listen people have gotten mad at me for saying this before but honestly

azula from A:TLA is one of the only characters i can think of that fits neatly into the same category as vriska

they’re both 13 yrs old, they’re both girls, and they’re both… in very similar positions of abuse and have hurt other children very badly bc of the abuse they were enduring themselves

azula is a child soldier – but so, in many ways, is vriska. it wasn’t warfare per se, but vriska was taught to kill by her abusive lusus long before she had any understanding of the morality and depth of death/murder. azula was in the same boat – she was commanding armies and enacting genocide and colonization on behalf of her abusive father before she ever truly understood the weight of her actions

what were azula and vriska going to say to ozai and spidermom respectively if they had realized that what they were doing was Morally Wrong? “hey no thanks severely abusive parent who i am terrified of – even though i am so socially ostracized i cannot comprehend morality or form functional positive bonds with other children i have magically become Good and do not want to Kill People anymore”

come on. they’re children. they don’t have that kind of agency. they don’t have that knowledge. they act on base instincts that all children have – a desire to please their guardians and a desire to live.

vriska enacts on tavros a cruelty that is eerily similar to the relentless cruelty azula showed to zuko. and they come from a similar place of hurt – zuko and tavros are soft. vriska and azula were never allowed to be soft. is it justified? no. but it’s certainly understandable

azula and vriska both pose this… very complex and heartwrenching question:

at what point does the actions of an abused child become their own? at what point is the violence they’ve been forced to enact their responsibility? where do we draw the line between “viciously abused child” and “teenage perpetrator of abuse”?

okay ive seen a lot of posts about Vriska being afraid of spiders bc of spidermom but i love the idea of her looking little earth spiders and daddy long legs and thinking theyre the best things ever. because they are, theyre so small and cute and whenever someone wants to kill one she’d be the one going “NOOOOOOOO DON’T!” and bring it outside in a paper towel or something

just imagine vriska squeeing over a baby spider and try and tell me thats not a pure image

For the PTA Undertale AU

PTA Muffet (AKA Spidermom)

  • Brings in her own baked goods because no one wants any of Helen’s gluten-free ‘goods’. ‘ * What did I do to the lemon squares? Why I just gave the hockey team new pucks Ahuhuhu, why do you ask?”
  • Slams on Linda (Like any good guardian to Frisk) “ *You know Linda you should really take that mask off, it’s scaring everyone.”
  • Loves to infuriate the unholy trinity with sans or the hell of it 
  • If any kids tease Frisk..well let’s just say “ *Ahuhuhu! It’s lunch time, and I forgot to feed my pet~”
  • The kids love Muffet, even though the parents bitch about her scaring children because she’s a spider. “ *Oh no, they aren’t afraid of me. However they should be quite afraid of what you look like without make up on, Dianasaur Ahuhuhu~!” *sans gives thumbs up*
  • Bakes for the bake sale (obviously) and to the parents to complain she has a comeback. “ * ‘Why is the croissant so rubbery?’ You ask? Well…it’s because fake bitches like you can’t digest real food.”
  • Caters for field trips along with Grillby.
  • Lets children dance along with her and the spiders. 
  • Only lets Frisk swing on her arms like monkey bars because she trust the cinnamon roll baby, to the PTA mothers’ dismay. “ * Remember Frisk, if you want off tell me okay? I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  • Overprotective Spidermom 
  • Sometimes lets children play with her pet…after she fed it…
List of Abuse Survivors in Homestuck

**one time events not counted.


Tavros Nitram: At the hands of Vriska Serket. (violence, emotional manipulation)

Terezi Pyrope: At the hands of Gamzee Makara. (implied violence, emotional manipulation)

Vriska Serket: At the hands of Spidermom. (emotional manipulation, child neglect)

Gamzee Makara: At the hands of Goatdad. (child neglect)

Damara Megido: At the hands of Meenah Peixes. (emotional abuse and possibly implied violence)

Meulin Leijon: At the hands of Kurloz Makara. (taken advantage of with mind control to do his bidding and unknowingly work for Lord English)

Horuss Zahhak: At the hands of Damara Megido. (unwanted sexual advances and remarks)

The Handmaid: At the hands of Doc Scratch and Lord English. (emotional and physical abuse)

The Psiioniic: At the hands of Her Imperious Condescension. (slave labour for millennia)

The Dolorosa: At the hands of Marquise Spinneret Mindfang. (emotional manipulation via mind control and at least one incident of rape)

