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hi friend! i was wondering if you could recommend me some marvel/spidey blogs? i just revamped my tumblr and would really appreciate it! <3

sure!! most are marvel blogs but a lot post spidey too @parkerleeds @eternarle @peteyprker @petarparker @deadypooly @agentdjohnson @tomhollands @gounderoos @mjwatson @ranvenclaw @logvnhowlett @spideydamn @spideygwen @captainkirkk @maryjanewaston @tomhollande @stark-tony @parkerpetey @akapeterparker @petermjs @dceus @soldatsass @biboywonder @lauraharrier @spidermanaf @nalianova @tomhollandsarms @tommeholland @parkrpeter @tomhollandhateblog @americachvez @omholland @juiceortiz @mswarrner @spidermmans @osterfield @hollandstarks @infinityparker @carolingdanvers @ginarodrigucz @ace-spidey @tomhollnds @tomhollandislife @spideyholic @sebanstianstan @tomhollandparker @dunstkirsten @reyvnolds @intheheartoftomholland @hahwkeye @teamspider-man @seancasidy @tomhollandlibrary @celestecuckoos @magikspidey @mjsparker @spideycents @spidergirls @lizallen @mockingbbird @warinfinities @quakesjohnsons @spidey-rooz @admiretom @soldierwinter @johnohboyega @batalon @ewan-mcgregor @marysjane @thomashclland @allexsummers @peteir @yugenwanderer @quillpete @buckybarnres @dawson-rosario @chadwickbose @jessiedrew @journalistiris

also check out fandom blogs like @spideycentral, @dailyspiderman, @marvelgifs, @theavengers, etc

hey guys!! i just recently hit 500 followers so thank you so much! <333 anyways i decided to one of these cute follow forever things since i haven’t done one before (ahaa the edit kinda sucks but just igNORE THAT i apologize) i don’t talk to a lot of people on here but just know i appreciate every one of you so much and i consider you guys my buds!!!!! thank you for making tumblr awesome and making my dash cool everyday and being amazing I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU AGAIN FOR 500!!

(faves are bolded <3)

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do you have any other blog recs?

@bancheelydia@aelinsolo@artemiskid​ @spideypooly@adamlynchs@tsarist@jasontod@oscorp@parkerpetey@parkerpete@spidermmans@bbarryallen@damiansalghul@daminwayne@jessiedrew@mjsparker@gounderoos@seancasidy@olliedinahs​ @injusticeredhood@midtownhigh@lauraharrier@dunstkirsten@juliansblacktorn@bubblegumharley​ @spidys@admiretom@dianaofthemiscira@magikspidey​ @timkonns@timothydraike@elizbtholsen@ohsulu@magnnusbabe@mcavoy

+ blogroll bc i kno i forgot some of u :(

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spidermmans & dvlans-obrien (i would send more but theres too many i love including yours hah)

haha thanks so much!! <3

@spidermmans: your blog title I’M DYING haha! both your mobile and desktop theme are perfect??? 

@dvlans-obrien: nice mobile theme!!! also your posts are amazing tbh? and your desktop theme is sooo pretty!

Anonymously send me a url, and I’ll tell you what I think of them!

tagged by @thomashclland!!!!

rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better

relationship status: single
favorite color: pink maybe????
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
last song i listened to: number one by tove styrke
last movie i watched: spider-man: homecoming
top three shows: brooklyn nine-nine, gossip girl and bob’s burgers
top three characters: jake peralta, bellamy blake and peter parker
top three ships: bellamy x raven, jake x amy, leslie x ben

tagging: @oscorp , @yasperjordan, @mtvstyles, @istilldothiseveryday, @alisons-brie@spidermmans, @peteymcparker, @peggylogy@spideymybabe

The Last Night

Request: Can you make an angst CACW Peter Parker/Spiderman imagine maybe the reader gets injured or dies or something and Peter tries to save of help her. Kinda like Gwen Stacy! Pls pls pls love you writing ur amazing ❤️

girl, i hope you got the tissues like i warned you cuz i was in a hella sad mood when i wrote this. So it might be a little more depressing than i planned. like “i was listening to adele” sad. this is for @honestly–simple i see you babe ;)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 795-ish

Warnings: blood, depession/guilt topics, death

A/N: look at the warnings, i told you. but no, it doesn’t stop there. heartbroken peter. yeah, ik. The reader has powers like jubilee, where she can create and emit fire-like energy.  anyway. i hope this makes you feel feels :0

“The Last Night”

The day was offensively bright and pleasant.

