spiderman canon

Tony, minutes after they defeat Thanos: Hey guys, you hungry? What do you want to eat? It can be anything at all-


Shuri, without even hesitating: fuCk yOUR CHICKEN STRIPS

Peter and Shuri: *high five each other*


Tony: what

I was thinking about that churro lady
  • Peter either swung down to her because he saw that she was confused or she just like tapped this random spandexed stranger on the shoulder to ask for directions
  • Both are so hilarious to imagine
  • “You’re the hero! The one on the news!”
  • “Yes ma’am, th-thank you”
  • Peter getting really happy because a stranger just called him a hero
  • Him beaming through the mask
  • “I’m supposed to meet my son at this little coffee shop on 31st” 
  • “Oh yeah! I go there all the time with my aunt”
  • Peter getting paranoid because revealing that he has an aunt might have somehow compromised his identity 
  • Him pointing down the street a couple of different ways
  • He has to bend down a little bit to talk to her which feels nice because he’s self-conscious about his height
  • The lady pats him on the hand and says “Thank you, thank you”
  • “Yeah, yeah, no problem, Miss”
  • She sees the churro cart across the street as Peter’s beginning to leave
  • “Oh! Wait!”
  • He sees where she’s looking and jogs back to her side
  • “Do you like churros, sir?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, churros are, uhm, churros are good”
  • Peter being flustered again because she called him “sir”
  • He sub consciously deepens his voice a little bit for the rest of the conversation after that comment
  • “I’m going to buy you one. C’mon, c’mon”
  • Peter insisting that “it’s fine, it’s fine, I - I just ate lunch”
  • “Nope. I’m buying you a churro”
  •  He’s really smiling now
  • “Thanks, Ms. Lady”
  • He helps her across the street and she tells him about how she used to get churros all the time with her kids “but now they’re a little too old for that”
  • “No one’s too old for churros”
  • She laughs a little bit “Yes, I suppose”
  • She gets the churro and the guy behind the stand is in  a w e
  • She insists on getting multiple napkins for him to hold it with
  • “We don’t want your… costume to be getting dirty now, do we?”
  • Peter resisting the urge to inform her that it is not a costume, it’s a suit
  • Just agreeing instead
  • Karen adds that “Mr. Stark would not be happy if you got your suit dirty”
  • Peter jumping a bit because he’s still not used to his new suit and Suit Lady
  • “My grandson really likes you, you know. He always looks for you out the apartment window”
  • Peter’s heart swelling
  • “Wow, that’s - that’s awesome. Uhm, tell him I said ‘hi’, tell him Spiderman says ‘hi’”
  • “Alrighty, dear, I will”
  • Her insisting that she remembers the way to the coffee shop
  • “Okay, uhm, thanks for the churro, I’ll eat it on my way home, thanks a lot”
  • She smiles and pats him on the shoulder and walks down the street
  • Peter totally downplaying how giddy he was that someone recognized him when he called to give his report for the night

Peter: Mr Stark-


Peter loses his backpack so often that Tony starts to carry one of his own with all the Spidey essentials whenever the two are out and about or on missions.

It has noise cancelling headphones, sunglasses, sunscreen because Peter burns, an extra phone, snacks for if they get caught up somewhere where Peter can’t eat every hour because of his metabolism, and a first aid kit.

Clint calls it his diaper bag and Tony just scoffs as he flings the super expensive and designer backpack over his shoulder before boarding the quinjet.


okay hear me out

I’ve been listening to these songs 1  2  that were cut from the musical (probably because they made it too long or because they talked about things that were later resumed in other songs) AND I’VE COLLECTED SOME THINGS

We can consider this canon, those are facts that don’t affect the plot and were made by the authors so I’m stuck with it.

1. In this song Cynthia says this: ‘ The missing pills from the medicine cabinet.
The missing kid found passed out in the park.’ so THANKS TO THAT WE NOW KNOW HOW AND WHEN HE DIED. Probably after that first day of school, because he was absent three days after someone found him, he grabbed those ‘missing pills’ and died due to pill overdose.

2. Also in that first song she says he ‘used to love jokes! when he was a little boy? ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ he had a million answers to that one!’ so, like any cheerful little kid he liked jokes that probably turned to bitter sarcasm with the years. 

3. There’s this other song in which Cynthia says ‘ Saw the counselors and the clinics
And the cures a mother tries
Cause maybe they could take away that anger in your eyes’ which means they were trying. He probably was on meds and probably was tired of psychiatrists. 

4. Both songs talk about how Cynthia and Connor fought after dinner every dinner and how Connor pulled himself away with every fight:  ‘ We went to battle every evening after dinner
I thought I knew some way that I’d get through to you,
In the bedroom down the hall
We fought a war where no one walked away a winner
Cause every day you pulled a little more away,
Remember?’ and ‘ All that I’ve thought about is how hard he would slam that bedroom door,
Every night after dinner.
Wild-eyed and weary, from all those nights of fighting a war
Where no one was the winner.’

