dumpster!

Spider-Man’s sitting on top of the dumpster, talking to the guy about his life choices, when I catch him staring at the flowers. I recommended the roses. Best roses in the city. Nine bucks a dozen? Best prices in the city. He gave me a ten and told me to keep the change before he jumped up into the air, shot another web and swung away. My only question is: who are the roses for?”

Was Spider-Man schmoozing with a starlet in Soho? Catch him swinging towards the scene of crime? Find any webs lying around? You see it, you tell us! Submit here using #SpideySighting! Please limit submissions to less than 150 words.