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The First Punch [3]

Pairing: Boxer!Tom Holland x Boxer!Reader

Word count: 4,147

Warnings: Swearing, blood, angst, kind of fluff??, some violence I guess, foreshadowing to some not good shit

Summary: 2 Underground Boxers. Biggest underground competition in Chicago. Both are the ones to watch, expected to win. Bet on by everyone who knows of the league. Neither can afford to lose. One champion. Only one problem: they fall for each other.

A/N: Look, a schedule! And I promise, this will all make sense. It’s just gonna take a few chapters. Please tell me what y’all think. Feedback gives me more motivation to write tbh. My taglist is closed please don’t ask!

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Tom is almost visibly holding his breath. He’s just waiting for you to say something snarky, pushy him away from you just something but you do nothing. You say nothing. The only sounds surrounding you were those of the city and club. Tom barely knows your name, and by barely, he doesn’t even know your full name so it really isn’t his wisest decision to be sitting outside in the middle of the night with his competition.

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Tom helping you destress
  • bby needs some destressing himself
  • y’all are both tired and cranky
  • And you actually end up getting in a bit of a fight
  • Just a little argument
  • But it was enough to where you gave up bc you were exhausted 
  • you started crying
  • And he was like
  • ?????????
  • It wasn’t even a bad fight babe?
  • Just about the way the plates are arranged in the dishwasher?
  • Not enough to reduce you to tears???
  • So you’re like sobbing and you have to explain that it’s not the fight it’s your entire day/week
  • And he feels so bad
  • “It’s fine, it was just a little argument, I’m just tired is all”
  • “Well I know but I should have seen that you weren’t right”
  • “Can we just make up and start over?”
  • “Sounds good love”
  • So y’all fixed the plates and sat down on the couch
  • “Movie night?”
  • “Movie night.”
  • Y’all put in some crappy RomCom
  • bc why tf not???????????????????????????????????
  • And bc he’s a squishy bean
  • he’d reenact all the dumb love scenes
  • like the cliche, “they met in a cafe”
  • (No i did nOT write a set of hcs where they met like that sHHHHH)
  • So not only do you end up with tears of laughter from the bad movie
  • They’re also from his awful accents and ‘seductive’ gestures that’s really just him being like an actual twelve year old who just went through sex-ed
  • smh we love our dork

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Being a social outcast for being a nerd isn’t that accurate anymore, cause being a nerd is more socially acceptable and cool than 50 years ago. So, consider this: Peter Parker being a social outcast not only cause he is a nerd but also cause he is a trans boy

HC that the spider bite made Peter even lighter.

you’d think it would make him heavier, what with the new muscle and (perhaps) a denser bone structure.

but what if the bite changed his bone structure to be less dense? more light so he could easily swing himself around, make his footsteps even quieter for stealth, and add to his flexibility.

i just thought it would be funny if

  • tony goes to help peter up when he falls (like, grab his hand to hoist him off the ground) and completely underestimates how much strength to use and sends the poor kid flying.
  • Aunt May and Peter are watching a movie with Peter’s head in her lap, she tries to get up to get something to drink & Peter - joking around - holds onto her, not letting her up. May laughs and once again, underestimating how light he is, she jerks herself up and yanks Peter with her - so she stands there with Peter easily clinging to her like a koala. “Peter what the fu-“
  • (in the end she just easily walks to the kitchen with Peter wrapped around her , giggling the whole way because she still wants her drink and no feather light spider-kid is gonna stop her)
  • Peter wanting to prank Tony by tackling him - but as he jumps onto his back the man doesn’t even budge, so Peter just awkwardly sits on Tony’s back.
  • “kid it literally feels like i’m wearing a backpack do you even eat”

anyway someone write about this please

Most of us have waited so long for this movie (almost two years) and it’s finally here! And let’s face it, I’m probably going to cry during it cause my pathetic self is about to cry right now.

ok so yea peter and shuri are the meme gods,,,,but like vision is part jarvis,,,,,,and jarvis like was the internet kinda so he would understand all of their references, but i feel like he wouldn’t see why they’re funny so peter or shuri would be like “tHiS BiTcH eMpTy…” and vision would respond, without any sort of emotion “yeet.”

Hickies (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: can you do one where Peter and reader got a bit steamy with a make out session and Peter doesn’t notices to ton of very very noticeable hickies on him until he’s left his room and him trying to survive the day with it?

