spiderman imagines

  • Meanwhile inside the soul stone...
  • Peter: Dumbest scar stories, go!
  • Strange: I burned my tongue once drinking tea.
  • Wanda: I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and burned it.
  • T'Challa: See this little scar on my arm? I got that when Nakia dug her nails into my arm during a sad movie.
  • Sam: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade.
  • Quill: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it on my hand and I got a really bad burn.
  • Peter: Well I have a few scars on my arm from crashing my skateboard.
  • Bucky:
  • Bucky: I have emotional scars.
New Rules

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: The rules were simple, but sometimes not everyone can follow them.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 542

A/N: I’m not exactly over what happened in Infinity Wars… okay that’s a lie, I am completely ignoring it and everyone is alive and well and living together and saving the world. Message me or leave a comment if you want to be added to my tag list.

Y/N had been given ONE rule living in the Avengers Compound; No dating Avengers. So technically she wasn’t doing anything wrong, because technically Peter Parker wasn’t an Avenger. Yet they both knew that if Y/N’s father got wind of them dating, they would both be in so much trouble.

So, midnight on the roof was always perfect. Peter had just landed on the roof, pulling his mask off as he smiled at his girlfriend who stood with an equally welcoming smile. She hugged herself in what Peter noticed was one of his jackets he had given her, her feet moving towards him.

“Hey Spidey.” Y/N giggled, leaning into Peter. “Busy night?”

“Well I had to finish patrols early so I could see my girl.” Peter wrapped his hands around Y/N’s waist. “Does that count?”

“Aw, you did that for me?” Y/N laughed, her arms winding around Peter’s neck as they rocked side-to-side in small circles.

“I’d do anything for you.” Peter touched his nose against Y/N’s.

Y/N smiled widely, leaning in and finally touching Peter’s lips with her own. Their movement stopped, Y/N’s hands running through Peter’s hair, her other moving to sit on his jaw. While Peter’s hands ran lightly up and down Y/N’s spine, sending a shiver down her spin as they smiled into the kiss.

The kiss seemed to intensify, Y/N and Peter completely immersed in one another they didn’t notice a small group coming onto the roof. What Y/N and Peter didn’t notice was the fact that Y/N’s father was a part of that group.

“Y/N?” Tony Stark called out.

“Shit.” Y/N pushed Peter away from her, turning as she wiped her sleeve across her mouth. “Dad, wait.”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Tony walked forward with a purpose. “I told you.”

“Dad it’s okay.” Y/N tried to catch his eyes, but Tony was focused on Peter as he moved backwards.

“You can’t be with my daughter. I gave you strict instructions that she was completely off limits.” Tony backed Peter up to the ledge.

“But Mr. Stark, I lo-“

“Sorry kid there is no way this is gonna happen.” Tony pointed back to Y/N who now stood next to Steve, Sam, Nat and Vision. “You’re not to come near her again. End of discussion.”

Tony started to walk away, towards Y/N but was stopped, Peter shooting his wed and turning Tony around to look at him; “Sorry Mr. Stark. I can’t let that happen.”

“Let me go.” Tony struggled.

“I can’t stay away from her. Just give me a chance.” Peter looked Tony in the eyes. “I swear I’ll protect her. I love her.” Peter said for the first time.

“You love me?” Y/N asked, not being able to stay quiet anymore.

“I-I… well- I was just…” Peter fell over his words a little before looking into Y/N’s eyes. “I love you.” Peter nodded.

Y/N moved to Peter quickly; “I love you.” She kissed Peter softly.

“Okay stop. Stop.” Tony struggled in the web. “New rules. No kissing. No hugging. You two can’t be left alone together.” Tony looked down at the web. “Can you get me out of this?”

“Oh right yeah.” Peter moved to Tony to help him out of the web.

baby - peter x reader

Originally posted by allthingstomholland

a/n: hope u likeeee i feel like this isn’t that good but ??? if i write more peter hopefully i’ll get better at him 

request/Prompt/Neither/Challenge: here!

warnings: swearing 

word count: 1.6k 

summary: different situations in which reader makes peter flustered by calling him baby !!

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The First Punch [8]

Pairing: Boxer!Tom Holland x Boxer!Reader

Word count: 6,223

Warnings: Swearing, angst, mentions of injuries, mentions of choking, mentions of bruising, mentions & descriptions of burns, smut, oral (male receiving), fluff

Summary: 2 Underground Boxers. Biggest underground competition in Chicago. Both are the ones to watch, expected to win. Bet on by everyone who knows of the league. Neither can afford to lose. One champion. Only one problem: they fall for each other.

A/N: Y’all are finally getting your smut! Feedback gives me more motivation to write tbh. My taglist is closed please don’t ask!

prologue || ch. 1 || ch. 2 || ch. 3 || ch. 4 || ch. 5 || ch. 6 || ch. 7

series masterlist // masterlist

He’s warm, so warm he’s like walking into a heated home after walking a few blocks in the peak of winter. Tom’s safe like a radiator, keeping you from getting frostbite. His arms engulf you and your head is pressed against his chest allowing you to hear his heartbeat. Your eyes closed and the two of you stood in Tom’s doorway. His hand came up and rubbed your back with a gentle grace, careful not to put too much pressure on you. You’re so delicate against him.

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Be Safe | Peter Parker x Reader

So this is for @underoosbws‘s writing challenge! These were supposed to be finished a LONG time ago, but Jess was super kind and understanding about my tardiness (Thank you so much for that, by the way)! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m sorry for that, but life has gotten busy and school and my personal life have gotten in the way of things.

But, uh, this morning I hit exactly 800 followers and I just…can’t…believe it? Like…800?! THANK YOU!!💕💕

Words: 4.4k

Warnings: Assault, attempted sexual assault (kind of???…if you think it could be a potential trigger, please skip past this!)

Prompt: “How about I take the day off and we have a movie marathon?”

