Baby Face || Peter Parker

Prompt - Y/N has powers and Peter finds out and he gets all excited and nervous and keeps asking questions about them, they go back to his place to hang and stuff, then it gets kind of steamy. 

Word Count -  

Warning - it gets a little smutty at the end but that’s it. 

A/N: Y/N has powers that resemble those of the Scarlet Witch, because I’m honestly like in love with Wanda Maximoff but…that’s besides the point. Also this is my first actual written piece here on tumblr, so I hope this isn’t complete shit. Oh my god, I hope you guys like it!

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The sparkling red energy particles floated from my fingertips as I entertained myself with my abilities, the teacher was determined to kill us all with his monotone voice and distinct smell of burning cinnamon. The time couldn’t go by any slower. 

I sat in the back of the class where no one paid attention to, leaving me to use my powers freely if I wanted to. I rested my feet on the desk and continuously wiggled my fingers watching the energy surround my hand in a red glow. My eyes wander around the room when I see Peter Parker or as I like to call him, Baby Face, looking at me from the row in front of mine, his eyes watched my power with shock and another emotion that I couldn’t pinpoint. 

 Instead of freaking out that someone had seen me using my powers, I gave the cute boy a casual wink. His cheeks turned a shade of red and he turned back to his notes. I look inside his head to see if he was trustworthy enough to keep my powers a secret or if I had to erase his memory of this. It came as a shock to me to see that he had been bitten by a radioactive spider and then became the well known superhero, Spiderman. 

 Peter ‘Baby Face’ Parker was Spiderman. Wow. 

 I snapped back to my own reality after looking inside his head and turned to the clock. Two minutes. 

 I quietly packed my stuff and waited impatiently for the bell to ring, my right leg bounced up and down with excitement for the weekend. Soon enough the bell rang and I sprang for the door, when I feel a hand on my arm pulling me back. I turn to see who it was only to see Peter. 

 “Hey, Baby Face.” He blushes at the pet name and retracts his hand from my arm, with little to no confidence he tries to confront me about my powers.

“You-you have powers…” He whispers as we were now the only ones left in the classroom, the statement sounding more like a question.

“Yeah, you saw them didn’t you?” I answer coolly. 

“And you’re not freaking out that I found out? You’re not threatening to kill me if I don’t keep your secret?” He asks, I shrug.

“Didn’t think I had to. You know a lot about keeping secrets, don’t you, Spidey?” I smirk at him, his eyes widen and he stumbles over his words to try and come up with an excuse.

“I d-don’t know what…you-you’re talking about,” he stutters nervously, I roll my eyes at the boy.

“I’m telepathic, Peter. It’s okay, we can both keep a secret, right?” He nods frantically, I give him a grin before turning on my heels to walk out of the stuffy classroom.

“Wait!” I hear as he rushes after me, I stop in my tracks and look at the red faced boy next to me.

“Yes?” I ask politely.

“W-what are your powers? They looked really cool,” he implored, I sighed.

“My powers are complicated, I can do just about anything if I set my mind to it. It’s technically magic, but there’s also a bit of science to it, like I can affect probability fields and alter reality along with telepathy, mind control, mind manipulation, and a bunch of other crap. I don’t exactly know what I can do, I just know that I can do it,” I respond, his jaw had slackened at the mention of my abilities.

“…Wow, that’s so awesome!” He exclaims jumping up in excitement, he realized what he had done and clears his throat.

“So, were you born with them or did you get them?” He inquires, I chuckle. 

“What is this, twenty questions?” I tease, he sputters.

“No! I’m sorry, I just wanted to know- am I bothering you? I’m sorry-” I cut him off with my laughter as I laughed at his flustered expression.

“Peter, I’m kidding! I don’t mind the questions, as long as I get to ask some as well,” I negotiate, he blushes in embarrassment and nods his head.

“To answer your previous question. Yes, I was born with them, I just didn’t develop them until I was ten.” We both begin to walk out of the school together, as he continues to ask and I continue to answer.

“Have you ever thought of becoming a superhero? Cause with these powers, nobody would mess with you.” We stopped on the sidewalk as we waited for the crosswalk to show us the sign to walk. 