Dave Strider: At the hands of Bro Strider. (emotional manipulation, physical abuse and CSA; in that Bro made Dave film porn with puppets)

Calliope: At the hands of Caliborn. (emotional abuse)

Jake English: At the hands of Lil Hal and Dirk Strider. (emotional manipulation)

Implied, possibly implied, or highly implied:

?Rufioh Nitram: At the hands of Damara Megido and Horuss Zahhak. (damara: taunts and imprisoning his lusus. Horuss: emotional manipulation and fetishization)

???Rose Lalonde: At the hands of Mom Lalonde: (child neglect)

???????? yeah.


for day 1 i did a harry potter au…. hogwartstuck!!!
vriska is in slytherin and terezi is gryffindor! they like to play pranks on first years a lot, but they’re mostly harmless…. lmao

although vriska is good at the practical side of magic, she hates anything requiring studying, but terezi works really hard in class + on homework because she wants to work in the department of magical law, obviously ✨

vriska was a morally gray and traumatized lesbian who was forced to kill by her abusive lusus and was brainwashed both by her society and her spidermom into thinking that killing and hurting was okay, even necessary

amd she made herself follow the path of her ancestor, even trying to kiss tavros, making some weird fucked compulsory heterosexuality fantasy to aspire to

and all she wanted was to be a hero, even if she was bad

and she got that

“Happy Mothers Day Every8ody, or whatever thats supposed to means. I didn’t have what you humans call a Mother, and what I did have wasn’t exactly the 8est su8stitute, 8ut as 8ig of a pain as she was, I suppose I have to thank her in some way. I wouldn’t 8e the troll I am today without her. So, here’s to you, Spidermom, wherever you are.”

(( ☼ Happy Mothers Day! I hope that today you are able to celebrate those special mother figures in your life - mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and the like. My mother passed away last April, and so days like this are quite difficult for me, but I hope that for those who can and chose to honor those special women in your life, that you cherish them completely ♥ ))

Thieve's Neglect

The Thief class is widely uncommon and many see it as a bad class to have.

I think a lot more people are Thieves, but don’t think they are.

Everyone paints Rogues as the good one, all because of how their distribution works.
Thieves don’t steal out of greed. They take their aspect because they can use it better than others. They know how to use it effectively.

Thieves are opportunistic and self assured.
They see the reality of the situation and take it upon themselves to absorb their aspect so they can fix the problem.

Let’s take a look at Vriska.
Vriska is a pretty bad person, but why does she do what she does?
She has been trained her whole life, through FLARP( Spidermom’s demands) and through Mindfang.
From day one she learned to take every chance she had, to pull the rug out from others, and to do what has to be done.
This is where she develops issues with her classpect.

She is stuck feeding into her own ability on such a loop that she fails to recognize the ability of others.

The problem of the Thief is not that they take for themselves.
It’s that they take too much, not realizing that others can share it.

Vriska wants to be the hero because she thinks she is the most capable and therefore deserves the most spotlight.
Because of her ability to take Light she thinks she is the end all be all.

Now let’s take a look at Meenah.
Why exactly did she do what she did?

Well, to start she is the Heiress.
Except… she’s not.
Instead of being given the growth and life she deserves she is confined to essentially babysitting her planet.

The game starts and nobody really works with her. She is trying to take progress and change so she can lead, but it’s just not working.
She pushes them too far, antagonizing them in an attempt to rile them up.
But it just doesn’t work. She tries to take and take, but it’s not going her way.
The only reason she did this was because she thought it was the only possible way to get things going and to actually win the session.

That’s when the session ends.
Everyone stands on the platform and Meenah decides that while they might not have had a chance to prosper in their session, she’ll be damned if she’ll let everyone get erased.
She gives them the chance to grow.
How does she give them the chance?
By taking their lives.

MEENAH: thing is nobody ever has the guts to off anybody
MEENAH: let alone themshellves
MEENAH: so i blew us all the fuck up

She knew nobody else was capable of it, so she took their lives herself.

This leads back to the point of the Thief class.
The Thief takes their aspect because they are good with it. They handle it much better than everyone else.
Their slogan is basically: I got this, just let me have this one moment to handle it myself.

But that’s their issue. Too many moments where they want to go at it alone, where they think people can’t handle what they do.

The main issue of Thief is knowing when to take and when to hold off and give others a chance.

They aren’t self centered and narcissistic by nature, that’s just the pitfall that our two Thieves fell into.

