spidermonkey20s asked:

'☄' ... my phone doesn't know what the cymbal is, so I copied it. I don't know if it pasted correctly. Wheeeeee

Ahhh let’s seee, well I already know you’e super nice and I love a lot of the things you blog about, but I especially think it’s really cool that you wanna be a voice actor! uwu 

spidermonkey20s asked:

Hey! How is it going? You are an excellent cosplayer for both Vriska and Rose. Hope are you handling the update okay. I know a lot of us are concerned and speculating wildly. Have a good evening!

Hello! Things are well, how about yourself? Thank you so much! That really means a lot. I’m doing alright with the update, I feel terrible for those who are really die hard Jade fans though. :c You have a good night as well!