Telepath - Peter Parker x Reader

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Words: 1115
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: fighting, robbery
Requested: nope i’ve been working on this for like two weeks now and i wanted to post it
Authors Note: YAY EARLY POST! YAY CUTE PETER! YAYYY! The situation is that you’re a telepath in school with Peter. Yeah. That’s about it. ALSO YOU CAN IMAGINE THIS WITH ANY PETER PARKER YOU WISH.

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You forced yourself to stay awake; there were twenty minutes of class left. But you could have sworn there were only twenty minutes left, twenty minutes ago.

Your teacher wasn’t paying attention to anyone behind him, as he was facing the board. So you decided it was a good chance to try and make these twenty minutes enjoyable.

You looked at a few of your classmates and landed on a girl with brown hair. “The party tonight is going to be so great tonight! I bet I could get my boyfriend to-” You decided YOU didn’t want to hear that thought continued, and skipped to the next person.

You tuned into a boy who sat in the middle of the classroom who probably stuck gum under the desks. “Would anyone notice if I farted right n-” Skip.

You then tuned to the girl who sits in front of you. “Did he just say that? I am so triggered right now.” She snickered and you moved on.

The only other person that didn’t seem to be falling asleep was Peter Parker, so you wondered what was keeping him energized. You didn’t really know Peter all too well, but why not? “Eighteen minutes left. Can this go any slower? There’s a robbery in pursuit and if I can get out I catch them! It would be so easy to sling around and get them. Go faster, time!

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Tom Holland being adorable 💕 | October 25, 2016 // via Harrison’s ig story

Spiderman and Deadpool, my go to for doodles when I’m upset or just bored. You can’t be bored or upset drawing your favourite characters! #deadpool #deadpoolmovie #spideypool #spiderman #peterparker #wadewilson #mercwithamouth #superhero #marvel #marvelfanart #doodleoftheday #doodlesofinstagram #fanart #artstagram #sketches #sketching #artoftheday

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Drawn after packing in the wee hours of the morning. (at Delahey, Victoria, Australia)

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You’ve Got Yourself a Boyfriend

One shot / Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: One swear word

Word count: 1192

A/N: I wrote this one shot imagining Tom Holland as Peter but it works for any of them. Requests are open! I’m best at imagines shipping the reader with Peter Parker, Tom Holland, Peter Maximoff and Nightcrawler but you can send requests for any Marvel character or actor and I will do them! My only rule is NO smut.

“So who’s going to the party tonight?” Tony said. You and the rest of the avengers were sat in the lounge talking about the party Tony was holding at Avengers tower that evening. Well, the other avengers were discussing the party; you weren’t really paying attention as you scrolled through your blog on your phone. You’d never been fond of parties.

“Hey, Y/N, are you coming to the party?” Tony waved a hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Uh, socialising in a crowd of people? No thanks, I’ll pass,” you said before taking your attention back to your phone.

“Fairs,” Tony said, he leaned back in his chair watching you for a minute before speaking again, “Spiderman’s coming.”

You instantly looked up from your phone and at Tony who was smugly smiling at you.

“I guess I can socialise in a crowd of people just for one night,” you smiled to yourself looking back down at your phone. Spiderman, otherwise known as Peter Parker, was sort of a part time avenger. Tony had recruited him a few months ago when the team needed help with a certain villain and ever since then Peter would visit the Avengers tower at least once a week to work with Tony in his lab or to train with the rest of the Avengers. Peter being the same age as you, during this time you had quickly become very good friends. You may have also developed a major crush on the guy, which all the other Avengers, apart from Peter himself, were aware of.

“Awww Y/N’s got a crush,” Natasha teased.

“Go away yes I do.” You and the rest of the Avengers laughed.

“You know, I didn’t think Peter would be your type,” Steve admitted. You looked at him in disbelief.

“Seriously? You know cute adorkable nerds are my weakness,” you said.

“Yeah but if you want anything to happen between the two of you you’ve actually got to talk to him. Not just stare at him from across the room,” Tony said, receiving a death glare from you.