Thieves get a bad rap because our two Thieves aren’t exactly paragons, but they do genuinely try their best at achieving the greater good.

A Thief steals because they can take it. They can shoulder the burden and use it for good.

They are strong when others are weak.

They just need to learn how to share a little and let everyone have their piece.

I think a lot of people could be Thieves, but don’t really understand what a good Thief would actually be like

seelcudoom  asked:

imagine if Jake was just talking about are the lusus on hellmurder island and casually mentioned how annoying it was dealing with a giant man eating spider, and suddenly Vriskas a lot nicer to him cus now they can bond over there mutaul hatred of spidermom

sdfghjk “shes a bitch” “AGREED”

totally original future scenerio!
  • Me: Go get your siblings John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, Karkat, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi,Vriska, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, Feferi, Dad, Mom, Bro, Grandpa, Becquerel, The Sufferer, The Handmaid, The Summoner, The Psiioniic, The Disciple, The Dolorosa, Neophyte Redglare, Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, Expatriate Darkleer, Grand Highblood, Orphaner Dualscar, Her Imperious Condescension, Crabdad, Ramgaroomom, Tinkerbull, Bicyclops, Mothergrubmom, Dragonmom, Spidermom, Aurthour, Goatdad, Seahorsedad, Gl’bgolyb, Wayward Vegabond, Peregrine Mendicant, Aimless Renegade, Windswept Questant, Writ Keeper,
  • Nanna, Jaspers, Davesprite, Jadesprite, Jack Noir, Draconian Dignitary, Hegemonic Brute, Courtyard Droll, Spades Slick
  • Diamonds Droog Hearts Boxcars Clubs Deuce, Lord English, D0C Scratch, Sn0wman, Bec Noir, Casey, Colonel Sassacre, Halley, Maplehoof, Ms. Paint, Mutie, Lil Cal, Typheus, Cetus, Hephaestus, and Echidna! I have a story to tell you...
How D.Va calls her new friends

Genji: Hey ninja dad.

McCree: Hey cowboy dad.

Phara: Hey rocket mom.

Reaper: Hey edgy dad.

Soldier 76: Hey dad dad.

Tracer: Hey accent lady.

Bastion: Hey birdy bot.

Hanzo: Hey dragon dad.

Junkrat: Hey Joker dad.

Mei: Hey cool mom.

Torbjörn: Hey smol dad.

Widowmaker: Hey spidermom.

Reinhardt: Hey grandpa dad.

Roadhog: Hey piggy dad.

Winston: Hey gorilla dad.

Zarya: Hey muscle mom.


Mercy: Hey mom mom

Symmetra: Hey politics mom.

Zenyatta: Hey yoga bot.

Hugalout: Hey huggle dad.

(Ok the last one is stupid but I couldn’t help it… I’m a leo…)

If an epilogue ever gets published, I want at least one scene with Dave and Rose freaking out about how they’re about to become step-parents to an entire new civilization of baby trolls.

Like, Karkat and Kanaya know what they are doing on instinct.  They have got this.  Kanaya takes care of brooding cavern security and giving any unsuitable, Spidermom-type lusii a chainsaw to the face.  Karkat has spreadsheets and a check-in system and schoolfeeding tapes and extra fridges so that he has somewhere to post all of the pictures he gets.

But Rose and Dave?  What the hell are they supposed to be doing?

I feel like Rose attempts to not be her mother by being painfully sincere in all dealings with the children, and in that way, becomes exactly like her mother, who meant every bit of her ridiculous bullshit.  Earning a reputation as an inscrutable goddess of bright and dazzling illusion.

Meanwhile Dave starts an epic funeral poetry tradition by trying to cover up his nervous mumbling with lessons about rap.

-Widowmaker and D.Va playing video games-

D.Va: Wow your aim is good! People must accuse you of using aimbots all the time.

Widowmaker: ?

Widowmaker: What is an aimbot?

D.Va: Oooh nice burn spidermom, very sick!

Widowmaker: ????


Widowmaker: ????????!?!?!?

Deadly spider does not understand her smol gamer child but still loves her and wants to hang out  

Having to feed Spidermom is stressful, but Vriska lives for those rare moments where her lusus will give her any sort of affection, be it a pat on the head or an acknowledging nod. Anything to feel secure and validated that she’s not a monster for what she had to do to feed her. Terezi vaguely knows how Vriska feels about the matter, so she tries not to argue too much when they go FLARPing.

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