spiderman underwear


Sometimes I feel that Miles is the only one that doesn’t know he’s in a relationship….

Can you feel the love tonight…..

if they don’t end up together I am going to be really disappointed

especially when Marvel keeps doing shit like this ^

a few grahamscott headcanons !!

~ nathan wears spiderman underwear to remind him of when he was a kid and warren finds it really cute
~ warren teaches nathan the joys of science
~ nathan pinning warren to the bed and kissing him whilst saying “i love you” over and over again
~ they go on a double tea date with kate and max
~ the two go shooting bottles in the junkyard

these are just a few for your cute fanfictions !! hope you enjoy xoxo

Working on anatomy isn’t supposed to be this enjoyable, is it?!

It’s a WIP of a very very special drawing I am working on hehe
I changed Peter’s face and body a thousand times but I’m finally getting happy with the result, so let’s all hope I won’t screw up!

Boys of Summer

for @felicityash and @calgasms‘s pregnancy/daddy!5sos blurb night!

Luke was well aware of the possibility that you were having the time of your life while he was on tour. Summer was the time for freedom and adventures and he had no problem picturing you lounging around in your bathing suit all of the time, probably firing up the grill while you were at it. Yup, you and your two mini Hemmings were probably having a blast going to the beach, having water gun fights and getting tans. He just couldn’t wait to be home with you guys.

And it wasn’t until Luke actually got home that his illusion was shattered. Mostly by your older son Finn spraying him in the face and chest with the hose from the kitchen sink, but it could have also been the sight of 4 year old Robbie, butt ass naked and wearing his Spiderman underwear on his head like a weird holey hat, barreling straight for him.

Wincing as his younger son’s tiny manhood slapped against his shin, Luke snatched the hose out of Finn’s hand and surveyed the disaster that was the first floor of the Hemmings household. There were throw pillows everywhere, the fridge was wide open with it’s contents spilled out on the tiled floor and not a single chair in his view was standing up right. And that was just the entryway. Half laughing half sighing, Luke looked to his two offspring.

“Where’s your mom?” He asked.

Robbie, snuggling up to his father’s knee, merely pointed in a vague direction while Finn, at the mature age of 7 and fresh out of first grade, answered matter of factly. “She’s in the living room. Says she’s ‘done’.”

Shaking his head, Luke ruffled Finn’s hair -identical in texture and color to yours- in thanks before gently disengaging Rob from his leg and heading for the living room.

What he found was you sprawled out on the floor in front of the couch wearing the baggiest of t-shirts and an equally baggy pair of basketball shorts, and muttering “I give up. I give up,” under your breath while you stared blankly up at the ceiling. It wasn’t until he was standing right by your feet that you even seemed to notice him.

“Please be real,” you whispered, fervor in your tone as you looked up at him with desperate eyes.

Laughing, Luke fell to his knees next to you, first removing his own soaked t-shirt before proceeding to remove yours. He smirked as he revealed the sports bra you had on underneath; it was brightly colored and not unlike the bikini top you’d been wearing in his fantasies.

Realizing what he was about to do, you frown and go, “no, Luke don’t, it’s too hot-” but he ignores you and does what you’d predicted he’s do, which was to plop himself on top of you, chest to chest and stretch out over you like some kind of living blanket. You only let him lie there without protest because his skin is still cool from the air conditioned ride over from the airport. “Okay,” you sigh contentedly, snuggling a little closer. “You can stay.”

Luke laughed again before leaning down to first kiss your forehead, then your each of your cheekbones, then your nose, before finally settling on your lips. You smiled into the kiss, lifting your arms and tunneling your fingers through the shorter hairs at the back of his head.

“Mmm,” murmured your husband. “I missed you.”

Pulling back a bit, you raised an eyebrow. “And I, can’t believe I let you plant not just one but two of your demon seed inside of me.”

Though of course, they were gorgeous boys. Finn had your hair and Luke’s everything else while Robert was all Luke from top to bottom. But they were getting rowdier as they got older and, when Luke was on tour like he had been just hours ago, they freakin’ out numbered you.

“Let’s have another,” he said.

Letting out a hysterical laugh, you just laid your head back on the floor and looked at him. He was serious. “Oh my God, Luke-oof!”

Bored with the lack of attention from their parents, the aforementioned demon seed had chosen that moment to pounce on their father’s back. Their father, who was still spread out on top of you. He’d been keeping most of his weight off of you as the two of you made out but, your sons’ surprise attack had caused him to lose his balance and, as result, almost crush you with the combined weight of all three of them.

You just groaned as they squished you further into the plush carpeting of your living room.

“Rob,” Luke said, closing his eyes in what had to be silent prayer. “Please tell me you’re wearing underwear.”

“Nope!” Squealed your youngest as you gasped, trying not to burst into laughter. It was Luke’s turn to groan as Finn grinned down at you, missing front tooth and all, from over his father’s shoulder.   

“Luke, we can give it a shot if you can guarantee me a girl this time around,” you said, finally replying to his request.

“Yeah,” Luke wiggled around a bit on top of you, causing the boys to burst into giggles at your expression of discomfort. “No promises there babe.”

You rolled your eyes as Luke joined in on the boys’ laughter before finally cracking a smile as you watched the men of your life giggle from above you.