spiderman one shot

“how did you take down Captain America?

We shot him in ze legs because his shield is ze size of a dinner plate and he’s an idiot" 

Peter, an internet intellectual:

Rivals? || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2238 words

Request by anon: hi, can you please do a peter parker x reader imagine where the reader is tony starks daughter or something and she and peter hate each other but they low key have sexual tension or something like that? and the imagine ends with them kissing or something? idk sorry if that didn’t make sense

No spoilers homie

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Y/N Stark always wanted a normal life. She hated being known as Iron Man’s ​daughter. She hated not being a normal teenager. For her entire life, she was home schooled,being taught from the best in New York. So of course, she wanted to go to a high school, to have the experience of hating her teachers and falling in love.

The first day of freshmen year was strange at Midtown High, most people didn’t know who she was until she told them her name. Rumors had been going around about the infamous Y/N Stark was attending Midtown, but nobody thought of it to be true.

Teachers would kiss up to her, not wanting to face the wrath of her father, Tony Stark. Everyone wanted to be her friend by the Friday of her first week in high school, everyone but one person, Peter Parker. He hated how she got treated like royalty by the teacher and the students, especially Flash, who did anything to get her attention. He hated how her grades were as good as his. The whole school knew about their rivalry quickly into freshmen year.

After Peter got bitten by the radioactive spider that gave him his powers, he knew he had to do something with his ability. Like his Uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This only convinced him more that he should be out there, protecting the people of New York. He was also happy that he finally got something that Y/N didn’t have.

He would never admit it to anyone, but he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. When she was around him, he was captivated by her beauty. They would share glances in the hallway but would both quickly look away from embarrassment.

Y/N didn’t hate him, she tried to be nice to him. She didn’t like how her dad gave Peter all of his attention, but she understood it was for a good reason. The two teens were always battling for first place for everything such as science fairs and debates. They were always neck and neck, him beating her as much as she did him. But, she thought it was cute when Peter did little things like tap his fingertips on his desk when he was nervous or whenever he spoke, she was drawn to his lips. She thought Peter was cute in general.

Most people saw his ‘hatred’ for her as love masked with hate. Everyone thought that by the end of high school the two would be dating. Peter’s friends tried convincing him to talk to her, nicely, but he wouldn’t. Y/N’s friends tried to get the two smartest kids at Midtown High together, but it just failed.

“Hey Dad?” Y/N asked while she sat at the dinner table alone with her father. He looked up from his food, “Hmm?” He mumbled back to her, with food in his mouth.

“Can I go to a-a party tonight?” She questioned, playing with the food on her fork.

“Where is it?” Tony asked, stuffing food into his mouth. Y/N looked up at him, “Queens. In the suburbs. A lot of my friends are going.” She added.

Tony nodded his head, “Fine you can go.” Y/N looked at her dad, eyes wide. “Really?” She exclaimed.

“Yes. But no drinking,” He stated, pointing his finger at her but paused, “Okay. Minimal drinking.”

Y/N smiled widely, nodding her head muttering, “Yeah, yeah of course. Thank you.” She ran up to Tony and hugged him.

She left her chair and went to hug him. “Let me take you.” He said as he hugged her back. Y/N pulled away furrowed her eyebrows, slightly confused at the man, “Why?” Usually if Y/N had somewhere to be, Tony made someone else take her so the act was strange.

Tony smirked, “Come on, you’d be the coolest person there because I have sweet cars.” Y/N nodded her head, agreeing with him. “Okay, well I’m gonna go get ready.” She beamed, running up the stairs.

Tony pulled up to you’re friends house, music blaring and red solo cups already littering the ground. He looked at Y/N, wondering where all the time went. “Ugh, you’re growing up, guess it had to happen sooner or later,” He joked, making Y/N giggle.

“I’m gonna go, I’ll call you when it’s over, or text you if I’m staying the night, alright?” She asked, exiting the car. Some of the teens who were standing outside or just got dropped off were staring in shock. Tony Stark just dropped his teenage daughter off at a party in a, most likely, a very expensive car.

Y/N slammed the door shut, “Bye Dad!” She waved with a smile, waiting for him to drive away.Tony smiled at his daughter, bidding his farewell before speeding away.

“God, she irritates me. She would obviously have her rich daddy drive her here in a cool ass car just to make herself look good.” Peter groaned as he went inside with Ned.

“Or maybe he wanted to take his daughter to a high school party?” Ned suggested, realizing that the statement didn’t make much sense. The boys walked over to the drink table. Booze, booze, booze. Whatever. Peter soon found the fridge and got water, in a red cup so people wouldn’t call him so prude.

Y/N had found a couple of her friends to hang out with. They were already buzzed, she wanted to stay sober just to make sure her friends got home safely.

Halfway through the party, Flash, the host, shouted, “Yo, if anyone wants to play seven minutes in heaven, bring your ass over here!”

About half a dozen people followed him. Everyone at the party was either too drunk to car about his statement or didn’t want to play the game where they were locked in a closet with a stranger. “Come on, let’s go.” One of her friends exclaimed.

