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I love your art and if your still doing requests I have a strong need for a ladynoir(or any love square ship) doing that upside down spiderman kiss thing

AHHHHH thank you! <3 ;u;
I actually noticed that there’s a bunch of Ladynoir and Ladrien versions of this so I wanted to try something different… a Marichat spiderman kiss :D I don’t draw enough Marichat anyway. 

I know it makes sense for Ladybug to hang from her yoyo like Spiderman, so you never really see Chat (or Adrien for that matter) as Spiderman in this kiss pose…ergo I wanted to try it u3u I’ve never really been sure how his staff/stick works, but I do know he can like..stick it against/onto a wall and it juts out like a perch. So..yeah xD

Is this pre- or post-reveal?? You decide. 

Conversations you’ll most likely have with Wade Wilson

(A/N): I haven’t written one of these in forever but then I was thinking about it and Wade showed up in my mind so take this lil thing

“(Y/N), I was thinking, what if we made our own chimichangas?” 

“Do I trust you enough in my kitchen to do that?”


“If I figured out how to do an upside down Spiderman kiss would you willingly participate?” 

“Wade, the last time you tried you fell and broke your neck, we’re not starting this again,” 


“Wade Wilson a sub, huh?” 

“Don’t mock me, I can tell you’re mocking me,” 


“(Y/N), my skin hurts, it all hurts,” 

“I’m so sorry Wade, I don’t know- I don’t know what to do to help,” 


“I was once told I looked like an avocado had sex with another avocado,” 

“Well…that’s creative…” 


“Wade, we’ve been over this, you don’t have to hide behind a mask when you’re around me,” 

“I’m afraid one of these days you’re gonna wake up and realize how much I look like a monster,” 


“One of these days I want you to meet Eleanor, I think she’d really like you,” 


“I swear to god Wade if I wasn’t dating you you’d be dating Peter,” 

“I don’t think Tony approves of me so I’m going to have to say no to that statement,” 


“Aren’t they so beautiful?” 

“Wade, it’s 3 in the morning, who are you talking to?” 

“The readers,” 

“The who?”

“Nothin’, just go back to bed,” 


“God bless america!” 

“Wade, you’re canadian, stop with this nonsense,” 


“Why do you love me?”

“Because you’re beautiful inside and out, plus, who else is going to put up with my crazy,” 


“You’re insecure, don’t know what for-” 

“I look like a volcano exploded on the moon that’s why,” 


“Your ass is lookin’ fine today Wade,” 

“Trust me, I know,” 


“Wade we have spent almost a grand in mexican food this month,” 

“So I’m guessing that if I asked for tacos tonight you’re gonna say no?”


“Oh my god Wade! Don’t ever do that again!” 

“(Y/N), I’m fine, really, It’s just a little scratch,” 

“Wade your arm is actually missing shut the hell up,”


“If you ever so casually chop your fingers off again I swear I’m going to withhold sex from you for a week,”


“Did you know I love you?”


“The voices in my head love you too,” 

“…Wade what the hell,” 


“Wade this is so gross, I can’t do this,” 

“Come on (Y/N) just stitch me up and I’ll be good as new- If you throw up into the gaping hole in my chest I will never forgive you,” 


“Wade I feel sick and If you don’t stop trying to pet me with that broom I swear I’m going to rip your hands off,” 


“I can’t believe you tried to use a fucking tide pen-” 

“I was young and inexperienced god,” 


“I think I got the suit wet with my blood and now I can’t get it off of me and I need help,” 


“So I may be a little late tonight, I’m kinda in the middle of somethin’,” 

*Casual sounds of screaming and gunshots in the background*

“Fine but I’m not making your chimichangas so you’re going to have to pick them up,” 


“I like you better without the mask,” 

“Do you now?”

“Yeah, You got a pretty nice face,” 


“I’ll love you till the end of time,” 

“Well you keep up with all this vigilante shit your time is running out buddy,”

“So…do you love me back or what?”


