• Joey: you know, it's kinda weird that the lusii we've seen so far are mostly just like...weird versions of animals we have on earth.
  • Xefros: whats weird about them?
  • Joey: well, like, your big lazy slothdad thing-
  • Xefros: oh you mean ted?
  • Joey: yeah, sure, ted - we basically have sloths just like him on earth, but they're all way smaller!
  • Joey: but they're still known for being really slow and having those long arms!
  • Xefros: thats aXually pretty interesting!
  • Xefros: i didnt really think there were aliens that were so similar to trolls
  • Joey: me neither! i'm actually kinda surprised!
  • Xefros: we should check out that book you have and see if you can find more cool stuff about that!
  • Joey: okay, let's see...
  • Joey: "the ARACHNIS TITANUS"...
  • Joey: this one's basically a spider, but it's...
  • Joey: wait, HOW big is it!?
  • Joey: "...the arachnis titanus is known for its striking size and its tendency to hide in extremely large caves, raising their chosen troll and eventually manipulating them to bring it food in the form of other, unsuspecting trolls."
  • Joey: "for those who encounter such a lusus, survival is nigh impossible. for those who are burdened with living alongside one, it is highly suggested that one should put the creature on a vegetarian diet before it becomes too late."
  • Joey: what the FUCK?
  • Xefros: im kinda surprised they didnt just ask them to target lowbloods!
  • Xefros: usually thats what these kinds of things say but i guess that these spider things dont really discriminate X:)
  • Joey: i think lack of discrimination is the least of our worries with that thing...

i know i already made a post about this but i just cant imagine how massive pyralspite is, if she ate mindfangs lusus, presumably the same as spidermom whole she would have to be somewhere close to this size at minimum

see that tiny spec in front of spidermom? thats not an odd misstep with my editing, thats vriska,

just please draw more fanart of The Pyropes and there mile long mom


Don’t touch Booty’s booty or she’ll eat you! 🕷
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List of Abuse Survivors in Homestuck

**one time events not counted.


Tavros Nitram: At the hands of Vriska Serket. (violence, emotional manipulation)

Terezi Pyrope: At the hands of Gamzee Makara. (implied violence, emotional manipulation)

Vriska Serket: At the hands of Spidermom. (emotional manipulation, child neglect)

Gamzee Makara: At the hands of Goatdad. (child neglect)

Damara Megido: At the hands of Meenah Peixes. (emotional abuse and possibly implied violence)

Meulin Leijon: At the hands of Kurloz Makara. (taken advantage of with mind control to do his bidding and unknowingly work for Lord English)

Horuss Zahhak: At the hands of Damara Megido. (unwanted sexual advances and remarks)

The Handmaid: At the hands of Doc Scratch and Lord English. (emotional and physical abuse)

The Psiioniic: At the hands of Her Imperious Condescension. (slave labour for millennia)

The Dolorosa: At the hands of Marquise Spinneret Mindfang. (emotional manipulation via mind control and at least one incident of rape)

Dave Strider: At the hands of Bro Strider. (emotional manipulation, physical abuse and CSA; in that Bro made Dave film porn with puppets)

Calliope: At the hands of Caliborn. (emotional abuse)

Jake English: At the hands of Lil Hal and Dirk Strider. (emotional manipulation)

Implied, possibly implied, or highly implied:

?Rufioh Nitram: At the hands of Damara Megido and Horuss Zahhak. (damara: taunts and imprisoning his lusus. Horuss: emotional manipulation and fetishization)

???Rose Lalonde: At the hands of Mom Lalonde: (child neglect)

???????? yeah.

What good is having a ridiculous amount of followers if I can’t see good ideas like flylikeafairystinglikeawasp’s and make it a thing?

Jessica Drew + Natasha Romanoff = SpiderMoms (I also like SpiderWives)

Jessica Drew + Natasha Romanoff + Miles Morales = SpiderFamily

…I have three new tracked tags.

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for day 1 i did a harry potter au…. hogwartstuck!!!
vriska is in slytherin and terezi is gryffindor! they like to play pranks on first years a lot, but they’re mostly harmless…. lmao

although vriska is good at the practical side of magic, she hates anything requiring studying, but terezi works really hard in class + on homework because she wants to work in the department of magical law, obviously ✨

For the PTA Undertale AU

PTA Muffet (AKA Spidermom)

  • Brings in her own baked goods because no one wants any of Helen’s gluten-free ‘goods’. ‘ * What did I do to the lemon squares? Why I just gave the hockey team new pucks Ahuhuhu, why do you ask?”
  • Slams on Linda (Like any good guardian to Frisk) “ *You know Linda you should really take that mask off, it’s scaring everyone.”
  • Loves to infuriate the unholy trinity with sans or the hell of it 
  • If any kids tease Frisk..well let’s just say “ *Ahuhuhu! It’s lunch time, and I forgot to feed my pet~”
  • The kids love Muffet, even though the parents bitch about her scaring children because she’s a spider. “ *Oh no, they aren’t afraid of me. However they should be quite afraid of what you look like without make up on, Dianasaur Ahuhuhu~!” *sans gives thumbs up*
  • Bakes for the bake sale (obviously) and to the parents to complain she has a comeback. “ * ‘Why is the croissant so rubbery?’ You ask? Well…it’s because fake bitches like you can’t digest real food.”
  • Caters for field trips along with Grillby.
  • Lets children dance along with her and the spiders. 
  • Only lets Frisk swing on her arms like monkey bars because she trust the cinnamon roll baby, to the PTA mothers’ dismay. “ * Remember Frisk, if you want off tell me okay? I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  • Overprotective Spidermom 
  • Sometimes lets children play with her pet…after she fed it…

anonymous asked:

orphans do get culled on alternia right? im pretty sure thats canon, but no one else seems to acknowledge it... Vriska says once that if she didnt feed her lusus she'd starve and she would be culled for that so wouldnt that make it canon? or maybe it just applies to her bc spidermom is supposed to be a really hard lusus to deal with... so maybe it only applies to challenging lusi but i feel like whoever came up with alternian culling regulations wouldnt bother making that distinction...

