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The Only Exception [pt. 9]

Warnings: Drinking

A/N: This is about to change this story forever. Read with caution my lovelies! :D GO TAKE THE SURVEY FOR THIS FIC HERE .

Word Count: 3,353

AU: Dad!Tom + Nany-For-Hire


Wait he what?

You spit out your toothpaste and rinse out your mouth and tooth brush, “what?”

From the other line you can hear your mother roll her eyes, “you’re telling me Tom let his son stay with his parents, so he could take you out to celebrate your birthday? Is there something you’re not telling me?

“Oh my god no! Mom, Jesus Christ, nothing is going on. He felt bad that I couldn’t get a flight in time to celebrate with you guys, so him and a few of his friends and my friends are headed out for a couple of birthday drinks,” you explain while haphazardly coating your eyelashes with a thin layer of mascara.

Y/N…he’s your boss and I don’t want to see you—

“Mom,” you snap, capping your mascara, trying to be as quiet as possible, “nothing is going on. He is my boss. He is also my friend. He is a friend who is helping me have a good twenty first birthday.”

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Flirt With Him

Request: Can I request a fluffy Peter Parker x reader fix? It’s set in civil war and the reader is young like Peter and they keep flirting with him/asking him out while they’re fighting to try and distract him - anon 

Triggers: fighting (thats it i think)

Word count: 2100+



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When you were younger you knew you were different, you just didn’t know how different you were. You were always ahead of the class, and getting bored so you did other things with your time. Things that usually got you in trouble. On top of being one of the most intelligent people in your class you also had the special ability to teleport things. It made it even easier to mess with people, and despite it being impossible for them to catch you you were still kicked out of school. Your foster parents weren’t very happy. This got the attention of Nick Fury who promised to take you off your foster parents hands. You were glad, they weren’t the best. They never hurt you but they just didn’t understand you. So when you were put into the avengers you truly belonged.

You joined them after everyone else but they immediately took you under their wing. Tony and Steve became the dads you never had but always wanted. Tony was the fun one, letting you stay up late with him and help with his projects. And Steve was the responsible one, he made you eat your greens and do your homework. Usually telling you and tony off for staying up too late on a school night.

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Ice cream saves everything

“I had a thought.” You say walking down Ascan Avenue turning to Peter and Ned.

“Oh no,” Ned says looking at Peter.

“I swear it’s a good one this time!” You say, running ahead of them.

“The last time you said something like that, we almost burnt down the school” Peter pointed out. You looked behind at them and did your best innocent face.

“Guys, that wasn’t my fault entirely, I mean technically you helped soo….” You said laughing. You sprinted down the avenue until you reached the next stop light and watched as Peter was talking to Ned. You would never tell him this but you liked him, a lot.

*                                                                          *                                                                *

“Thanks for running ahead of us,” Ned said when he finally walked up beside you. He slung an arm around Peter and your’s shoulders so that you couldn’t run off again.

“So whats the brilliant plan?” Peter asked turning his head toward you.

“Thanks for asking Mr. Parker,” You say tapping his nose. When you turn away to face Ned, you didn’t notice a slight blush coming from Peter’s cheeks.

“My brilliant plan is Ice Cream at Eddie’s Sweet Shop. I need something to eat and it’s the closest food option” You say excitedly.

“You do realize that there are like twenty restaurants surrounding us?” Ned says pointing to a Mexican Place. You roll your eyes.

“Yes, I do Ned. It’s just ice cream.” You say, “right, Peter?” You turn to see him staring at you like you were some work of art. He looks down at the sidewalk before looking ahead of you. You can practically feel the blood rushing into your cheeks, forming a blush.

“Yeah” is all he says before turning back to you.

“Okay then.” Ned relents, “I could really use some mint chocolate chip”

“So what direction is it?” You ask looking around.

“Right ahead of you.” Peter answers. You all laugh before heading to get Ice Cream.

*                                                                                        *                                                              *

You were licking your (favorite Ice cream Flavor) on a sugar cone, as Peter slowly sipped his chocolate milkshake. Ned, who had gotten a mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone, had gone off to the bathroom to wipe his mouth. You were on Pinterest when you heard loud shouting from the counter between a man and the Worker. The more you paid attention, the more you got worried.

“It’s either you or the kids with the milkshake” The man shouts, catching Peter’s attention. You glanced at each other worried that this might end up with a person hurt.

“Get out of here, y/n” Peter whispers to you. You look at his and then at the man shouting.

“Not without you.” You whisper back.

“Get up girl” The man shouts at you. You glance at Peter before slowly standing up. He grabs you by the collar, digging his sharp nails into your neck probably drawing blood, “This is what happens when you don’t listen to me” The man says glaring at the worker. He fumbles around in the pocket of his chestnut brown jacket, pulling out a knife already stained with some sort of red liquid. You want to gag at the site, but you know if you do anything too sudden, you might get hurt.

“Drop the girl.” a man says in a slightly authoritative tone. You look toward the door and see a man-no- a teenage boy with a red and blue suit. You watch as Tony freaking Stark steps out from behind him.

“You heard him,” Ironman says, “Drop the girl”

“Fine,” The guy says throwing you across the room, “I didn’t need her anyways” You feel weightless as you fly in slow motion across the room.  You hit your head against a chair and groan in pain. You squeeze your eyes shut, before slowly opening them. At first, everything is blurry and you could only see slight shapes, but with every passing second, it gets better.

“You’re going to regret that,” Spider-man says, glaring at the man.

“Make me” the man growls running at the heroes.

“Get the girl.” Ironman says, “Bring her to Stark tower and get Bruce to help her”

You close your eyes and lay your head back against the cool floor. You don’t even notice when Spider-man picks you up and makes his way towards the tower

*                                                                           *                                                                        *

You open your eyes, only to shut them again because of the bright lights.

“Easy there y/n,” A familiar voice says “We don’t need you to go anywhere soon”

You groan and open your eyes. You faintly see the outline of a person’s body, but everything else was blurry.

“What happened to my eyes?” You say touching your face slowly.

“Y/n,” the voice says again, “I’m sorry” You strain your eyes enough to faintly see the outline of Peter’s face.