5. Okay this is not about Connor but we now know Connor and Evan had one thing in common. Heidi about Evan: ‘In the bedroom down the hall
I surprised you with that comic book collection
Next Halloween,
I dressed you up like Wolverine,
Remember?’  and Cynthia about Connor  ‘The years of trick or treating, my spiderman, he stood at 4 foot 2, such a happy child.’

THEY BOTH LIKE COMICS!!! so they could have been friends they actually had things in common and thanks to these songs now we know Connor was a human and not a monster. Sure, he was mean and that’s not nice nor forgivable but at least we know (thanks to a little bit of light) that he was  really trying.

I wonder what would have been of them both if they had talked things out, Evan and Connor I mean. I know mental illnesses can not be magically cured by a lover but having someone by your side (as a friend too) really helps, and they were in the same position so maybe they would have been of help for each other.

anyway that’s all

domestic things w/ tom holland

a/n: hope you like it! please let me know 🤪

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  • tom would be the best boyfriend in the world
  • like it’s not even an exaggeration; he’s just always so kind & forgiving
  • & so so so goofy
  • he’d always be pulling (harmless) pranks on you
  • tom is all about making you smile and/or laugh, like the boy can’t go a day without saying or doing something funny towards you
  • & he’d love how goofy you are too
  • you love teasing in interviews/or whatever about how you “despise this new spider-man” 😉
  • tom is always doing hand stands & back flips which you are always warning him to be damn careful p l e a s e
  • he gets so excited when you agree to let him teach how to do them (if you don’t already know how)
  • going to london every so often to visit his adoring family 
  • spending time with his brothers when they come to visit; you are practically part of the family
  • actually you’re even in a group chat with his brothers where you all just roast the shit out of tom
  • tom is the first one to even mention marriage in the future
  • & he is constantly talking about your future kids’ names so randomly
  • the boy really is lovesick when it comes to you
  • tom is super polite around the paparazzi but the minute they start harassing you a little too much, he gets f*cking pissed 
  • always holding your hand during premieres & whatnot to make sure you’re taking it all okay
  • fans absolutely idolize you two & call tom a disney prince & you a disney princess
  • it becomes a meme
  • whenever tom posts a picture of you on his instagram his mom comments “my beautiful daughter in law”
  • laughing hysterically when you see rumors that you are stuck in a love triangle between tom & harrison
  • & retweeting it on twitter, tagging them both, & writing “how did they find out…”
  • decorating for christmas together is a huge event
  • playing just dance together & getting so mad because tom always wins
  • he loves surprising you with romantic getaways
  • whenever tom is away & someone flirts with him, he always replies “sorry but i am happily taken. and she can kick your ass.”
  • using each other as furniture
  • he loves it when you scratch his head
  • you & tom are so damn close that when you speak to each other in non-human noises, you both know e x a c t l y what the other is saying
  • snuggle sessions
  • saying “i love you” like a million times a day
  • dancing like weirdos in the kitchen while making breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • sending each other funny but sad memes about missing each other
  • hanging out with harrison while tom is away & harrison telling him on the phone how grumpy you are without him. 
  • also harrison posting a picture of you & him hanging out & tom commenting “😭😭😭”
  • tom congratulating you when you burp massively
  • telling tom all the gossip from work/school & he is REALLY into it
  • pull very ugly faces at each other, even if you’re on both ends of the couch
  • just because
  • wearing toms hoodies & hats (which he finds so freaking hot)
  • Tom being gone for work & he texts you saying he has something “sexy” to show you, but it’s just a video of him playing the kazoo (SEE ABOVE GIF)

to be continued…

Okay but Peter, Ned, and May getting Greek food and Ned and May both pointing at the pita bread and going “Hey, that’s you, Pita Parker”

Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita

“I’m not a girl! I’m a boy! I mean I’m a- I’m a man!” -Peter Parker


Peter Parker aka Spider-Man: Transgender

LGBT+ character aesthetics 3/?