“Yeah let’s go.” Herr other friend yelled.

“Um, I don’t think it’s a good idea.” She shouted over the loud music. Her friends rolled their eyes and grabbed either of her arms, dragging her in Flash’s direction. The group of people who wanted to play were already there, sitting in a circle, around a bottle that was resting on a table. She looked at the faces of all the people, and was met with the grimace of Peter Parker.

Her friends found an open spot in the circle so naturally, Y/N sat with them, sitting diagonally across from Peter. “You all should know how the game works. But, to those of you who don’t [cough] Peter Parker [cough].” Flash boomed, making his friends laugh. Y/N felt bad for him, he didn’t deserve to be treated badly. No one does.

“Whoever wants to start, will spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on, you have to go into that closet,” He said, pointing to a closet nearby, “for seven minutes with that person. You can do whatever you want in there cause it’ll be locked. After seven minutes I’ll open the door and yeah. Start the process over again with the person next to you. So, who’s first?”

It was about 4 rounds into the game, and Y/N was getting bored. But she was glad she didn’t have to go in yet. After a pair came out of the closet, with lipstick smeared all over their faces it was Peter’s turn. “Be cool about it, there are a lot of hot girls in this circle man.” Ned whispered when Peter spun the bottle. Peter nodded his head, agreeing with his friend.

The bottle spun slower and slower, Peter’s hands were starting to get clammy. The bottle stopped and he looked up from the green glass. The person sitting in front of it was none other than Y/N Stark. All the teenagers froze, shocked at what had happened. “I-I gotta go,” Peter mutter, standing up from his seat on one of the couches.

“Na-na-na-na no,” Peter felt a hand on his shoulder, turning to see Flash, “You’re gonna go into that closet with your best friend Y/N.” Flash finished sarcastically, pulling Peter over to Y/N, before grabbing her arm and pushing them into the closet. Flash slammed the door closed, making the two flinch.

“Seven minutes starts now,” Flash shouted from behind the door, before walking away towards the group of teens.

It was quiet for about thirty seconds, the two both scared of talking to the other. There was enough space in the closet to leave you both a couple inches apart, but only a couple inches. “Um, I’m sorry you had to do this,” Y/N apologized sympathetically, “I should’ve never come to this stupid party.” She muttered the last part, shaking her head. Peter stayed silent, holding one arm with the other.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Y/N asked, desperate to know.

Peter sighed, “I-I don’t hate you. It’s just,” he paused, not knowing what to say, “I was so used to being the smartest kid in class and suddenly you show up, beating me in nearly everything. I guess I was just, jealous of what you had.” He admitted honestly, slightly frustrated. Looking down in between the two to look at his shoes. “You have everything in the world. You have a lot of money, a rich dad, and a bunch of friends.You’re fucking perfect. I don’t have anything like that.”

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologized again, feeling bad for him. She started playing with her thumbs, “But, I’m not perfect, I hated what I had. My rich dad gives you more attention now than he gives me because of the whole, superhero thing.” She whispered the last part, not knowing if anyone was listening, “My friends only want to be friends with me because of my name and the money I have. It sucks, ya know?” Y/N finished, a few tears leaking from her eyes.

“I, I didn’t know you felt that way,” He said, regretting the way he has treated this girl for the past couple of years. He moved forward, closing the space between them, moving his hands to cup her cheeks, brushing away her tears with his thumbs.

“You didn’t deserve the way I treated you. I didn’t know what things were like for you. I am so sorry I was so rude to you.” He apologized, leaning his forehead against hers. Y/N reached up and placed her hands on his shoulders, squeezing reassuringly.

“You didn’t know, it’s alright.” She whispered, her breath fanning against his cheeks, and a small, understanding smile on her lips.

“But it’s not alright,” Peter murmured, rubbing one of his thumbs on her cheek. Y/N closed her eyes for a second, “If you kiss me, I’ll forgive you.” He looked at her slightly shocked. But he closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly to the right before leaning in and capturing her lips with his. She closed her eyes once again, putting her arms around his neck and her hands into his hair.

His lips were soft, and hers tasted like candy. Her nose brushed against his cheek, but the act went unnoticed. She started playing with his hair, twirling it around her fingers.

Unbeknownst to Peter and Y/N, Flash shouted that the seven minutes were up. He moved towards the wooden door, not hearing anything coming from the other side due to the loud music. He went to unlock the door. When it opened, he froze. “Holy shit!” Flash shouted making the two kissing immediately pull apart, out of breath.

Peter had a blush rising on his face, mimicking Y/N’s. Most of the people who were playing were curious at what was happening, a crowd forming around the door. “They were just making out!” Flash shouted with a smirk on his lips, making the blush on Peter and Y/N’s face deepen.

“Alright Parker!” Someone in the crowd of people yelled, making Y/N stifle a laugh. Peter glared at her playfully. The crowd of people began to fade away, Flash telling the two to get out of the closet for the next round of people to go in.