“Peter?” You say growing worried. You touch your face more frantically.

“You might have lost your vision for a temporary amount of time,” He says

“Meaning” you turn your head away from peter trying to decipher what he said.

“You won’t be able to see anything for a while.”

“Oh, Does Mr. Stark have (your favorite type of ice cream)?” You ask starving.

“Yeah, why?” he asks curiously.

“Because Ice cream can save anything”


Here it is darling! Your marvel ship! I hope you will like it, also I am sorry for being little late with it! Enjoy!

I ship you with…

Peter Parker!!!

How did you met:

You and Peter were friends for a quite some time but you were never close until Ned accidentally blurted out to you that Peter is actually spider man. When he noticed your shocked look Ned quickly told you that he is late for class and left in hurry. You just frowned and continued thinking about what Ned have told you for the rest of the morning. Your lunch took much longer then you excepted and you were literally running through empty halls to make it up too your class. You stopped when you heard Peter and Ned quietly talking-arguing in the next corridor so you hid behind the wall and listened what they were talking about.

“Ned how could you accidentally tell her that?”

“It just happened okay? I don’t know it somehow left my mouth before I could think about it.”

“Mr. Stark is going to kill me! What if she tells someone and someone tells someone and someone tell other someone…???”

“Don’t worry Peter. I won’t tell anybody in one condition!” you said as you approached them while squeezing your science book in your hands “You will let me help you?” you looked at Peter who seemed to be frozen in the place.

“I actually need some help Peter…”Ned said quietly.

“Alright. But it needs to stay secret. Please” Peter said and looked in your eyes.

First date:

Peter knows how much you like sweets so for the first date you both agreed to go to the pastry shop. He waited for you outside your home and when you came out he awkwardly hugged you while his cheeks blushed bright pink. Walk to the shop was unusually quiet and from time to time you could see Peter cracking his fingers probably because he was very nervous which made you smile a little seeing him that much cutely upset. When you arrived and took your sits Peter seemed to be still very nervous so you touched his hand and smiled.

“It’s alright Peter! Just relax and don’t worry! Let’s enjoy in the sweets and rise sugar in our blood to the maximum!” you squealed last part which made him smile and finally relax.

You two ordered sweets you wanted and while waiting you two talked about school and other stuff you are both interested in. The sweets arrived and when you finished you two walked around the town and talked more about the random stuff and all and all you enjoyed beautiful day and spending time with each other.

First kiss:

Your first kiss happened after your third date with Peter. You two laughed a lot that day and when it was time for a goodbye Peter gently hugged you and leaned head on your shoulder. You stayed like that for a couple of minutes and when you separated he took your hands in his and locked fingers with you. Although the light was weak you still could see his blushed cheeks.

“I won’t be able to see you next weekend because I have to help aunt May with some stuff and I am really sorry I will make it up with you as soon as I…” he stopped talking that quickly because you pressed your point finger on his lips and smiled.

“Peter you don’t have to apologize I understand” you said as you slowly leaned towards his face and kissed his lips very gently.


Your and Peter’s relationship is full of soft and gentle hugs, kisses and cuddles. He is all goofy and lovely around you it often makes you smile and hug him. He likes to spend time outside with you and enjoys visiting different pastry shops around the town. However if the time is bad you two would often spend the day in each other’s houses trying to bake some muffins. You know that he is a spider man and you can’t help but always worry whenever he is out there fighting against criminal. He loves you with all his heart and he doesn’t hesitate to show you that. He often hugs you and kisses your cheek and he always tells you how much he loves and appreciates you.


Snookie, genious – Peter is very shy when it comes to using these nicknames but he still uses them occasionally

            /Gifs I used don’t belong to me! I found them on google/

Remembering Yesterday

A story of Peter Parker and the mess he reaches for. 


Found unconscious and alone, a girl with a mysterious past is held at the Avengers Tower, it’s workers set on discovering who she is. Just as lost as they are, ___ finds herself searching for answers, ones that prove to be just as destructive they are healing when the pieces of her past begin to rebuild themselves. Misunderstood and afraid, she embarks on a journey of self discovery- and for the first time, love. 

A/N: alright guys… i hope you enjoy the first chapter of my multi-part peter x reader! i’ve been planning it since infinity war came out but i never really got time to write it <3 enjoy, and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Chapter One: A Cold Wake

Over a long stretch of land atop a rocky peninsula, the sun catching on the sparkling waters surrounding the base, a helicopter hovers just feet above the grassy ground. Two men in uniform heave a stretcher onto the chopper, signalling to one another, unable to speak over the roaring blades. A man in a white overcoat waits for them inside with a clipboard, and the moment they’re safely tucked, he begins scribbling notes as the chopper begins to shakily take off. 

In moments they’re airbound, the pilot contacting the landing crew.

The two men watch as the man in the coat looks over what they’ve brought him.

A body lays motionless over the stretcher, and he starts recording the description immediately. Young, a female, it seems, unconscious and bleeding from the right side. For fear of disrupting her or furthering any injuries, he doesn’t move her limbs and instead observes what he can just from what’s visible. Every so often he nods to himself, crouches, scribbles, and moves on to the next limb.

“Any I.D.?” He asks, looking up from his glasses. The two men glance at one another before shaking their heads. He sighs and nods, then writes some more notes. “And you just… Found her there?”

“Spotted her in the grass,” The shorter of the two starts. “Thought she was just hiding until I got close and realized she was out.”

“I see,” The man in the coat looks at the taller. “You?”

He nods towards his partner. “I was a few yards away. He called me, told me to get into contact with the head. Guess that’s where you come in.”

The man in the coat nods idly before he turns his back on the pair. “No identification on her… Have you run prints?”

“We only just got her.” The shorter speaks. “Main focus was to get her here.”

“Understandable.” More notes written. “I’ll bring it to Mr. Stark’s attention.”

As he turns, the two men look towards the opening of the chopper. Buildings littler the ground beneath them, the tops skating by like lightning. Despite the height, none of them stand out as much as one. The Avengers Tower, with it’s modern edges, formerly known as the Stark Tower. It puts the architecture surrounding it to shame. They can see other choppers and smaller aircrafts buzzing in and out of the landing zones, some carrying cargo boxes for the coming move up-state. 

