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We asked for Spider-Man sightings, and our readers delivered! Several hundred emails later, we’ve culled the best of the best. Spidey’s here to stay, and it sounds like he’s got a New York attitude.

Melissa B., Washington Heights

“I was working late—AGAIN!—so it was after midnight when I dragged my tired body off of the A-train at 181st. I was walking by myself, practicing my karaoke and whatnot — when I heard something that shocked me into silence. HIM!—on top of the George Washington Bus Station. Just kind of squatting like a baseball catcher — howling like it was still 2011. Was he watching over me, making sure I’d get home safe? Or was he into me? Let’s go with B. Spidey, you know where to find me…

Was Spider-Man schmoozing with a starlet in Soho? Catch him swinging towards the scene of crime? Find any webs lying around? You see it, you tell us! Submit here! Please limit submissions to less than 150 words. 

anonymous asked:

You are an amazing writer and I love your stories. I was reading one of your crossover prompt responses and couldn't stop wondering about the part you left unanswered. Who do you ship Tim with in the Marvel verse?

Hi babe. Just, okay, soooo. Ah, @yozoraarashi talked to me about the possibility of Tim staying in the MCU at one time (it’s here) so O_O here’s a little something. Ah, it’s terrible and unedited, however, the saving grace is the suit. So, I regret nothing.


The golden R on his chest gleams wickedly, sharp, in the night, and he just breathes.

He might be older now, wiser than the last time he did this, but it’s a crazy thing how his heart is pounding so hard, like when he was new to everything and throwing himself off buildings wasn’t second nature.

And standing on the Iron Man platform of Avenger’s Tower, looking out over this world’s version of New York City, he gets that incredible feeling all over again—like he’s starting over. Like he can do things right this time. He’s got the knowledge, the fight, and the right reasons to put on the domino, to let the black and yellow hang to his heels, to heft the bo like it’s an extension of his limb. He still has the same drive cultivated during his tenure, the need to be part of the Mission—to do everything he can to make sure the baddies in the world don’t get to hurt other people, to make sure no other little eight-year-old boys have to watch their mommies and daddies die.

Robin is going out there tonight—and he’s bringing a whole lot of please, try me along for the ride.

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Tangled up in Webs:Pt:2

Warnings: None, Spoilers (???)

Pairing: Spider-man x reader, Peter Parker x reader

Summary: You are one of the Avengers hiding in Wakanda. Being the youngest and the only one with a secret identity, you are sent to New York to be undercover in Queens. You’re supposed to be focused on the mission- but then a distraction pops into your life. Well- more like swings.


3: http://mattstarrxfandomimagines.tumblr.com/post/146320034226/tangled-up-in-webspt3




You stood in Central Park, flipping through your phone as you waited in the dark. You had a couple of texts. And by couple, you meant a lot.

MISSAMERICA: How is the mission going? Was school fun?

You made a face, not surprised that Steve was trying to follow up with you. You looked at his text, but decided to reply later.

FAIRYG-MA: How is New York? Boring? It’s odd not having you around. There is no one to braid my hair. We miss you :)

You smiled at the text from Wanda, feeling a little guilty you were missing  hanging out with her. You hoped she was keeping an eye on the others.

REDWINGSUX: (f/n), Bucky is beating himself up for missing sending you off. He says if Scott doesn’t watch out for you he’s coming out and posing as your biological dad.
REDWINGSUX: he’s not joking.

You snorted and cupped a hand over your smile. Bucky was out of cryo. You let out a long breath and stared at the text happily. The poor guy just deserved to be happy. You were just beginning to text back when you heard a light thump on the park bench a couple feet from you. You flinched and spun, letting go of one of your sweatshirt strings. The string came around and whipped you in the face as you turned. 


“Thanks. It’s one of my best qualities.” You said, looking up at the figure who was crouched on the back of the bench. Like you had expected, it was Spider-Man. Ironically, you felt more comfortable conversing with a masked vigilante then regular people. Your shoulders untensed and you slipped your phone into your pocket. 