“We are gathered here today, to celebrate the life and mourn the death of our beloved. I believe that it was God’s plan to…”

Plan. Peter sulked deeper into his black suit, wanting to hide from this. God’s plan, my ass, he thought. There was no way that it could’ve been anyone’s plan to take such a beautiful person like you. It wasn’t anyone’s fucking plan…just his mistake.

He closed his eyes tightly as he relived the pain of seeing you fall into the darkness. He felt the nothingness that he had drowned in when he held your limp body. He heard the sound of the dull thump when your body hit the cement.

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@ that anon who asked for blog recs

marvel: at least 50% are spidey blogs just letting u kno and some of them are multifandom

@hosterfields @mjwatson @mjsparker @seancasidy @bbarryallen @spidys @parkerpete @parkerpetey @admiretom @magikspidey @lauraharrier @jasontod @spideypooly @olliedinahs @spidermmans @ohsulu @oscorp @likespidey @silverbanshee @starkquinzel @elizbtholsen @tomhollands @newtsckamander @gamorva @petersjquill

Star Wars: i rlly thought there were more omg there’s more blogs that i follow but we’re not mutuals and im too shy to tag sksksks

@cpnandor @aelinsolo @bancheelydia @andorcassian @anakkin @stormparker

+ blogroll bc i kno there’s more of u

hey everyone! it’s nearing the end of the year so i’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else and post an updated version of my mutuals appreciation. i just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being such lovely, wonderful people and for putting up with my trashy blog. i don’t talk to all of you (which i hope to rectify in 2017), but i still want you to know that i love and appreciate every single one of you <3 i hope you are all safe and happy as we enter 2017. happy new year!!!!! <33333

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Hi, everyone and happy new year! So 2016 has been a trainwreck from the very start, but I’m hopeful that 2017 will treat all of us better. Between these horrific events in 2016, I was lucky enough to have some happy moments in my life, one of them being the wonderful people I met on Tumblr and amazing blogs I discovered. 

So, I felt the need to thank every and each one of you for brightening my year and being so wonderful and sweet. :) I hope 2017 treats you kind because you all deserve to be happy. <3

mutuals are bolded // if you’re in italics you’re basically stuck with me forever bc ily way too much

a - g

@agentnatasha @agentntasha @agentsofpuppies @almightybarnes @amonqthieves @arms-and-arrows @arrowsandnat@andor-cassians​ @atsebastianstans​ @avengerswitch@averybody@averysparkle​ 

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@daisy-riddles @daisyskyewalker @dashingrapskillian @diegolunha @dilaurentisallison @doctorgreys @downfallofusall @dwlghtshrute  

@emmpire @erickslehnsherr @eveenstar @execution-empress 

@fakesanta @falconings @fantasticbeasts @festiveromanoff @fightmebucky @fitzsimmmonsy @fleurbelacour @franksgrillo @fvckingavengers @fybartonromanoff 

@gallavich @guernica 

h - q

@hailodinson @happy-quintis @harleyqvinzel @helenccho @heresittinginmybed @hermiola @hipstersteve @hoebarnes @hrufflepuff 

@iamnotsebastianstan @invinciblesstark @infinityparker @isaakeven 

@jackfrcst @jamesbahrnes @jamesesbarnes @jamesrbarnes @jamesoldier @jamesrhodey @jamesroqers @jerkrogers @jeremyleerennerdotcom @jvedi @jxmesmcavoy @jxnserso 

@kardanvers @katasstrophee @kepnerrrd 

@lancetucker @lauraharrier @laurelcasfillo @lehnshark @leiasorganaas @lethalbarnes @littlegreys @lizzieolsns @lukeshea 

@magnetosmind @mariuspondmercy @maryjanewaston @matthewstaffords @maxmimoff @mightythor @mistyknjght @mistletoebarness @mongellers @mostlycap @murdockmatthew 