“I actually have thought about it but I don’t have full control over my powers yet, and it may not sound like it but they’re extremely destructive and I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt just because I wanted to do something good,” I reply shoving my gloved hands into my jacket pockets.

“Besides, even if I did become a superhero, what would the public even call me? The Ruby Witch?” I joke, Peter chuckles.

“Nah, I was thinking something along the lines of ‘Hex’, what do you think?” I start to think about the superhero name before realizing that I actually really liked it.

“I like it,” I say, he smiles.

At the sight of his smile, I feel a certain fluttering in my stomach. The type of fluttering that you read about in stupid romance novels.

The crosswalk finally changes and we start walking, he sees us heading in the same direction so he lifts his eyebrow in confusion.

“Where do you live, by the way? Not asking as a creep,” he asks assuring me that he wouldn’t stalk me.

“I take the subway to an apartment building on Northside. Ridgefield,” I reply and his eyes widen.

“Seriously? No way, that’s my building!” He exclaims happily, but I scoff at him. 

“Yeah, I know. I see you all the time.” We were now walking into the subway station getting ready to wait for our train. 

 He looks confused as I tell him that we’ve been living in the same apartment building this entire time.

“Really? I’ve never seen you there before,” he added, I shake my head in disbelief, a small chuckle leaving my lips.

The both of us stand beside one another, waiting for the oncoming train to stop. His body radiated heat that warmed me up just by standing next to him, I couldn’t stop myself from looking at him. I’ve never really looked at him up close, only from afar. He was alluring in every way.

The train stopped and we stepped inside, we would’ve taken an available seat but Peter gave it to an elderly lady who then thanked him with two butterscotch candies, I giggled when the smiling woman handed him the candies out of her bag. Peter didn’t hesitate to take them and thanked her.

He handed me one of the candies and we unwrapped them together before popping them in our mouths, I would’ve started interrogating him about being Spiderman but there were lots of people in close quarters and we couldn’t risk people eavesdropping.

So instead he asked if I wanted to hang out at his place since his aunt was going to be at work until late at night. I took him up on the offer because after school I didn’t really have anything to do, I didn’t really have much of a life. 

 We made it to his apartment and I almost sigh at the cozy feeling, this was nothing like my apartment. Mine was too immaculate and void of any actual emotion, my parents were almost never home and I was an only child so it was always quiet. It was lonely.

“So, what’s it like being Spiderman?” I ask with no beating around the bush, he turns to me completely caught off guard.

“Well…it’s difficult, but it, uh, it’s worth it. I save lives, you know?” He says shrugging his shoulders, I chuckle.

“No, I don’t know, but I understand.”

We sit at the couch and talk for hours, just talking about the randomest and dumbest things we could think of. In one night, he made me laugh more than I have in my entire life. It was getting late so we both decided to drink coffee to keep us up and alert, we were both too invested in each other to risk any sort of fatigue. 

 We sipped the coffee that we both drowned in sugar claiming that it was too bitter. I checked the time and it was already past twelve, I turned around to look at Peter who stood behind me. Neither of us were quick enough to stop his hot coffee from spilling down my front, staining my thin white shirt.

“Oh shit! I’m so, so s-sorry-” he trailed off his words when he sees that the coffee had now made my shirt see through. I used my fingers to pick the shirt off my skin to prevent any further stickiness.

“It’s no big deal, my apartment is only two floors down I can go-” he cut me off before I could finish.

“You can clean the coffee off here, I can give you a shirt so you can run down to your apartment.” He said quickly rubbing the back of his neck, I raised an eyebrow at his nervous frame.


I peeled the sticky now brown shirt off before him, he immediately locked his eyes on anything but me. He showed me to the bathroom and I quickly took off my bra which was just as sticky as the shirt. 

I cleaned myself off and wrung both my bra and shirt in the sink, as I waited topless in the bathroom I put my hair up in a messy topknot. A knock at the door startled me, I opened it just a little bit.

“I got you a shirt,” he stuck his hand out holding a black t-shirt loosely in his fingers.

“Thanks,” I mumble.

I take the shirt and slip it on, I grab my wet shirt and bra and leave the bathroom. I bump into Peter on the way out, my unsupported chest mushing into his chest. His hands hold my hips on instinct.

