List of Abuse Survivors in Homestuck

**one time events not counted.


Tavros Nitram: At the hands of Vriska Serket. (violence, emotional manipulation)

Terezi Pyrope: At the hands of Gamzee Makara. (implied violence, emotional manipulation)

Vriska Serket: At the hands of Spidermom. (emotional manipulation, child neglect)

Gamzee Makara: At the hands of Goatdad. (child neglect)

Damara Megido: At the hands of Meenah Peixes. (emotional abuse and possibly implied violence)

Meulin Leijon: At the hands of Kurloz Makara. (taken advantage of with mind control to do his bidding and unknowingly work for Lord English)

Horuss Zahhak: At the hands of Damara Megido. (unwanted sexual advances and remarks)

The Handmaid: At the hands of Doc Scratch and Lord English. (emotional and physical abuse)

The Psiioniic: At the hands of Her Imperious Condescension. (slave labour for millennia)

The Dolorosa: At the hands of Marquise Spinneret Mindfang. (emotional manipulation via mind control and at least one incident of rape)

Dave Strider: At the hands of Bro Strider. (emotional manipulation, physical abuse and CSA; in that Bro made Dave film porn with puppets)

Calliope: At the hands of Caliborn. (emotional abuse)

Jake English: At the hands of Lil Hal and Dirk Strider. (emotional manipulation)

Implied, possibly implied, or highly implied:

?Rufioh Nitram: At the hands of Damara Megido and Horuss Zahhak. (damara: taunts and imprisoning his lusus. Horuss: emotional manipulation and fetishization)

???Rose Lalonde: At the hands of Mom Lalonde: (child neglect)

???????? yeah.

asrielandfrisk  asked:

Vrislska sitting on terezi sitting on vriska sitting on terezi sitting on vriska sitting on terezi sitting on vriska sitting on terezi sitting on dragonmkm sitting on spidermom sitting on skaia

So, you managed to find a loophole. Congratul8tions. Was it worth it? 8ecause despite your disrespectful behavior, the only thing you’ve managed to br8k so far, is my heart. May8e we could settle for that, and we’ll just call it a day.

For the PTA Undertale AU

PTA Muffet (AKA Spidermom)

  • Brings in her own baked goods because no one wants any of Helen’s gluten-free ‘goods’. ‘ * What did I do to the lemon squares? Why I just gave the hockey team new pucks Ahuhuhu, why do you ask?”
  • Slams on Linda (Like any good guardian to Frisk) “ *You know Linda you should really take that mask off, it’s scaring everyone.”
  • Loves to infuriate the unholy trinity with sans or the hell of it 
  • If any kids tease Frisk..well let’s just say “ *Ahuhuhu! It’s lunch time, and I forgot to feed my pet~”
  • The kids love Muffet, even though the parents bitch about her scaring children because she’s a spider. “ *Oh no, they aren’t afraid of me. However they should be quite afraid of what you look like without make up on, Dianasaur Ahuhuhu~!” *sans gives thumbs up*
  • Bakes for the bake sale (obviously) and to the parents to complain she has a comeback. “ * ‘Why is the croissant so rubbery?’ You ask? Well…it’s because fake bitches like you can’t digest real food.”
  • Caters for field trips along with Grillby.
  • Lets children dance along with her and the spiders. 
  • Only lets Frisk swing on her arms like monkey bars because she trust the cinnamon roll baby, to the PTA mothers’ dismay. “ * Remember Frisk, if you want off tell me okay? I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  • Overprotective Spidermom 
  • Sometimes lets children play with her pet…after she fed it…

malleabletherapist  asked:

ohmigawd is you! Vriskys mommy, been wanning to talk to you! I'm Rosie's mom, Roxanne, nice to meetcha! Ish so nice to meet you, someone else who knows the wonderrs and perls of havng a squshy child!

Hmmmmmmmm? Oh, hello. I agree, it is rather nice to find someone else who has the trou8le of having such a fragile child, although I assume from what I have read, you enjoy your childs issue alot more than I do with mine, am I correct?

someone write an au where someone (idk Literally Anyone any of the trolls I do not care) kills spidermom when vriska is really young and brings her to live with one of the others in a pseudo-sibling arrangement and she gets to grow up into the brave dumbass she was always meant to be

“Happy Mothers Day Every8ody, or whatever thats supposed to means. I didn’t have what you humans call a Mother, and what I did have wasn’t exactly the 8est su8stitute, 8ut as 8ig of a pain as she was, I suppose I have to thank her in some way. I wouldn’t 8e the troll I am today without her. So, here’s to you, Spidermom, wherever you are.”