Peter and Y/N walked to a place in the house where there wasn’t a herd of people. “So, do you want to go to the movies with me sometime?” Peter stammered, nervous about what her answer might be. Y/N smiled, “I would love too, Peter. Now, go enjoy the rest of the party. I have to go deal with my drunk friends.” She chuckled starting to back away. 

Peter nodded his head understandingly, “I’ll text you then. Yeah?” 

Y/N tilted her heard to the side slightly. “You better. You don’t want to make a Stark angry.” She said with a chuckle, walking back towards her friends.

Peter fist bumped the air, before whispering to himself, “I have a date….. awesome.”

Part Two

The Girlfriend

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Fandom: Avengers/Marvel
Paring: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Peter Parker goes on a mission to bring back the Winter Solider, but ends up getting beat up really badly. As he’s passing out he calls out for his girlfriend, asking Steve to call her. Everyone is surprised since they had no idea Peter was dating anyone. Fluff, teasing and a little revenge ensues :)
Not really a request…I found this post and was just so inspired!
Warnings: violence, mention of blood, swearing…and a little long. Sorry not sorry lol

It all started with that damn red notebook. 

“We should’ve destroyed it.” Steve said, barely able to look up from the table top.  
“You should’ve kept Bucky asleep in Wakanda.” Tony said roughly, spitting out Bucky’s name. He may have forgiven Steve for their fight during the Accords, but he was far from forgiving Bucky for killing his parents.
“We should’ve known it wouldn’t be safe with SHIELD. Those guys are always having their headquarters either broken into or blown up.” Sam shot back, trying to keep the peace but catering to everyone’s shared distaste for the spy organization.

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Anything For You

Me? A sucker for the wedding trope.
Hope you guys like this one though <3

Title: Anything For You
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter is your date to a wedding and all your relatives love him. Just one issue: you’re not actually dating.
Word Count: 1,640
Warnings: None
Tagged: @tmrhollandkay @kindnesswins @melconnor2007 @mcheung0314

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           "Y/N,“ Peter coughs as you tighten his tie. "Chill.”

           "Sorry,“ you say quickly, loosening the knot just a bit.

           He gives you a good-natured smile, adjusting the collar of his shirt a bit. Staring in the mirror, Peter fixes up a few other aspects of his appearance as you watch.

           "Thanks for being my date to this thing,” you tell him. You’ve already expressed your appreciation to him multiple times, but you still felt the obligation to say it.

           Peter’s adjusting a few strands of his hair as you speak. He looks at you in the reflection of the mirror and gives you a reassuring smile.

           "It’s no problem,“ he insists, shoving his hands in his pocket. "Anything for my best friend. Besides, I couldn’t let you suffer through the ceremony alone.”

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In one of the Spider-Man comics, before May knew Peter was Spider-Man, she thought that he was hiding the fact that he was gay. So WHAT IF when Peter was only wearing his boxers in front of Ned (after changing out of his spidey suit in sm: hoco) and May walked in, the reason she wasn’t fazed by her almost naked nephew in front of his guy friend was because she thought that he was gay THE WHOLE TIME?!

Peter Parker’s Secret

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel
Paring: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Summary: Soooo I know I just wrote a Peter Parker fic…but I read all these imagines about a Stark!reader dating Spiderman and the Avengers find out and make fun of them for dating. BUT I wondered what would happen if things were turned around and if the Avengers didn’t know Peter was Spiderman, and are in shock because they thought the reader was just dating normal ol’ Peter Parker!

“So, when is Mr. Parker picking you up?” Steve asked eyeing you from the top of his coffee mug.
“Is that question supposed to end with you cracking your knuckles? Because it sounds like that’s where you’re going,” you said shooting an equally skeptical look to the overprotective hero.
“Cut her a break Steve,” Natasha said walking into the room with Sam. “You look cute Y/N.”
“Oooh, is lover boy coming over today?” Sam teased.
“No,” you said crossing your arms. You loved living with the Avengers, they had become like family. But you didn’t like your love life being Avengers business, they acted each date was some mission they were all studying for. And you dad was, of course, their leader. 
“'Lover’ is a word I never want to hear in reference to my daughter’s boyfriend.” your dad entered the room, nodding to his teammates.
“Sorry Tony,” Sam said smirking.
Tony glancing over at you, “honey are you sure you don’t want to bring a sweater …or maybe just a long trenchcoat. I heard it’s going to rain.”
You looked down at your sundress and then at the cloudless blue sky outside. “I think I’ll be ok,” you said sarcastically. 
“What do we really know about this kid anyways?” Steve said, “He needs to be properly vetted.”
“He’s not a supervillian or criminal mastermind Steve,” you said. But even as you rolled your eyes you felt a sense of anxiety behind your words. You knew full well Peter had abilities that were way beyond a regular human’s. “He’s just an ordinary teenage boy.” 
“Exactly my point.”
“Actually now that Steve mentions it…I’m pretty good at interroga- I mean vetting people.” Natasha offers.
As if on cue FRIDAY announced Peter’s arrival and you threw a warning glance at everyone before the door opened.
“H-Hey guys,” Peter said waving to everyone.
“Mr. Parker,” Tony acknowledged, wearing his terrifying I-already-know-everything-you’re-going-to-do-and-I-don’t-approve face.
“M-Mr. Stark,” Peter moved to shake your dad’s hand. It was odd seeing them interact. You knew that despite his current demeanor, your dad actually liked Peter. He knew everything about Peter- he knew he was Spiderman and he knew that at his core, Peter was a great kid. It’s one of the reasons he recruited him, and why Tony continued to keep his identity a secret from the Avengers and SHIELD- he had some respect for Peter. And yet from the moment yours and Peters friendship turned into something more, Tony couldn’t help but act like an overbearing father.
“She needs to be home by 10pm. No later, or I’m sending the Iron Legion after you.” It wasn’t a completely empty threat as Tony did have Steve and Bucky spy on you on your first date. You gave a mumbled ‘yes sir’ and dragged Peter out the door. 
The moment you were out of the tower Peter stopped and pulled your face close to his. He kissed you deeply but gently, making your breath hitch in your throat. “I meant to tell you, you look beautiful today.” he said, giving you a smile that lit up his whole face. 