The scientist looks down at the figure before he too takes a glance at the approaching facility. There’s a strange pause in his writing, fingers hesitating in their place as his eyes narrow from behind his glasses.

He begins to write once again.

“We’ll find out who you are.”


In the emptiness of a white room, voices sing their way under the cracks of the steel door. They reach you like wind through your hair, soft sounds that you can’t escape. They speak to one another in scary correlation, as if they’ve had this conversation dozens of times before.

Dozens of times, and you still can’t understand a single word.

Your hands, bound tight to the armrest of a chair, fist. Your hastily clipped nails claw the metal uncomfortably.

The world around you feels hazy, as if the edges were softened, or burnt away. You have force yourself to blink a few times to focus on the redness of your knuckles. A part of you feels as though you’ve been here before, but another part of you isn’t even sure if you’re coherent.

Suddenly the door in front of you opens, the latches coming undone with a force that would make you jump should you have the energy for it. Fog leaks from the now open space and a figure, shrouded in black, steps towards you. Now you’re sure you’ve been here before. So many times, in fact, that you don’t flinch when fingers come into your vision and roughly catch your chin, forcing you to look up. You aren’t met with a face.

It’s bright light. It’s speaking, a voice lost under waves of rolling oceans. Your chest feels heavy, the water filling your lungs. It speaks louder and you can’t comprehend a single word. Everything begins to hurt. You claw at the arm rest of your chair and thrash, the ache in your lungs sending a fire through your whole body. Ears ringing, you hear everything and nothing at once.

Just as it feels the world is going to cave in on you, leave you drowning under the rubble, you breathe.

You take in such a deep breath that it makes your throat hurt, hands raising to catch at your neck in an attempt to appease the coughing fit assaulting you.

When you find the rhythm of breathing, you swallow thickly and wipe the tears from the corners of your eyes. As you do, you realize that your hands are free, and you jump as you inspect them.

No longer are you bound to a chair with hurtful ropes. There is no beaming figure with fingers like rock holding fast to your chin, there is no voice trying to resonate and reach you from some depper plane of existence. The walls remain white and clean, but there’s a barred window with blowing curtains to your right, and a nightstand to your left with a glass of water. Across from the bed is a door, with a small table beside it. The bed beneath you is soft and plush, the blankets covering your legs thick and warm. If you knew anything about safety, you would almost feel comfortable.

However your internal instincts don’t let you enjoy the cozyness long. The minute you can comprehend, your feet are swinging around the bed, the floor freezing against your toes. As you inspect yourself, you immediately notice the iv sticking into your arm, so you take no time and tugging it out. You had no idea where you were, just that you needed to get out as soon as possible.

By the door, there was a chair with what looked to be a pile of clothes sitting atop it. The (color) t shirt and black pants were so familiar but you had no recollection of where they’d come from, or where you had seen them before. Still, they had more substance than your hospital gown, and they were freshly washed, so you quickly got yourself dressed. On the floor there were socks and a pair of slip ons, so you put those on as well. With this, you felt less exposed.

Whatever doctors dragged you here must not have expected you to be awake, because when you cracked open the thankfully unlocked door, there’s close to no one around. Those who do pass you by aren’t paying much attention as they slip in and out of rooms. It’s early in the morning, you can see the blue tinted sun shining in through small windows at the ends of the halls you make your way down.

Partially exploring, but mostly searching for answers and a way out, you make your way into what looks to be a living room. Despite a few boxes laying around and some decor settled on the floor waiting to be packed, it’s very well put together. It’s incredibly high class, with a lowered pit to fit the couches and chair. Over one of these couches, you notice a black colored mass, and you investigate it with caution.

You step into the pit, glancing behind you to make sure you’re still alone. When you grab the black mass, you’re surprised to see it’s a hoodie, and a thick one at that. Without much thought you toss it on and pull the hood over your head, eyes downcast as you enter the center of the pit and glance over the coffee table.

There’s mostly magazines, some empty cups on coasters, and then a ripped open envelope with the words “Tony Stark” written in gold calligraphy sitting atop the sparkling glass. Stark, you know that name. Clearly he was a big head in this building, and clearly he was a bit on the messier side. However, you did have to admit, he had an eye for ridiculously fancy furnitures. The couches told the whole story alone.

The colors were vibrant, a stark white that somehow managed to stick out in the rest of the lightly colored room. The cushions were ridiculously soft against your fingers, and striped trails followed your hand as you glided it across the fabric. It was unlike anything you’d felt before, a certain softness you’d never given yourself a chance to appreciate. In a strange, captivating way, you find yourself not wanting to pull away.

But, you do anyways. You pull back and slowly inspect the skin on your hands as though somehow, the couch left a mark on you just as you had left on it. There’s nothing, but you can still feel it there, the softness. You want to touch it again and you almost do- but something stops you.

Slowly, your eyes move past your hand. You glance up, and feel the air leave your lungs.

The moment you entered the room you’d noticed the windows, massive in size without a speck of grime, but standing before them, it was unreal. You’ve experienced windows like this before, so surrounding and clear that you have to reach out to touch just to make sure they’re actually there. However, it isn’t the window itself that has you maneuvering to stand behind the couch, eyes wide with almost innocent wonder as you pull down your hood.

It’s the view.

The world is hazy but it’s glowing, soft pinks and blues rising above the tops of buildings so closely packed together you couldn’t count them if you tried. Clouds roll slowly over the skies canvas as the sun barely peeks over the horizon, and as it does, a black bird bathes its feathers in the heavenly light. You feel as though you can reach out, catch the pallet on your hands, but when you try you nudge the glass you forgot existed. If not for the tugging at your heart distracting you, you’d have felt like a fool.

For a soft moment, the world pauses before you. You’re a good couple levels up, you’re sure by looking down at the unnaturally empty roads. There’s someone sitting on a bench along the sidewalk, a dog resting on the concrete in front of him. He’s eating something, and a strange feeling forms in your gut when you watch the man tear the food in half and hand feed it to the animal. It’s his companion, his responsibility. 