(( ☼ Happy Mothers Day! I hope that today you are able to celebrate those special mother figures in your life - mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and the like. My mother passed away last April, and so days like this are quite difficult for me, but I hope that for those who can and chose to honor those special women in your life, that you cherish them completely ♥ ))

It’s kind of interesting how even before you get to the blatant “addiction is a powerful thing” wrt to Vriska’s 8 Ball breaking, there was language suggesting addiction. Her FLARP habit is phrased as “you can’t get enough of it” and spidermom is “VERY HUNGRY, ALL THE TIME.” Her FLARP poster and character sheet are the only things on Vriska’s walls except for some spiderwebs, suggesting that feeding her mom’s addiction (for the FLESH OF YOUNG TROLLS) has subsumed all other interests, in effect becoming her own addiction? Or that her “need” to grow up in the Alternian mold (as presented by her FLARP character) should itself be phrased as an addiction? Idk

Frankly… I don’t know much about how addiction even functions, beyond the basic premise of a substance/idea creating a need for itself within someone. Probably something to read about.

anonymous asked:

Terezi would probably become cold and calculating and far more dangerous than vriska ever was if she was raised by spidermom she would have an even harder time accessing her emotions but vriska would be kind and soft and happy with dragonmom her hive would have all sorts of cool mazes but i doubt she would be able to stop terezi if she needed to i bet she would be friends with nepeta

terezi imo would’ve become the Second Coming of Machiavelli, really gone for the hardcore “ends justify the means and everyone around me is just a means” thing as a result of her moral compass being corrupted by spidermom. vriska on the other hand i think still would be friends with terezi because she’s still got those self-loathing issues but instead of viewing heroism as martyrdom i think vriska would’ve grown to view heroism as not caring about people. terezi has consistently been established as the benchmark by which vriska measures morality and i don’t think that would necessarily change if terezi was a little less … intent about being conventionally “moral”

 on the other hand vriska would probably be absolutely ineffective at keeping terezi in check and tbh? everyone would be. in the comic just about the only thing that stops terezi from fucking everyone else up is her own moral compass, but she has the mental and physical capacity to be the most powerful player in paradox space (she manipulates god! she manipulates god!!). take away that counterweight and all of a sudden you’ve got Sessionfucker Numero Uno


Spidermom, Mindfang, Mom Lalond, and Lu! (I can’t find any pictures of my Dadbert cosplay) Thank you Andrew Hussie for the awesomeness of Homestuck! And thanks to the fandom, too–I have never felt so welcome and accepted by any other group! I would probably never had the nerve to cosplay at all if I hadn’t started with Homestuck. I may have gotten a late start, but I will be Homestuck forever after!


for day 1 i did a harry potter au…. hogwartstuck!!!
vriska is in slytherin and terezi is gryffindor! they like to play pranks on first years a lot, but they’re mostly harmless…. lmao

although vriska is good at the practical side of magic, she hates anything requiring studying, but terezi works really hard in class + on homework because she wants to work in the department of magical law, obviously ✨

Overworld sprites are so much fun, but they take a lot longer than I thought they would. Don’t expect every mon to have a overworld sprite.

The Aquanea family

Aquanea (Bug/Water) The Diving Bell Pokemon

“Aquanea cannot breathe water nor hold their breath very long. Instead they fill their subaqueous homes with air bubbles they retrieve from the surface.”

These guys are massively popular. Even if you don’t want to have one in your party, you might as well know how to fight them. My suggestion: bring birds and rocks. 

But seriously, why wouldn’t you want one in your party?

Marquanea (Bug/Water) The Drowning Belle Pokemon (Evolves from Arquanea at level 30)

“Using bubbles of air, Marquanea can keep their terrestrial prey alive and fresh for days. They use their prey as live bait, so as to prey on other predators.”

True to their description, they are good at capturing prey. They get Aqua Ring, which restores their health by 1/16 each round. Marquanea also get Spider Web, which is a trapping move that never wears off. If you want a more aggressive variant, mate them with a Jelliatrix till you get a baby with Whirlpool, which both traps and reduces the opponent’s HP by 1/8 every turn, but has pretty bad accuracy and wears off after 2-5 turns. If you want to go the whirlpool route, give Marquanea a Binding Band, to increase the damage from 1/8 to 1/6 of the opponent’s max health. 

Marquanea is best played as a defensive mon that whittles away at its opponent. 

4/22/15 Upd8 P2: Vriskagram


Ahem, apologies. Favorite character and all that. SQUEE! *cough*

Reaction and speculation below!

First thing of note: Vriska has a new symbol! Oh come on, there was no way this *couldn’t* be her symbol. It’s a very well-done looking one too.