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@paarkers @parkerpete @pauljrovias @pavechekov @peferparker  @peggscarter @pennyroyalorange @peterparkcr @peterparkher @petexquill @pggycartr @philipsunshea @philipwaldenbek @pietromaiximoff @poedameron @poedaremon @poofyseb @princeevans @punkpeqqy @puppybucky  

@quakesrider @queenclintasha @quintisiscanon 

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@vibraniom @victimbucky 

@wandamsximoff @wandaspaprikash @watchskam @winterscldicr @womenofmcu 

@yikesevans @yikesromancff @youngavvengers 

I love every single one of you and I wish you the best for 2017. Take care of yourself, stay safe, have fun. <3

A couple of weeks ago y’all voted for me to do a follow forever when I hit my goal, well here it is! Speaking of which…

I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I’M AT 3K!!! Thank you all so so much for lighting up my dash and being there for me<33 


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Hi! Could you do a Peter Parker X Fem!Reader pool party fic? Thanks! :)

thanks to @noeypiiepiie for the request! it was so fun wriitng it and i hope you liked it too!

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: around 1000

Warnings: body image issues

A/N: My original plan was to just write a simple fic, with peter and reader just chilling and like..doing stuff ;) but i’ve been i having a tough time with my self image especially cuz its summer. [unedited]


There were shrieks of delight and the entire backyard was lit up with fairy lights and torches. People were tossing a volleyball around, diving into the pool, and enjoying the smoky barbeque. The music blared from the speakers, the bass shaking everything within 20 feet. Despite the jovial atmosphere, you weren’t feeling to festive. It was four weeks into summer break and you had been buried under the summer workload, until your friend invited you to her massive pool party. You had refused, saying that you were behind on your assignments, but when she hinted that Peter was going, you were willing to go.

“I thought you’d like to hear that,” she smirked, shaking her head slightly.

“Shut up,” you hissed while trying to hide a smile.

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Hi! First of all, thank you so much. I created this account 6 months ago and I didn’t expect to hit this number of followers in such time. Every single one of you mean a lot to me. Thanks for always being supportive and lovely all the time <3

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hello babes! i hit 2k not that long ago. it’s very difficult for me to keep going with this blog because of college. i know i probably shouldn’t care so much but it’s very important for me and i am working really really hard. anyway i have some time (while i’m waiting for starboy to drop i’m so excited fuck) and i want to do this as a thank you for following me and for being so awesome <3 i know i don’t really talk much to y’all but i’d love to <3 again thanks so much for everything - you are the fucking best!

ps. sorry i forgot anyone -  i still love u very much <3

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Since its only 3 days till Christmas, and we are nearly done with this godforsaken year, i wanted to thank all of the amazing people who bless my dash daily and make this site enjoyable for me…

I might have forgotten someone and if I did, I am very sorry and apologise in advance for that tell me and I’ll add you.

(I also wanna say a special thank you to those who talk to me and put up with me on this site because with out you i know my experience here wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is, so thank you to : @wondcrwomans, @shostakovas, @obiwanjedi, @obsscurial​, @poedamxron​, @karlmordo​, @andorcassian, @johns-boyega​ and many others!)

so without further ado happy holidays and merry Christmas….

Mutuals (that i wish i spoke more to)- bolded          

favourites- italicised (even though i basically love each and everyone of these blogs)                                              



@aarontveiits​, @acecaptaincold​, @agentntasha​, @alohomoraas​, @alphalewolf​, @amyskhaleesi​, @anakinskywkler​, @andor-cassians​, @andorcassian​, @aqualman​, @argorns​, @arkhamharleys​, @arthurpendragonns​, @asheathes​, @aslyium​, @avcngrs​, @barryallhan​, @beardedchrisevans​, @beefybucky​, @blaakwidow​, @blackvidow​, @bo-yega​, @boggarts​, @brialarson​, @brucewaene​, @brucewayneh​, @bruuce​, @bubblegumharley​, @bucksteve​, @buckyfalcon​, @caissanandor​, @celebrlan​, @chillyginny​, @chrisbeck​, @clairebeauchamp​, @confundo​, @cptnstevens​, @credencbarebone​, @cruvcio​, @cvlwr​, @daisy-riddles​, @damianvayne​, @daniieljackson​, @danversjess​, @danwxlds​, @darthvdrr​, @darxedevil​, @dazemalbus​, @deadhpool​, @dicks-grayson​, @doctaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​, @dreamofspring​, @drocomalfoy​, @eddie-redmayne​, @elvenking​, @episkys​, @erickslehnsherr​, @expelliarmus​