His friend.

You’re unsure how long you spend peering out that window, the frames almost engulfing your body, but you feel strangely at peace. You feel as though you’re witnessing another life, one you haven’t had the luxury to explore. It’s kinder, leaves a better taste in your mouth. You wonder if you’ll ever have companionship, like the man and his dog sitting, unaware of their impact on you.

Unfortunately you don’t have time to mentally thank them. Footsteps bound fast for the living room, the sounds heavy and doubled. Two men are coming.

You snap yourself out of whatever trance the morning blur had you in, and duck behind the couch in hopes that they hadn’t seen you. As the feet draw closer, you can hear their voices as well growing in volume. Your heart thrashes in your chest as they enter the room.

“She hasn’t been awake long enough to get a name,” One voice says. He’s lively, chipper in an annoyingly sarcastic nature. “Ran some prints, and nada.”

A deeper voice answers, “So, she has no identification?”

“Nope. It’s like she doesn’t exist at all.”

It’s a quick quip of a conversation you’re able to hear, and you know they’re talking about you.

“When’s she supposed to be up?”

“Does it matter?”

“We have questions that need answers.”

“Oh yeah, let’s just bombard the kid with questions the moment her eye’s open. She’s in bad shape Cap, I don’t think she’s going to be telling us anything for a while.”

“All we need is a name-”

As quick as they came, they’re gone again, arguing back and forth.

When they’re long gone, you finally peek over over the edge of the couch and scan the room. It remains just as quiet as it was when you first entered. One last time you look behind you, admiring the beautiful view spread out before you. The man and his pet are gone now, the bench empty and waiting. There’s a few more cars and walkers than before. You eye the horizon and slump your shoulders in it’s presence, and you wonder if you’ll ever get a moment like this again before you scamper away.

The hallways are long and narrow, seeming to grow with length at every turn. You need to find some stairs to make your way down.

As you take your exit, you fight the urge to pull the hood over your head. It would raise suspicion, afterall.

A few workers pass by you with their heads buried in their work, too focused on their papers to notice you’ve escaped. It’s almost funny in a way, seeing all these top security details completely ignoring you, unaware that any moment now a red alarm will sound and they had the open chance to stop you had they been paying attention.

You turn a few more corners and keep close to the wall, and finally, you see the stairway.

They’re just as plain and metallic as the rest of the building. Your shoes are loud against every step, and try as you might, you can’t find a way to put an end to it without looking like you’re trying to hide. With your face down, you’re lucky you hear the sound of another worker making rounds around the building. You peek up and stare for a moment, confused. He’s young- too young to be among the scientists or experiments. He’s got a glimmer in his eyes and a smile on his face, one that only grows wider when his gaze meets yours. Immediately, your stomach sinks.

He doesn’t seem to know who you are, considering he doesn’t take a moment to study you before giving you a cheery, “Morning!” as he passes you by. You nod curtly but he doesn’t take the hint, apparently insistent on speaking with you. He puffs his cheeks out and sways his hands while he stops beside you, a strange awe’d look in his eyes. He blows the air from his cheeks in a huff and grins.

“Man,” He starts, completely oblivious. “Can’t believe I’m actually here. Are you new too?”

You take in his features while he speaks to you, careful to pick out small defining traits should you ever see him again. You don’t hear his question, but you do see the expectant expression, so you answer anyways.

“Uh- yeah.”

He blinks and smiles again, running a hand through his brown hair. “Glad to know I’m not the only one. You nervous?”

Once again you just just agree with a simple nod, and thankfully this time he does notice. However, it doesn’t work the way you wanted it to. He frowns and tilts his head, trying to get a better look at your face.

“Hey don’t let it get to you, Mr. Stark’s pretty nice- in a weird, cactus kind of way. He’s kind of intimidating, and can be- uh- harsh- but I don’t know. He’s pretty cool. If you aren’t feeling good you should tell him- or one of the doctors. They’re nice too. A bit invasive though, haha.”

Mr. Stark, you think to yourself. Now it’s confirmed he’s running this joint. 

“It’s not a big deal,” you tell him with a tight lipped smile. “No point in bothering him.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he kicks at the step, huffing again. You can almost feel the energy radiating off of him. “He can be preeeetty busy sometimes.”

Behind you, footsteps sound once more. Your nerves flare, and you realize you’ve been stalled for a few moments now. Too long. Enough was enough.

“I should be going. I wanna lay down.”

He blinks at you. “Oh, okay! Do you want me to walk you to your room? N-Not that I’m trying to get into your room or anything.”

“I’m fine, thanks.”

“Alrighty then,” he sighs. “I’m Peter, by the way. I’ve never seen you before- which I guess makes since considering I’m new too, but I don’t know, I feel I’d know, like, the only other apprentice my age. It’s pretty cool, right? Being involved in all these high stake missions and stuff.”

You nod along as he speaks, a headache forming at your temples while he rambles on.

“Have you been on any yet? They’re pretty intense. I’ve only been one but it was a pretty big deal-” He crossed his arms, smiling bashfully. “I stole Captain America’s shield. Pretty crazy, y’know? We’re so young and-” He freezes. “Wait, I actually don’t don’t how old you are. If you’re older than me I’m sooo sorry, you just don’t look that old so I just sort of assumed-”

“Peter.” You say sharply, and he pales. “It was nice meeting you, but I have to go.”

He swallows thickly and nods multiple times, looking away from you. “Uh- yeah, yeah of course. Sorry I just-… Yeah. Get some rest. I’ll see you… Next time?”

He leaves the question open ended, waiting for you, and you just nod quickly before taking off, anxious to leave before someone comes down the set of stairs and does recognize you. As you step off the stairs and further the distance between the two of you, you hear him call, “Wait, I don’t know your name!”

You don’t turn around, stop, or answer. Luckily he doesn’t pursue it.


For such a high security building, you find yourself at the front doors rather easily. They’re bigger than you and made entirely of thick glass, and from across the room you feel your pulse quicken. You’re almost out, and as far as you know, you’ve kept undercover. No alerts alerting the guards of your empty room has sounded, and you don’t plan on sticking around to see the chaos ensue when it happens.