And here we are, new Alpha!Vriska, to the tune of “Moonsetter” no less! What’s she up to?

An Instagram parody? Interesting. I’ve never even touched Instagram (thought I’ve heard of it), so this probably doesn’t have as much impact for me. That aside, looks like we’re getting a ‘montage’ of her time on the meteor. Hell yes!

Heh, Karkat still got clobbered by John’s ‘bucket message’!

Unfortunately, this becomes mildly depressing when you realize that shortly after this, THIS happened:


Bwahahaha! Rose looks very unimpressed. This is just so…Vriska, it’s hilarious!

Uh oh, Gamzee…But wait…I thought Terezi came to Gamzee in the original timeline…?

Let’s see:

Whoa, it was never said Terezi was the one to make the ‘first move’. It just…happened. See, THIS is why I make a point to check EVERYTHING when writing this stuff. If Gamzee was coming onto Terezi like he was here, given her absolute *crap* self-worth after killing Vriska…Dang, I knew it was an abusive relationship but this just makes it creepier.

Unfortunately for Gamzee, Terezi in ‘this’ timeline is far less open to his advances.

And of course.

Given the tension that defined their relationship for so long, it’s heartwarming to see that the ‘Scourge Sisters’ are finally back together. Vriska had been trying to mend bridges with Terezi for a while, right from their first conversation actually, but Terezi was understandably resistant:

And during Alterniabound:

When Murderstuck happened, as we know, in the original timeline Terezi tried *really* hard to convince herself that Vriska was the bad guy who needed to be brought to justice. But it also began to become clear that despite her best efforts, Terezi still cared for her:

And in the original, ‘doomed’ timeline where Vriska survived occurred because Terezi couldn’t go through with it:

Sadly, Paradox Space forced Terezi’s hand, leaving her the wreck we knew in the original timeline. In THIS timeline, however, John’s retcon powers gave her a ‘third option.’ This panel really says it all:

Moving on:

Hey, Rosemary!

Oh, hi Vriska. Check out the ‘Light Aspect’ coffee cup she has.

Kanaya and Rose look un-amused that she killed the moment. Look at her face though, what a dork (though isn’t everyone in Homestuck a dork?).

So, does this mean Vriska’s presence interfered with Rosemary? Very possibly. On thinking about it though, that would probably be for the better.

…Oh god, please don’t kill me Rosemary fans. But remember what Karkat said in the ‘old’ timeline concerning Rosemary?:

Rose and Kanaya became worrying codependent on each other, to the point it damaged Kanaya’s relationship with Karkat. And was implied to have interfered with Rose and Dave’s relationship in turn, given one of Dave’s lines at the end of the trip:

Rosemary is a nice pairing, definitely one of the more compatible ones. But if a relationship gets to the point where it starts damaging your other ones, that’s probably not a very healthy relationship. Vriska’s disruption was needed to prevent the above from happening.

I haven’t looked into Rosemary much, so I can’t really say much else definitive. Does this mean it won’t be a thing? Not necessarily. But Rose and Kanaya *cannot* shut themselves away from the others like they did in the ‘original’ timeline. And Rosemary didn’t get off on the most ideal foot either in the old timeline, considering Rose kissed Kanaya while *drunk*. How drunk? Drunk enough that as soon as the kiss finished she started falling down the stairs with a smile on her face, seemingly oblivious to what was happening:

What’s more, Rose remained drunk for most of the trip, and Kanaya refused to address it until the end. What’s worse, it’s stated Rose *lied* to her about alcoholism being a thing:

I don’t know guys. I can see the appeal of Rosemary, but looking over how it occurred during the ‘original’ timeline…Starting a relationship while inebriated is already shaky ground, there’s the implication Rose was drunk to some degree for most of it, and then there was the ‘not leaving each other alone for less then a minute’ mentioned by Karkat which probably contributed to the failure to acknowledge Rose had a problem…

Again, I haven’t done as much looking into Rose and Kanaya as the other patron troll-kid pairings, but I’m seeing enough red flags here that Rosemary not being a thing in this timeline over the course of the meteor trip was probably for the best.

(Again, don’t kill me Rosemary fans! I’m just the analyst, and aside from JohnVris I’m indifferent to pairings.)

I wanted to stop at this panel to note Dave and Karkat are getting along FAR better in this timeline then they did in the old timeline. But then again, a lot of the tension between them in the old timeline came from the fact that they were in a ‘love triangle’ of sort, with Terezi being a mutual romantic interest:

But in this new timeline, John advised Terezi not to date Dave OR Karkat:

Seems she took his advice. Considering how her relationship with Dave crashed and burned in the original timeline, and how she and Karkat…just weren’t going to happen, it was probably for the best. Also, it allowed the two boys to be friends from the start.