“So you must be (f/n).”

“Yours truly.” You cocked your head, giving the hero a once over. He looked exactly like he had when you had seen him in Germany, clad in red, blue, and black lines.

“Though, he did forget to mention that you were cute.” You froze, shoulders hunching.

 Was he… flirting? 

You looked away, face burning. You were thankful for the dark, or your blushing would have been easy to see.

“Well that is a very unpopular opinion." 

"I don’t see why that is.” You blushed again, trying to sink into your hoodie. You weren’t used to people flirting with you. You coughed and then pulled out your phone.

“Anyway, thank you for agreeing to meet me.”


“Now to start your interview: can you tell me everything you know about the man you were fighting earlier this morning?” You asked as you pushed the record button on your phone and held it out to him. Spider-Man groaned and rolled his head like he had a crick in his neck.

“Look, I know I let him get away- but people need to let that go.” You snorted, finding his display of emotion comical.

“No, I just want to know about him. His name and such. I don’t care that you didn’t beat the guy, you’ll get him next time.” Spidey’s robotic eyes widened.

“Oh- really? Well that makes things easier. You wouldn’t believe how much crap I’ve heard about this stupid fight-”

“Webhead. His name?” You asked, trying to keep him from going off on a different topic.

“Sorry. His name is Kraven. He’s a weird dude. Talks funny.”

“Funny like an accent?”

“Not really- he’s just weird.”

“Can we go into a bit more detail? Elaborate?”

“Uh- sure. I mean… Wait, is this an interview about me?” You looked up and him now sitting instead of crouching. You bit your lip.

“Honestly- not really.”

“So you lied to Peter?”

“No I didn’t. I said I needed to interview you- not what I was interviewing about.” Spider-Man rested his chin in his hand.

“Point taken.” He said.

“Thank you.” You said, sighing.

“Now why do you want to know about Kraven?”

“Well you could say I’m-” you were cut off when Spider-Man lunged forward and and cupped his hand over your mouth. You widened your eyes, looking more angry then shocked. Spidey  lifted a finger to where you assumed his mouth was.

“Stay quiet.”

You deadpanned, but still listened as he pulled you closer and looked around, listening. 

Spider-Man jerked suddenly and you felt a shiver run through his body. You threw him a questioning look, then he scooped you up and webbed into a tree, sending both of you flying towards the green foliage. You dug your face into his collarbone as you crashed through sticks and leaves, landing on a thick branch. The branch heaved as you landed, both of your arms wrapped around Spider-Man’s neck as one of his arms twined around your back. You looked at him, waiting for an explanation. You got one in the form of a large crash, right where the both of you had been talking. Spider-Man gave you a look, one that read ‘I told you so.’  If it had been okay to talk you would have. But now you had to wait, listening to what was going to happen next.

“Aw, just missed him.” A large, booming voice complained as heavy footfalls thudded on the sidewalk below. There was a high pitched scraping sound, and swoosh. It was some kind of blade. You leaned forward slightly, trying to see what was happening. Spider-man noticed what your were doing and almost cursed, grabbed you around the stomach and pulling you back.

You frowned at him and he pointed a finger at you, waggling it. It was times likes these you wanted to blow your cover.

“Hey boss, I think the Spider webbed into that tree over there.”

“That one?” The bigger man asked again. You realized his accent was russian, but it was more than his accent that made him sound different. It was something about the way he talked. You pursed your lips, wishing you could hop down from the tree and figure out more.

But you couldn’t- not with your duty to stay undercover, and definitely not with you friendly neighborhood babysitter on your back.

“Yes- I saw him swing away with his little friend. They’re probably still up there, watching us.”

“Hah! If they are, no doubt they are listening to every word. I wonder what would happen…”

“Okay time to go.” Spider-man hissed, gathering you up on his shoulder and then scrambling up to the top of the tree in a flash.

“…if I did this?”