“If I have to come pick you up from a disappointed Fury one more time I may never take you out for food again,” 


“We don’t deserve you,” 

“Yeah you do buddy,” 

Supercorp: “The Spiderman Kiss” 

Amazing commission from the wonderful @zackdoesart

Lena hadn’t experienced a lot of things in her life but she would never get used to the rush she felt when she kissed Kara. Falling in love with Kara was so effortless and she cherished each moment they shared together but one thing that she loved more than anything; was how much of a dork her girlfriend is. How she insisted on carrying Lena bridal style to the bedroom, how she makes Lena sandwiches to take to the office or how excited she’d get every time the word ‘potstickers’ was mentioned. As their relationship had developed Lena had also opened up, showing Kara her nerdy side - it made her so happy to finally be able to share her love of sci-fi and comics to her equally enthusiastic girlfriend. The two had managed to have many movie marathons in between Supergirl saves and Lena’s demanding work schedule, after they’d watched the original Spiderman Trilogy (ranting about Spiderman 3 of course!) Kara had joked about reenacting the famous upside down kiss scene.

Which is how Lena walked into their apartment shrugging her coat off and carelessly pulling her hair free. The smell of takeaway lingered in the air and there was a plate of steaming hot fried rice on the counter but strangely her girlfriend was nowhere to be found. She looked around in search for the Kryptonian, calling her name softly only to be met with silence. Sighing she moved towards the kitchen which is when she heard a soft giggle followed by a muffled “oops!”. Smiling she looked around, raising her eyebrow as another giggle erupted - this one was louder and it only made her smile more.

“I guess Kara isn’t here…” Lena speaks in a teasing voice, biting her lip when she hears some shuffling, more giggling and then she sees Kara, floating at the top of the ceiling, upside down. 

Lena can’t help but laugh when Kara flashes her a proud grin. Kara beckons her over with an excited wave, smiling wider when Lena makes her way towards her. Kara easily floats down, still hung upside down like the deo bat - stopping when she’s mere inches from Lena’s lips. She waits, hovering there as her eyes drift to stare at Lena’s lips.

“Going to give me a kiss then Spidey?” 

Kara blushes at the nickname before nodding enthusiastically.

“Well, I can’t leave a beautiful woman hanging; can I?” 

Lena shakes her head rolling her eyes at the joke. She steps closer tilting her chin slightly as Kara’s hand cups the back of her head gently tugging her closer and effectively closing the gap. The moment their lips meet Lena melts, reaching forward to chase Kara’s lips. Kara keeps her hand tangled in Lena’s hair as they continue to kiss softly and she can taste the hint of wine lingering on Lena’s lips, drinking every bit of her in. Lena smiling breaks their kiss but neither can bring themselves to care - not when Kara is bringing their lips back together and kissing with such softness that Lena never wants to pull away.

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kissing + cuddling headcanons for jesse, lena, gabe, and jack

Hooboi I love me some kissing headcanons. Here we go!




  • He tastes like cigar smoke and, more occasionally than not, whiskey
  • His kisses are always warm and lingering, even the brief little playful ones
  • Loves to bite and suck on your bottom lip
  • Kissing him usually ends up with his tongue invading your mouth and his hands greedily roaming around your body
  • Loves you kiss you when you’re wearing something on your lips (from lipstick to chap stick) because he likes when it ends up on his own
  • Loves ear kisses
  • Gonna nibble that earlobe
  • Also loves to kiss your shoulders and back, and adds a little bite from time to time
  • Can’t help but bathe your entire body in the slowest, heaviest kisses he can manage when he gets the chance
  • Aggressive kisses are also common
  • Also buzzing kisses (lips on your neck behind your ear while humming or growling and travelling your lips up and down that area; hella stimulating, trust me)


  • Heavy cuddler
  • Holds you tight and practically molds himself around you
  • Be prepared to be warm in the winters and sweltering in the summers
  • Naked cuddling is common, tbh
  • Loves to scratch/tickle you by rubbing his scruffy facial hair across your cheeks and neck
  • Hands always on your thighs (or between them), waist, or stomach
  • His legs are absolutely entangled in yours
  • Usually spooning, and he’s always the big one
  • Cuddling is so distracting to him, he just loves being all up and close with you
  • Very difficult for him to concentrate on any movie, conversation, etc. going on during cuddling sessions, so they’re usually filled with silence or the occasional murmur and many smooches