Case in point. But look, Rose is drinking. In the original timeline, this was where her problems started. But as we know:

Rose didn’t become a drunk in this new timeline.

And that would be why. Vriska has never been one to ‘tiptoe’ around an issue. That kind of brutal ‘There’s a fucking problem here’ attitude was something the meteor crew needed.

THIS is where I went ‘Wait, fuck, I RECOGNIZE THAT ART STYLE!’ That’s the style of the Homestuck fanartist, ikumaru! Holy crap, they actually got draw for an HS flash! Must be a hella proud moment.

Congratulations, ikumaru! You’ve always been one of my favorite fanartists, and I’m so happy you got to contribute to the comic like this!

On another note, damn the DaveKat is strong in this one…

Oh, HEY, I was wondering about this after ‘She’s 8ack’:

Also in the ‘new’ version of the scene, Terezi still has her glasses, which means she’s still blind, which in turn means Aranea never got to her. I wonder if this version of the meteor encountered the A1 trolls at all…

Guess this easily answer that question. Also, watch the numbers I added, they’ll be important in a few here. These are some absolutely *adorable* pictures, and it’s great to see the A1 trolls again like this (Hey, I rarely dislike a character and the A1 trolls are no exception):

That Scorpio symbol…You know, I thought Gamzee was initially talking about Aranea in this scene (give her [S] GAME OVER stunt) but he’s probably actually talking about Vriska. Either way. Kurloz doesn’t look happy at the news (And Cronus giving Mituna a hard time as usual in the background).

Oh wow, the other Vriska’s ghost wasn’t erased. We FINALLY get an answer to that question.

Oh yeah, about the numbers, it was mostly to make sure and also show…I count only ELEVEN Pre-Scratch trolls here. Why is that significant? Well, are we forgetting?:

Where the hell is Aranea!?

Oh man, after [S] GAME OVER, the fact she’s currently unaccounted for make me hella nervous.

Vriska looks a little in shock, and can you really blame her? *That was supposed to be her original fate.* Yet it’s only through the effort of her ‘other self’, John, and the ‘other Terezi’ that this version of her was able to live. While the original Alpha remains in the dreambubbles, dead and never having gotten the chance she did. It’s a version of the ‘who’s the ‘real’ self’ dilemma we’ve seen reoccur across the comic. This meeting had to have had an impact on her.

Why are we suddenly with Jane?

Vriska!? Having apparently taken over Gamzee’s role in the B2 session, apparently:

I still wonder where those time boxes came from…

Tavrosprite! Which means Jane in this timeline actually got a proper sprite. Interesting…

It looks like Vriska is making sure the B2 prototypings get done.

…Wait a second…

If we assume that Fefetasprite:

And Erisolsprite:

Are still a thing in this timeline, and we assume that ARquisprite is about to become a thing in this timeline as well:

Combined with Tavrosprite, and…

I actually made a visual to help represent:

Guys, assuming the other B2 sprites are the same, all the trolls are going to be alive in some form for the first time since Murderstuck.

And considering how we’re now approaching the ‘endgame’ with this being the final ‘real’ Act…I am smelling something epic in the making here, if I’m right.

It does look like Vriska learned her lesson and matured over the course of the three year trip. Look at her expression when she curls up with Rose and Kanaya. For the first time *ever*, she was actually hanging around with friends like a normal teenager. No ‘game’ hanging overhead, no Spidermom to worry about, no ‘blood caste reputation’ to worry about, no nothing. Look at how *relaxed* she looks for most of the Flash. The scene with her in the lawn chair, a drink, and Gamzee fanning her was kinda symbolic in that way: For the first time, she’s no longer under pressure, and can focus on being herself, instead of focusing on what she thinks other expect her to be. As she told John towards the end of A5A2:

Though she wasn’t able to fight Jack, it seems like she followed through on the rest of this.

I do wonder how exactly her encounter with her ‘alt self’ went down, considering it was immediately after that we saw her with her trademark driven smirk. However, the fact it immediately flashed to helpful Tavrosprite (in the process helping Tavros, who she regretted killing) shows that it’s different this time around. She’s assumed more mature, and is hopefully closer to actual ‘hero’ now. I wonder what’s she planning…

I just saw the upd8 schedule and it looks like we’ll get a week break before the comic will start upd8 every week day, with the occasional week break. Oh man, I am going to be *busy.* And I am going to love every second of it.

Hope you enjoyed!