Spider-man’s web was just shooting out when something sliced through the tree, branches and leaves spraying everywhere. The web connected to a side of a building and you swung away, narrowly missing the second swipe of carnage. The wind whistled as you watched the park get smaller and smaller as you flew away. Then you caught a glimpse of the man who attacked you.

Orange outfit, mustache, crazy muscles.


You cursed, realizing you were going in the opposite way you wanted to. You needed to be going towards the danger, not away from it. You scowled as the park disappeared from sight as Spidey rounded a corner. You folded your arms, wishing you could be amazed and what you were experiencing. The city zipped by, bright lights mingling in your eyesight and making you think of a kaleidoscope. It was like you were flying, except for the monotonous feeling of surging up and down as Spider-man swung from building to building.

It was beautiful, but you had more important things on your mind then how sparkly everything looked.

“I think we lost them.”

You craned your neck, seeing the back of the superhero’s head. You nodded, beginning to chew on your lip again.

“Well, they never were following us. They just stood there and watched you swing away,” You said, trying to keep the bitterness out of your voice.

“Oh. Well I guess that works out for both of us.”

“Oh yes, worked out perfectly.” There was a beat of silence, just you slung over his shoulder and the sparkly New York city sky full of car horns. You began to think that he could tell you were being a bit sarcastic.

“I’m surprised. You don’t seem to be the least moved by Kraven- or any of this.”

“Any of what?”

“Any of- you’re swinging through the air, with a guy you barely know carrying you. We could fall if I make one mistake. Doesn’t that bother you?” Spider-Man asked, releasing a web.

You puckered your lips.

“Not really- I mean yeah it’s cool-”

“Cool? You could have died back there!”

“Not when I have you around. You’re a hero. I’m not scared to fall or be attacked by anyone. If I’m around you I won’t be in much trouble. Especially not with you doting on me.”

Spider-man made a disgruntled noise.

“You have a very weird way of thinking.”

“Thanks. Now about Kraven-”

“Nope. You’re heading home.”

“What? The whole reason I’m out here so late is so I can talk to you about him! I only know his name!”

“That’s more to go on then you had in the beginning.”

“It’s a name and I need more then it.” You growled, anger getting the best of you.

“What a shame. I’m sorry (F/n), but finding out more about him will only get you in more trouble. Now, what’s your address so I can drop you off?”

“Bite me.” You snapped, arms folded angrily against his back.

“Wha- I’m just trying to help you! Do you want to be in danger?” Spider-man exclaimed, still trying to focus on web-slinging.

“I want to know more about Kraven. Or any super villain in the area.”

“Why- what kind of casual reporter are you?!” He asked, voice becoming squeakier as he became frustrated. You stayed silent, glaring down at the passing streets below.

“(F/n), what’s your address?”

“Not telling.”

“Tell me it.”


“Tell. Me.”


“Fine. Then I guess you’ll have to walk home.” Spider-man said, hoping this would get you to relent and tell him your address. Instead, you shrugged.


“What no- you can’t walk alone at night!”

“Then tell me more about Kraven.”

Spider-man made a long, frustrated noise in his throat, and he swung towards the nearest alley. He dropped slowly, landing softly on a dumpster, still holding you over his back. The superhero crouched and then gently helped you down to the ground. You patted the front of your sweatshirt, exhaling when you felt your phone still in the pockets.

“Are you sure about walking home? You could just tell me your address-”

“Nope. I’m good. Thanks for very little.” You grumped, turning to walk away.
“Hey (F/n)-”


“You know, you could always try again to interview me. Maybe when Kraven isn’t as much as a threat?” You smiled and shook your head, throwing up your arms and letting them fall to your sides.

“That’s the thing. I need him to be a threat.”


“Bye Spider-Man.” You said, waving as you turned and walked out of the alley, leaving a disgruntled and confused superhero sitting on a dumpster.

When you did finally get home(an hour later- you got lost and had to get directions) Scott was waiting for you, watching TV.