A/N: Hey guys! I am finishing my exams this Wednesday, so I will probably upload nothing else until then -I will try to write my imagine based on the incredible trailer that day, so it should be up on Thursday at most!

Peter laughed softly as your lips traveled down his neck, leaving small kisses. His t-shirt was off, you wearing it.
‘’Babe, somebody is gonna barge in’’ he whispered, a smile on his lips as your lips kissed his stomach. ‘’Are you giving me a hickie?’’ he asked, furrowing his brows.
You raised your head to look at him, a smile plastered on your face.
‘’Of course not’’ you reassured him.
He brought your face close to his and kissed you, the kiss getting more intense as time passed. His hands traveled to your hair, messing it up, then moving to your hips and pulling you closer to him as he sat on the bed. You put your hands on his hair, pulling at some strands and making him groan.
Lowering your head, you started to kiss his neck again, his eyes closed. His hands moved to your butt, making you moan softly as you gave him a hickie, which was followed by multiple others, although he didn’t notice.
You kissed him on the lips again, his tongue entering your mouth as your hands drew patterns on his back. He run his hands up and down your body, enjoying the feeling of having you so close to him.
Finally pulling apart to breathe, you rested your forehead against his and smiled softly, opening your eyes to find his looking at you with an expression full of love. He grinned before grabbing the hem of his t-shirt with his hands.
‘’Will you give me back my t-shirt so I can go out and have breakfast?’’ he said, the grin still on his face.
You laughed and took it off, his eyes never leaving your body. You then put on your clothes, and as you looked at him putting on his t-shirt, you admired the way his neck was full of hickies, although he didn’t notice.
‘’Let’s go grab some food’’ you said, getting up from bed and grabbing his hand.
You both left your room at the Avengers Tower and walked towards the kitchen, a comfortable silence between you.
When you got to the kitchen, everybody was there, considering it was still pretty early and they couldn’t afford to sleep in and lose training.
‘’Good morning everyone’’ you said as you let Peter’s hand go, walking to the fridge to get some juice.
Peter sat on a stool as you passed him some pancakes, and Tony looked at him with a smirk on his face before nudging Steve’s side.
‘’Spiderboy, what you got in your neck?’’ he asked, the smirk present on his voice.
Peter automatically raised his hand and put it on his neck, trying to see if he had something.
‘’What do you mean?’’ he asked, his voice raising an octave.
‘’It seems like somebody decided to paint a sunset there’’ Natasha told him.
You rested against the counter, a cup of warm coffee in your hands, which you brought close to your lips.
‘’I’m pretty artsy, right?’’ you asked, taking a small sip of your drink.
Peter gasped and looked at you, an offended look in his eyes.
‘’You said you hadn’t given me a hickie!’’ he accused you.
‘’When you asked me, I hadn’t’’ you said, shrugging your shoulders.
Everybody laughed as they looked at Peter, who looked like an angry kid.
‘’What am I supposed to tell my aunt? The ‘I fell going down the stairs’ excuse isn’t gonna make it this time!’’ he complained.

tony installs heelys in peters suit for his birthday despite bitching about the ridiculousness of it to rhodey

the next sighting of iron man in public was… peculiar, and described by an eyewitness as “zooming past us and pulling that spiderman dude by his web behind him, and i SWEAR spiderman was gliding down the road at 200mph in fucking heelys as he was towed by tony fucking stark, why does no one believe me”



A Walk To Remember AU - Fuckboy!Tom Holland x Reader

What happens when a fuckboy with some anger issues and a bad streak is forced to work alongside someone who’s his opposite? And what happens if they can be ripped from him in seconds?

A/N: I don’t know Tom personally nor do I own him. What’s written is just fiction and should be thought of as such. I do not directly associate the actions, activities, or emotions with Tom himself. He is being used here as a character should be thought of such.