  • They’re either quick and sweet or she puts her all into them
  • Loves Eskimo kisses
  • Just loves to pepper your face in playful kisses
  • Also will kiss your hand/wrist all the time, especially when holding hands in public (getting down on one knee and/or bowing optional)
  • Will nibble but actually isn’t all that into using her tongue (in kissing, that is)
  • She tends to giggle/grin/speak during kissing
  • Kissing just makes her giddy, tbh
  • Fishy kisses because she’s a dork


  • Tbh, even if she’s bigger than her partner, she loves to be little spoon
  • Also loves when you lay on top of her though
  • Always ends up holding your hand
  • Murmurs conversation/random thoughts right into your ear
  • Free hand rubs your back or plays with your hair
  • Loves when your legs are wrapped around her



  • Can you believe how obsessed this nerd is with Spiderman kisses?
  • Just randomly appears upside down above you, a floating smoky mass from the shoulders down (minus his arms, so he can pull you into the kiss), only to kiss you
  • Also enjoys belly/back/waist kisses; he’ll get down on his knees behind or in front of you, pull up your shirt, and press kisses along your stomach, hips, or spine
  • Kisses are big, intimate deal for him, so they’re something he goes all-out with usually
  • Deep throat kisses (deep, heavy open-mouthed kisses like, y’know, ya hardcore wanna shove your tongues down each other’s throat)
  • Also a big fan of Eskimo kisses
  • Ankle and wrist kisses
  • Ear kisses and nibbles


  • Y’all are usually an entangled mess of limbs and flesh
  • He’s literally just wrapped up around you like he’s never going to let you go, which is probably his plan
  • Nuzzling your neck and shoulders and chest the entire time
  • Will hold your hand if you guys are in a decent enough position to do so
  • He doesn’t usually talk during cuddling, just snuggles you in silence while basking in your presence because he’s so lucky to have you



  • Actually hella playful when kissing
  • Loves to give surprise kisses on the side of your face (usually followed by a raspberry to your cheek)
  • Will walk up behind you, pull you to his chest, and pepper your face, neck, and shoulders in light little kisses, talking and chuckling all the while
  • A big fan of biting kisses along your jaw (and loves you to do it back)
  • Feathery, teasing kisses along your shoulders before he dozes off to sleep, leaving you a bit warm and flustered


  • Since his eyesight isn’t the best, he uses cuddle time to trace your body with his hands and memorize every curve, scar, and intent
  • Tbh, it might get a little frustrating because he hands roam everywhere
  • Eventually, he’ll take you holding you close against his chest and nuzzling his face in your neck or hair
  • Cuddling usually ends up with dozing off and napping for a couple hours
  • He’s also one of those cuddlers that will stick their cold feet between your legs or their cold hands under your shirt

For Spiderman Homecoming 2 (Prom?), I highkey want Tom Holland and Zendaya to recreate the upside down Spiderman-MJ kiss from the first Tobey Maguire movie.

But the twist is that Zendaya rips off Tom’s mask mid-kiss and shouts, “I KNEW IT WAS YOU, PETE!”

Also, as a nod to the Andrew Garfield movies, I want a scene where Tom tries to recreate the Peter-Gwen rooftop kiss scene. You know, the one where Peter shoots a web at Gwen and pulls her into a kiss?

But the kiss fails because Tom miscalculates the spin and Zendaya just collides with him. They then laugh it off while Ned takes photos of them for his Instagram.

P.S.: Using the actors’ names because it’s easier this way to keep track of the different Peters and MJs.

Dating Tom! Peter Parker will Include:

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Peter - Bold You - Italic Others - Both