“Wow. Your hair looks insane.” You looked up, realizing that the short trip through New York’s sky had left your hair messy and windswept. You gingerly fingered a loose strand, frowning.

“Thank you.”

“So how did your date go?” Scott joked as you sat down next to him.

“One: it wasn’t a date. And two: terrible. I only found out the mustached guy’s name.”

“Only his name?”

“Yeah…” You said, standing up and yawning.

“Well I take it Spider-boy wasn’t much help?” Scott asked. You looked at him, eyes darkening.

“He should’ve been. But when we were attacked by Kraven-”


“Scott- I’m telling a story, shut up. Now as I was saying, we were attacked by Kraven and then Spider-man decided I was in too much danger to interview him anymore. Can you believe that? How ironic it is?”

“It is kinda funny, considering what you can do- but it makes sense if he thinks you’re a regular civilian. It’s what all of us would do in that situation.”

“That’s why it’s so frustrating,” You exclaimed as you walked to your room, “ I’m not a civilian!”

“Good night (F/n).”

You sighed and walked into your room.

“Night, Scott.” You shut the door and faced your room, fists placed on your hips. You let out a sharp growl and kicked one of the bags on your floor, sending it flying into your wall. Luckily you hadn’t kicked it so hard, and wall didn't’ break. Relieved, you walked to the window and cracked it open, letting the night air rush over your warm face. You rested your face on the white window sill and let out a long, exasperated noise, not caring if any of the neighbors heard it.

But someone had heard it.

You see, Spider-man was too nice of a guy to let you walk home alone, especially in the dark of New York. So he had followed you home. And not in a creepy way- he just wanted to make sure you got home safely. He hadn’t meant to stay longer, and wait for you to come into your room, it had just happened. He sighed, relieved that you were safe.

The superhero smiled under his mask, a warm feeling blossoming in his chest as he watched you hang out your window. Suddenly, he felt weird, realizing what he was doing.

Spider-man clutched his chest, willing the warm fuzzy feeling to leave.

It didn’t leave- instead the feeling spread all over his body, to the tips of his toes and to the red of his cheeks.

Oh no.

He knew what this was.

He had a crush on you.

It had only been one day- how did that happen so fast?


The next morning you weren’t tired.

You had looked up everything you could find on Kraven. Unfortunately, when you typed his name into google, the only thing that had come up was some furniture from Ikea. If only you still had access to the Avengers mainframe, then you could see all types of criminals and aliases. Nevertheless, you had to keep a positive attitude about the whole thing.

That was very hard.

When you got to school that morning, you were greeted by Peter, who popped out from behind one of the school pillars and caused you to shoot the mini muffin you had been eating onto the cement. You froze, looking up at him with a mortified expression.

“My muffin.” You said, trying to keep a straight face. Peter looked terrified.

“I’m sorry. But- hey look, you have five more in the package-”

“Peter I’m kidding. It’s fine. I’m more embarrassed than anything.” You reassured him, wiping your face with your sleeve.

“Oh. Good.” He said, stepping cautiously around your spat up chocolate muffin.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t want to risk my wrath.” You said, giggling. Peter looked at you sideways, his mind registering what you said.

“I would hate to see it.” He said as you walked into school together, quickly forgetting about the muffin incident.

Later at lunch, you and Peter sat outside, him working on homework and you eating more food, pulling out the bag you had brought.

“Is that more food?” Peter asked, face bursting into a wide smile. You blushed, sticking up your nose.

“Yes. Yes, it is more food.” You opened one eye and looked at him, challenging him to talk more about how much food you eat. Peter nodded, impressed. You weren’t going to tell him, but your body required more calories then the normal person. Your body was super accelerated, so you got really tired if you didn’t eat enough food.

 School lunches?

 Forget about it.

“Huh. Well props to you for being honest.” Peter said, erasing something on his physics paper. You smiled and shoved a turkey roll in your mouth, closing your eyes again and laying down on the grass.