“I do no such thing,” you snapped.

“Uh, yeah you do. All the time,” Clint said, joining in with the conversation.

“Shush.” You held your hand up towards him with your index finger raised before everyone burst out laughing once again.

It was now the evening and guests had started arriving for the party but you and the rest of the Avengers were in a separate room waiting until more people had arrived before you went out and joined in. FRIDAY was announcing the arrival of anyone important; Thor had already gone out to greet Jane.

“Peter Parker has just arrived,” FRIDAY informed everyone.

“Ooooh Y/N go get ‘em,” Tony said, you started to stand to go and greet Peter, “you actually have to ask him out this time, don’t chicken out.”

“But what if he says no?” You asked.

“He won’t say no. He likes you to,” Tony comforted you.


“Yes. He doesn’t take his eyes off of you when you’re around,” Tony said.

“Okay then.” You started walking to the door.

“Have fun with your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” you said as you opened the door, but before you left you turned and faced the Avengers, “yet.”

You walked out the room to the sound of the avengers cheering you on.

It was about an hour into the party. So far, you had spent the whole time hanging out with Peter, but only as friends. However, you were confident you were actually going to ask him out this time. You were both stood, drinks in hands, leaning against a wall talking. But whilst Peter had been talking to you about his latest science project, you had been slowly stepping closer to him. Yet this hadn’t fazed him at all, he didn’t step back or stop talking because of it once, and this gave you even more confidence.

You took one final step closer and braced yourself. Peter said something funny and you shyly laughed, looking round behind you as you did so. The rest of the avengers were all sat on some couches near by and as expected, they were watching you with Peter. As they noticed you looking at them, Tony gave you a thumbs up and they all mouthed different words of advice to try and encourage you. You chuckled at their excitement over the situation; they all really wanted you and Peter to get together.

Looking back around you saw Peter eyeing at you with a look of curiosity. With a deep breath you decided to finally do it.

“Hey, um, Peter…. I… um… I was wondering… wait… I want to ask… I…ugh… shit.” you trailed off, forgetting how to form a sentence, “okay I have no idea how to tell or ask or say this or whatever so how about I show you instead.”

You grabbed the front of Peter’s shirt and pulled him towards you, connecting your lips. To your surprise, Peter kissed you back. The kiss became more passionate and somehow your arm had found its way around Peter’s neck whilst his was now wrapped around your waist, pulling you into him.

The kiss went on until you both ran out of breath. You then both released your hold on each other and you stepped back shyly looking at the ground.

“Yes,” You looked up at Peter’s words to see him smiling at you, “if you were going to ask me to be your boyfriend the answer is yes.”

“Really?” Your eyes widened. You had always doubted yourself; not believing the Avengers when they said Peter liked you back. There was no way someone as adorable and good-looking as Peter could like you.

“Yes really,” Peter said chuckling slightly at your adorableness, “I’ve had a massive crush on you since the day we met Y/N. I’ve just always been too scared to ask you out because I didn’t think you would like me back.”

“Huh. Well I guess we both thought wrong because I definitely, very much, without a doubt, like you Peter Parker. And would very much like you to be my boyfriend.”

“Then you’ve got yourself a boyfriend.” Peter said before wrapping his arm behind your waist and pulling you in for another, quick kiss which you happily returned.

“Hey, I’ll go get us some more drinks.” Peter took your empty glass out of your hand and walked over to the bar.  You stood still trying to convince yourself that the last 10 minutes had actually happened. You did it.

You turned around to face the Avengers who were all watching you with massive grins. When they realised you had turned around they all started whisper-cheering and clapping; you rolled your eyes at them but couldn’t stop the giant smile that crept its way onto your face.

“I feel like a proud mom.” You heard Tony say and laughed at his words. You turned back around to watch Peter walk over with the drinks.

“You alright?” Peter asked as he handed you your drink.

“Perfect.” You smiled at him, your boyfriend.