  • Imagine Peter literally stalking you before he actually had the guts to talk to you.
  • At first you weren’t taking him serious at all, I mean everyone knows Peter likes Liz.
  • But despite of all of those ‘having a crush on Y/N stuff’ you two became really good friends.
  • Then every minute you spend with him, you suddenly felt the same way he did to you.
  • Then imagine going to a Star Wars: Force Awakens as a first date; you two having a couple t-shirt of Leia and Han.
  • Then you sat at the very end of the cinema; so Peter can have his first kiss with you.
  • You’re really bad at Math, so before Peter do his spiderjob; he tutors you. But it usually ends up you two making out.
  • Then one night, Peter didn’t know that Aunt May let you in their apartment and when he got home from being spiderman; you saw him literally taking his suit off.
  • O MY GOSH, PETER!” “Y/N wh-why are you in here?!” “Uhm Aunt May let me in before he went to work… Wait youre spiderman?” “Ah, yeah?”
  • Being really disappointed that he told Ned before he told you.
  • “I’m sorry, Ned found out accidentally just like you did…” “NeD FoUNd oUt AcCidEntALlY jUsT LiKE YoU DiD…”
  • Doing the Spiderman upside down kiss as a prize for Peter.
  • Asking Peter about kinky stuff, that includes Spiderman in bed.
  • Every morning Peter will leave a starbucks drink outside your balcony.
  • Protecting this lil bean from Flash.
  • “Oh here comes Mrs. Parker. Are you gonna protect your wife now?” “Idiot he’s not my wife, he’s my husband.”
  • Taping Peter as spiderman for his youtube.
  • You and Ned being his sidekick; but Peter secretly thanking you the most.
  • Losing on bets to Ned, if Peter will ask for a kiss; you betting that he will not.
  • At first Peter really hated PDAs but then time passed, he was literally accidentally doing it.
  • “I promise I’ll make it up to you, babe.” “whatever, spideyboi”
  • Teaching Peter how to drive.
  • “Seriously. It’s not that hard.” “Yes, for you.”
  • Endless love letters from Peter.
  • Writing ‘I love you’s wherever you are with his webs.
  • Peter talking non-stop about  being Spiderman, but you love it; I mean the fact that he’s a superhero and you support him deeply.
  • “I love you Y/N” “OMG Spiderman. Loves. Me!”

Can you do another “Dating Tom Holland?”


Rainy days always being a plus one

❣ “Come on Tom, let’s dance!” You say, the rain matting the hair to your face.

❣ “Darling it’s too cold.” Tom whined.

❣ You pout and continue dancing alone, turning your back onto him.

❣ You feel strong arms wrap around you, slowly rocking you side to side.

❣ “I’m messing up my hair for you.” He whispers in you ear.

❣ “You care more about your hair than me.” You pout, getting away from his grip.

❣ He grabs your wrist and twirls you into a slow dance position.

❣ You stare into his eyes, water trickling down his hair and falling onto your face. He smiles at you.

❣ “The hair is for you Love.” He says, bringing you in for a kiss.

Tom being drained from work

🌸 “Love I’m home!” You hear Tom shout and the front door closing.

🌸 You come out of your guys’ room, wearing his button up and boy shorts.

🌸 He smiles at you, lifting you up as he hugs you.

🌸 “How about we order some pizza?” He asks, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. You smile.

🌸"Funny. I had just ordered one.“

🌸 The pizza arrives and you guys eat, Tom talking about what he did.

🌸 You guys plop yourselves onto the couch, Tom laying down on your lap and playing with you fingers. He kisses them occasionally, getting your attention.

🌸 “I love you.” He’ll say every few minutes. You would reply back and his smile would get bigger.

🌸 You smile every time he does that because it melts your heart. You place your hand on his head, slowly scratching it and you feel him let out a small and quiet sigh. You stop and his eyes open back up.

🌸 “Why’d you stop?” He asks, his eyes looking like a puppy. You giggle and continue, earning a smile from him. He closes his eyes again and you scratch his scalp.

🌸 You do this for a while, rubbing you hand softly over his face, giving him a small massage on his temple. He lets out a small moan, meaning he enjoys it.

🌸 You pull back his hair and place a kiss on his forehead. He opens one eye and purses his lips. You roll your eyes and lean down for a kiss.

🌸 You’re about to sit up when he tells you no. You lean back down and he cradles your face.

🌸 “I love you.” He says sleepily. You smile and peck his lips a little longer.

🌸 “I know. I love you too.” You say, going back to scratching his scalp, only to hear him softly snoring in your lap.

You and Tom fighting

⏳ “You promised!” You cry, the tears stinging your eyes. He stared at you, his eyes fuming.

⏳"What exactly did I promise you? My freedom?“ He says, his voice not quite raised.

⏳"You promised to be home before 6!” You shout. He gets angry and pulls his hair.

⏳ “What is with you?!” He groans, walking away into the living room.

