spidey queue

Stiles is actually not really sure how he had been able to hide it this long. But it just hadn’t come up really between werewolves and banshees and all this magical mess. 

Now that everything had calmed down though, he had been able to sneak out m ore, to do more, while he just didn’t have the time in the last months. 

Stiles should have known that Scott would be worried, more than he used to be. Before all this happened, Scott never really noticed. But now he could read Stiles, and checked up on him a lot, and it was getting hard. 

“ I swear, Scott, it is nothing. ” He says again and again. “ You don’t need to come over. I have been here all day, all safe and fine. ” He glances at the bandages around his shoulder and upper arm with a frown, before quickly pulling a shirt over it. 

“ I just was napping and couldn’t get to the phone. "