If Vriska didn’t feed her lusus then her lusus would eat her.

Terezi never really had a lusus, and Gamzee’s was never around so I don’t believe orphans are automatically on the cull list

asrielandfrisk  asked:

Vrislska sitting on terezi sitting on vriska sitting on terezi sitting on vriska sitting on terezi sitting on vriska sitting on terezi sitting on dragonmkm sitting on spidermom sitting on skaia

So, you managed to find a loophole. Congratul8tions. Was it worth it? 8ecause despite your disrespectful behavior, the only thing you’ve managed to br8k so far, is my heart. May8e we could settle for that, and we’ll just call it a day.

Overworld sprites are so much fun, but they take a lot longer than I thought they would. Don’t expect every mon to have a overworld sprite.

The Aquanea family

Aquanea (Bug/Water) The Diving Bell Pokemon

“Aquanea cannot breathe water nor hold their breath very long. Instead they fill their subaqueous homes with air bubbles they retrieve from the surface.”

These guys are massively popular. Even if you don’t want to have one in your party, you might as well know how to fight them. My suggestion: bring birds and rocks. 

But seriously, why wouldn’t you want one in your party?

Marquanea (Bug/Water) The Drowning Belle Pokemon (Evolves from Arquanea at level 30)

“Using bubbles of air, Marquanea can keep their terrestrial prey alive and fresh for days. They use their prey as live bait, so as to prey on other predators.”

True to their description, they are good at capturing prey. They get Aqua Ring, which restores their health by 1/16 each round. Marquanea also get Spider Web, which is a trapping move that never wears off. If you want a more aggressive variant, mate them with a Jelliatrix till you get a baby with Whirlpool, which both traps and reduces the opponent’s HP by 1/8 every turn, but has pretty bad accuracy and wears off after 2-5 turns. If you want to go the whirlpool route, give Marquanea a Binding Band, to increase the damage from 1/8 to 1/6 of the opponent’s max health. 

Marquanea is best played as a defensive mon that whittles away at its opponent. 

A lot of (Vriska)’s character is supposed to be showing us Vriska if she weren’t in a horrible manipulative and abusive environment, no Spidermom or Doc Scratch, and not having to be The Best™ anymore just to survive, although it took her a long time, shedding that part of herself revealed to us who she really is, or would have been if she grew up with a normal safe life. And that’s why Vriska hates (Vriska) so much, the same way Karkat hates his alternate selves and Dirk hates Lil Hal. Vriska sees (Vriska) as a weaker version of herself, all the parts of herself that she’s had to repress just to live. Time in dreambubbles works different but (Vriska) spent a lot of time in them, which is why Vriska hasn’t had the same transformation on the meteor, she hasn’t had enough time. The point of this post really is if you’re writing Vriska in an AU where she wasn’t abused as a kid, she probably would be closer in personality to (Vriska). Probably not as punk though, considering that part was Meenah’s influence. Truth be told, she’d be closer to Tavros. (Vriska) had a lot of typical page characteristics, which Vriska hates with a passion (Because she hates that part of herself), in her point of view, wrong as it was, she had to deal a simmular type of abuse to Tavros that she had dealt with her whole life, because that’s what made her “strong” and she thought she was doing him a genuine favor, she wasn’t doing it just to be a bitch (She still was though don’t get me wrong). Since she saw aspects of her repressed self in him she kinda took it upon herself to “grace him with the pleasure” of what she considered to be what you have to go through to be Cool and Strong. The fact is this was still horrible abuse and the fact that she didn’t “mean to” isn’t gonna take that away, intent doesn’t change anything for the victim, the trauma is all the same. 

TL;DR Vriska is a bitch for sure and was super abusive, but shes not like that by nature, like Gamzee or Caliborn. I’m not saying this takes away what she did or the trauma she’s caused, but this kinda stuff isn’t black and white, and it’s important to note how victims of child abuse can become abusers too, but that doesn’t always make them terrible irredeemable garbage, it means they need help before it’s too late. Victims can grown and learn and change, like (Vriska) did.

thetransintransgenic  asked:

Since there was a point about getting to name the Lususes (Lusi?) in Hiveswap -- did we ever learn the names of any of the Lususes in Homestuck? (Did any of them explicitly not have names?)

Well there was Tinkerbull, Punce de Leon, Aurthour, and Gl’bgolyb. 

Not sure if you want to count Spidermom as a name or not

“Happy Mothers Day Every8ody, or whatever thats supposed to means. I didn’t have what you humans call a Mother, and what I did have wasn’t exactly the 8est su8stitute, 8ut as 8ig of a pain as she was, I suppose I have to thank her in some way. I wouldn’t 8e the troll I am today without her. So, here’s to you, Spidermom, wherever you are.”

(( ☼ Happy Mothers Day! I hope that today you are able to celebrate those special mother figures in your life - mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and the like. My mother passed away last April, and so days like this are quite difficult for me, but I hope that for those who can and chose to honor those special women in your life, that you cherish them completely ♥ ))