One step of a time you make your way to the doors. People outside rush in and out of view, all wrapped up in their own lives and events.

Finally you can reach out, touch the handles, feel the cool metal against your fingers. Your bodies sore and surely someones given you a side eye for wearing such a dark outfit but no one stops you even as you pull the door open. The outside world meets you in a gust of wind and you feel yourself swallowing harshly, not daring to look over your shoulder as you slip outside and try to find the largest crowd to slip into.

Luckily there’s a group of busy bodies all standing at one end of a crosswalk, no one paying attention. You join them- keep your head down and hands shoved into your pockets discreetly. As the green light shines and the bubble of people takes off, you keep at the heart of it, hidden.

Once across, the group begins to disperse, and you take to the darkest alleyways you can find. Though it was an easy escape, you couldn’t stop a prideful smirk, almost, from taking form as you glance back at the tower before disappearing into the world.

The wedding [2]

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: When Peter doesn’t want his cousins to know he doesn’t have a girlfriend to bring to the family wedding, he comes up with the worst plan he’s ever had… or not.

Word count: 901

A/N: part 2 is here! thank you soo much for all the likes and reblogs on the first parts it means the world to me! there will be a part 3 probably around Thursday but I can’t promise anything. again, if you have any thoughts, please comments or send me an ask! enjoy! (text messages are in italics)

Y/N: my dress is dark blue btw

Peter: ok?? why are you telling me this?

Y/N: so that we can match, duh. i’ve obviously thought this through more than you did

Peter has been laying on his bed for the past hour and a half, simply staring at the ceiling. It was Friday evening and tomorrow they were leaving to go to his cousin’s family house to prepare for the wedding on Sunday. The more Peter thought about this whole plan, the more he regretted his decision to ask Y/N to go with him. Sure, he had been able to hide his feelings at school when he could just pretend to hate her but now? He’s going to have to convince his family they were together, which meant actually being nice to her. And he didn’t know if he could do that without falling in love with her even more.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help you? You’ve been driving for the past 2 hours.” Y/N told aunt May. May insisted she sit in the front because “I want to get to know this mysterious girlfriend of yours better, Peter.”

“I’m sure honey, thank you. So, tell me about your plans for the future.”

“May! I think she’s had enough of your questions.”

“Oh no, it’s fine Mrs. Parker. My dream was always to be an artist but I’m not good enough to actually do it.” said Y/N. Her response shocked Peter, he never once heard her talk about art or drawing, but then he never really talked to her at all. The only conversations he’s had with her were little fights and arguments to annoy each other, they had never actually talked about themselves and their hobbies.

“Oh I’m sure you’re great at it, you just need to believe in yourself!” May replied.

Peter continued listening to their conversation, never actually saying anything. It was a bit weird seeing this part of Y/N. He only ever saw her at school where she didn’t speak to anyone and was always making sarcastic comments. But today, she was smiling and laughing while talking with May and, if he didn’t know better, he’d actually think this is the real Y/N and that she isn’t just pretending so that May believes she’s Peter’s girlfriend.

He found himself wishing that she talked to him that way. That her beautiful smile was directed at him while he’s walking her home after an after school date to the amazing Italian restaurant near their school and that serves the best pizza. That her breathtaking laugh was caused by something funny he said while they’re laying on his bed watching a bad movie and eating tons of popcorn.

But it’s not. And it’ll never be.

“Peter! Oh it’s so good to see you! Look at you, you’re so big now!”

“Hi, aunt Carol.” he replied, definitely less exited than his aunt. He’s only seen the woman twice in his entire life and yet she acts like they’re best friends.

“And this must be the beautiful girlfriend of yours!” Aunt Carol turned to Y/N and immediately enveloped her in a hug.

“It’s great to meet you, ma'am. Thank you for inviting me.” said Y/N with a smile after aunt Carol finally released her, letting the girl breath.

“Oh, of course honey! Thank you for coming. Come in, come in! The rest of the family is dying to meet you!” aunt Carol said and dragged Y/N to the living room without waiting for a response. Y/N turned to Peter and sent him a panicked look before disappearing around the corner. He laughed at her and decided to take their bags up to their room.

It’s been a couple hours since they had arrived and Peter’s family was still torturing Y/N with questions. They’re all sitting in the living room while Peter is standing in the connected kitchen pouring himself a drink and watching them while texting MJ and Ned.

Ned: how’s the fake dating going? she kill you yet?

He turns to look at Y/N and a smile makes its way to his face when he see her laugh at something his uncle said. He almost start thinking what it would be like if this was real, but stops himself before he can put himself in a bad mood.

Peter: it’s actually going weirdly well. she’s actually being nice to everyone, even me. it’s a bit creepy

The boy looks up at her again and at the same time she turns to him and mouths “help me”. He lets out a laugh and walks over to the living room, saying something about it being late, and they walk out, making their way to the bedroom.

They walk up the stairs in a comfortable silence, something that until today was impossible. Peter uses this time to think about all that happened today. They were in the same car for 4 hours without fighting, which is again something that he wouldn’t even dream of a week ago. She met his whole family, people that even his best friends don’t know and she actually seemed to get along with them quite well. Maybe this wasn’t the worse plan after all.

They walked up to the door, opening it and walking inside.



“There’s only one bed”


My Damaged Little Princess (6/7)

Pairing: bruce banner x daughter!reader, Peter Parker x reader

Plot: the reader is Bruce’s fifteen-year-old daughter and she lives with her mom and stepdad. Her mom and stepdad hit her and don’t feed her when they think “she’s been bad”. The reader calls her dad crying and begs him to go and get her because she is fearing for her life. Tony calms Bruce down promises to help him get full custody of the reader. When they bring the reader back to the compound the team was shocked, first that Bruce has a child and second the state that the reader was in. The team promises to help Bruce out. Peter helps the reader cope with the trauma she has. Along the way, Peter and the reader develop feeling for each other

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like a fairy tail

“Hey (y/n)!” Peter called, walking up to your desk. “What’s up Pete?” You had just shoved your last notebook into your bag. “Study day?” He asked, his voice going an octive higher at the end.