“Sorry,” we both apologize, our voices barely above a whisper. 

Our lips only centimeters apart, his warm coffee scented breath fanning my face. Our noses were now touching, I subconsciously drop my wet clothes and slid my hands up his biceps.

“Peter?” I utter.


“Did you spill coffee on me on purpose?” His thoughts had been extra loud throughout this whole ordeal and I couldn’t help but wonder what his plan was.

“Maybe,” he blushes in embarrassment but doesn’t turn away.

“Good.” I wrap my arms around his neck and connect our lips together, his hands grip my hips tightly as we kiss passionately. I moan into the kiss and pull away briefly.

“Take me to bed, Baby Face,” I moan sticking my face into his neck, sucking on his sweet spot.

A moan leaves his lips and he wraps my legs around his waist, placing his hands under my ass. He takes us to his room and gently places me on the bed, he takes off his shirt revealing a nice set of abs.

“Whoa, never would’ve imagined that,” I whisper to myself, I sit up and softly stroke his abs. 

I take off Peter’s shirt and toss it somewhere, his soft lips attach to my neck sucking a few bruises onto my collarbone as his hands trail down to my breasts. His thumbs rolled my nipples making me whimper. 

 As he proceeded downward I hear the door open and a woman’s voice call out.

“Peter! I’m home!”

“Damn it,” he curses and gets off of me, I giggle at his flustered expression.

I grab the shirt off the floor and try to make myself look as presentable as possible for a girl wearing a men’s shirt with no bra and huge boobs.

He opens the door and greets his aunt. They exchange a few words when she suddenly catches him in the lie.

“Oh and tell the girl you’re hiding in there that I’d like to meet her,” I hear her say, my eyes widen. Peter sighs before closing the door and turning to me, his hands holding my damp shirt and bra.

“Wow, she’s good,” I joke, he playfully rolls his eyes.

I take the clothes and we both leave his room, I apologize to his aunt but she tells me not to worry about it, that it’s a pleasure to actually see her nephew with a girl to which he threatened to jump out the window. We conversed for about an hour, her mostly embarrassing Peter and me laughing, until I had to leave.

She told me to come back any time. Peter walked me to my apartment after putting his shirt back on, we both stood outside my door.

“This was great, your aunt is really nice.”

He chuckles, “Yeah, I think she likes you. You know, despite the situation we were in,” he looks down at his feet, I put a finger under his chin and lift up his head to meet my eyes.

We share one last kiss.

“See ya’, Baby Face,” I say with a smile as I turn to go into my apartment.


I stepped into my cold apartment and pressed my back against the door as I closed it shut. That boy had left me a mess, and I couldn’t ask for anything less.

A/N: I’m so sorry if this was shit, I’ll do better. This was shit.

Dear Theodosia - Tom Holland x Reader Imagine

Wow, look, something that isn’t ridiculously long. 

Based on the song “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton. I’m trash.

Thanks for reading. Comments, remarks, feedback is always welcome. Thanks.x

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Your daughter was here.

She was real and small and she was definitely Tom’s. 

Throughout your relationship, friends and family knew you were very fond of Tom’s ears – you constantly mocked him, teased him, reminded him that those ears were one of your favorite features of his. When your relationship began, you were genuinely making fun of his ears – you liked to make jokes about Dumbo when he was around. But over time – over the 5 years you guys spent together – you grew to actually love Tom’s ears. And you would fight anyone who made fun of Tom for his ears (the ears he never grew into, even in his late 20’s). 

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Peter Parker Name #2

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just imagine your baby accidentally punching Peter in the eye

Part 1

  • What was the wedding planning and wedding itself like?

You and Peter wanted to get married on a day that meant something to the both of you. You spent days choosing a day.

“How about the day that you were at your Uncle’s place and we bumped into each other and you knocked the air out of me. Literally.” Peter suggested, looking up from the calendar up to you, your eyes trained on the date of the day you two met. Your eyebrows furrowed together. You looked up at him and gave him a confused look.

“Why was that day important?” You asked him, moving your gaze from the calendar to his warm brown eyes. You gave him a gentle smile, waiting for him to continue.