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Prologue 💕
Chapter 1 (choices) 💕
Chapter 2 (deadbeat neighbor) 💕
Chapter 3 (smug smirks) 💕
Chapter 4 (deal or no deal)
Chapter 5 (bagels) 💕
Chapter 6 (untold stories) 💕
Chapter 7 (two sides of the same coin) 💕 
Chapter 8 (fire and ice) 💕
Chapter 9 (stitches) 💕
Chapter 10 (parachute) 💕
Chapter 11 (innocence) 💕
Chapter 12 (who needs rules?) 💕
Chapter 13 (winter in july) 💕
Chapter 14 (family) 💕
Chapter 15 (love me) ✌💕
Chapter 16 (nightmares) ✌💕
Chapter 17 (sad truths) 💕
Chapter 18 (magnetic puzzle) 💕
Chapter 19 (not a bucket list, bucket list) ✌💕
Chapter 20 (london lights) 💕
Chapter 21 (shopping and balancing) 💕
Chapter 22 (lost hope) 💕
Chapter 23 (numb) 💕
Chapter 24 (no more waiting)
Epilogue 💕

Fic Inspired Works:

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Moodboard 1
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Moodboard 4
Moodboard (OC!Annabelle) by @hazzy-osterfield
Moodboard 5

Interwined (fan art) by @bi-writer-in-the-dark
July/Winter (fan art) by @bi-writer-in-the-dark
Emotional Tom (fan art) by @foreverbeingthunderbuddy
You Taste Like July (fan art) by @mocimori
Tom+OC!Zelda (fan art) by @mocimori


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Peter, a gen z kid: I’m here I’m bi and I want to die

Tony, in tears, secretly setting up appointments with 172 different child psychiatrists: same

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Steve Rogers

Did you actually think you were enough?

Forget me (Part 2 of Did you actually think you were enough?)

Tom Holland

Thanks for not having dumped me yet (Tom Holland imagine)

She used to check me out (Tom Holland imagine)

Fall days and coffee dates (Tom Holland imagine)

Need your loving (Tom Holland imagine)

Oblivious (Tom Holland imagine)

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Peter Parker


Don’t Ever Come Back

I’m sorry (Part 2 of Don’t ever come back)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

You deserved it (Drabble)

All that matters (Part 2 of You deserved it)

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Tony, minutes after they defeat Thanos: Hey guys, you hungry? What do you want to eat? It can be anything at all-


Shuri, without even hesitating: fuCk yOUR CHICKEN STRIPS

Peter and Shuri: *high five each other*


Tony: what

It was a joke, baby. I swear

Request: 41,46,or 63. Whichever you’re more comfortable with :))

Could you do #46 with Peter Parker? ps all ur writing is bomb af

Summary: Peter pulls a prank on you and you threaten to kick his ass.


Part 2

Originally posted by jessikaort

You gasp at the sight in front of you. Looking back at you through your mirror was yourself, but not exactly. You had just gotten out of the shower, and once you walked by the mirror, something a little blue had caught your eye. You went into the shower with y/h/c hair, and now you’ve come out with royal blue hair. You took deep breathes as you lifted some parts of hair from your scalp to see that all of it really was blue. Some strands were a more faint blue than others. 

Meanwhile, Peter was sitting on your living room couch, giddy with anticipation. You didn’t know it yet, but he was the one who had put the blue dye in your shampoo. It was semi-permanent, he figured it’d be a funny little prank. He impatiently waited to hear something from you, knowing your reaction wouldn’t be subtle. He had heard the shower turn off, “Hows it going in there y/n?” Peter called to you.

It all clicked to you now. Peter was the one who had ruined your hair. Of course it was him. Blue hair to match his red and blue suit. “Peter Parker, I’m gonna kill you!” you screeched as you bolted into your room throwing on two pieces of clothing that were the first items you saw, a pair of underwear and Peters hoodie that you “borrowed”. With your wet blue hair, you marched out to the living room where Peter was laying, laughing uncontrollably. His eyes ran up and down your body and rested on your hair, “Well you look, amazing,” he told you, attempting to stop his snickering. 

“You think this is funny, Parker?” You grumbled, breathing heavily. 

“No, no not at all, I’m sorry. I think it’s hilarious,” He knew you meant war when you said his last name, but he couldn’t help but give himself a small pat on the back at his clever prank.

You groaned at his comment and began to advance towards him. Peter was taking no chances, knowing you were currently wild. So he flexed his arm out, and from his wrist shot out a web that pinned your fist to the bookshelf behind you. Looking at your hand that was covered in a sticky substance, your jaw dropped and features turned to a bewildered look. Oh he did not. You yanked and pulled at your hand, but it wasn’t escaping anytime soon.