⏳"Me?!? I’m not an ignorant person.“ You yell after him. He turned to face you, making you startled.


⏳You’re taken back and the tears come, not even slowly. Full on sobbing occurs. He notices his words and goes to comfort you, but you push him away to sit on the couch.

⏳"L-Love? Come on now… you know I didn’t mean it.“ He coos, placing a hand onto your back as you cried.

⏳ “How could you forget?” You sob.

⏳ “What did I forget?” He asks.

⏳ You look up at him, horrified.

⏳ “Does our anniversary mean nothing?” You ask. His face falls and he looks away.

⏳ “That’s what I thought.” You say getting up.

⏳ “Where are you going?” He asks, following you.

⏳ “I’m going to Nat’s place. I just need some space.” You tell him, grabbing a change of clothes and slamming the front door on him.

Tom making it up

✨ “It was one anniversary.” Harrison says, dipping his fry in some ketchup. You sigh.

✨ “I know Haz but..that was my best one yet.” You say, dipping yours in ranch.

✨ “Why?” He says, a mouthful of burger. You give a small smile.

✨ “It’s the longest one I’ve had. Three years beats a year Haz.” You tell him, passing a napkin over. He thanks you and cleans up his mouth.

✨ “You sure he didn’t forget?” He asks, taking a sip of his drink.

✨ “I wasn’t. But his face said it all.” You say, taking a pickle slice out and eating it.

✨ You notice a big commotion happening outside and you look out the window. A huge crowd had formed and both you and Harrison go outside.

✨ You look up and see a Billboard sign that reads,

“I was an ass. I didn’t completely forget. I remembered. I just didn’t have something to give. Until now. Turn around.”

✨You turn around and see someone in a Spidey suit descend upside down from the building. You look up and see people on the roof, giving you a thumbs up.

✨ “Seems like someone owes you an apology.” Harrison jokes. Spidey turns to him and punches his arm and I laugh.

✨ Someone comes up and hands me a bouquet of roses, along with a huge teddy bear. I had them over to Haz, who groans.

✨” Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I have been amazed these past three years and honesty, you’ve made me the happiest guy to ever live. I may have not gotten you anything for our anniversary.“ He says.

✨A bigger crowd begins to close in around us as he continues.

✨ “What I’m trying to say is… will you marry me?” He says, tearing the mask off. I blink through the tears and stare back at Tom. I see him pull out a small box and he opens it, still upside down.

✨ It was a beautiful skinny sapphire ring, my birthstone. I cover my mouth and nod, the tears flowing. Everyone cheers around us and he brings me closer, performing the iconic upside down Spiderman kiss.

✨"Congrats on the engagement.. but can we go? This bear weighs a ton.“ Harrison groans.




Zodiac signs as kisses
  • Aries: The Neck Kiss.
  • As the name suggests, neck kissing involves kissing someone’s neck. Most people love doing it after French kissing for a while.
  • Taurus: Mistletoe Kiss.
  • Surprising your lover by capturing them with a gentle holiday kiss under the mistletoe. This is also a great method for shyer individuals to steal a kiss from a potential lover. This merry kiss means you're in the mood for holiday love.
  • Gemini: The Biting Kiss.
  • This is an open mouthed kiss that incorporates the tongue just like the French kiss. The only difference between this kiss and the French kiss is the fact that the teeth are also put into use. The teeth gently grab your partners tongue as you kiss.
  • Cancer: Nose Kiss.
  • Leaning forward slowly to their face and softly kissing their nose. This is a good way to get your partner's attention and it always makes them smile! This kiss literally tells your partner that you want to get silly together.
  • Leo: Collarbone Kiss.
  • Kissing your partner's neck, all the way up by the ear, then slowly working your way down their neck to their collarbone. This is very sensual and arousing.
  • Virgo: Hand Kiss.
  • Gently raising their hand to your lips and lightly brush your lips across the top of it. Historically, this kiss was performed with a bow to show deference to a lady. A gentle kiss on the hand generally means "I adore you", but also is a sign of respect and kindness.
  • Libra: French Kiss.
  • This is an erotic kiss that involves the tongue. Some call this the "Soul Kiss" because the soul is thought to pass between 2 people when their tongues touch.
  • Scorpio: The Teaser Kiss.
  • This kiss begins from the forehead, to the lips and then down to the arms and hands. On reaching the hands, the sequence is reversed from the hands then up to the lips and forehead. This kiss can be quite useful if you want to turn on your partner and make them want more.
  • Sagittarius: Laughter Kiss.
  • Lean in like you're going to kiss your partner. Get close enough to where your lips slightly brush theirs and then whisper a joke. Once they begin laughing, start kissing them. A funny kiss meaning you like to have fun together.
  • Capricorn: Quickie Kiss.
  • When you're in a rush. Often the nose gets it rather than the lips. A quick way to show you care when you're in a rush.
  • Aquarius: The Upside-Down Kiss.
  • This type of kiss originates from the Spiderman movie. it is a romantic kiss It is also known as the spiderman kiss. It involves kissing a person whose head is upside-down from yours. This way your bottom lip kisses their top lip and vice versa.
  • Pisces: The Angel Kiss.
  • This kiss involves kissing someone gently on the eyelids or on a spot near the eyes using the lips. This type of kiss indicates deep affection and is mostly used when saying goodbye to someone or when waking up a loved one.