“Well it was the day Tony had told you that I liked you. And if it wasn’t for him I would of probably never gathered enough courage to even tell you. By the time I would have been prepared you would have been off the market. That is the only reason and time that I would have been grateful that Tony’s big mouth said the wrong thing at the right time.” Peter had been picking his thumb nail, something he did out of habit when he was nervous (other than stutter, scratch the back of his neck, etc.). You let out a small laugh, in complete utter shock at the fact that he remembered that date.

“Pete you remember that?” You asked, still shocked at his memory.

“Of course. How could I forget? Mr. Stark gave me something that no one deserves. He gave me the opportunity to be with you. Something I thought I would never get.” He leaned over and kissed your temple. You felt warmth flood over your face, causing a faint blush to grace the apple of your cheeks. You turned to look at him, planting a firm kiss on his lips before circling the date.

  • Honeymoon?

Peter would be all about that honeymoon life. He made sure everything you both did would be something that you would remember forever. He made everything about you and made sure you were happy because God knows if you are happy, he is happier. All he wanted to do was make you happy and it was hard, especially on days you asked what he wanted to do.

“Peter these past few days have been absolutely heavenly, but we have only done things I wanted to do. It’s our honeymoon babe. What do you want to do?” You fisted his shirt in your hands pulling him flush against your body. You bit your bottom lip and pressed a kiss to his chin. He smirked down at you and kissed your nose.

“Being with you right now is my honeymoon.” He leaned down and kissed your lips. You rolled your eyes before wrapping your arms around his neck.

“But in all honesty a day in the spa would be nice.”

  • Who hogs the blankets?

You do. Peter would wake up in the middle of the night with goosebumps all over his skin. He would turn over in the bed and just see you cocooned in all of the blankets. He would feel way too guilty to wake you up and bother you for a little bit of the blankets. He would pull your cocoon towards him to at least have you close to him. Sometimes you would stir in the process of being pulled towards him, shifting to look at him. You attempted to move the blankets so he could cuddle with you but failed, confused as you looked for an opening. He chuckled as he gently rolled you out before cocooning the both of you in the blankets before falling back to sleep.

  • Who attempts grand romantic gestures?

One time you tried to make breakfast for him in bed but he was already up and when he walked into the kitchen early that morning to ask what you were making you screamed and chucked a spatula at him which he easily caught. He smiled showing his pearly whites, quirking an eyebrow at you before making his way over to you.

“I was going to make you breakfast in bed but I didn’t even realise you were up already.” You grabbed the spatula back from your still grinning husband.

“I’m sorry babe.” He said somewhat apologetic.He wrapped his warm arms around your waist, planting a kiss on your forehead. He looked over your shoulder and smile when he saw that you were cooking his favorite breakfast.

“Did I ever tell you just how much I love you?” He asked, before connecting his lips with yours once more.

  • What takeout do you get most often?

Pizza. Duh. Although in the very very very rare occasion you guys don’t feel like having pizza, you opt for chinese or thai, sometimes mexican.

  • Favorite thing to do together?

Cuddling and watching ‘nerdy’ movies.

  • How many kids are you planning on having?

You two wouldn’t get into specifics, but you always dreamed of two boys and a little girl. Peter has always wanted one boy and one girl nad

  • How did you find out that you were pregnant?

You knew right away when you got up one morning, running to the bathroom before puking. You knew that if it was your period you would have known it was coming and taken some pain relieving medicines or your body would give signs that you were going to be sick but this was completely out of the blue. You went to the bathroom downstairs and stayed there for most of the night, not wanting to wake Peter up and worry him as to why you were throwing up. Besides, you would guess that you were pregnant but you wouldn’t want to tell him and it not be true.

  • How do you react when you find out you’re pregnant?