“Look just calm down,” he tried to reason, with a wide smile on his face, “wait, is that my sweater?” he asked you in a higher, curious tone of voice. He cocked an eyebrow, as he studied the article of clothing. But because he was a teenage boy, his eyes became glued to your naked legs. He was quite enjoying your outfit, 

“Don’t try to change the subject Peter. What did you do to my hair?” you demanded, ignoring his burning gaze,

It was just a joke, baby. I swear.” He said, taking slow steps towards you,

 “You think it’s funny that I get to match your stupid onesie now?!”

“Ugh, it’s not a onesie,” he whined, squeezing the bridge of his nose between his thumb and pointer finger, “babe, I’m sorry-”

Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!” you interrupted him, yanking at your hand once again. 

“I’m not letting you out of that till you calm down y/n,” Peter told you, gazing down to webbing. 

“I’m not going to calm down, my hair is blue!”

He sighed, and tilted his head to the side. He began walking towards you again. Once he was within arms reach of you, you brought up the hand that wasn’t pinned down, and swung it at Peters chest. He caught it before it could hit him, and he pressed his body against yours. Trapping you completely, in the corner between the wall and the bookshelf. You tried taking back the hand that he had a hold of, but he held it tightly and closely to his chest. You grabbed a fist full of his grey shirt, and attempted to push him away, but he wasn’t budging. 

Peter lowered his forehead to yours, knowing your wild mood was slowly fading. He knew what he was doing, and he knew the effect he had on your body. “Stop it. I’m mad at you,” you spoke to him sternly, determined to keep your fuming attitude, to prove a point to him. “No, you’re not,” he persuaded you with a smile.

“Yes, I am. Look at my hair!” You argued not looking him in the eye. Again you tried shoving him away, but it was hardly worth trying, without control over either of your arms.

“There’s nothing wrong with your hair. It’s perfect,” he whispered to you. You stopped struggling against him, and decided your best bet now was to give him the silent treatment. Moving your head to the side, you didn’t give him any attention and took your forehead away from his. Shortly after, you felt a pair of soft lips press themselves to your temple. You closed your eyes at excitement of butterflies attacking your stomach. Peters lips pecked a trail of kisses down the side of your face, “I’m sorry,” he muttered in between every one of them. Leisurely, he brought them down to your exposed neck. Sticking to your plan of the silent treatment, you didn’t protest. 

“Please-forgiveme-I’msorry,” he repeated every time his lips left your neck and reconnected them. 

“I hate you,” you whispered, just barely audible for him. Peter smiled against your neck and placed his forehead back against yours, “What was that?” he asked teasingly with a grin. You tried so hard to keep a smile from taking over your lips, but you failed trying, “I hate you,” you said louder to him.

He shook his head with a smile, “No you don’t,” he declared with a laugh. You just nodded your head in response, letting out a laugh also.

“Nice sweater by the way,” he said to you, “mind telling me where you got it?”

Dating Tom Holland Would Include...


Originally posted by tomhstories

  • Tom’s probably very comfterable with PDA
  • So he’ll happily smother you with kisses in public
  • I feel like he’s the playful earbiting type
  • Adorable nicknames
  • baby
  • darling
  • You came for tom but stayed for Tessa
  • Tessa is your and Tom’s child
  • “Come on Tess, me and daddy are gonna take you for a walk”
  • Tom loves to exploit your relationship on social media
  • During his livestreams all he talks about is you
  • You and Harrison love to ‘fight’ over Tom
  • “He’s my boyfriend!”
  • “He’s my best friend!”
  • You got to meet the Avengers
  • And your RDJ approved
  • “Keep her close, Tom”
  • “Oh I plan on it”
  • You love to call him Thomas
  • Cause he hates it
  • You just love to tease him in general
  • You also love to steal all of his clothes
  • Sweaters
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • He doesn’t care though
  • He thinks they look better on you
  • Tom would try to teach you how to dance
  • didn’t work well
  • You two just ended up making out
  • Whenever he’s away you two always make time for facetimes and calls
  • “I miss you so much darling”
  • When he gets home he’d pick you up and twirl you around
  • now
  • homeboy is handsy
  • so cuddles for days
  • and he’s so warm and soft
  • just imagine him falling asleep 
  • his arms wrapped around you and his head resting on your chest
  • imagine his soft snores
  • his curls falling on his face
  • the small smile on his face
  • and his eye lashes fluttering ever so lightly
  • His general response to anything would be “but I’m Spider-man”
  • “Babe, put the toilet seat down!”
  • “But I’m Spider-man”
  • You and stackie would be best friends
  • The three of you love to roast Tom
  • “You’re my boy/girlfriend, why aren’t you on my side??”
  • Jealous!Tom
  • Oh jesus
  • The veins will pop out of his neck and arms
  • and its hot
  • If he’s jealous he’ll usually never leave your side
  • and he’ll wrap his arms around your waist protectively
  • But back to fluff
  • I feel like he loves tickle fights
  • I mean, it’s an excuse to pin you down
  • So many ‘I love you’s’
  • “I’m going to the bathroom, I love you”
  • Your first I love you’s would be accidental
  • “Bye, I love you”
  • “Love you too”
  • “What?”
  • “What?”
  • So much fluff
  • So much love
  • Let’s be honest
  • Tom Holland would treat you right
  • Tom Holland would be a damn good boyfriend