“I’m just saying, there’s something off about that Parker kid.” Sam said glaring at you and Peter as you laughed from the couch. The two of you were forcing Vision and Wanda to watch Star Wars, and were dying listening to their commentary.
“Why does that man wear a mask?” Vision asked of Darth Vader, “Is he asthmatic, or is his respiratory system impaired?”
Steve looked at Sam out of the corner of his eye, “like there’s something he’s not telling us.”
“Exactly! Plus I feel like there’s something familiar about him. In his voice maybe? Or the way he tries to swagger around. Little punk.”
“He snuck into the Tower the other night, pretty beat up.” The boys jumped at the sudden appearance of Natasha, “I saw Y/N meet him, panicked. She patched him up and sent him on his way.”
Steve and Sam looked at her with renewed interest, “whatever you want to do,” she said, “I’m in.”

The three decided to follow Peter home that night. But they only got a few blocks from Avengers Tower before Peter made a sharp turn into a dark alley. 
“Ok, that’s not suspicious at all.” Sam said into their communication device. 
“Stay with him.” Steve warned. 
But when the three Avengers rounded the corner into the alley it was empty. Looking bewildered they peaked around dumpsters and checked doors to see if he slipped through one of them. But the only thing they found was a backpack, stuck between a brick wall and rusted fence. 
“Is that Peter’s?” Natasha asked. 
“More importantly what is it stuck with?” Sam said.
Steve pulled at the white substance holding the backpack to the wall. “It’s like-like a web.”
Steve looked up at his friends, backpack in hand and eyes wide.
“NoO WAY!” Sam shouted.  
“It can’t be” Natasha said breathlessly.

“I”m telling ya’ll, this kid is this Spiderman!” Sam whispered harshly to Nat and Steve. 
They had all come back to the Tower after following Peter, unable to process what they saw. They couldn’t imagine how nervous, nerdy Peter Parker was the web-slinging, smack-talking hero they had faced in Berlin. This left them waiting to see if Peter came home with you from school, and debating how to reveal such a devastating secret.
“More like Spider-boy. Kid probably doesn’t even know how to shave.” Nat said leaning across the kitchen island.
“We have to tell Tony, he’s Y/N’s father. He deserves to know if she’s going to be swung around New York.” Sam insisted.
“We can’t- we can’t say anything until we know for sure.” Steve said, “all we have is a backpack covered in webs-” Their conversation ended abruptly at the sound of your laughter.
You and Peter walked into the kitchen, holding hands and giggling uncontrollably. 
“O-oh, Sorry!” Peter apologized.
“Hey guys! Whatcha doing?” you asked, breaking from Peter to walk over to the the counter and grab an apple. “Planning a top secret mission?”
Steve noticed Peter eye them at the sound of the word ‘mission.’
“Just taking bets on how long your dad is going to go before hacking into SHIELD again. He caught wind that they put new firewalls up.” Nat lied effortlessly.
You shrugged and turned to go, “Come on Peter.”
“Where are you two off to?” Steve asked not really wanting to leave you alone with Peter. He didn’t know what was going on, but he knew he didn’t trust him.
“Homework.” Peter said “Y/N is barely making it through Chemistry-ow!”
You elbowed him, “you said you wouldn’t tell anyone!” You looked at the group, “please don’t tell my dad. I’m trying, it’s just- my brain isn’t wired like his.”
“Plus,” you added out of lighthearted spite, “Peter is failing Literature, so I’m not the only one who needs help.” Peter looked at you, mouth agape in mock offense. You stuck out your tongue at him. 
The two of you turned to leave and Sam got nervous. He had to do something. Without thinking he shouted “Hey Peter!” and threw the nearest item he could grab. 
Before he heard Sam call his name Peter sensed the item hurtling towards the two of you. Instinctively and without even looking Peter reached up and caught the item mid air. 
Everyone’s mouths dropped open in shock. Peter began to try and stutter out an explanation, his brown eyes wide with fear, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. His whole world was just exposed.
Peter looked down and realized the item he was holding was a long kitchen knife, “What the hell dude?! Did you just try to kill me?” Peter exclaimed. 
Steve and Natahsa also stared at Sam, not knowing whether to be more in shock over Peter or the fact that Sam had accidentally (on purpose) thrown a knife at a random teenager.
“I-It was the first thing I could grab!” Sam shouted in his defense, “We caught him in an alley last night-well found his backpack and wanted to prove that he was…well something! And I didn’t want you to leave without figuring it out so I just threw something!” his words ran together in a panic. “I was trying to prove he was Spiderman!” 
You stared at him in utter disbelief, “BUT WHAT IF HE WASN’T?!” you shouted. 
“Yeah, not my best plan…”
“Oh my God! I’m going to kill you!” you lunged at Sam but Peter grabbed you, holding you back. “You better run man.”