You spent most of the night up. You couldn’t sleep. You were stressed out, not knowing what Peter would say or how he would react or if he wasn’t even ready for it. You didn’t want to freak him out or stress him out because he was already stressed out enough as it is and the thought of adding more problems in his life just made you feel absolutely terrible. You weren’t aware of the tears that were stinging your bottom lash line, threatening to spill out. You weren’t aware that your sweaty palms had gripped the blankets so hard that your knuckled began to hurt. You weren’t aware of the burn in your lungs, afraid that if you were to open your mouth a loud gasp of air would cause Peter to wake up. You held your breath, getting up from the bed before going downstairs to the couch. You let out a few distressed sobs before calming yourself down, taking deep breaths. You reached your arm up and wiped your eyes, turning your head to the side. You almost screamed at seeing a figure there before recognizing Peter’s  messy bed hair (you knew it was his because he sleeps on his right side and all the hairs on his right side are sticking everywhere). You sat down on the couch, turning away from him. Your hands flew to your eyes, frantically wiping the last few tears praying that Peter would just go back to bed. You knew that wasn’t going to be the scenario. You heard the gentle shuffle of his feet before feeling the place next to you sink, causing you lean towards Peter. You leaned your head on his shoulder. His arm managed to snake around you, bringing your body closer to his, his body warmth enveloping you. His thumbs rubbed soothing circles at your hips and cheeks, simultaneously rubbing away the tears that had fallen earlier. His warm lips planted loving kisses on your forehead, silently pushing you to tell him what was wrong. Normally your heart would have raced and palms would have begun to sweat  but you realised that Peter would be here for you through anything. With a shaky breath, you barely whispered.

“I’m pregnant.”

  • How do you both feel?

Happy and relieved.

  • How many kids?

Four and one on its way. Two boys and two girls.

  • Who is the overprotective parent?

You both are very protective. There was this one time where you don’t let him forget where you were at home with Steve and he came over with his kid and you were helping him babysit while your firstborn was in preschool waiting to be picked up. You checked the watch on your wall and almost had a heartattack. You ran to find your phone, quickly dialing Peter’s number.

“Hello?” You heard him ask through the phone.

“Peter? It’s almost five where the hell are you? Did you pick up-”

“Yes babe he’s with me. We stopped to pick up some dinner because we know Steve would be there with his kid and I know Aunt May and Tony are stopping by to spoil our kid. We also got the milk and eggs and some dessert.” He spoke through the phone. Your took a few deep breathes before letting out a laugh of relief.

“Okay. I was just worried you guys weren’t okay.”

“Well Spider-man can always save us, right bud?” You heard your son cheer through the phone. You smiled to yourself, your hand instinctively going over your small bump.

“I love you both. Get home safely please. And try to get here before Tony does because I’m betting you that he’s going to pop the wine bottles open before we can put either Steve’s or our own kid to sleep.”

“I’ll try. I love you.” You hung up the phone and smiled to yourself.

“I remember Sam and I betting on him not having the balls to ask you out and now look at the two of you.”

  • Which relative comes to visit the most often?

Not a lot of relatives come to visit but Natasha, Clint, Steve and (of course) Tony and Aunt May come to visit all the time (almost on a weekly basis) to see how the “team” baby is doing.

  • When the (first) baby actually came, did anyone faint or pass out from excitement, fear, surprise etc.?

Peter passed out from excitement. You were in the delivery room and he just passed out suddenly.You were worried at first but the doctors said that it was common.

  • Any pets?

Not yet.

  • Cute baby/parent moments?

Peter reading stories to the baby all the time in bed. Watching disney movies together all under the family blanket. Eating a lot out at family restaurants. Going to all the Stark Expos (because Tony would undoubtedly have a kids area). And definitely go and

  • How you reacted with their first steps? First word (and what was it)?

Peter was ECSTATIC when your baby started crawling.

“Maybe one day he’ll be crawling on the walls like his old man. And soon enough he’ll be swinging in between the buildings or-” he trailed off when he saw you glaring at him, “or maybe just staying on the ground and being a good citizen.” He nodded, smiling apologetic at you whilst picking the little kid in his hands. His first steps would cause Tony to be almost upset that he wasn’t there to see it and he set up some cameras in the nursery and in the house so even when he was a way, he could see his every move. (You and Peter named Tony a godfather after his relentlessness).

His first word word was shit because he hung around Tony too often or because he’s been around Peter whenever he hits his toes on the corner furniture.