Originally posted by tomhollanderr

B E   S A F E :

“Text me when you get home?”

You nodded, a small smile on your lips as you reached up to kiss Peter’s cheek. “Will do, Mr. Spider-Man.” His face went florid as it always did when you kissed him, making your smile grow larger. “Be safe.”

He nodded enthusiastically, kissing your forehead before running to an alleyway to change. By the time you’d made it to that alley Spider-Man was already swinging out of it, giving you an inconspicuous wave. You rolled your eyes at his playfulness and grinned, knowing that waving back would be dangerous but that a small smile was harmless.

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teardrops [p.p. x stark!reader]

summary — you’re there for peter when he breaks down after a tough fight.

CONTAINS: fluff, angst, some sadness, swearing

A/N: hello i made this bc i just needed some good comforting material. I’m on my period and not feeling well and just stressed from school. this is my way of compartmentalizing lmaoooo,,,have some fluff and comfort. also! there should be a tutoring fic up soon! stay tuned for updates. hope you enjoy!! :)


It was a cold Friday evening. School for the day had wrapped up only a few hours prior, and you were curled up in your bed with a fresh bag of chips and a plate of brownies. You couldn’t have felt more content with your life—especially, with the lack of homework for the long weekend.

You were hoping for Peter to stop by before the night went pitch black—every time you heard a siren whistling in the distance, you thought of him and his mask and his red and blue suit. You thought of him gliding through the air with silky white webs carrying him swiftly through the atmosphere of Queens. He wasn’t far. Well, he was far enough. And you missed him. Since you lived Upstate and he lived in Queens, it wasn’t exactly the most practical thing for you two to visit each other. After all, he had school and his friends and patrol, and you had your own school work and your club meetings. You had your life and he had his, but you always missed him.

There was something about Peter Parker that you could never quite understand. You almost thought he was perfect. Almost, but not entirely. You didn’t want to get yourself stuck too far up in the clouds; you wouldn’t ever come back down.

You and Peter were friends. Nothing more—although you did admit you indeed wanted something more at times. You liked the way he talked and the way he looked at you. You liked the sound of his voice, and you could never have enough of him or those eyes or his aura. He was so warm.

“Hey, kiddo. It’s starting to get late. You’ve had a rough week—how about you call it a night and put that show down?” your dad suggested, pushing your door open to reveal a tiresome expression.

You sighed, lips pressing into a frown. “Is Peter not coming tonight?”

“I don’t know. I’m assuming not. What? Was he supposed to?” Tony hummed, scratching the back of his neck. “Why?”

You shrugged. “Oh, um … No reason. I was just curious. Never mind. Good night, Dad.”

“Night, sweetheart. I’m just in the shop if you need me. Love you, kiddo.”

“Love you, too.”

After your father left, you turned the lights off and curled back into bed. Maybe he was right. Maybe you should just go to sleep. You could see Peter tomorrow. He was probably just busy with patrol. You could understand that.

It wasn’t long after that before you heard a tap against your window, your eyelids peeling back to see a masculine silhouette plastered onto the opposing side of the thick glass. You furrowed your brows, hastily kicking the bed sheets off your legs and hurrying to open the window. Why the hell did Peter scale forty floors to your bedroom? Does he have any idea how dangerous that is? For God’s sake—he couldn’t just used the damn elevator!

“Peter!” you gasped, curling your fingers around the fabric of his suit. He flipped into your room, panting heavily. His masked face hung towards the floor, shoulders trembling with every shallow breath. “Peter? Hey, are you okay?”

The room went silent for a moment. All you could hear was your heart racing and the blood rushing to your head. Fear prodded sharply at your chest, and Peter would not stop hyperventilating. You had no idea what to do. You didn’t know what was happening, you didn’t know what was wrong. What happened?

“Peter, hey,” you spoke smoothly, trying to keep your own voice calm and leveled. You stretched an arm forward, placing your hand onto his shoulder. “Talk to me. Are you hurt?”

A pause. And then a fit of shattered, strangled sobs soon filled the void. He broke down, and you couldn’t take it anymore. You quickly yanked off his mask. Your face twisted into concern at the sight of Peter and his beaten face, distinct tear tracks cutting through dried blood and grime. His lashes were clumped together, brown eyes that were once bright and radiating exuberance now leaking with horrible, horrible pain and sorrow and regret. And guilt. There was so, so much guilt, he could just drown in it—and you could drown in it. And every else could drown it in.

“Y/N, I-I—He … I can’t believe he’s-he’s dead. And it’s my fault! All my fault!” he cried, a grimace possessing his once delicate, soft features. He was hardened and older.

You put your hand on the back of his neck, pulling him gently towards you. Your other hand worked tirelessly, fingers running in soothing motions down the length of his matted, curly locks that were dripping with hot sweat. You tried desperately to ease him with no avail.

“I killed him! It’s my fault! If it weren’t for me, he’d still be alive, and I-I can’t—I can’t believe I—oh, God—“ he wept, his tone laced with violent anguish.

“Peter, shhh … You need to calm down. You need to relax. Peter, please.” You pleaded with him.

You felt the heat of his body fanning onto yours, his gloved hands wrapped tightly around your wrists. He urged to to hold onto him—to anchor him into the ground before he lost himself. He focused on you—the sweet sound of your voice and how smooth and beautiful it was. He could smell your hair and your body, and relished in the feeling of your fingers cupping his chin.

“Tell me what happened,” you coaxed, resting your hands on his shoulders.

Peter let out a shaky breath. “O-okay. I-I was just on patrol, going through the motions, but … s-something felt off about tonight. Something bad was going to happen, and it was annoying me because I couldn’t know until it did happen. And-and it did. It was a kid. Younger than me. Than us. He was just minding his own business, then there was some man. I-I don’t know, it all happened so fast. And I wasn’t fast enough! I-I was too slow, even for me! If I wasn’t such an idiot, maybe I could’ve saved him. If I thought quicker, I could’ve saved him, Y/N! And now he’s-hes …” Peter felt sick. His stomach was twisting and turning with the memory of blood burned into his brain; the memory of red pooling around the body of a child young than him; this child had a mother and a father and maybe siblings and friends. And now he was gone. All because of him. It was all his fault. All his fault.