You looked up to the brown-haired boy who was wearing a very large grin. “Milkshakes then study?” You suggested. The way his face lit up made yours do the same.


“Aunt Mayyy, im home!” Peter called out, flinging his bag onto the sofa. You followed suit and flung yours down next to his. “Welcome home dear.” She rounded the corner from the kitchen holding a plate of snacks.

“Hey May!” You smiled brightly and gave her a hug, careful of the food in her hands. “Hello sweetheart! Its good to see you.” She gave one of her signature smiles before setting the plate of snacks down on the coffee table.

“I put together some snacks to help you two study. After all your brain needs food too.” You and Peter thanked May as she returned to the kitchen, presumably getting ready to make dinner.

“Okay so whats on the agenda today? Hopefully not alot because it is Friday.” You pointed a finger at him to which he just raised both hands defensively.

“Well we only have homework for Algebra, but we do have a test in Physics on Monday. Sooo…” You watched his face contort as each thought passed through his brain. “Algebra homwork first, then study for Physics?” You offered the thought and he nodded. “Yeah.”

The Algebra assignment was so easy that the both of you had it finished within ten minuets. “Honestly, why did they even put us in Algebra one? We could be doing senior math right now.” Peter sighed, scribbling his name across the top of his paper. You giggled at his sloppy writing. 

“What?” He questioned, one eyebrow raised. “Your handwriting is so nice, but then you do things like that.” You laughed and pointed at his name. He slammed his hand against his chest and dropped his jaw. “Im offended!” He cried which just made you laugh harder.  

Aunt May’s voice cut through the laughter, announcing dinner was ready. You two closed your textbooks and raced to the kitchen.

“Spaghetti night!” You and Peter both cheered as May dished out the noodles onto each plate. “Thanks May.” You smiled and took a place at the table across from Peter who was already stuffing his face.

“Pete, you got a little somethin’ like.. everywhere.” You laughed and gestured around your own mouth. He blushed a little and wiped the sauce from his face.

Dinner went great. The conversation was mostly about school or you and Peter would talk about new movies coming out. Sooner that you’d like, the sun had gone down and it was getting late.

“I better head home, dont want to worry my mom.” You got up from the table, putting your dish in the sink before heading back out to the coffee table.

Peter helped you pack up your things and walked you to the door. “Thanks for having me over Pete.” You smiled and all he did was stare at you. Your face grew a little warm and you knew you were blushing at least a little.

Finally, Peter hugged you and offered a quick ‘goodnight’ before retreating back into his home.

You hurried home to your mother. Thoughts of Peter plagued your mind. His smile, his laugh, all of it. You felt as if the butterflies were going to burst right out of your stomach. You’ve got to tell him.


Peter usually falls asleep quickly, but not tonight. Tonight he had spent hours trying to get himself to sleep. All he could think about was you. All he could see was your smiling face when he closed his eyes.

He tossed and turned in his twin bed, thinking back to what May had told him.

“What you dont do now, you’ll probably regret later.”

She was right, and Peter knew she was right. Even if he tried to convince himself otherwise it was no use.

Peter thought that he would tell you tomorrow, give you a call maybe. He immediately scolded himself for thinking that he would do it over the phone. Something like this needs to be done in person.

But if he didnt tell you this instant then he wouldnt be able to fall asleep at all. ‘Thats it.’ He decided, and sprung from the bed, in only his boxers and a t-shirt. Peter threw on a pair of sweats and some shoes.

He raced to his window, planning on heading down the fire escape and to your house. Only now did he notice the downpour outside. It was raining so hard that it look like a wall of water outside.

‘No turning back now.’ He thought. 

Peter flung the window open and-

“Ow!” He shouted, both hands flying to his forehead where he was hit with… a pebble?

He looked out onto the street and there you were. Your own sweats and long sleeve completely drenched. Soaked to the bone.Your eyes were wide and one hand covered your mouth. In your other hand were a couple of pebbles.

Yes, you were going to be cliché and throw pebbles at Peter’s window, coax him into coming out into the rain and then you two would dance around and everything would be like a dream. Like a fairy tail.

It just so happened that right as you threw the first pebble, Peter opened his window and was thus, pelted in the forehead with a small rock.

“(y/n)?!” He shouted, climbing down the fire escape rather quickly. Well, that was les convincing for you to do. He came out without you having to ask.

“What are you doing here? Its two-thirty in the morning!” Peter was now standing in front of you, soaked just as you are.

“It’s raining!” You shouted with excitement as if that was a plausible answer for his question.

He stood there for a moment just staring at you. Like how he did before you left his house. It made your heart race and your face heat up. Not that the latter mattered now. It was too dark for Peter to tell if your cheeks were a shade of pink or not.

“Look.” He started, voice small and calm but confident. “(Y/n), I have to tell you something.” Your heart was beating even faster. Was he going to reject you? Maybe he really just want to be friends.

“Peter, I like-“

“I like you.”

The both of you spoke at the same time. Your words matched perfectly together so neither of you missed what the other said.

“You.. you like me?” You were swelling with happiness. The grin on his face was possibly the biggest one you’d ever seen.

“Yes! Yes (Y/n)! I really like you!” He shouted over the rain, pulling you into his embrace and spinning you around just like in those romance novels. Just like those rom-coms that you watch. 

Just like a fairy tail.

Opposing Elements Part 3 (Peter Parker x Reader)

Part One, Part Two

A/N: Ahhh! So I had waaaayyy too much fun writing from Peter’s point of view, as a result, we were gifted with a lot of rambling and playful dialogue! Not much reader presence in this chapter, but we do get to see things from Peter’s POV! (Also, I’ll be travelling for the next few days and even though I did a quick spellcheck I’m sure there are a few (many) mistakes I overlooked. I’ll fix that later. I just had to update this fic! It was overdue!)

Remember: Reader is a version of Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat

Words: 2086

Warnings: Does Crime fighting and therapy multitasking count? Some angst.