Being Peter Parker’s high school sweetheart would involve…

I don’t own Peter Parker or anything else from the Marvel universe!

Originally posted by mamalaz

Keeping each other’s belongings in your lockers.

Peter forgets his lunch one day and you just silently take an extra lunch from your locker and hand it to him.

He doesn’t stop grinning for the rest of your day because you remembered to put extra pickles on his sandwich and to smush it down real flat.

He keeps his biggest, cosiest hoodie in his locker for you for whenever it’s cold, or even for if you’ve just had a bad day and need comforting.

You’ll be sitting in the library, trying to study but just feeling completely drained and overwhelmed, and you’ll feel someone drape a familiar hoodie round your shoulders and an even more familiar pair of lips against your temple.

Him walking you to all your classes, so often that your teachers know him now and ask where he is if he’s off school.

There was one time where you’d hurt your ankle, and Peter gave you piggybacks to all of your classes.

You defending Peter from any bullies.

When people first found out that you and Peter were dating, Flash was humiliating Peter in front of the whole school at lunch, and saying that Peter was lying about being your boyfriend.

Sick of him upsetting your boyfriend, you stood up in front of the school and kissed Peter like you’d never kissed him before.

Needless to say, Flash didn’t question your relationship again.

You and Peter having a competition to make each other blush in class by passing notes.

Your best one was “list of people I love: Peter Parker, you, the nerd sitting on my right, May Parker’s nephew, Spiderman (yes I do know, you’re terrible at keeping secrets)

That was a month ago, Peter is still blushing.

Being partners for every assignment.

You meet up to work on projects (read: you meet up to sit in the same room as your textbooks whilst watching movies and making out)

Somehow you pass every assignment.

Hanging out at your lockers all the time.

You both have a strip of photos pinned to the insides of your locker doors from that time the two of you found a photo booth whilst on a date.

When you need to take some time to breathe and relax between classes, you’ll lean against your lockers and share earphones whilst just staring into each other’s eyes and being happy to be together.

Going all out to embarrass each other on your birthdays.

On his sixteenth, you raced to get to school before him so that you could fill his locker with confetti (he’s still finding pieces in his notebooks).

On your sixteenth, he borrowed loads of your baby pictures from your parents and stuck them to your locker door.

You can’t wait for his seventeenth so that you can get revenge.

Peter “subtly” watching you from afar when he sees you at the end of the corridor because “holy shit that’s my girlfriend”.

You’re not subtle, Peter.

Literally everyone can tell.

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Rivals? || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2238 words

Request by anon: hi, can you please do a peter parker x reader imagine where the reader is tony starks daughter or something and she and peter hate each other but they low key have sexual tension or something like that? and the imagine ends with them kissing or something? idk sorry if that didn’t make sense

No spoilers homie

Originally posted by peterbparkerr

Y/N Stark always wanted a normal life. She hated being known as Iron Man’s ​daughter. She hated not being a normal teenager. For her entire life, she was home schooled,being taught from the best in New York. So of course, she wanted to go to a high school, to have the experience of hating her teachers and falling in love.

The first day of freshmen year was strange at Midtown High, most people didn’t know who she was until she told them her name. Rumors had been going around about the infamous Y/N Stark was attending Midtown, but nobody thought of it to be true.

Teachers would kiss up to her, not wanting to face the wrath of her father, Tony Stark. Everyone wanted to be her friend by the Friday of her first week in high school, everyone but one person, Peter Parker. He hated how she got treated like royalty by the teacher and the students, especially Flash, who did anything to get her attention. He hated how her grades were as good as his. The whole school knew about their rivalry quickly into freshmen year.