Well This Is Awkward Part 1 (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)


A/N: I decided to combine these two requests together and change it a tiny bit! Just want to thank the anons for the kindness and the requests! Hope this is what the both of you were looking for (or better)! Enjoy! P.S… this is my second attempt writing this so hopefully it’s good lol Part two will be written and posted upon request.

Summary: Being the child of an Avenger isn’t as cool as everyone thinks.

Word Count: 2,647

Warnings: TRIGGER WARNING: Slight anxiety attack. Teen angst. Civil War spoilers? I tiny bit?

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Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four

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Long Lasting Lies [p.p]

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Title: Long Lasting Lies
Fandom: MCU/Spider-Man
Characters: Peter Parker x female!reader, Ned Leeds, May Parker, Michelle, mentions of Tony Stark,
Warnings: mentions of cheating on a partner, description of mugging, mild swearing
Word Count: 3,343
Requested: No, this is just me having major Peter feels at the moment due to me seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming last weekend
Blurb: You, Peter Parker’s girlfriend, have noticed that Peter has distanced himself, and have caught him lying on multiple occasions. When you confront him after being saved by Spider-Man, you are unaware that his excuse is only another one of his lies.
A/N: I have been super busy with exams, school and other personal things, which is why I’ve been so absent, but I’m hoping to update more frequently now that they’re over but I can’t be sure! Remember, I live in Australia where the school year ends in December so we’re only on winter break at the moment. ALSO I ONLY PROOF-READ THIS ONCE I’M SORRY IT’S LITERALLY 1:33AM DON’T KILL ME

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[L/N] = your last name 

The first time that Peter Parker lied to you was over the phone. You had just gotten ready for the date you had both planned as a post-midterms celebration when the familiar tune of your ringtone graced your ears. At the sight of Peter’s Caller ID, you had managed to grin before picking up. 

“I’m absolutely starving, Parker.” you greeted, taking a seat on your bed and tucking your left leg under your right. “You better have made reservations at the pizza parlour because you know how busy they can get on Fridays,” you added, and when Peter said nothing, you raised an eyebrow. “Peter?” 

“I’m here,” he assured you since it sounded like he wasn’t present in the conversation at all. “I’m here, sorry,” Peter mumbled his apology before taking a deep breath, one that you could hear even over the phone.

“Are you okay?” you inquired, immediately noticing the edge in his voice. “What’s up?”

“I’m so, so incredibly sorry that I’m doing this to you,” was what Peter chose to lead with. “But I can’t make it tonight.” 

For a moment, you the nervous feeling in your stomach turned into disappointment, but you shook it off quickly, knowing that there was always a good reason for Peter’s cancellations. “That’s okay. What came up?” you asked. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine, don’t worry about it.” something about the way Peter was speaking — perhaps it was the way his usually nonchalant voice seemed strained — made you immediately come to the conclusion that he was lying to you. 

“Peter,” You began slowly, putting a smile on your face, knowing that this would make your voice sound less worried than you truly were. “If there’s something going on, I’m not going to hate you for telling me. I’d really rather know than, well, not know.” you paused, giving Peter a minute.

“It’s nothing, I swear. Just some emergency stuff came up with Ned and I really have to be there for him is all.” Peter lied so smoothly that you almost believed him, but the waver in his voice when he swore he was telling the truth was enough to expose his fibbing.

“Alright,” you allowed yourself to frown. “Well, I hope everything’s okay with Ned. Let me know what happens when you can, okay?”

“Of course, love you!” and with that, Peter hung up the phone. You were sat on your bed for a moment, phone pressed to your cheek before you realised that he was gone. You lowered your phone onto your bed and sighed, glancing around your room, digesting the conversation you had just had with your boyfriend. Things with you and Peter were still relatively new, going on roughly five months, but you had known Peter since the beginning of high school, which was over a year and a half ago. In this time, you had really gotten to know Peter and his quirks, including what he sounded like when he lied.