Aradia died one night when her moirail, sollux, didn’t notice she was in the crowd of victims he had marked out to feed his bloodthirsty lusus. He sent his genetically modified killer bees out to do the dirty work for him, and joined them once his only company would be cadavers.

When he found her among the bodies, sollux left all the dead trolls on the ground and brought her up the cliffs to his hive, where he spent the night despairing. He would have killed himself if Aradia had not woken up with the dawn, glowing and thirsty.

sollux was never able to feed his lusus again, spidermom would have starved to death if Nepeta hadn’t broken in to sollux’ hive and put her out of her misery.

madam-melon-meow  asked:

You've analyzed all of vriska's wrong doings, how she was and is a Bad Person who makes Bad Choices, and yea, it's true. But I was wondering, can you make an in depth analysis of her entire self? The real REASON she does what she does, the good, the bad, the smack down of herself, her hatred for her mother figure, bla bla bla? I'm curious as to what your take is on HER as a character, not just the facet of her you've already written about ::::p. Thanks!

 I’ve already done Vriska analysis a couple of times - for example: here, here and here. I usually tend to analyze her every time i talk about her anyway, because it never hurts to be more thorough. To not repeat myself, I can do a general deconstruction of her character now.

The REASON why Vriska is the way she is is deeply hidden from everyone else (and even herself at some point) INSECURITY. That’s why she and Tavros are kept in endless dispute about confidence - Vriska is the best faker of confidence there is, she made even herself believe that she is “The 8est!!!” and she does everything so that image of herself would not get endangered. This is why she can’t stand Tavros - Tavros in general is very unconfident and he improves at a snail pace. Vriska sees herself in him and it turns on her alert button, where she gets angry at him for being this way and desperately wants him to stop.

 Say sorry for being a loser! Wheeeeeeee!

Her whole phase of making Tavros learn fake confidence he applied in his conversation with Jade is effect of how she tries to push him to stop being a visual display of everything she can be and what she is afraid to become.

You know, cause she can invert into a Page.

All this makes her desperately be opposite of what she associates with Tavros and Page class - so, being a loser - and she tries to become a winner at all costs - like a true Thief of Luck. 

Where does it come from? Aside from classpect, it’s hard to say. Can be the upbringing by Spidermom she seems to resent and avoid, despite being faithful to her.

I can bring my lusus back. Joy. ::::\

::::\ x 2 combo

This brings us to a very sad point in Vriska’s arc - her upbringing. Everyone who wants to defend Vriska usually go “she had a hard childhood, she had to kill for a hostile lusus!”, but the thing is - Vriska is a sociopath. She doesn’t care about the trolls she has killed and even an explicit punishment from Aradia doesn’t make her feel for them.

If anything, she feels for herself here, because she is scared. There’s no guilt.

So, what’s the deal with her upbringing? 

Well, I’m sure no one will disagree if I say that Spidermom was abusive. She needed troll meat to survive and forced the one she was in custody of to kill for her under the threat of eating her. There’s no motherly love here, only servitude and satisfaction at having a good child/servant at best. This makes Vriska search for a parent figure she could admire and identify with (like every child).

The sad thing tho? Spidermom literally is Mindfang. Just like all other lusi are respective ancestors of their trolls.

Say hello to Marquise Spinneret Mindfang.

So, the sad truth here is that Vriska, who idolizes Mindfang and wants to become like Mindfang actually would dislike and avoid Mindfang if she could meet her during her troll life. 

Which she did btw.

This, once again, parallels with how her own FLARPsona is Mindfang and how she makes it out to be the best thing ever, while in reality, Page of Void side of Vriska dislikes Thief of Luck side of Vriska and probably would avoid herself if she could.

Tragically ironic.

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV.

One thing I’ve noticed in the reread of Homestuck I’m doing is that Light players, among all their other dysfunctions, have been characterized as being obsessed with “meaning.” Rose has a minor meltdown over the appearance of Rosesprite, due to her representing a meaningless intrusion into what Rose perceives as a neat, orderly arc to be traced through her Seer powers. Meenah mentions offhand that Aranea could never just do a thing, she had to make everyone aware of the significance of the thing. 