After Peter got bitten by the radioactive spider that gave him his powers, he knew he had to do something with his ability. Like his Uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This only convinced him more that he should be out there, protecting the people of New York. He was also happy that he finally got something that Y/N didn’t have.

He would never admit it to anyone, but he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. When she was around him, he was captivated by her beauty. They would share glances in the hallway but would both quickly look away from embarrassment.

Y/N didn’t hate him, she tried to be nice to him. She didn’t like how her dad gave Peter all of his attention, but she understood it was for a good reason. The two teens were always battling for first place for everything such as science fairs and debates. They were always neck and neck, him beating her as much as she did him. But, she thought it was cute when Peter did little things like tap his fingertips on his desk when he was nervous or whenever he spoke, she was drawn to his lips. She thought Peter was cute in general.

Most people saw his ‘hatred’ for her as love masked with hate. Everyone thought that by the end of high school the two would be dating. Peter’s friends tried convincing him to talk to her, nicely, but he wouldn’t. Y/N’s friends tried to get the two smartest kids at Midtown High together, but it just failed.

“Hey Dad?” Y/N asked while she sat at the dinner table alone with her father. He looked up from his food, “Hmm?” He mumbled back to her, with food in his mouth.

“Can I go to a-a party tonight?” She questioned, playing with the food on her fork.

“Where is it?” Tony asked, stuffing food into his mouth. Y/N looked up at him, “Queens. In the suburbs. A lot of my friends are going.” She added.

Tony nodded his head, “Fine you can go.” Y/N looked at her dad, eyes wide. “Really?” She exclaimed.

“Yes. But no drinking,” He stated, pointing his finger at her but paused, “Okay. Minimal drinking.”

Y/N smiled widely, nodding her head muttering, “Yeah, yeah of course. Thank you.” She ran up to Tony and hugged him.

She left her chair and went to hug him. “Let me take you.” He said as he hugged her back. Y/N pulled away furrowed her eyebrows, slightly confused at the man, “Why?” Usually if Y/N had somewhere to be, Tony made someone else take her so the act was strange.

Tony smirked, “Come on, you’d be the coolest person there because I have sweet cars.” Y/N nodded her head, agreeing with him. “Okay, well I’m gonna go get ready.” She beamed, running up the stairs.

Tony pulled up to you’re friends house, music blaring and red solo cups already littering the ground. He looked at Y/N, wondering where all the time went. “Ugh, you’re growing up, guess it had to happen sooner or later,” He joked, making Y/N giggle.

“I’m gonna go, I’ll call you when it’s over, or text you if I’m staying the night, alright?” She asked, exiting the car. Some of the teens who were standing outside or just got dropped off were staring in shock. Tony Stark just dropped his teenage daughter off at a party in a, most likely, a very expensive car.

Y/N slammed the door shut, “Bye Dad!” She waved with a smile, waiting for him to drive away.Tony smiled at his daughter, bidding his farewell before speeding away.

“God, she irritates me. She would obviously have her rich daddy drive her here in a cool ass car just to make herself look good.” Peter groaned as he went inside with Ned.

“Or maybe he wanted to take his daughter to a high school party?” Ned suggested, realizing that the statement didn’t make much sense. The boys walked over to the drink table. Booze, booze, booze. Whatever. Peter soon found the fridge and got water, in a red cup so people wouldn’t call him so prude.

Y/N had found a couple of her friends to hang out with. They were already buzzed, she wanted to stay sober just to make sure her friends got home safely.

Halfway through the party, Flash, the host, shouted, “Yo, if anyone wants to play seven minutes in heaven, bring your ass over here!”

About half a dozen people followed him. Everyone at the party was either too drunk to car about his statement or didn’t want to play the game where they were locked in a closet with a stranger. “Come on, let’s go.” One of her friends exclaimed.

“Yeah let’s go.” Herr other friend yelled.

“Um, I don’t think it’s a good idea.” She shouted over the loud music. Her friends rolled their eyes and grabbed either of her arms, dragging her in Flash’s direction. The group of people who wanted to play were already there, sitting in a circle, around a bottle that was resting on a table. She looked at the faces of all the people, and was met with the grimace of Peter Parker.

Her friends found an open spot in the circle so naturally, Y/N sat with them, sitting diagonally across from Peter. “You all should know how the game works. But, to those of you who don’t [cough] Peter Parker [cough].” Flash boomed, making his friends laugh. Y/N felt bad for him, he didn’t deserve to be treated badly. No one does.