@fallingbucky, @festiveromanoff, @festiveseb, @fightmebucky, @firewhiskey, @flamelnicolas, @fleurbelacour, @fqntasticbeasts, @frostgiants, @galadrielles, @gamora, @gaylantern, @gotham, @gounderoos, @gravespercy, @greyjoyvs, @gxnnyweasley, @haleyscott, @hallowedbecastiel, @hansolo, @harley-quinn, @harleyquinzel, @havleyatwell, @hcathledger, @hearthogwarts, @heathledgers, @hellamarvel, @hermionegrangers, @heroicwinchesters, @hogwvrt, @hrufflepuff, @hvnsolo, @iamgrcct, @iamnevertheone, @iamnotsebastianstan, @icvarus, @im-rey, @impossiblyamelia, @infinitypeggys, @ironstank, @isabelleljghtwood, @itsokaysammy, @ivonman, @ivyqvinn, @jackfryst​, @jacontodd​, @jakegyllenhaal​, @jamesbarmes​, @jamesbcrnes​, @jamesfords​, @jamesroqers​, @jeanigrey​, @jediknightrey​, @jessequicks​, @johns-boyega​, @jollysamwilson​, @jsmesbsrnes​, @justiceleegue​, @jynncassian​


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(All of these people have amazing blogs, and i urge you to follow each and everyone of them because they are all wonderful people!)


Best Thing

Request: You and Pete are best friends and you find out he’s Spider-Man. He doesn’t know you know. You tell Peter that you think Spider-Man is the great thing since slice bread and he’s like no he’s alright. And you are trying to make it obvious that you know it’s him and that you like Pete but he doesn’t get it. Then one night you are walking home and get mugged and he saves you and you tell him you know if him and yeah if that makes any sense.

this request had me squealing like a pig i swear. thanks for requesting nonnie-poo!

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: around 300

Warnings: none

A/N: heyy guys this is just PART ONE of probably 3 or 4 parts. a drabble series is something i’ve always wanted to so, let me know if you guys prefer this or normal length ones!

“Best Thing”

part ii

You opened the door and walked into the familiar apartment. The room smelled like the usual, lavender detergent and baked goods. Aunt May was already waiting for you, getting out the coffee and date loaf. She looked up from the freshly baked bread and smiled at you.

“Hey sweetie, how are you?” She went back to cutting the loaf as you tossed your jacket onto the usual spot.

“I’m good, May. You?”

“I’m doing fine,” she laughed lightly. “Peter isn’t here yet, but I think he’ll be okay with you waiting in his room.”

You chuckled as you made your way over to his room, “I mean, I hope so. I’ve known the kid for only seven years.”

Placing your bag on the chair, you plopped onto his bed and laid down. This room was basically your second room, having been in here every other day for the last seven years. You scroll mindlessly through Instagram while waiting for Peter. But after 20 minutes, it got a little boring–the same pictures of boring people posing. Having had enough, you threw your phone down and stared at the ceiling. You noticed that the little door to the ‘attic’ was askew, a little piece of something red sticking out. Intrigued, you stood up on the bed and reached for the mystery material.

“(Y/n)? Would you like something to drink?” Aunt May called out from the living room.

“No, it’s okay!” You jumped slightly at her sudden voice.

“Alright, I’m gonna step out for a while. I left some money for pizza, if you guys get hungry.”

“Thanks May. You’re the bestest.”

You listened intently, arms outstretched, for the sound of the front door closing. When the house was silent for a few seconds, you went back to snooping. After a few small hops, your fingers hooked onto the fabric, pulling it out. You had expected a blankie or something, but it was a…onesie? Playing the object, you tilted your head and squinted your eyes. This looks really familiar, you thought. And when you saw the symbol on the chest, your eyes grew by times ten. 

Holy shit.

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so it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and I wanted to do a small thank you for the people who actually think that i’m worth following

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