Your heart broke with his words. You couldn’t even fathom baring witness to a scene as crippling is that. You couldn’t ever.

And Peter was so broken. You’d never seen him so hysterical or intense, nearly making himself sick and nauseaous with grief. You wanted to get Tony—you should definitely get Tony. Tony would know exactly what to do. He always knew how to help Peter—probably better than you ever could.

But Peter was swaying and holding on to you so tightly that all you could do was hold him tighter. And you didn’t let go.

“It’ll be okay, Pete. I’m so sorry. I’m really, really sorry. But Peter, you tried. And I know it hurts to think you could’ve done more, but sometimes you do all you can and it just doesn’t work out. But that’s life—“

“Y/N, you can’t say that! T-there’s—it’s … I’m a monster. I need to be better. I’m not fast enough, skilled enough. Not smart enough. Not good enough!”

You held his face, using the soft pads of your thumbs to brush away the fallen tears. It broke your heart seeing him cry, wetness burning away in your own speckling irises. You swallowed thickly, releasing a trembling breath before pinching your brows together and continuously swaddling Peter with reassuring touches.

“Pete, listen to me—you are the smartest person I know. You’re brilliant, but the books don’t matter, Peter, this does—“ you paused, resting your palm firmly against his heart, caressing his sharp jaw and gazing deeply into his wet eyes with an expression so tender and loving it could make an angel cry. “Peter, your goodness is the best thing about you. Your goodness is the reason why you save everyone—even the bad ones. Because you’re so good. You’re so, so good. I know that it hurts, but you have to find a way to live with the pain. You can’t save everyone. Even when those people are the ones who deserve to be saved the most.”

“That’s not fair though! It’s not fair!” he sniffled, his face falling onto your shoulder. You wrapped your arms around him, feeling the wetness of his tears soak through the thin material of your cotton shirt. You rubbed his back, pressing a soft kiss to the side of his head.

“No, it’s not. But it is what it is. Life is life. You can’t save everyone, but you can try. And that’s what’s important, Peter. And that’s why you’re a hero.”

“I don’t feel like a hero.”

“No one ever really does,” you scoffed sadly. You were relieved to feel him relax against you, his hands dropping to your hips before curling around your back.

“It just hurts,” he whispered, shoulder’s trembling. “And it’s scary. Every night I see what people are capable of and I don’t think I’ll ever understand them.”

Peter pulled away from your frame, head ducked down so he could drink in your flustered appearance. You didn’t hesitate to reach up, your thumb running along his flushed cheeks to rid them of their transparent tracks. You took your time, wiping away each and every crystal-esque droplet, watching therapeutically as the liquid seeped into his soft skin.

“That I don’t have an answer for. People do crazy shit, but I don’t know why. They’re just … insane.”

Peter nodded in agreement, a few more final teardrops slipping from the corners of his eyes and rolling down his rose-kissed cheeks. You smiled tenderly at him, tracing his jaw lightly while running the pads of your thumbs across his toned cheekbones again. He felt more chiseled—more sharper—yet delicate balanced in your palms, and he leaned achingly into your docile, safe touch. You watched in admiration as his eyes batted shut and he relaxed in your warmth, his hands still sitting firmly on your hips.

The two of you stood in silence for a few more minutes, the only noises heard being the distinct hum of New York traffic and Peter’s abrupt sniffles. He reached up, wiping away the snot that had leaked onto his upper lip.

“Sorry for waking you up,” he mumbled, hiding how congested he sounded (and doing a rather poor job it it).

You removed your cold hands from his face, resorting to placing your wrists on his shoulders. Your heart was racing, and never before had you felt adrenaline so profound kicking away at your core. You were burning, and you loved it, and you knew it was wrong, but all you wanted to do was kiss him.

You shook your head. “Don’t be sorry. I was barely asleep,” you assured. “Do you want to talk to my dad? He might be able to help a bit. At least, he’s more experienced in this field than I am.”

Peter didn’t reply. He merely stared. His dark brown eyes were swimming with constellations and in the blackness of the bedroom—only illuminated by the picturesque glittering atmosphere of the city from beyond the glass windows—you could tell he was thinking of something (and consciously—entirely, wholely consciously—you hoped it was you he was thinking of). He was pondering upon something, and this something was certainly gnawing away at his mind like nothing else had ever before. There was a pensive gleam glowing in his dilated pupils, and you felt the longer you two stared, the better he knew you and the more you wondered about him.

“Peter, hey? Are you—“

You were baffled by the sudden movement of his head dipping down to meet yours, his lips falling eloquently onto yours. Your eyes widened in pure shock for a moment. Peter was kissing you. In your room. All alone. You felt something peculiar jump in the pit of your stomach, and after a raw moment of a realization that this moment was not a scheme painted by your subconscious mind, you finally reciprocated. The lids of your eyes slipped shut, and you succumbed to the series of emotions lodging their way throughout your chest.

Peter’s arms locked around your waist as he pulled you closer, your bodies aligned in a parallel formatiom. You couldn’t think fluently enough to find a substantial place for your hands, so you settled upon one curled through his chestnut locks and the other against his cheek. His skin was warm beneath your careful fingertips, and the feeling of his lips kissing yours was something you couldn’t exactly find the appropriate vocabulary to explain.

You kissed for only a few seconds and time had never been more irrelevant.

“Uh, w-wow—“ you whispered, your voice hoarse. Anxiously, you wiped your palms against your thighs. “That was—“

“Was-was it okay? I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean—I just-I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to … I had to kiss you,” he confessed. Even in the darkness you could tell he was a blushing disaster.