Vriska is kind of the odd duck among the heroes of Light. Whereas Aranea and Rose merely place great importance on “meaning,” Vriska seems reliant on it. Her manifestation of the “meaning-obsession” takes the form of her fixation on the concept of relevance. She talks about clawing her way back to relevance, uses it as a cudgel to assert dominance over others, and overall seems to treat it as an end unto itself. She simply must be relevant at all costs. And while one could write this off as just her being a glory-hound, it remains a very peculiar and borderline meta way of expressing herself. I would be inclined to write it off as one of Hussie’s little in-jokes, except for this:

“(VRISKA): It’s terrifying 8eing dead, and having to live through memories forever, and dealing with the fact that nothing really means anything. ”

I think this is a good starting point for thinking about thinking what lies at the root of Vriska’s character, because this is her as she is when she is utterly alone and without defenses. While other characters, notably Karkat, have expressed discomfort with the dreambubbles and the existence they prolong - an eternity of weirdly uncomfortable encounters with other versions of your friends and yourself who might not even have fucked up so much as just succeeded wrong - Vriska is outright frightened by them. She goes far beyond even Rose’s reaction to unwelcome, meaningless phenomenon. Vriska fears a lack of meaning more than anything else in the world. And this meaninglessness is tied to reliving her own memories, recollections of her life.

I think one could make the case that everything Vriska does in the comic, all the identities she cycles through and all the bullshit she engineers for the purpose of self-aggrandizing “relevance,” is an attempt on her part to wrest some kind of meaning from her life. To stave off a feeling of pointlessness that terrifies her. To take it a step further, possibly into the realm of fanfiction, I think shes afraid that theres no reason for her to be alive. And of course the reason for this, like almost everything else in Vriska’s character, comes back to Spidermom.

“I’ve 8asically 8een playing this role as a slave in the food chain my whole life. It is what she selected me to do. ”

Thats how she describes her relationship with her guardian, the only time in the comic she doesn’t evade with vague comments about not really missing the life she left behind. Consider what an existence that must’ve been - going out to collect sacrifices every night, just so she could earn the opportunity to do it again the next. Survival for survival’s own sake. How pointless must that have felt, with no promise of escape? How do you justify such an existence to yourself? No wonder she adopted the persona of her ancestor just to get by. When the villainous Marquise identity fails to hold up after she kills Tavros, she starts justifying her existence through the lens of protecting reality. After her search for the juju peters out following Aranea’s departure, she adopts Meenah’s nihilism as a method of coping. She deals with the fear of meaninglessness by taking an attitude that its okay because nothing matters, lets go on the horse-a-whirl! 

As a brief tangent - her mutable sense of self is especially alarming when viewed through the context of her brief incarnation as Tavrisprite. Because, bear in mind that Tavros has so little hatred in his soul that he cant even bring himself to be mean to her while he's gloating. And yet, Tavrisprite somehow produces this outburst:


“Fuck my name, its nothing" 

Between Vriska’s manifold issues and Tavros’ willingness to just submit to adversity instead of resisting, they create something that cannot exist because it has nothing but hatred for itself. 

Back to the main point - I think this reading of Vriska as being driven by fears of not having any reason to be alive goes a long, long way to explain a lot of her attitudes. Her cavalier attitude towards her own well being, her cheerful acknowledgement that she’s deserved everything she’s ever had done to her, her vicious hatred of her ghost. Most interesting, however, is the particularly bizarre dickering over what to do with the corpses after the retcon.

“VRISKA: I don’t want to 8e the ar8iter of Eridan’s value as a person 8ecause of the mistakes he’s made! 
VRISKA: Or Feferi’s or Nepeta’s or Sollux’s or ANY8ODY’S! ”

Vriska honestly comes off as being devious here, but she apparently, legitimately has no ulterior motives for not prototyping the other corpses. Unless we assume that there was some extremely long con in play - which is honestly not how Vriska rolls at all; thats more Terezis wheelhouse - we have to assume that she left them unprototyped for the exact reason she says. She doesn’t want to play arbiter of the relative value of Eridan’s life versus Nepeta and Feferi. Because if Eridan doesn’t deserve to be alive, what does that say about her? Of course she hates her ghost so much - aside from laying bare all the deeply-guarded weakness inside her, (Vriska) is conclusive proof that by all objective measures she should really, really not be alive right now. And to top it all off, (Vriska) has given up on justifying herself to be… happy. Which of course represents nothing but rank selfishness in Vriska’s eyes.

People talk about whether or not Vriska will be “redeemed,” but I’ve sort of stopped thinking in terms like that. There doesn’t seem to be much there to redeem; she’s just broken. She can’t be happy until she settles down, but she can’t settle down until she’s proven that her continued existence has meaning. Her memories are full of mistakes and violence and thousands of dead children and so she’s constantly in search of some monster to slay if only to justify the price of her life. If she can’t do something huge and grandiose to once and for all cement herself as the best forever, maybe she should have just taken a half-gainer into her lusus’ mandibles. How do you redeem someone like that? Hell, how do you punish someone like that? 