Quick little Underswap Sansby pic,
Grillbz used a little rope of fire to surprise the precious blueberry.

Finally found a good way to use an upside down/spiderman kiss! I’d been wanting to do one for these two for a while.
I really enjoy making fanart for this ship, so let me know if you like it and I’ll be sure to post more.

Underswap AU created by @popcornpr1nce


Everyone knew Warren wasn’t just inviting Kurt into his room to “study”

featuring Nightangel cause what better subject to practice with<3

Enjoy! Don’t re-upload on other sites without credit+source, thanks~


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PITCH PERFECT, 2012, dir. Jason Moore // PITCH PERFECT 2, 2015, dir. Elizabeth Banks

Lesbihonest - if you’re a girl who likes girls, your options are hating these movies or masochistically enjoying them. I remember thinking when I first saw PP how grateful I was that I hadn’t seen it as a kid. I can so easily see the lesbian character in this series messing up young queer girls. It teaches you that lesbians are lecherous, they’re predatory, they’re going to violate your boundaries even if they’re engaged because hey, if you’ve got nice boobs and a nice butt then your lesbian friend is going to try to fondle them. Stacy is totally right to blow a rape whistle in that fight scene and it’s so awful to be played for laughs.

(And it’s such a shame because Cynthia Rose could’ve been an awesome butch character! And instead we get mean-spirited jokes about how not feminine she is.)

In the sequel, Elizabeth Banks purposefully set up this shot to echo the upside-down kiss scene from the first Spiderman movie as an acknowledgement of fans who wanted Beca and Chloe to end up together. It’s not really the nicest of shout-outs. (by contrast, I did actually think Beca’s flustered reactions to Kommissar were hilarious - “just because you are making me very sexually confused does not make you intimidating!”). Straight people may know the frustration of a will-they/won’t-they, but they’ll never understand the pain of being baited: the they-won’t-but-we’ll-make-it-look-close-to-hook-you-in, suckers. 

cinderellie-cinderellie  asked:

AU where Emil is spiderman and Mickey is mary-jane! (Upside down kiss in the rain!)

First of all can we all just appreciate the fact that Emil literally IS Peter Parker :’D Aka the dorky sweet high school kid who would let the popular kids beat him up in the hallway just to make the happy :’D