Ned’s Fedora Headcanon

This is literally the weirdest and most random string of ideas I think I’ve ever had, but I was cracking up at the thought so I thought I’d share :))

  • Ned having a rule that Peter can’t wear the fedora
  • “You’re Spider-Man! That’s your thing! I want to have my thing!”
  • “Ned, do you honestly think a fedora makes you as cool as Spider-Man?”
  • “…it gives me confidence”
  • Peter giving Ned a photoshoot with just him and his fedora
  • “Dude you need a girlfriend you legitimately only have a hat to pose with”
  • Ned whipping out his Palpatine Lego figure defiantly and posing with that as well to show Peter up
  • “Did you take that off the Death Star? Without telling me?”
  • “Yes I did, Peter.
  • Ned and Peter deciding that the hat brings good luck because Peter swore he saw a girl staring at him when Ned was wearing the hat
  • “I’m pretty sure they were staring at me, Peter, I mean”
  • They start getting super superstitious about it
  • Like crazy superstitious
  • They came up with rules and everything:
  • Ned has to take the fedora off whenever he exits a room if he’s by himself, but can keep it on if he’s with Peter
  • “Peter you’re just the right amount of bad luck to balance out the fedora’s good luck”
  • “…dude”
  • Peter has to compliment Ned whenever he’s wearing it (because that’s the kind of friendship that should exist)
  • Whenever they’re building Legos, Ned has to keep it balanced on top of his head upside down to put the last piece down
  • You KNOW that Ned gets mad whenever Peter calls it a hat because it’s a FEDORA for god’s sake
  • “A fedora is a kind of hat, Ned”
  • “Mmhm, okay Ned, sure”
  • May is the only one who can call it a hat
  • But Ned literally worships her so that’s not very surprising 
  • Peter always making jokes about it (and Ned kind of loving it and kind of hating it)
  • “Ned, Ned”
  • “What”
  • “Did you - *snicker*- did you get your fedora sent to you by fed-ex?”
  • “Peter
  • are
  • you
  • high
  • ?”
  • Peter sneaking into Ned’s room to try it on
  • He’s never been successful though
  • Peters 98% sure the hat fedora is cursed
  • “Ned I just wanted to try it -”
  • Ned aims finger guns at Peter
  • Peter immediately drops the hat and plays along, pulling out his finger guns too
  • They literally chase each other around the apartment
  • It’s just a mess of “pew pew pew - ow wait timeout I hit my foot on the coffee table okay okay I’m good untimeout - pew pew pew pew”
  • May loves it
  • Loves it
  • “Ned did Peter try to steal your hat again”
  • “YES”
  • “What?? SHe can call it a hat?”
  • They eventually take a snack break because fighting wears you out, you know?
  • They 100% named it
  • “What”
  • “Dude what”
  • But Ned actually loves the name Feddy because Peter’s puns are always 11/10 in his eyes (such cute friends awW)
  • Feddy lives a happy life with the boys <3

being in a relationship w/ tom holland & trying to keep it a secret

A/N: so this is a bit short, only because i have a domestic things w/ tom planned so i didn’t want to put it all in this one. just tried to strictly stick with trying to keep it a secret. hope you enjoy!! :)  

Request: (by anon) how about a headcannon where you and tom (holland) are in a relationship but you wanna keep it from the public but it’s so hard and you keep almost getting caught by fans and stuff

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  • before you & tom started dating, you were super close friends
  • back then, everyone thought you were dating or that you should date & denying it was so easy
  • until you two actually started dating
  • then things got…. tricky
  • cause Tom is such a horrible liar & a horrible secret keeper
  • (which is extremely adorable but when you want to keep your relationship a secret from the world….)
  • you are always in Tom’s instagram posts/videos & vice versa
  • “So, I’m having lunch with one of my greatest friends of all time” *tom flips the camera to show you making a funny face at him across the table*
  • *Tom laughs* “I’m so damn lucky” 
  • *Tom realizes he’s still video taping & it gets sent to instagram* “Shit…”
  • fans coming up with all these speculations & you & tom denying them 
  • but they are all honestly so true
  • going on trips together & trying to be discreet while holding hands in the airport
  • fans coming up to you & seeing you two holding hands
  • Tom literally begging them to keep this a secret
  • Going to events & wishing you could just kiss him whenever you want
  • Tom texting you to meet him somewhere because he can’t keep away from you any longer
  • Tom being in interviews & getting asked about you
  • he laughs SO awkwardly about it
  • “ha ha nooo, we’re just friends. really good friends.”
  • “so y/n is like a sister to you?”
  • “what?! no! uh, no, i wouldn’t say that…”
  • You getting annoyed when all your friends say how cute he is & asking you to hook them up w/ him
  • Tom getting so pissed when his friends call you “hot” & someone mentions they’re thinking of asking you out
  • to which tom immediately shuts down
  • Harrison being the only one who knows your secret & equally gets annoyed by it cause he loves you two together
  • Going to an after party & both of you getting a bit drunk that you forget & just start dancing super close to each other
  • it’s like, all over the internet the next morning
  • so you both decide to might as well become public now
  • Tom posts a particularly beautiful selfie of you & him kissing to his instagram in a way to come out as a couple
  • truly becoming one of the greatest #goals couples in the celebrity world