More than anything, I think her story will involve someone having to stop her from hurting herself in a very existentially terminal fashion. Because bear in mind she’s about to face off with Lord English, and the plans of Serkets are required by universal law to never work. If she can’t beat him, which she can’t, the opportunity to make all the memories and fear and regret go away forever is right there in front of her. All she has to do is stand still and embrace oblivion. Homestuck is 50% callbacks by volume, and I would be unsurprised to see a callback to this:

“TAVRISPRITE: Whoever the fuck you are???????? 

God deliver us from Serkets and their drama.

Fantastic Vriska analysis submitted by the wonderful @intocleanness

anonymous asked:

im confused, wasnt vriska being influenced by doc scratch to kill aradia and cripple tavros? and if youre so frogiving of gamzee and jade and jane, shouldnt you forgive vriska too?

Doc Scratch is a pretty influential person, I give you that. At the same time him contacting trolls (including Vriska) are not comparable to manipulation others are subjected to. I’ll get to that, but first, let me estabilish why I am I so forgiving of these three (and two others) and not Vriska herself.

Let’s start off with Jane. 

Jane gets controlled directly by her tiaratop, which shows clear wiring going through her skin and her eyes. 

This is a pure definition of “hacked” and she starts acting like a stand-in puppet in place of Condescension. This is evidently clear with two side by panels that show how Jane is doing the same motions Condesce is doing.

She still maintains some of the personality of herself, as she still keeps going on about Jade being her precious granddaughter and blushes once it finally gets to her that Dave has been calling  her “John’s hot mom”, but for most of the time most of it is erased as she is acting more as a robot waiting for orders.

Once Aranea manages to turn off whatever’s left of her consciousness, Jane immediately starts acting like a puppet and does exactly the same thing Condesce did later once she managed to get to the place herself.

You see that? She goes for the throat choking.

Later on, when Arquiusprite finally manages to hack the tiaratop (and yes, this is the wording he uses)

Jane wakes up and what’s the first thing she does? Apologizes.

Roxy waves it off and no one holds it against her as this was clearly not her doings but Condesce’s. That’s why Jane shouldn’t be held accountable for what she did during her mind control.

Next one is Jade who is a little different on this matter - she gets controlled directly by stolen powers of Mindfang and Summoner (clearly to control both both human and animal side of her)

which causes her to go grimdark (or “grimbark” as she prefers to call it herself). Grimdark modes (as we’ve already seen with Rose and Eridan) are triggered by a heavy stress put on a character and basically makes them unleash hell upon others by using the abilities and personality traits that has been inside them all along

Rose can be less cowardly.

Eridan can believe in magic.

…and Jade is no different. She is a witch, she can be wicked, she can do all the evil stuff we have seen her do. But the thing is, aside from the situation Condesce allowed her to act all out, she never does. Not even when she is under stressful situation.

This most likely has to do with the fact she picks to control Bec’s possible aggressiveness. Once Condesce manipulates her mind and makes her let go of self-control, this is what happens. She should not be blamed for what she did.


I wrote countless posts about Gamzee and why he should not be blamed for what he did (at least yet). If you want to read detailed info about that, go to my blog and use tags “gamzee” and “gamzee needs help”. For the sake of not repeating myself I’ll just post this:

Tavros’ eyes when mindcontrolled by Vriska

Gamzee’s eyes when mindcontrolled by (presumably) Lil Cal and/or Caliborn.

And this leads to two, usually forgotten and not mentioned manipulated beings who are co-responsible for killing someone under mind control and whom no one blames for the murder they’ve helped comitting.

Aradia’s death and Terezi’s blindness are all on Vriska’s account and I think there won’t be anyone disagreeing with me when I say they shouldn’t be blamed for it.

Why I can forgive them all and I can’t forgive Vriska?

None of the mentioned above chose to do what they did - it was an influence put outwardly onto their minds, and act of puppetery that made them do things without letting them have a say if they want to do it or not. Vriska, on the other  hand, has the luxury of a choice and she chooses to be terrible all the time. No one makes her do anything against her will and yet, there she is, doing terrible things because she deems them to be necessary/wants to do them/thinks it’s the only way. You think it’s not true because of Doc Scratch? Let’s look closer at Doc Scratch and his influence on Vriska (and Aradia and Tavros’ outcome) then. 

Doc Scratch is someone who has actively onscreen interacted with Vriska, Terezi, Aradia and Gamzee, however Kanaya admits that he most likely has been contacting all trolls without exception (including her).

Doc Scratch was to Kanaya what Rufio(h) was to Tavros, lol.

But, unlike other manipulative influences given by mind controls, Doc Scratch’s influence is not direct - he mostly adjusts his behavior to the one he wants to exploit. And he did exploit Vriska, there’s no doubt about it (even if Vriska doesn’t want to admit it).