“Whoever wants to start, will spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on, you have to go into that closet,” He said, pointing to a closet nearby, “for seven minutes with that person. You can do whatever you want in there cause it’ll be locked. After seven minutes I’ll open the door and yeah. Start the process over again with the person next to you. So, who’s first?”

It was about 4 rounds into the game, and Y/N was getting bored. But she was glad she didn’t have to go in yet. After a pair came out of the closet, with lipstick smeared all over their faces it was Peter’s turn. “Be cool about it, there are a lot of hot girls in this circle man.” Ned whispered when Peter spun the bottle. Peter nodded his head, agreeing with his friend.

The bottle spun slower and slower, Peter’s hands were starting to get clammy. The bottle stopped and he looked up from the green glass. The person sitting in front of it was none other than Y/N Stark. All the teenagers froze, shocked at what had happened. “I-I gotta go,” Peter mutter, standing up from his seat on one of the couches.

“Na-na-na-na no,” Peter felt a hand on his shoulder, turning to see Flash, “You’re gonna go into that closet with your best friend Y/N.” Flash finished sarcastically, pulling Peter over to Y/N, before grabbing her arm and pushing them into the closet. Flash slammed the door closed, making the two flinch.

“Seven minutes starts now,” Flash shouted from behind the door, before walking away towards the group of teens.

It was quiet for about thirty seconds, the two both scared of talking to the other. There was enough space in the closet to leave you both a couple inches apart, but only a couple inches. “Um, I’m sorry you had to do this,” Y/N apologized sympathetically, “I should’ve never come to this stupid party.” She muttered the last part, shaking her head. Peter stayed silent, holding one arm with the other.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Y/N asked, desperate to know.

Peter sighed, “I-I don’t hate you. It’s just,” he paused, not knowing what to say, “I was so used to being the smartest kid in class and suddenly you show up, beating me in nearly everything. I guess I was just, jealous of what you had.” He admitted honestly, slightly frustrated. Looking down in between the two to look at his shoes. “You have everything in the world. You have a lot of money, a rich dad, and a bunch of friends.You’re fucking perfect. I don’t have anything like that.”

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologized again, feeling bad for him. She started playing with her thumbs, “But, I’m not perfect, I hated what I had. My rich dad gives you more attention now than he gives me because of the whole, superhero thing.” She whispered the last part, not knowing if anyone was listening, “My friends only want to be friends with me because of my name and the money I have. It sucks, ya know?” Y/N finished, a few tears leaking from her eyes.

“I, I didn’t know you felt that way,” He said, regretting the way he has treated this girl for the past couple of years. He moved forward, closing the space between them, moving his hands to cup her cheeks, brushing away her tears with his thumbs.

“You didn’t deserve the way I treated you. I didn’t know what things were like for you. I am so sorry I was so rude to you.” He apologized, leaning his forehead against hers. Y/N reached up and placed her hands on his shoulders, squeezing reassuringly.

“You didn’t know, it’s alright.” She whispered, her breath fanning against his cheeks, and a small, understanding smile on her lips.

“But it’s not alright,” Peter murmured, rubbing one of his thumbs on her cheek. Y/N closed her eyes for a second, “If you kiss me, I’ll forgive you.” He looked at her slightly shocked. But he closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly to the right before leaning in and capturing her lips with his. She closed her eyes once again, putting her arms around his neck and her hands into his hair.

His lips were soft, and hers tasted like candy. Her nose brushed against his cheek, but the act went unnoticed. She started playing with his hair, twirling it around her fingers.

Unbeknownst to Peter and Y/N, Flash shouted that the seven minutes were up. He moved towards the wooden door, not hearing anything coming from the other side due to the loud music. He went to unlock the door. When it opened, he froze. “Holy shit!” Flash shouted making the two kissing immediately pull apart, out of breath.

Peter had a blush rising on his face, mimicking Y/N’s. Most of the people who were playing were curious at what was happening, a crowd forming around the door. “They were just making out!” Flash shouted with a smirk on his lips, making the blush on Peter and Y/N’s face deepen.

“Alright Parker!” Someone in the crowd of people yelled, making Y/N stifle a laugh. Peter glared at her playfully. The crowd of people began to fade away, Flash telling the two to get out of the closet for the next round of people to go in.