Deciding that you still deserved some sort of post-midterms treat, you reached for your phone again and dialled Michelle’s phone number as you pulled off your black lace-up heels. 

“Hey, Y/N.” Michelle greeted you, her voice slightly more vibrant than usual. “I thought you were going out with Peter tonight?” 

“I was,” you confirmed, getting to your feet and comfortably pacing your room. “He just cancelled though, so I’m all free! I was wondering if you might accept a stray into your Friday night plans?” you asked hopefully. 

“Well you know how I feel about taking in strays, everyone’s welcome,” Michelle continued your banter. “Actually, Ned and I were just going to get something to eat so why don’t you join us?” This made you frown.

“You’re heading out to eat with Ned? Like, right now?” you questioned slowly, letting it sink in.

“Yeah, we’re on our way out, but we can totally meet up with you! Ned scored us a table at that pizzeria that we all like by promising that we’d be there in at least twenty minutes. Are you up for that?”

You paused. “Yeah, totally.” you agreed. “I’ll meet you guys there. And Ned’s good?” you asked, making sure that you weren’t imagining things.

“He’s pretty jazzed that midterms are over and his deteriorating test-stress has finally been demolished,” Michelle said, and you heard Ned loudly protesting over the phone. “We’re all good. So we’ll see you in twenty?” 

“See you then.” you agreed before bidding Michelle farewell. You hung up and frowned, the idea that you had about Peter lying confirmed. If there was an emergency with Ned, why would he be going out for pizza with Michelle? Suddenly, the combination of your lace camisole top, skinny jeans and leather jacket seemed a little too dressed up just to get pizza with Ned and Michelle. Going on a date with Peter allowed for the camisole and heels, but dinner with friends didn’t seem like it needed as much special effort. 

Frowning, you stripped off the leather jacket and began to rummage through your closet in order to find a replacement for the camisole, choosing a Nasa t-shirt — which you were certain belonged to Peter — and pulled that on instead. You opted for a pair of old sneakers and pulled the jacket back on before grabbing your bag and phone heading out the door to meet your friends.

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dating peter parker would include:

  • the two of you being best friends before peter finally got the guts to ask you out
  • the whole ordeal was full of blushing and stutters and stumbles over his words until you got the gist of what he was trying to say and straight up kissed him instead to save him from further embarrassment 
  • “ugh, finally. that was painful to watch”
  • “thanks, ned”
  • you knowing about spiderman like the day after the spider incident
  • and being totally in awe and just as excited as he was
  • supporting all his decisions fully even if there’s a part of you that worries incessantly for your boyfriend
  • but you trust him so when he promises that he’ll be back for you later in the night, you believe him
  • your family loving him as your best friend, but even more so now the two of you are dating and happy
  • aunt may loving you too and vice versa
  • even after she caught you and peter making out on his bed that one time
  • okay maybe she’s caught you more than just one time
  • him teaching you hand to hand combat to protect yourself, just in case 
  • him telling you all about his part in the fight between the avengers in germany
  • “-and then i swooped in and i stole captain america’s shield and everyone was like ‘whaaat’ and it was awesome and then there was this guy with a metal arm and i met black widow and hawkeye and everyone! oH and there was this tiny dude too but then all of a sudden he became a huge dude and he knocked me half way across the airport and it hurt like hell but it was so awesome! holy shit, you should’ve seen me, (y/n); it was awesome!”
  • you listening to him ramble excitedly in adoration
  • him climbing through your open window at night and whilst he just wants to go to sleep next to you and cuddle, you always insist that you have to patch him up
  • cuddling
  • so !! much !! cuddling !!
  • peter’s favourite thing being your cuddles, especially after a long day or a fight
  • “cuddle me?”
  • you never disappoint
  • it doesn’t matter where the two of you would be
  • whether it’s at school or out shopping or studying
  • you’ll stop whatever you’re doing and instantly snuggle into his arms at his request
  • him being so so so protective of you
  • therefore, him always, always walking you home just in case something happens
  • because it would destroy him if something did and he could’ve prevented it
  • you hearing liz allan talking about her crush on spiderman
  • you getting jealous because you know that peter is way out of your league and he could totally have her if he wanted
  • peter noticing your change in demeanour and immediately bringing you close to him 
  • “spiderman’s all yours, i promise”
  • him not necessarily wanting to admit that he loves it when you run your fingers through his hair, but you both know that he does
  • having star wars marathons over and over and over and you enduring it because the franchise makes peter happy
  • “you’re such a nerd, i love it; don’t ever change”
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • neck kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • kisses kisses kisses
  • you wearing his sweaters all the time but he doesn’t mind
  • “you look adorable”
  • pillow fights
  • you defending him whenever flash makes a comment and peter actually has to hold you back sometimes
  • losing your virginities to one another
  • both of you always zooming in on each other’s faces on snapchat when one of you isn’t paying attention
  • and then giggling about it as the other pouts childishly
  • cute dates in strange places that peter has found on his friendly neighbourhood spiderman escapades
  • going to homecoming together and peter being speechless as you walk down the stairs in your dress
  • “i…uh… w-wow…”
  • him eventually introducing you to tony stark because he wants to show you off
  • “so this is the (y/n) that you never shut up about?”
  • him taking discrete photos of you and setting them as his lock screen because he thinks you look beautiful 24/7
  • his favourites are of you when you’re wearing his shirt and sweatpants, your hair up in a messy ponytail, no makeup, and the brightest smile on your face as you laugh at one of his shitty jokes
  • him finding himself falling more in love with you whenever you say something smart, or help him through a tough situation with a bad guy when he can’t figure it out himself
  • or when you do or say basically anything
  • study dates which usually end in your chemistry homework discarded and forgotten on the floor and his lips on yours
  • “hey (y/n/n), guess what?”
  • “what, spidey?”
  • “you gotta guess”
  • “hmm, you’re annoying?”
  • “wrong”
  • “actually, i’m right”
  • “actually, i love you”