And how does he even get to Vriska to make her cooperate with him? 

He offers Vriska to play a game (as seen in previous text, Doc Scratch really takes from Caliborn when it comes to playing a game). Vriska, as the one who hates losing and thinks of herself as of the best in any sort of situations (so, a winner) falls for it.

This in itself isn’t having enough weight to turn around on Vriska, mostly because Doc Scratch is a really manipulative guy and he had no problem outsmarting a bunch of 6 sweeps trolls. He is doing it for his own amusement and there’s no doubt about it that he is a bad guy who is responsible for giving the ideas out. But the thing is - that’s it. He only gives ideas to the trolls - which is a form of manipulation, of course - and that’s where his intrusion ends. It’s a choice trolls are given and it’s up to them what they’ll do about it. Gamzee surely fell for it and I’m sure that Doc Scratch (along with Lil Cal) is supposed to be held accountable for giving him idea of killing Equius and Nepeta and collecting heads. This can be seen in Cascade where Gamzee reports to Doc Scratch as if he is waiting for instructions.

Gamzee in his defense has loneliness, resentful friends, dead Tavros and broken faith Doc Scratch surely renewed within him (and Gamzee, being a silly believer in miracles wants to desperately relieve the blissful innocence). In other words, he had nothing to lose. 

What about Vriska?

Endless riddles!!! He won’t shut up!!! He will log her back in once she logs out!!!

Suggesting pretty final and dire solutions when she is aware she doesn’t have to do them!!!

Especially when it comes to people that are off the limits when it comes to killing them of which Vriska is very aware of!!!

Doc Scratch in the end is doing all that simply to bring his master into the world he is in since he himself is an egg awaiting arrival of Lord English and he simply is making a nest, making sure it’s done well. is aware of that and he simply admits it too (this is still a nudging form of a manipulation). He is not pressuring her into anything, he is not threatening her, all he is doing is suggesting. It even ends on a notion that maybe he is the one who is wrong.

Sure, it’s a manipulation technique, but a person with a strong morale knows it’s just a trap and would never go against their own code and hurt people whom she has sworn are off the limits. So, Vriska patronizes Doc Scratch telling him she won’t do it, closes the convo and…

…and immediately goes to kill Aradia. Why? Because who gives a shit about the fact it’s her friend who has a very good reason to make her feel sorry, who cares if it’s a living being we’re talking about, it’s all about her comfort zone and winning the game. In other words:


The situation with Tavros is no different  - at worst Doc Scratch suggests getting rid of him to which Vriska immediately jumps with eagerness cause she can’t stand Tavros and follows her plan which is supposedly making him scare powerful monsters in Tavros’ direction (which is pushing him nearby the cliff).

In other words, Doc Scratch was all but an opportunity given that Vriska leapt onto because she hated Tavros (someone who can’t even hate her back properly) and because “no point in living with moanng spooks” which she killed herself (in the end, those “moaning spooks” were ghosts of victims she killed for Spidermom) and which she had brought upon herself because she hurt Tavros. In other words, Doc Scratch was the button and Vriska was the one who pushed it because she is a spiteful being.

Also, even if you still want to stick to the idea that it was all Doc Scratch’s fault anyway (even if  clearly showed you it wasn’t), here’s this:

Doc Scratch from the on stops talking and influenting Vriska in any way. So, these things?

Creating Jack Noir that undermined whole session

Killing endless groups of alternate ghost selves

Manipulating Tavros into lovey-dovey when he didn’t want it  and because he didn’t want it (it falls under category of rape, you know)

Traumatizing Tavros into shutting himself in the dream world on Prospit

Treating Gamzee like a slave (wow, great callback to Mindfang and Dolorosa, right)

Being a bitch to Rose

Bullying Jake and Tavrosprite for being “losers”

Closing Gamzee up in the suffocating fridge

Bullying herself

THEY’RE ALL ON HER. They’re her choices, not influenced by Doc Scratch. She feels no remorse about them (like Jane), they’re not one time events that are possibilities that stem from part of the nature that slipped out of control (like Jade), they’re not acts of desperate man who lost everything that was dear to him and will work with the devil to regain happiness like a true fool who doesn’t know that no one wins in such deals (like Gamzee). Vriska is an abusive character who is painted in all possible colors of villainry because that’s what author wanted, and so far I have no reason to forgive her simply because ABUSE IS ABUSE IS ABUSE NO EXCUSES. You don’t get a cookie for being a bitch because you willingly want to keep being a bitch and refuse to admit your actions are wrong.

Of course, we could all talk about how Vriska is a great person whose acts has been nothing but right from the perspective of sources, but that’s a whole different story.