Peter and Y/N walked to a place in the house where there wasn’t a herd of people. “So, do you want to go to the movies with me sometime?” Peter stammered, nervous about what her answer might be. Y/N smiled, “I would love too, Peter. Now, go enjoy the rest of the party. I have to go deal with my drunk friends.” She chuckled starting to back away. 

Peter nodded his head understandingly, “I’ll text you then. Yeah?” 

Y/N tilted her heard to the side slightly. “You better. You don’t want to make a Stark angry.” She said with a chuckle, walking back towards her friends.

Peter fist bumped the air, before whispering to himself, “I have a date….. awesome.”

Part Two

When Peter first started as an avenger, he always addressed everyone formally

…but some of his collegues felt he just did it to amuse himself

To Tony: “Hello, Mr.Stark!”

To Natasha: “Hello, Ms. Romanoff!”

To Pepper: “Hello, Ms. Potts!”

To Steve: Peter turns to Tony. Tony slowly nods his head.

Steve: Mouthes Don’t you dare.

Peter: Smirks “Hello, Mr. Rogers!”

Tom Holland & the silent treatment Headcanon

request: can you do a tom headcannon and the silent treatment?
A/N: I wasn’t sure if you meant Tom giving or receiving the silent treatment so I did both!

tag list

Tom giving you the silent treatment:

  • this would totally be because of one of tom’s jealous days
  • you’d both have been out most of the day catching up with friends
  • but tom was just having one of those days where he wanted you all to himself
  • and he wasn’t a fan of you getting along so well with one of your friends
  • normally he didn’t care, not in the slightest bit
  • but today was a day where he was convinced you were being a little extra flirty
  • which you weren’t and deep down he knew you’d never do that to him
  • but nevertheless
  • he decided the silent treatment would be a good solution
  • he’s so dramatic
  • you really wouldn’t notice at first because he had already been talking to one of your other friends
  • but after fifteen minutes of him not reaching for your hand
  • or your thigh
  • you caught on
    • “Something wrong, Tom?”
    • “Tom?”
    • “Hello?”
  • he’d continue to ignore you, taking sips of his drink as his eyes laid plastered on the friend he thought you were flirting with
  • and you knew what he was thinking so you’d scoff and go right back to your conversation
  • dinner would proceed with neither of you two talking
  • and the car ride would be just as silent
  • but once you got in the apartment
  • you’d start talking to him
    • “Is someone jealous?”
    • “You know, it’s not flirting. Just having a conversation.”
    • “How long as you gonna keep this up?”
    • “Bet you won’t last much longer.”
  • at your last remark, you got a reaction and it was just the single shake of his head with a sly smirk he was trying to bite back
  • tom liked a challenge and you were more than happy to be that challenge
  • he’d sit on the couch and turn on netflix while you went to change
  • but you’d only change into one of his hoodies, just your bra and underwear underneath
  • so when you’d walk out into the living room, he’d have to do a literal double take
  • but this was a game and tom never lost so he’d keep his eyes on the screen with pursed lips
  • while you sat next to him
  • you’d drape your arm around him so you were able to play with the curls at the nape of his neck
  • but he’d remain strong, not even glance at you
  • so you’d take it up a notch and place kisses on his neck
  • he’d close his eyes and tilt his head instinctively to give you more access
    • “Come on, Tom. I know you want to say something.”
  • you’d be whispering in his ear but he’d remain completely silent
  • in all honesty, you were impressed he’d lasted this long
  • tom could never shut up
  • the corners of his mouth were slightly tugged up and he was sucking on his teeth so you knew you were getting closer to him caving
  • so, you swung your leg over his lap and straddled him
  • he locked eyes with you and shook his head
  • you’d give him a taunting smile before going right back to his neck, not quite enough to actually leave marks
  • and sure enough, his hands would find your waist
  • his fingertips finding themselves under the hem of his hoodie
  • you’d pull away, pout your lips and just
    • “are you done ignoring me?”
    • “you’re dying to talk, i know you.”
  • and he’d lick his lips before biting down on his bottom lip
  • while you slid your hand under his shirt, rubbing circles on his sides with your thumbs as you placed a soft kiss to his lips
  • taking his bottom lip between your teeth before pulling away
  • and finally
    • “For fuck’s sake, you’re a tease.”
  • you’d burst out laughing as he quickly wrapped his arm around you and laid you on your back so he’d be hovering over you
  • happily ready to finish what you started
  • and silent treatment, not always a bad thing

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