feedback? // masterlist

“Best Friends”

Characters: Peter x Reader

Description: Can you do a Peter x reader where the reader is peters Best friend and she is sick of him always talking about Liz so she starts to ignore him? Could you make it angsty please? Thanks!! (requested by anon)

Word Count: 1,757

Warnings: Language, mentions/symptoms of anxiety, angst

A/N: This is my first Peter imagine, so I hope I don’t completely butcher it! If anything seems ooc, please let me know what and how I can change it. I added Peter not only always talking about Liz, but ignoring the reader in favor of her. I hope that’s okay!

You and Peter had been best friends since elementary school. You moved into the house next to his, and after embarrassingly walking into his house instead of your own one day, you’d been inseparable. You were there for him when his first pet goldfish died, you were there for him when he was trying to get over his fear of the dark, and you were especially there for him when his uncle died. Peter even trusted you with his secret of being Spider-Man. 

Up until a few weeks ago, you’d thought that nothing would be able to tear the two of you apart. People even referred to the two of you as the “dynamic duo” of your school. If even other people could tell how close you were, why would there be a reason to change your relationship?

That’s when Liz came along and changed your mind. As soon as Peter laid eyes on her, he seemed to be more invested in building a relationship with her than maintaining the one you already had together. 

Whenever you tried to talk to him, he’d always find a way to bring the conversation back around to Liz. 

“Hey, I just got a new shirt! What do you think?” “Oh yeah it’s nice, did you see the one Liz was wearing earlier? I couldn’t tell if it was new or not, but it looked amazing!”

“There’s that English test coming up, right? Do you wanna study together and get a pizza or something?” “I’m sorry Y/N, Ned and I were actually going to try and figure out Liz’s favorite candy tonight. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, you know that.”

“Peter, I got an A on my science test!” “Awesome! So did Liz! I helped her study.”

“Hey, any new news in the superhero universe?” “Not really. But did you hear that Liz has a crush on Spider-Man? How crazy is that!”

At first, you thought Peter was just going through a phase. He made a new friend, and he was focusing his attention on that relationship to see where it could lead. Fine. You could deal with Peter having friends other than yourself. After over a month of having little-to-no normal interactions with Peter, though, you began to realize that Peter was just choosing to ignore you. This wasn’t a phase; he was replacing you. 

You’d been on the verge of cutting all ties with Peter for a few days, and the time came one night when you really needed him. 

Everything in your life was just becoming too much. Your part-time job had scheduled you twice as many days this week, your teachers all decided to pile on tons of homework, and your anxiety was shooting through the roof. All of the drama with Peter wasn’t helping anything, so you wanted to call him and re-establish your guys’ relationship. 

Swallowing your pride and wiping the tears that were threatening to fall from your eyes, you picked up your phone and dialed Peter’s number. Your hands were shaking as you pressed the buttons, but you eventually managed to hit the call button and hold the phone up to your ear.

It was an agonizing 6 rings before Peter picked up. “Hello?”

“Hey Peter, it’s me,” you said softly, knowing that if you spoke any louder you’d probably start crying. You got no response though, so you continued sadly, “Y/N. It’s Y/N.” 

“Oh!” Peter replied, seeming shocked that you’d called. “Hey! What’s up?”

“I just…I’m feeling really bad and I wanted to know if I could talk to you about it.” Your voice trailed off towards the end of your request. You’d never been one to admit that you needed help, and Peter knew that. It took a lot for you to ask someone for help unprompted, and you hoped Peter remembered this.

The other end of the line was quiet for longer than you would have liked, and you felt your chest starting to tighten. You didn’t say anything else until he responded, though, in fear of annoying him with your persistence. Eventually, he spoke. “I, uh, I was actually on my way out the door….” His voice showed a bit of pity, but it didn’t sound like he was going to change his mind. 