You giggled lightly, shaking your head. A dimpled smile found it’s way onto your lips. “No, Pete. I liked it. I was just um … I was surprised. I-I didn’t think that you felt the same.”



“Well,” he said, grabbing tightly on your hand. You blushed at the feeling of your fingers entwining. Even though the two of you had held hands before, it’d never pertained to a manner like this. Sometimes it was subconsciously when one of you felt nervous. When in doubt, Peter would always be there to keep you safe. “I-I dont know if that was really the right time to do that, but I mean, I thought—“

“Peter, just stop overthinking it and kiss me again,” you chuckled, shaking your head.

Peter grinned widely, and you marveled at his smile.

He leaned in once again to kiss you, this time the kiss was enveloped with a renewed passion. There was only a hint of uncertainty this time, but those feelings of doubt soon resolved with your arms looping around him. You laughed against his lips, smiling fully into the kiss as you felt him pick you up, your toes barely scraping against the floor.

“Peter!” you squealed.

“Y/N, we’re going to wake up Mr. Stark!” Peter warned.

“Hey, are you sure you don’t want to talk to him before bed?” You hated to ruin the mood, but you didn’t want Peter running away from anything that had he potentia to come back for him later.

Peter shrugged. “I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Besides, I have you tonight. That’s more than enough for me.”

You pecked his lips, your heart fluttering at his words. “Well, then … On that note, I’d say we have a long night of catching up in front of us.”

“Sounds perfect to me, Y/N.”

Secrets - Part 3

You’re best friends with Ned and MJ. You’re really bad at making friends, but then they introduce you to Peter and there’s just something about him that you can’t explain. Who knows? Maybe you’ll actually get along with this guy.

Originally posted by bnsplmn

Disclaimer: very fluffy and a few curse words, but oh well

Word count: 1,9 k

Y/N = Your Name

Part 1, Part 2

You were talking on the phone to MJ about last night, but decided not to mention the kiss. You assumed it wasn’t important anyways, since you haven’t heard from him after he left you standing there.

„I‘m really glad you‘re getting along with him, Y/N“

You just hummed in response, trying to hide the fact that you only told her half the story.

„Wanna hang out later?“, she asked you.

You would love to, but you knew Peter would be there as well and the thought of seeing him made your stomach turn.

„I can‘t, I still need to finish my science project. Sorry, MJ“, you said, trying to sound as convincing as possible.

„Alright then, see you tomorrow“

And with that, you hung up.


You were scratching Tessa‘s favorite spot while watching the News.

„Spiderman put an end to a late night robbery at 1:15 am earlier this morning. He has reportedly fought 3 people trying to break into a cashpoint at the Queens Community Bank. Due to unknown circumstances, the Deli-Grocery on the other side of the street caught fire during the fight. While Spiderman was busy with the criminals, Iron Man rescued the owner of the Deli and his cat. Both heroes at the same time, in the same place? Doesn’t seem like a coincidence to us. Does this confirm Spiderman as a new member of the Avengers? We‘ll have to wait and see!“

And then it clicked. The sticky webs he made in chemistry class, him constantly leaving out of nowhere, the red and blue „sweater“ in his backpack yesterday and the „internship“ with Tony Stark. Your jaw dropped to the floor as you realized that Peter Parker, the boy you couldn‘t stop thinking about, was actually Spiderman. A wave of mixed feelings washed over you. You understood why he had to leave after the kiss, but you were still disappointed. It was the middle of the night and your apartment was a 45 minute walk away. What if something happened to you on your way home? You asked yourself what he would have done if you were the one who needed saving, but your thoughts got interrupted by the doorbell before you could think of an answer.

You got up and answered the door, Tessa following you like a shadow and to your surprise, Peter was standing right in front of you with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. You rolled your eyes and let him in.

„So, an internship huh? I don‘t think ‚internship’ is the right word for fighting bad guys and saving people with Iron Man, but maybe that‘s just me“, you said sarcastically, walking back to the living room, leaving him there with an open mouth.

„Does May know? Do Ned and MJ know? Or am I the only person on earth who didn‘t know that you‘re Peter during the day and fucking Spiderman at night?!“, you raised your voice, losing control for a moment.

Peter was just standing there, not saying a word, still holding the flowers in his hands. He was shocked that someone had figured out his biggest secret.

„I‘m sorry to break it to you, but if you came here to just stand in my hallway in silence, you can leave again“, you hissed.

„How did you find out?“, he said with a calm voice.

„You weren‘t hiding it very well. You make your webs in chemistry class and let them explode everywhere, like seriously? You told us about your ‚internship‘ with Tony Stark and suddenly Iron Man has a new sidekick? Come on, you don‘t have to be Sherlock to find out“

He nodded at your words, realizing his mistakes.

„To answer your question from earlier, no. No one knows, except for you and Mr. Stark and I don‘t want to change that for now“, Peter said.

„It’s a wonder that no one else figured it out yet, you‘re hiding skills are absolute trash“, you chuckled.

„I‘m actually here to apologize for yesterday. I would love to have stayed, but now you know the reason why I had to leave..“, he held out the flowers to you.

You looked at him, contemplating whether you would forgive him that easy or not.

„What if something happened to me while you were busy beating up three guys at a bank? You knew how long the walk back home would be, you live on the same street. You left me alone in drenched clothes at Central Park in the middle of the night, Peter“

Your words felt like a knife to his chest and you could see the guilt in his eyes.

„You‘re right. I‘m so sorry Y/N, I should have brought you back home safely. This internship is so important to me and I get a bit carried away with it. I won‘t leave you like this next time“

„What makes you so sure that there will be a next time?“, you asked him.

„Well, I was hoping we could spend some time together again“, he said shyly.

You smiled at him and accepted the flowers.

„You‘re lucky you‘re cute, Parker“

You hugged him, his big arms pulling you closer and you felt like he was going to crush you.

