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For the drabbles: 29, ladrien! (bonus points if Ladybug was the one presumed dead)

“I thought you were dead.” 

Ladybug blinked, face half smooshed into Adrien’s trembling shoulder, his cologne in her nose and his shaking breath on her ear. “…Adrien?”

“Don’t do that,” her crush begged, halfway to broken, and Ladybug blinked harder.

“O-okay?” she whispered uncertainly, hands coming up to cup his shoulders.

One long, shuddering inhale and he drew back, looking raw and open and a little bit wrecked, and then he actually looked at her, and he froze.

“Uh,” he said, cheeks pinkening rapidly. He removed his hands from her shoulders like she’d burned him. “Y-you know, because Chat would be pretty heartbroken, ahahaha…” He cleared his throat and looked away, ears red.

Ladybug glanced at his hands. eye caught by the thick silver band he wore on the same finger as Chat wore his Miraculous, and, almost against her will, remembered that Chat had used Cataclysm early on in this battle.

But no.

It couldn’t be… right?

She shook off the faint tremors of intuition and smiled at the boy in front of her, almost wanting to swoon as soon as she got a good look at him in return.

Adrien blushing? Her heart may never recover.

“I’ll be careful,” she promised. Then, unable to help herself, she winked. “For Chat, of course.”

Adrien blushed darker, his bashful little smile tripping up her heart, and Ladybug swore then and there to try to earn that smile as often as humanely possible.


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Avengers Assemble in Edinburgh

Captain America, Spiderman and Vision

late night kiss pt. 6

whaA/N: wow, uh. it’s been almost 5 months since i updated this story… please forgive me, i have made it longer than all the other parts for you all……. please don’t kill me over the ending also no worries, this isn’t the last part

summary: Following Peter to confirm your suspicions has some unforeseen consequences.

pairing: peter parker x reader

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You’d laid in your bed, awake until two hours before you had to get up for school, and thought about Spider-Man and Peter.

They had to be the same person. They just had to be.

There were three main reasons why you were convinced that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

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