“Please?” you made one final attempt at getting him to talk to you. “I-I’ve had a really tough week, and you’re my best friend, ya know? At least we were a month ago and I hope we still are now, but you always know what to say to make me feel better and I could really, really use some help,” you rambled on, a common thing for you to do when you were feeling insecure or anxious. 

“Y/N….” Peter started, and you knew you were in for disappointment. “I’d really like to talk to you, but can this wait until later? I had plans with Liz to go…” As soon as you heard Liz’s name, you tuned everything else Peter said out. Of course that’s why he couldn’t talk to you. 

“Right, I get it Peter. Thanks for your help,” you interrupted whatever he was saying before pulling the phone from your ear. 

“I’ll call you later, okay? Please don’t be-” you ended the call before he could finish whatever he was saying. “Please don’t be mad?” you finished for him under your breath, dreading the way your chest was tightening and mind was clouding over. “Right,” you scoffed weakly as you sat down on your bed against the wall and pulled your knees to your chest.

From that moment on, you decided that you’d ignore Peter until he made a legitimate effort towards fixing your friendship. 

Peter did call you later like he said he would, but you ignored him. He even sent a few texts, asking if you were okay, but you chose not to respond to those either. You weren’t trying to be petty or anything, you just knew that if you started talking to him, you’d either start crying or start yelling at him. Neither option sounded very appealing, so you chose to avoid the situation altogether.

The next day at school, you did everything you could to avoid Peter. You still didn’t feel like talking to him, and although you wanted him to make an effort to fix whatever was happening between the two of you, you needed some space to cool down first. 

You had a few classes with Peter throughout the day, and you managed to get in class right as the bell rang so he couldn’t talk to you and leave as soon as the dismissal bell rang to run out before he could follow you. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, you’d let your guard down as you were grabbing things from your locker before heading for the buses. 

“Y/N!” you heard Peter’s voice next to you. “What’s going on?”

“Absolutely nothing,” you muttered under your breath before slamming your locker shut and trying to walk around him. You weren’t even able to grab everything you needed because you were trying to get away so fast. 

Peter blocked your way before you could pass him, though. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine and dandy, okay? Now just leave me alone,” you tried to shove past him again, but he grabbed your arm to stop you. 

“Why are you ignoring me?” he wondered. 

All of your thoughts about ignoring the situation went flying out the window when he said this. You turned around hastily and responded, “Oh, like you’ve been doing to me for the past month and a half?” Peter was about to start defending himself, but you shut him down. “No, you’re not the victim here. Don’t even act like it. I’m the one who’s had to deal with you pushing me away every chance you got in favor of Liz. I’m the one who has to listen to you fawn over how nice she is or how great her ass looks in some damn leggings. Don’t you dare try to pretend that this hasn’t been happening, because it has, whether you realize it or not.”

Luckily, most people had left the hallways by now, so it was just you and Peter. You realized that you were probably going to miss the bus, but you also knew that if you didn’t say everything you had to now, you most likely never would. 

“Is this about last night?” Peter asked incredulously, his eyes widening. “Because if it is well then I’m sorry, but I had plans and I couldn’t just break them because you needed some attention.”

“This isn’t just about last night!” you exclaimed in frustration, tangling your fingers in your hair. Tears started to pool in your eyes, making you feel betrayed by your own body. You continued, anyways. “This is about almost every single day for over a month, Peter! And last night,” you paused to let out a humorless chuckle, “Last night I needed you. I needed you Peter, and you completely shut me down. Do you know how that feels?” 

Peter looked down a bit in shame, mumbling an apology under his breath. That wasn’t enough for you, though. You wanted him to really know how he made you feel, and as selfish as it sounded, you wanted him to feel badly about it. So you went on, “I was at one of my lowest points in a really, really long time. And even though we haven’t talked a lot recently, you were still the first person I called….Do you know what I did when I hung up on you?” You waited for Peter to give some answer, and with a small shake of his head, you answered for him. “I had a goddamn panic attack while you were out livin’ it up with Liz, probably cuddled under some blanket throwing all your cares away and completely forgetting about me at home, needing someone. Needing you.”

“Y/N, I am so sorry,” Peter finally spoke up, looking you in the eyes. You noticed that his eyes were glassy, and although you felt bad that he was close to tears, you didn’t feel bad about letting him know how you felt. 

“Best friends are supposed to be there for each other, no matter what,” you said softly in a shaky breath. You collected yourself before continuing, “I guess things have changed.”

With that, you turned and walked away from Peter, heading towards the exit of the school building. He didn’t try to stop you.

A/N: I’ve never been that great at writing angsty situations, but I hope this was good enough! I had a lot more ideas for the ending than what would fit a typical one-shot length, so if you guys want a part 2 to this, let me know! Otherwise it can stay just a one-shot and you guys can imagine your own ending. Up to you all!

Edit: Read part 2 here!!!

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Spider-Man Homecoming deleted scene. Miles Morales is officially confirmed in the MCU!

next week on “marvel exploits a young man’s inability to keep his goddamn mouth shut”