„You‘re suffocating me“, you chuckled.

„I‘m sorry, I‘m just so glad you‘re not mad at me. It feels good to have someone to talk to, thank you for understanding“

He looked at you lovingly and gave you a quick kiss on the forehead.

„I really could get used to this“, he said and you hummed in response.


The two of you were discussing Einstein‘s theory of relativity while walking down the street towards your apartment, a bag of chinese take-out in your hand. The sun was about to set and Queens looked it‘s best in the golden hour.

You were standing in front of your apartment door, turning the key in it‘s lock. You went inside, got two pairs of cutlery and left the flat again.

„What are you doing, babe?“

„First of all, we‘re going to eat on the rooftop. Excellent view and it‘s golden hour, so it’s even more beautiful. Second of all, ‘babe’? Do you call that Mr. Stark as well? You know, I don‘t want him to get jealous or anything“, you jokingly said, earning a chuckle from Peter.

You got to the rooftop of your apartment building, stunned by the view once again. It just gets you every time.

You sat down on the edge with your legs hanging from the building, opening your box of fried rice.

„Isn‘t that a bit dangerous, so close to the edge?“, he asked you with a worried expression on his face.

„Oh come on, I‘m here with a goddamn superhero. Also, I think you‘ve done way more dangerous things during your ‚internship‘ than this“, you winked at him, patting the space beside you, signalling him to sit down.

„Hm, you’ve got a point there“ he mumbled while making himself comfortable next to you.

The two of you ate in comfortable silence, watching the sunset.

„So, how did this all start?“, you asked him.

„A spider bit me a few years ago and after that, I gained spider-like abilities. It was scary at first, but after a while I got the hang of it and decided to use it for good and fight crime in the neighborhood“

„What do you mean by spider-like abilities?“

„Well, I‘m strong and fast, I can climb walls, I heal a lot quicker than most people and my senses are just an absolute mess. It‘s like they‘ve been dialed to eleven“

„That sounds crazy.. Wait a minute, do you lay eggs?“, you looked at him with big eyes.

„What? No, of course not“, Peter laughed at your question.

„Thank god“, you exclaimed, „Have you met all the Avengers yet?“

„Actually yes. I‘ve already fought against half of them and believe it or not, I stole Captain America‘s shield“, he said, obviously proud of himself, „but enough of me. I want to hear more about you, Y/N“

„I‘m really not that interesting“

„I‘ve never been more interested in anything else“

You blushed at his sweet answer. What you had with Peter was something different. It felt like you‘ve known each other for a lifetime, but you don‘t even know his middle name. It was kind of weird, so you thought of some random things about you.

„I love Pizza, but I hate cheese. Pizza is literally the only cheesy thing I eat“

„Are you insane?“, he chuckled, „Tell me more“

„There’s nothing more fascinating to me than the universe, but I get really bad existential crises when I think too much about it. Also, the moon looks best when it‘s shaped like a toenail“, you looked at Peter, afraid you might bore him too much. He concentrated on every word though, so you kept going.

„My first pet was a hamster named Totoro and I still know the words to every song from High School Musical 1, 2 and 3. MJ and I used to watch it multiple times a day and we still sing the duets together sometimes. The only time we‘ve had a slight ‚argument‘ was when we both wanted to be Gabriella, so we forced Ned to sing Troy‘s part“, you laughed at the memory and Peter chimed in.

„Oh man, I wish I knew you back then. I would have happily been your Troy“, he said with a smile, looking at you.

„You certainly would have been a better choice than Ned, because that boy can‘t sing for shit. And don‘t get me started on his dancing..“, you chuckled.

You kept talking as Peter noticed little things about you. The way your eyes change color in different lighting, how your nose scrunches up when you laugh and the way your voice gets a bit higher when you talk about something you‘re passionate about.

„..And that‘s the story of me breaking Ned‘s nose by accident, but according to your expression you’ve already stopped listening to me about 5 minutes ago, so what‘s the matter?“, you pulled him out of his thoughts.

„Huh? Sorry, I was just.. thinking about something“

„Jokes on you, because you‘ve just missed a great story. What were you thinking about?“

„This probably sounds really cheesy, but you‘re just too stunning, it distracted me a bit“, he blushed and looked away.

„You‘re right, a bit too cheesy for my taste“, you said, intertwining your fingers with his, „but still cute“

He looked up at you and leaned in for a kiss, as you saw something suspicious on the street below you.

„No time for making out, there’s a lady getting robbed“, you said in a concerned voice, pointing down.

In an instant, Peter got his suit out of the backpack and changed into it. He climbed down the walls of your apartment building in a matter of seconds, catching the robber just in time, while you called the police.

Peter shot a web at him, so he couldn‘t escape before the police arrived and while the burglar stuck to the brick wall behind him, Peter made sure the lady was fine.

You knew this wasn‘t a big deal for him compared to the other things he has done, but you‘ve never felt so proud in your entire life and you had to admit, this was the moment you fell for Peter.

|  PRESS  |

          Tom Holland

          Prompt: I thought you loved me?