(Gif isn’t mine)

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Peter’s POV

Peter was perched atop one of the thousand fire escapes on one of the indistinguishable apartment buildings in Queens. His mask was lifted up from the bottom half of his face as he snacked on a Snickers bar. Legs dangling over the edge like he was a little kid at a play park. He was exhausted, but not from crime fighting, sadly. To his dismay, it was one of the slowest nights he’d had in a while. The most action he’d gotten was saving a cat from a tree. Twice! And it was the same cat.

He had patrolled many dark alleyways and shady corners the last month alone. He and Ned had been slowly working towards finding all the remaining alien tech the Vulture -Adrian Toomes- had repurposed and sold on the black market. It hadn’t been easy. Tracking down alien technology was time-consuming and difficult, he and Ned barely had any free time lately. He was a little disappointed that he had to miss attending Felicia’s gymnastic try-outs today. He really wanted to be there for her.

“Hey, Karen, anything?” Peter asked the AI in his suit, he was getting impatient.

“Nothing as yet, Peter.”

“Great,” Peter groaned.  He was in need of blowing off some steam. After everything that happened with Liz and her dad, for which he felt partially responsible, Peter had been a little on edge. It didn’t help that Aunt May found out about his leading a double life either. She had sworn that if she ever saw him wearing the colours red, blue and white together, on a night that wasn’t Halloween where it’d only be acceptable if he dressed as Captain America, she would ground him for life. Either that or she’d slowly kill him with walnut-date loaves. Everything was just so much more complicated now.

With Felicia’s return, things just seemed to get even more complicated. He had missed her fiercely when she left, she had been his only friend back then. She was like this unstoppable whirlwind that set its sights on him one day and, for some reason or the other, she had swept him up and carried him away. Away from the bullies and the stolen lunch money. Away from having to think about his parents all the time. She was a force to be reckoned with, but at least then he knew what his feelings for her were. He knew what she had meant to him -and he to her. But now, now they didn’t seem to fit so well together anymore. Like two puzzle pieces from two separate puzzles that once looked identical. Turns out they weren’t.

To make matters worse keeping secrets from Felicia felt unnatural. When she had asked about the bruise he couldn’t bare lying to her face. Not when they stood so close together and she hung her slender arm around his. So the best he could offer her was a half-truth. He had gotten the bruise from falling on gym equipment, the truth was he had gotten the bruise when some hoodlum in possession of a magnetic field generator weapon had flung a piece of gym equipment at him.

Peter sighed, “Anything yet, Karen?”

“No, Peter.”

“Oh man! I have so much homework to do. Can’t these guys just hurry up and take the bait? I mean it’s not like I don’t have a life of my own ya’ know. Why is it criminals always show up at the most inconvenient of ti–”

“Peter, my scanners have honed in on a frequency. It appears we have some activity,” Karen interrupted.

“Yes!” Peter exclaimed excitedly as he pulled the mask over his face completely. He stuffed the candy wrapper in his bag and webbed it to the fire escape. “Let’s go re-poses some alien weaponry!”


When he reached the source of the frequency, Peter had spotted four guys, all heavily armed with weird looking alien tech. They were loading a truck with duffle bags. They had probably just robbed an ATM or something. Peter mentally scolded himself for failing to stop the robbery before it had occurred.

Peter crawled up to the ceiling from the wall to get to a better vantage point. Once positioned perfectly above them he used his enhanced vision to focus on the gang of criminals.

“Alright, one more score like this and then we’re set!” Said the largest of the four, he was without a doubt proud of his winnings.

“Come on, come on! Hurry up! Don’t want to be around when the fuzz shows up,” one wearing a red bandana around his face hurried the others.

“Or that Spider-Dude,” the smallest one added. They all laughed at him. Peter tried not to take much offence.

“Would you like to activate instant kill mode, Peter?” Karen asked innocently.

“W-What, no, no. Karen, we talked about this. No instant kill,” Peter panicked for a fleeting second, keeping his voice low so as to avoid detection.


He slowly descended down towards the truck using his retractable web sling. The four men were too preoccupied with stuffing the van to notice Peter was suspended above them. Peter stayed there, hovering above them for a few extra seconds hoping one of them would notice him, but to his chagrin, they didn’t.

His second wave of impatience hit him and Peter cleared his throat to garner their attention, “Hey, not to be a buzzkill, but would you guys mind returning all the money you stole?” He quipped childishly.

The big guy pointed his weapon at Peter and fired off a pulse beam, Peter avoided the beam by somersaulting away and landing a few feet away. The surrounding windows of the building screeched in distress before they exploded, the resulting effect was a beautiful yet dangerous shower of microscopic glass shards falling to the ground. Peter shielded himself under some cover.

“I guess that’s a no then?”

“You two-” the big guy pointed to the smaller, unarmed two of the group, “-keep loading the truck. We got this,” confidence practically oozing off him as he urged his bandana wearing companion to join him in his fight.

If Peter hadn’t faced guys twice as dangerous as him, he may have wavered for a second. The smaller guys (including the one who had called him ‘Spider-Dude’) hurried their efforts to fill the truck with the duffle bags.

“Karen, notify the police, someone’s gotta return all that money,” Peter ordered.

“The police have been notified.”

“Who is he talking to?” The armed man with the bandana asked the bigger guy, who in turn shrugged. He seemed just as confused as his partner in crime.

“Probably hallucinating from all that blood rushing to his brain from hanging upside-down for so long.”

You’re familiar with the basic physics concept of gravity weighing down on your organs due to the human body being upside down, thereby crushing your lungs causing asphyxiation which can lead to side effects like hallucinations or blurred vision?” Peter asked in surprise.

The large man didn’t answer, he chose to fire off his pulse weapon instead. Peter dodged the energy pulse, barely, with another summersault. He then used one of his webs to swing around and kick him in the back. He went down easy.

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” Peter said with a cool head and a touch of self-gratification. This was exactly the kind of mind-numbing distraction he needed.

In a moment of hysterics, the other armed man fired his weapon carelessly in a flurry of pulsing attacks. Eventually, the power was too much for one ordinary man to withstand and he was blown away by the very weapon he used to defend himself. Ironic, Peter thought.

In short time he managed to subdue all the criminals and webbed them up in a collective ball to the side of the truck. He was about to make his grand exit when his suit notified him he had an incoming call. The caller ID read: Felicia.