I actually need to brush up on my James Bond knowledge because Sony release Spider-Man and Bond. I keep telling them I’m the next 007 - as a joke. But also as a kind of serious ‘Come on guys, let’s make this happen’, if I keep casually dropping it into interviews it’ll eventually happen.
—  If Tobey Maguire is the original, the Sean Connery of Spider-Man, who does that make you? Moore? Dalton? (interview by ShortList Magazine)
Yours (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Based on a request for a fluff filled Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield version) imagine. Hope you enjoy!

“Peter!” Your voice rang out through the abandoned warehouse. He desperately whipped around, searching for where your voice was coming from.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed running towards the back of the building. He was helpless, his powers seemingly gone.

“Peter, l-look up!” You screamed.

He did as told and saw you, frantically trying to maintain your grip on a rope that was hanging in the middle of the ceiling. Your hands were slipping further down, your legs kicking as you tried to hang on. Peter calculated that it was certain death if you were to fall from that height; there was no way he could get to you in time.

Ever since Gwen had died, he had blamed himself. She was his best friend after you, and you had been close with her as well. Peter was traumatized by the scene of her death and became fearful of the same thing happening to you. If you died, Peter knew he would lose his mind.

“Baby, calm down,” he ordered softly. His mind raced as he tried to form a plan in his mind. You continued to struggle, slipping down the rope even more with a scared cry. “Y/N, please calm down. I promise I’m coming to get you.”

“Peter, my hands,” you cried. “I can’t, Peter, I can’t hold on.”

He watched in horror as you slipped down the rest of the way, the rope escaping your grasp as you fell to the concrete floor.

“No!” He exclaimed, a broken whimper falling from his lips as he ran to your body. Peter easily could have mistaken you for being asleep if it weren’t for the puddle of blood forming on the floor by your head. “You can’t leave me, Y/N, please don’t leave. You have to wake up, baby, wake up! Wake up, Y/N, wake u-”

Peter sat up in his bed with a strangled cry, tears overflowing from his eyes. His room was dark, his legs tangled in his sheets. He cautiously looked to the other side of his bed, searching for your comforting body that was no where to be found. Peter quickly got up and turned on his light, his eyes landing on a piece of paper that was resting on your pillow.


Sorry I had to leave, I had to grab a few things from my apartment. I should be back by five if you wake up before I come back. Love you!

Peter’s eyes flickered to his clock, the time reading seven in the morning. You said you would be back by five, but you weren’t. Peter was frantic as he put on his suit and left. He searched the streets for you for a little bit before heading to your apartment, his body trembling from the fear that had turned his insides cold.

He entered your apartment through the window you always left open for him. He quickly discarded his mask and threw it onto your desk. His sight was blurry from the tears that were leaking out of his eyes as he looked around.

“Peter?” Your disgruntled voice croaked out from under your blankets on your bed.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed, rushing to your bed and crouching in front of you. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine,” you reassured him, cupping his cheeks in your hands as he cried softly. “Peter, what’s wrong?”

“I had a nightmare about you and needed to know you were okay,” he told you, worry laced in his voice. You moved over in your bed so he could climb in, his arms immediately wrapping around your frame and pulling you into a tight hug. His body shook from the force of his sobs, his face buried in your hair.

“I’m fine,” you whispered, pressing a kiss to his throat in an attempt to calm him down. He swallowed loudly, his face tilting to look down at you.

“I can’t ever lose you, Y/N.”

“I’m yours, Peter. I’ll always be here.”

“We thought that Gwen would always be here,” he pointed out sadly. Your face dropped at the mention of her name, your mind drifting off to thoughts about the guilt Peter carried with him daily.

“Peter, there was nothing you could have done. You know that she doesn’t blame you. I don’t blame you.”

“But what’s stopping my enemies from killing you? If anything were to happen to you, the blame would be on me,” he stated.

“I would never blame you, Peter. I love you too much to do that.”

“I love you more than life itself,” he murmured. His lips inched closer to yours, pressing against your mouth to declare his love. When you pulled away, he nuzzled his face into your neck, a soft sigh escaping from him. “I’m yours, too, Y/N.”

“Good, because you’re not getting rid of me any time soon.”

“I could never get rid of the girl I love.”

You laughed lightly as he nipped gently at your ear, your hands tangling in his dark hair. Peter Parker was the most selfless person you knew, and he was in love with you, a simple girl from the city. It was a good thing you loved him too.