“Hey, I forgot to ask how your interview went last night.” You opened your eyes and looked up at Peter, his attention now fully on you instead of his homework. You liked how his eyes looked in the light- they looked like pools of chocolate. 

You suddenly realized what your were thinking and quickly covered your face with your arms, waiting for your blush to recede.

You couldn’t afford to think like that. You were undercover- on a mission. Attaching to people you meet on the mission- that would be stupid.

“That bad huh?” You jolted, forgetting to pay attention to your surroundings. On dangerous missions that kind of thing could get you killed.

 Thankfully you were in a high school right now, where the only threats were bad grades…. And apparently Flash Thompson.

You sat up, facing Peter.

“You had told me that Spider-man would help me.”

“Yeah. Didn’t he?”

You sighed, looking off at the skyline of the city.

“Not really-” You were cut off when something came flying out of nowhere and hit you in the back of the neck. The projectile exploded, drenching you in water. You gasped, hunching over. Peter stood up, catching the next two water balloons that were thrown.

“Flash! Cut it out!” Peter yelled, dropping the water balloons at his feet. You tried to listen to more, but your hearing was beginning to short circuit. The two voices faded out, sounding like you were all under water. A red warning sign flashed in front of your vision. You cursed, not being able to hear what you said. You felt the back of your neck, finding the small hatch at the base of your skull.

 You were cybernetic- but water doesn’t usually hurt you. Not unless… you had left your back compartment open after you had woken up this morning. You pressed your hand against your forehead, trying to blink away the string of warnings that flooded your vision. You heard a low buzzing, and someone shaking your shoulder. Looking up you saw Peter, face filled with concern.

You couldn’t tell what he was saying. You gulped and blinked rapidly. What were you going to do? You couldn’t go around acting normal when the robot part of you were malfunctioning!

You stood up shakily, eyesight blacking out for a second. The glitching was going nuts. You took a deep breath and steadied yourself, looking at Peter. He was holding you by your arm and trying to talk to you. You blinked, focusing on his lips.

“..wrong? Are you okay? (F/n), you shouldn’t be standing. Hit gown.” You furrowed your eyebrows. There was no way he had said ‘hit gown’.

You hated reading lips.

You patted Peter’s chest and pointed towards the school, hoping you didn’t look high of delusional as you did such.

“I think I need to go home.” You said, hoping you hadn’t mispronounced anything. Peter looked hesitant, but nodded.

“I’ll help you get to the office.”

You shook your head, pulling out your phone and almost dropping it.

“I’ll just text me Dad.” You said, not realizing you had said me instead of my. This made Peter even more worried, and he walked over to you, again checking your head for any marks. You were relatively bruise free. So Peter just decided to go with what you said, leading you toward the parking lot as you texted Scott.

He got there in about twenty minutes, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

“You Peter?” He asked, giving both of you a once over. Peter nodded, incredibly nervous. Here he was meeting your ‘Father’ for the first time, and you could barely function. Not the best first impression. Scott looked at you, quickly figuring out what was wrong.

You gestured discreetly to the back of your head and your wet hair, knowing that he would get what you were implying.

“Oh darnit. Looks like it’s gonna be rough here too.” Scott said, moving towards you.

“What’dya mean?” Peter asked as Scott gently removed you from Peter and leaned you up against him.

“Well, (F/n), always had a bad head, and she gets kinda frazzled if she gets hit in the head.”

“How’d you-”

“She told me. In the text, I mean. She obviously can’t now- she’s kinda incapacitated.” Scott looked around, running out of excuses and small talk. “Bye kid. Thanks for lugging her around.” Scott said and helped you into the passenger seat, and then crossing into the driver’s seat.

“Hey wait-” The car pulled away, leaving Peter coughing in the dust. “ (F/n) left her homework…”

Peter trailed off, giving up. He looked at bag in his hand, feeling guilty if he couldn’t get it to you.

But knowing how you were at the moment, there was no way you were going to be able to work.

And besides, Peter had all his homework done, it wouldn’t hurt to do your’s would it?