“Would you like to accept the call, Peter?” Karen’s constantly calm and composed voice was always hard to adjust to after taking on a few criminals in a rush of adrenaline and aerial kicks.

Peter debated whether or not to take the call, “I- I don’t know, maybe? Actually, n- no. I can’t talk to her right now. But what if she thinks I’m avoiding her? Or worse, what if she thinks I’m a terrible friend for standing her up twice in one day. First with the auditions and now this phone call… No, I’ll just call her and apologise later. Y- Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.”

“The call already went to voicemail,” Karen informed him too late.

“Uh, hey! Spider-Dude, are you… are you alright?” Asked the smallest of the four men roped up in the ball of webs. His voice soft and sincere. He was definitely the furthest thing from a hardened criminal, Peter thought.

Peter turned to him, he could feel his cheeks flush from embarrassment, it was a good thing he was wearing a mask. He never meant for anyone to witness his little inner dialogue of indecision with himself, let alone the guys he just strung up. Although, since they were all here and not going anywhere anytime soon, Peter decided to make do with what he was given. He sat cross-legged, facing towards the balled mass of men stuck to the side of the truck, he figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion on his current relationship problems.

“Okay so here’s the deal: there’s this girl right, we used to be besties back in the day, when we were kids, but then she moved away and things… changed. We both changed. But now she’s back and at first, ya’ know, I was happy, I got my best friend back and I figured things could go back to the way they used to be. Except, they didn’t.”

Peter used his hands as visual aids as he moved them about from point A to B to A again actively, the four men were forced to do nothing but listen to him overshare about his current predicament, “To be honest, I don’t really understand it. When she’s happy, I’m happy and when she’s sad I get so exasperated because I can’t help her. To make things worse, I have this whole other secret life I can’t tell her about and lying to her, even by omission, is killing me!”

“Why don’t you just tell her how you feel?” the small guy asked.

“Yeah, just tell her how you feel,” one of his companions backed him up.

Peter let out an exasperated sigh, “See, that’s the thing, I don’t know what it is exactly I feel for her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s amazing and quick-witted and has a horrible habit of swearing all the time -which I find hilarious… ”


But, my last relationship didn’t end well and I was somewhat responsible for how things ended. I just- I don’t want that to happen with her. I don’t want to hurt her, I also don’t want to ruin what we have,” Peter’s head hung low, he didn’t realise this had bothered him so much.

“Maybe you should stop trying to control everything and just let her decide,” the largest of the men offered. Peter hadn’t expected someone like him to say something like that, he was at a loss for words.

“Peter, the authorities are closing in. I recommend leaving now,” Karen informed him.

“I gotta jet, thanks for everything. You are all great listeners.”

Peter left before any of them could say anything, the distant sounds of the sirens blaring through the wind.


Peter climbed through his bedroom window still clad in his suit, he had been so preoccupied with making sure Aunt May didn’t see or hear him that when a lively feminine voice spoke out he had nearly jumped out of his skin.

“Spider-Man?” Felicia gasped in utter astonishment.

Peter whipped his head around so fast he nearly gave himself whiplash, “Wh-What? Who-”

Suddenly he realised his voice still sounded like him. Peter cleared his throat and deepened his voice to an almost comical extent, “Hey, this isn’t my apartment!” He tried to sound perplexed.

“Obviously,” Felicia said sarcastically.

She squinted her eyes at him, he knew that look, she was definitely thinking up a storm in that brilliant mind of hers. Peter had to find a way to throw her off the scent.

“Uh… “His mind drew a blank. Peter couldn’t think of a smart way to try and explain why exactly Spider-Man was in Peter Parker’s bedroom.” I’ll just-” Peter pointed at the window and seconds later he flung himself out of it, leaving Felicia looking on completely flabbergasted.

“What the hell just happened?” Peter heard Felicia ask herself in astonishment.

“Next time, use the fire escape,” he spoke out loud to himself. “Oh, shit my backpack!” Peter shouted, his voice normalised, as he swung away from his apartment building back in the direction he came from to pick up the third backpack he had forgotten.

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Fly Away |Part Twenty-Seven|

Warnings: Severe injury, explosion

Word Count: 4K

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: These make me really sad when I write them now and not only because it’s an angsty story but also because I have like three big assignments I need to get done by Thursday night. School hasn’t even started yet and I’m already stressed.


|Part Twenty-Five|  |Part Twenty-Six|  |Part Twenty-Eight|


I pant, my breathing coming out in short puffs of air. My needle’s point is resting on the ground next to me, blue light streaming from the obsidian and onto the mat. A conjured dummy waits patiently for me to begin my attacks again. In its false hands is a simple sword. One that I still haven’t been able to take away.

Laying next to the wall is my sling and wrist bandage, both of them having been removed during a moment of pure frustration. Despite the aching all throughout my body, I raise my hands in a defensive stance again, putting the pain way deep in the back of my mind where it can’t cause me any more trouble. The indigo sleeves of my tunic have been rolled up and a belt has been tied tightly around my waist, keeping the spare pants I managed to find in the Sanctum up.

“Ready,” I announce. Without any hesitation, my design charges towards me, it’s expressionless face focused in on mine. I don’t bother running towards it as well. Instead, I wait for it to reach me before spinning out of the way, my hand gripping onto the magic and yanking it down so the faux soldier falls. It hits the ground hard before rolling away, using its momentum to get up in under a second. Now it waits as well. I’ve designed it to take in my fighting style, analyze every move and use it against me, forcing me to change it up every few minutes.

Suddenly, the blade swipes at my stomach. I barely jump in time to avoid the stinging it would leave me with. While his arm is still exposed though, I shove my needle straight through his radius and ulna and twist upward. While he can’t make any noise I image the crack as his entire forearm twists from the socket. I imagine the blood-curdling scream as it is released from his gaping mouth. Then I rip the needle from the golden illusion. It falls towards the ground, disappearing completely before a single spec of magic could hit the ground.

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“Infinity war” theory:

What if thanos used the reality stone to make it look like everyone died.

Hope everyone has a great day, and that Tom holland is doing well