I love this mask I had someone come up behind me in a non creepy fashion and say, “Hey, Spider-Man! How’s it going?” So I waved and they were all, “so I’m having trouble understanding this new look would you explain it to me?” “Just trying something new!” “New huh well I like it a lot! Hey tell me, if Superman came down right now would you fight him?” “Nah man it’s been a long work day I’m just trying to go home.” “I feel, I feel. Hey have a good one Spidey!”

And this morning A cop car slowed down so the cop in the passenger seat could tell me my mask was cool.

I’m gonna have a load of fun this winter.

meera-bhai  asked:

6, 8, 30

6. Any tattoos you want? I have a Joker card tattoo on my right forearm with the Jazor J’s already, and next I want to get the Latverian flag on my left bicep.

8. OTP? My friends Sam and Kelby.

They rock.

30. Meaning behind your url? LordJazor is my YouTube name. Well, really my internet name since I first started doing voice acting stuffs on here seven years ago. Even a bit before YouTube. I use it as my cosplay alter ego name too.

jesusbuchananbarnes  asked:

your spider tits post cracked me up and while i was laughing i thought to myself "what is wrong with this girl" but then i imagined you flying up with a cape and striking a heroic pose like in that script you wrote and saying, "what isn't wrong with me" and zooming off. so. this is where we are now.