          Type: Kinda angsty

          929 Words

          A/N: Super short!! For you my love, @tomsh0lland

You stood tall in your blue and white polka dot heels that complimented your dress nicely. On the sidelines of The Late Late Show hosted by James Corden, you stood next to your co-star, Tom Holland, who had his head tilted down and hands fumbling quickly, attempting to fix his tie. You groaned and through your head back before twisting towards him. He gave you a pout as you swatted away his hands.
   When you finished the knot, you patted it firmly against his chest. You breathed deeply as you realized your hands had stayed for too long to be normal. He grunted in return.
   “Thank you,” Tom whispered, a ghost of a smile on his lips.
   “Couldn’t let a teenage heartthrob look bad on television.” You reason with a chuckle but stopped short, a hollow feeling filling your chest. You frowned.
   A wide smile was placed on Tom’s lips, his mouth opening to speak but was interrupted by a loud voice calling yours and his names. You put the smile on you were practising in the mirror earlier, wide and toothy. Your legs stretched forward, making your way across the floor and up the stairs towards the seating area. James sat behind his desk with a stack of shiny cards between his hands.
   As you reached the couch you sat, instinctively crossing one leg over another. The cloth from your jumpsuit kissed your bare legs, causing goosebumps to rise across your skin. You faced towards James, trying to ignore Tom as much as possible, but you caught yourself gazing over to him as he waved to the crowd with a firm smile. He followed his routine, squirming in his spot, rubbing his thighs then greeting James.
   Tom was the right boy for you, you knew that well. You hated how he was able to play with your heart just right, how sparks would erupt against your skin whenever he touched the small of your back in a polite manner, or hell when you had to kiss him in scenes of the newest Spiderman instalment. But it wasn’t just physical, it was in the little things too. How he held the doors open for you, brought you chocolate when you craved it, held you when you couldn’t understand anything; and you hated it. You hated it because you weren’t supposed to love him, and you and Tom didn’t work. When press for the movie was finished, you both would lead totally different lives. You would be thousands of thousands of miles away from each other, with different people and learning new things. It was the hardest thing you’ve ever done. To break not only his heart but your own. Because you told him you didn’t love him, and he thought you did, and he was still right. But it was better this way, right?
   The interview was nice. You were about halfway through it, already had played a game and now was about to show a teaser from the movie. You knew exactly what they were going to show. Your characters and Toms’, fighting atop a New York city skyscraper about a topic that was very similar to what was going on between the two of you at this very moment.
   “Alright, so let’s watch this clip,” James said and the scene was thrown onto a screen quite a bit away but big enough for the crowd to see it.
   Spiderman swung from building to building, web strings breaking every few seconds as he formed a new one. In his arms, he held a girl, which you played, who clung to him tightly. Behind them, the sunset was glowing through the city, windows illuminating with warm colours. Spiderman pulled upwards, earning a quick squeak coming from your characters mouth, which caused a few giggles from the audience.
   You were safe atop the building now, and as soon as you had both feet on the ground your character shoved herself out of Spiderman’s red uniformed arms. The angle showed your nervous face, tears brimming your eyes, and Spiderman with tight fists.
   “Gemma,” Tom’s American accent called for your character.
   “I can’t!” You turned around wildly, your hair whipping furiously in the wind. “I can’t do this anymore.”
   Spiderman stopped before Gemma, his large white eyes squinting before he ripped off the mask to stare at her face to face. He spoke and mocked your words, “What do you mean, ‘can’t do this anymore!’?”
   “You know exactly what I mean Peter. This.”-you poked the spider symbol on his chest-“I can’t date you anymore.”
   Tom’s lips parted, eyes blinked a thousand times over, trying to stop from crying, and then he said: “I thought you loved me?”
   You could feel Tom bristle beside you on the couch. Those were the exact words he said to you after you told him you were breaking up with him, funny enough it happened just before the scene. It was cruel of you to do that, you knew it, but you thought it’d be best to get it over with. You had told yourself it would give you more time to heal.
   You heard your voice from across the room. “I love Peter Parker. I don’t love Spiderman.”
   And before you knew it, the scene was over and you still had to continue acting like you were happy, like you were fine. You still loved him, you always would.

Mutant (Teaser)

Summary: You’re a new recruit for the Avengers and Mr. Stark sends you out on your first mission. Peter doesn’t like the idea of you going alone and when your missions turns out to be a trap he completely loses it and gives in to his growing feelings for you. 

Parings: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Angst 

This is just a teaser. The story will be posted Friday! Let me know if you wish to be tagged. 

This was requested by @dying-wishes​. Thanks for such an awesome request! I’m so sorry its taking me this long to post. 

“Mr. Stark, please,” Peter begged.

Tony did his best to ignore the pleading teenager. He was closely monitoring the footage on his screen that captured everything you were seeing.

Tony knew how Peter felt about you even if Peter hadn’t admitted it to himself. There was no doubt in his mind that Peter had grown attached to you.

“Please, let me go in with her. I know its just a surveillance op but I don’t have a good feeling about this Mr. Stark” Peter pleaded again.

Tony shook his head. He knew you weren’t completely finished with your training but he needed someone with your abilities for this mission He needed someone that could the information he needed without being detected.

“Mr. Stark please, these people tortured her, she needs someone with her” Peter eyes shone with tears. He hated not being by your side, especially when he knew he was the only one that could calm you down.

“Mr. Stark, someone is approaching from the south entrance. I can see more men approaching now. I’m trying to read their minds Mr. Stark but I can’t,” your voice came through and Mr. Stark turned away from Peter and quickly looked at the other cameras that were supposed to be monitoring the situation. All but one had been shut off, and he stared at the last camera that showed several men in military grade suits quickly encroaching on your position.  

The whole operation was a trap and before Tony could stop him, Peter had ran out of the room.

Tony sighed, he had to stop Peter before he ruined the mission.

Your closed your eyes and gulped. You raised your hands in surrender as you watched the men surround you all the while pointing their guns at you.

You knew that the north entrance was free for you to escape but you didn’t. This was your mission.

You bit your cheek, you knew you were going to be tortured

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“wait, no, don’t take kisses away from me” with tom ❣️ pretty please

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“Tom, I think it’s time you take another spoonful of the syrup.” Y/N said looking over to Tom, who was covered up in a heated blanket.

Tom groaned, throwing the blanket over his head, “Unless it’s maple syrup, I don’t want it, Love.”

Y/N giggled lightly, “Babe, I don’t think you’ll get any better if you don’t take the medicine.”

You laid on top of Tom, removing the blanket from his face. Tom had a soft smile of his face, “Hi, there.”

