spiderman black suit

smacky4  asked:

Can we see your version of the black suit!?

Here ya go!

The white parts of the design are kind of the symbiote’s inner workings, while the black parts act as a protective layer over top. So I guess my Peter went from being a Pepsi can to being an Oreo, haha. 

I’m toying with the idea that the eyes are just gaps, and that the lenses of his red and blue suit are showing through. I didn’t want the black suit to feel overly ‘convenient’, hence why it’s not able to make an edge-perfect symbol.

I’ll get into some detail about how he acquires it later down the road, but I’ve talked more about the symbiote/Venom here!

Thanks for checking it out :)

(oh yeah, I also noticed it has a bit of an inverted ‘Future Foundation’ look to it. Unintentional, but fun nonetheless!)

Hey there guys! can you think of somehting better than a collab with your best friend? Cus I don´t think I can!

Some spideypool from Zet and me to you, I bet that´s on the spirit of the season, and a little resume of what´s happening here:

Deadpool: Show off….!
Spiderman: *laughs*

Web Warriors #11

  • Mike Costa (w)
  • David Baldeon (a)

|Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco|

Since Tom Holland and Marvel said that Spiderman has a five-movie arc:

1) Vulture, rise of Spiderman

2) Kraven the Hunter, Peter and MJ romance, Peter gets job at Daily Bugle

3) Norman Osborn Green Goblin, black-suited Spiderman arc

4) Venom, Peter’s past comes back to haunt him (Liz and Harry Osborn swear vengeance on Pete for their respective fathers’ defeats)

5) Carnage, Venom redemption, passing the torch to the other Spider-people (Miles, Ben Reilly, Jessica, Cindy, etc.)

Also, if Tom decides to do a sixth movie, the sixth one should be about the Sinister Six.

How I would write the black-suited Spiderman arc into the MCU:

This is the 3rd movie in the series by the way. Regardless of who the main villain is in the movie, Peter comes across the symbiote, which attaches to him in order to form the black Spiderman suit. 

Now, Peter’s main arc for this movie is that he feels that he’s not enough and that he doesn’t have enough in his life. He’s jealous that Ned still has his parents, he’s jealous of Harry Osborn (introduced in the 2nd one) and all of his wealth, and he feels that despite being an Avenger, he wants to do more. He compares himself to heroes like Black Panther, Iron Man and Captain America and decides that he no longer wants to be the ‘little guy’. 

So what the black suit represents is the horrors of addiction. When he first uses the black Spiderman suit, Peter gets what he wants. He feels stronger in the suit and is able to do more than he could with his old suit. It starts out harmless enough. But the addiction grows and grows and the movie subtly shows how it starts to affect Peter’s social life. For example:

1) He pushes K.A.R.E.N. away and eventually retires the old suit, deciding that he no longer needs her because all he needs is Venom.

2) He lashes out at Ned for simple screw-ups (roid rage?), leading to Ned staying away from Peter since he becomes afraid of him.

3) He lashes out at Michelle for her seemingly uncaring attitude. Of course, she does care for him and we get solid character development for her since she’s the only one of his friends who stays by his side. I was thinking that the movie can insert a backstory where MJ recognized the signs of addiction since she has a family member or friend who abused drugs. 

4) He beats up Flash Thompson, leading to his first ever suspension.

5) He insults each member of the academic decathlon team when they try to stage an intervention.

6) Finally, he lashes out at Aunt May when she calls him out on his behavior. The final straw is when Peter says something along the lines of, “You and Ben were never my parents! The only thing Ben has in common with my dad is that they’re both dead!” Obviously, this breaks both May and Peter, leading to Pete exiling himself.

Michelle sticks with him and together, they get rid of the Venom suit. There’s then a montage where Peter suffers withdrawal symptoms and Michelle helps him through the process. He emerges stronger than ever and eventually apologizes to all of his friends and May. 

Then we get the final battle with whoever the main villain is (I want it to be the Green Goblin since we have Harry Osborn but that’s just me). Peter defeats him without the black suit and learns to appreciate life better.

Of course, the symbiote comes back at the very end and attaches itself to Eddie Brock, Jr., leading to Spiderman 4 where the main villain is Venom.