  • Emil lives in New York with his Czech grandma and grandpa (from mom’s side) who fled to America during the communism, his parents died in a plane crash when they were travelling back to the Czech Rep because of some business
  • He is constantly being made fun of at school because he keeps merging the two languages together and sometimes he’s hard to understand
  • He’s an absolute sweetheart, though, and is the star of the science club
  • He actually looks really cute in his nerdy glasses
  • Emil has a biiiiig secret crush on Michele-Juliano Crispino (whom everyone calls Michele except of his sister who calls him Mickey), a senior of Italian descend with ridiculously good looks and a tongue so sharp he is trying to break through as a journalist
  • Emil is sooo excited for the school trip the science club is going to! Unfortunately, something goes wrong and Emil gets bitten by a very nasty spider that escaped from the lab
  • He doesn’t tell grandma and grandpa, even though they can see something is visibly wrong with him. He doesn’t want to bother anyone.
  • And so, ta-da! A freakishly tall Spider-man with a foreign accent was born!
  • At first he sucks at everything, Emil is a very clumsy boy and coordinating his body on land is hard enough for him. When he’s supposed to climb up a building, he always ends up either not focusing enough and falling, or getting too happy over achieving something. And falling.
  • On Monday, Michele is being made fun of really badly at the school cafeteria. He’s almost on the verge of crying because some of the popular kids saw him kissing with a guy at a party at the weekend. It was his first kiss and he was really excited about it until he came back to school and it turned out to be just one big prank being played on him. 
  • Sara is being really mad with the guys laughing at Mickey and gets so pissed off she even hits one of the guys
  • Which leads to the guy hitting Sara pretty badly
  • Michele flips out and, of course, this results in a fight of 5 against 1
  • Emil steps in immediately and with his new strength he KOs all the guys within a second (which, to be honest, he would do even without his super powers), making it especially painful for the guy who hit Sara
  • Emil gets suspended from school for the rest of the week, but when he leaves the principal’s office, Michele comes to thank him for saving his sister. Before Emil tries to explain it wasn’t because of Sara, Michele is gone.
  • Since then Michele is quite torn because woah, the freshman from the science club is actually cute and really nice, but he apparently likes Sara *sigh*
  • Emil sure realizes he should do something with his newly gained powers because now he can help people more than he ever imagined
  • No, his grandpa isn’t dead, I’m not heartles!!!!!!!!
  • Soon a new superhero starts saving everyone around the city, he’s a new hero with a secret identity and he’s always so nice and gentle, making sure that nothing gets destroyed in the process of saving people
  • Emil and Mickey don’t really talk to each other again after the incident in the cafeteria. They both want to, they’re just kinda scared of each other. Besides, Emil is too busy saving the world and Michele is too busy writing about it and becoming a great new journalist
  • Mickey eventually gets a job at the local News station because he looks goddamn good on the TV screen, who are we kidding, and that combined with his amazing skills is just what New York needs!
  • There is a human rights march focused on the LGBT+ community going through the city that eventually grows into massive riots because of various protesters emerging, people are fighting, the streets are genrally not safe for anyone, but Mickey is still sent out there to make a report about it. It’s especially hard for him since it’s an issue close to him.
  • Emil is hopeless, he just sits on the high building above the street getting devastated and doesn’t know what to do first. He notices Michele standing in the middle of it all with a camera guy
  • At the time the police forces arrive, it’s pretty obvious things are absolutely fucked and people know it, panic starts, people run away, it’s just a giant stampede
  • Michele is so much into getting the report right he doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on around him and soon gets tackled to the ground, being stepped on since the situation is getting absolutely out of hand
  • Emil manages to get him out of there just in time, carrying him princess style out of the crowd into the nearest empty alleyway 
  • Michele is shaking uncontrollably, but it seems like he only has some bruises, nothing got broken, there’s no blood, he’s just really shaken from the whole situation
  • He tries hard to keep his face straight when thanking his hero, but ends up crying and hugging Emil tightly because “Why are things so hard for us? Why can’t we just be happy about who we are?” He’d rather fight an army of bad guys like Spider man than dealing with homophobes every day
  • Emil doesn’t really know what to say to calm him down. But he hugs Michele back and explains to him that some people have to deal with all of this at the same time. Fighting for the greater good at night and fighting for their life and love during the day.
  • The scent of the man holding Michele in his embrace is so familiar and after hearing the voice, Michele immediately knows who is the person in front of him. But he says nothing. He understands that Emil wanted to keep this a secret for a reason.
  • Instead of a simple “Thank you”, he rolls up Emil’s mask up, laughing inside because as if it wasn’t obvious until now, the beard was definitelly saying it all
  • Emil has a mild heart attack, but, surprisingly, Michele stops the mask above his nose and doesn’t reveal his whole face
  • The kiss they share is the warmest, most loving kiss either of them ever experienced
  • After that, Michele puts Emil’s mask back down and thanks him quietly. And he leaves.
  • Emil looks after the other man for good 5 minutes until he fully realizes what just happened
  • Emil squeals all the way home because he’s the happiest boy in the universe