Tom wrapped his arms instinctively around Y/N waist, bringing her closer to him, “Tommy, please take it. You’re just going to get worse, and I don’t want you be sick anymore.” You said, you brought your hair to Tom’s hot face, “You’re burning up baby.”

Y/N pressed a small kiss on the tip of Tom’s nose, “All syrups have a bad taste to them, I’ve had to take them too, you know.”

Tom smiled, twirling a strand of Y/Ns hair, “Still not going to take the medicine, Darling.”

Y/N pushed herself up, “Well, if you won’t take the medicine, then you can live without kisses until you get better.”

Wait, no, Don’t take kisses away from me.” Tom reaches out for your hand, bringing you back into him, “Please.”

You smiled at Tom, “Take your medicine and we’ll see.”

What if Tony goes back in time in Avengers 4 and tries to meet up with Peter?

Okay like,I’m not really a comicbook-type of fan, I’m more of a movie-fan,so forgive me if I get some errors and mistakes wrong.

So,people have been theorising that the remaining Avengers will go back in time to get their past selves do stuff,yiddy yadda yadda.

I don’t really know what year they’ll be going back to but let’s just base the year (for this scenario) in a case where they go back to the year where Peter is already your neighbourhood friendly Spider-Man, just without the fancy suit and stuff.

He’s still wearing his old home-made suit.

And he hasn’t met Tony Stark yet,nor has the Civil War happened yet,and this is when Peter is still fantasising about meeting Tony Stark in the flesh which he thinks he’ll never get to do but ooooohhhh boyyyy have you’ve got a surprise in the future—

Okay,back to the topic here.

Anyways,can y’all just imagine Tony Stark, before they’re going to meet everybody and assemble everybody up,people from the past and people from the future,he stops in his tracks and say,“Wait.”

Then the rest just stares at him and the past-Steve asks,"What?”

Tony would just stare at him with a remorseful stare,"Before this..I’ve got business to do.”

While his nanotechnology-suit starts forming up, the past-Natasha just goes and questions him,"And ‘business’ to do..where exactly is this ‘business’?”

And then,right before blasting off,Tony just stares at them with a literally desperate look because he’s just a dad missing his spider son,"In Queens.”


The people will all be confused and he’ll blast off,instructing Friday to immediately search Queens for a certain Spiderling that he’s been aching to meet for these years that he had been alone for.

And once he gets to Queens,you can imagine how excited,relieved,desperate and happy he is when he’s got news and information that his AI has spotted a certain guy in red and blue sweatpants and hoodie,swinging from buildings to buildings using something that resembles ‘webbing’ from a Spider.

And that that guy has a nickname that is ‘Spider-Man’.


And let’s try to see this from Spider-Man’s,AKA Peter Parker’s,perspective.

You’re a vigilante that somehow acquired Spider powers when you were bitten by a radioactive spider, you basically fan-worship Tony Stark,nobody else knows who you are under that mask you use when you fight crime,you were swinging your way to somewhere to rest after beating up a bunch of guys who tried to steal an old lady’s purse.

Not so bad,right?

Then,you land on the roof of a building to rest because all that swinging’s gotta be tiring.

Just then, you hear thrusters.

And before you know it,the man,the myth,the legend, Iron Man,is right in front of you.

Okay,let’s get back to the 3rd perspective.

Anyways,upon seeing Peter,unharmed,not fading away in his arms,still in that ridiculous onesie, and staring at him as if God has just landed in front of his eyes,Tony Stark breaks.

He’s practically crying in the suit.

Of course,Peter being Peter,he completely freaks out and starts to spout incoherent stuff such as ‘OH MY GOD IT’S TONY FREAKING STARK’ and ‘AM I DREAMING’ and ‘I CAN DIE PEACEFULLY NOW’.

Tony,after seeing Peter’s fanboyish reaction to his arrival because that was how he would have reacted had he met him under different circumstances (and not for recruiting him to fight against Captain America in the Civil War),chuckles,but he’d immediately grimace when he heard Peter say,‘I can die peacefully now’.

Tony will then say,"No,kid,I’m not gonna let you die.” but the ‘again’ was unspoken of.

And then Peter will be like,"Wait,how did you know that I’m not an adult ye—”

Then his ass would be saved by May calling him,demanding where he is because dinner is due soon and he’d sheepishly reply over the phone that he’ll be home in a couple of minutes.

Tony loved his reaction and his dorkish manner to his aunt,who he dubbed as ‘Aunt Hottie’ because that woman was gorgeous.

But then Peter will say,“S-So sorry but I’ve really gotta..um..get back to my..l-lair.Y-Yeah! Lair! Yeah. So I’ve gotta go now.And I really cherished my meeting with you,Mister Stark.And ohmygodthisisthebestdayofmylife—”

Peter only stopped to breathe,bow, and then left again,swinging off.

Tony would be desperate again and call out for him, but Friday would advise him to go back to the compound,which he begrudgingly did so but not without a second glance at Peter,then left.

His heart would be warm knowing that in this timeline,Peter was safe.

But he wasn’t sure whether he would still be safe in the future,but he’s going to do everything in his power to keep it that way.

He’ll do everything in his power to make sure Peter was safe,now and in the future.



And then as a bonus:


After some important stuff,Tony immediately drives straight to Peter’s school around the time where the students would all be dismissed,where instantly,a crowd of kids start to crowd around him and ask for photographs and stuff.

Of course,his mind was only fixed on Peter.

Now,Peter,would just be hanging out with Ned and talking about some Star Wars stuff and legos, and then they’d see a crowd around a sleek black car.

And they immediately recognize who was the owner of that car,and who the other students were crowding around:

It was Tony freaking Stark.

Keep in mind that this is not a time where Ned has found out that Peter is Spider-Man yet,so he can’t just shake Peter and say,“PETER IS HE HERE TO RECRUIT YOU INTO THE AVENGERS?!”

Instead,Tony Stark will shout out loud,"Does anybody know a ‘Peter Parker’ around here?!”

And everybody.



Including Peter himself.

And Ned,being the traitorous fanboy who was completely brainwashed by Tony’s presence, immediately shouts out in the pin-drop silence and points at Peter,"I-I know a ‘Peter Parker’! He’s right here!”

And Peter will turn to Ned and glare at him while whispering,"Dude,why the hell did you do that?!”

“Oh wait,was I not supposed to do that?” Ned asks out loud for everybody to hear in the silence, completely oblivious,and Tony can only smirk in their dorkiness.

So,Tony then requests,”So hey,I take it that you’re Peter Parker,right?”

Peter merely nods in astonishment.

Tony’s smirk only grew wider as he walked up to the currently frozen Peter,clasps an arm around his shoulders, guides him to the car,gets him into the passengers seat,then gets himself into the drivers seat.

Before driving off,he looks into the rear view mirror and says,"You and me have a lot to talk about later on.”

And poor Peter,is just confused by everything.





Human Anatomy - Peter Parker

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welcome to a blurb that is rather close to me due to the fact that I am struggling in anatomy currently to a point that makes me want to cry horribly!  but this blurb came from anatomy, so I guess it is okay. :) 


word count:  737

You sat across from your long time boyfriend, Peter Parker, with your hands raking through your hair.  Your studies in front of you made you feel like you were either going to cry or throw up, and either way, you were simply miserable over it. 

Peter watched you closely, with a look of pure pity on his face, and he close his trigonometry book quietly.  He stood, moving around the table you sat at in your  dining room, and he wrapped his arms around your shoulders as you sat sadly. “I’ve watched you enough.  How can I help you?”  He asked you sweetly as he pressed a kiss to your temple. 

You sighed and lifted your head, resting it against Peter’s cheek.  “Unless you can force me to learn where the superficial muscles of the body are, I don’t think there is much you can do.”  You sighed pitifully and wanted nothing more than to just crawl into bed and sleep your anger off. 

“I can try.”  Peter suggested as you finally looked at him and at the loving look on his face.  You smiled faintly, allowing your boyfriend to pull you up from your chair.  He lifted you easily, placing you on the kitchen table, facing him.  

Without fighting him, you allowed Peter to stand between your legs, his hand resting on your thighs.  You waited patiently for further instruction or explanation but he only examined your book and notes over your shoulder.  Then, carefully, he took his hand and placed his thumb on your chin, tilting your head back to that you were staring at the ceiling.  “What muscle is this?”  Peter asked you as his thumb ran up and down the skin next your throat, a foreign and hungering feeling.

With a small smile, you laughed.  “Peter, what are you going?”  

“Shh.  No talking unless you are answering me.”  He ordered to you as once again, he ran his thumb up and down your neck.  “This muscle?”  He asked you again and you swallowed. 

“Platysma.”  You answered in a wavering voice, causing him to chuckle.  

He looked over your shoulder as he nodded.  “Very good.”  He told you and moved his hand to your shoulder, rubbing it gently.  “What about this one?”

Your nerves were high for reasons unknown, and his touch made you hungry for more.  “Deltoid.”  

Peter smiled, placing his hand on the back of your neck and moving your face to his once more.  “See?  We can do this.”  He told you as you smiled, placing your hands on either side of his face and pulling it to yours roughly.  

Hungrily, you kissed him, wrapping your legs around him to bring him closer, and you tangled your fingers in his hair, holding his face to yours.  After a moment or two of sloppy, hungry kisses, Peter pulled away, an amused look on his face.  “What is that for?”  He asked you as he wrapped his arms around you tightly, holding you as if you could fade away in his arms.  

“Your touch feels nice,” you told him awkwardly and your cheeked burned red at your own comment. 

Peter chuckled and moved his hands to your thighs once more, freeing himself from your grip.  “Settle down, now.  We’ve got a lot to cover.”  He teased you as his thumb grazed your outer thigh.  “Perhaps, if you do well, you can get a reward at the end of our studying.”  He offered with unreadable eyes and for some reason, this excited you incredibly.  “What’s this one?”  He asked you as his eyes remained locked with yours, giving you an odd feeling in your stomach.  

For a moment, you thought, before the words fell from your lips.  “Vastus lateralis.”  You answered carefully and watched as Peter smiled.  

“You’re doing so well.”  He told you happily and hummed. “Before too long, you’ll have this mastered.”

With a small smile, you nodded.  “Thanks to you, Peter.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.”  You told him, leaning in for a kiss, but before your lips could meet, he pulled away quickly.  

“No!  We have not mastered this yet!”

Tea Party

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Tom Holland Dad Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: cuteness!

A/N:I love writing small or long fics of Tom as a dad more than anything. Knowing I can’t have kids, I smile when I write these just thinking of the chance of it.


“Tom!!” your voice rose in frustration as you fumbled with your wallet in the kitchen. Tessa running around the kitchen with the new toy Tom had brought home the other day. The tea kettle whistling in the backgroun made your migraine rise and rise. Everything wasn’t going right this morning and you were about to lose it and have a meltdown.

“Yes love??” Tom’s soothing voice made you turn around and walk in the direction it came from. 

“Can you please go help the girls out? I have to run to the store” you call out looking around as you slip your heels on quickly. The sound of feet bounded down the stairs made you turn around startled in your anxiety filled morning.

“Be careful coming down the stairs you two. I don’t need you breaking a foot like your daddy did a couple months ago ok-”

“Why do you have to bring that up it was so embarrassing” Tom groans walking around the corner. His arms wrap around your waist pulling you to him. A sigh of content leaves you with a smile appearing on your face. The simple gesture always made you smile. Followed by all the tension leaving your body. 

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BTS as Marvel Super Heroes

Jeon Jungkook: Spider-man

K.NJ / K.SJ / M.YG / J.HS / P.JM / K.TH / J.JK