Neighbours: Part Two - Tommy Shelby

The Phone Call

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As suspected my ankle is sprained. Charlie’s nurse has strapped it up with the advice that she’s not really qualified to diagnose or treat anything more complex than coughs and sniffles, and with the assurance that I’ll get it checked out, she lets me get the car back home.

“Everything alright Miss?” Jones asks when he sees me hobbling towards the car, propped up by Tommy.

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The verdict

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Son of Ragnar x Reader

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


A/N: Send me some requests 😊

Summary: AU

Reader is a Goddess and one of Odins best warriors, but when something bad happens, she is forced to run away.

Warning: blood, cursing

You didn’t even have to open your eyes to know that somebody was near you.
˝Can you stop staring?˝  You asked turning your back to him. You were glad that Floki brought you to bed, it was more comfortable, but if you knew that it comes with a rude boy you would go back to the dirt.
˝I’m not staring; I’m observing.˝ He stated simply.

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Changes | Michael Gray

Request: Can u do a michael gray imagine where he has a son and wife when tommy finds him. He initially meets polly alone and decides he wants to move his whole family to birmingham to work with his cousins but his wife is hesitant. Thanks

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You were too young, they said. Get rid of the baby, they threatened. You’re a whore, they accused.

You’ve heard it all, you and your husband. You and Michael never cared much for what people had to say or what they thought of his family. He was there to support you through your pregnancy and as soon as you both turned eighteen, he married you the first chance he got.

Ever since your son was born, Henry made sure to put both of you first and for once in your lives, you were both happy. Granted, your families no longer spoke to any of you and you were basically two eighteen-year olds alone, trying your best to care for your one-year old son.

“Henry, close that door. Marly will catch a cold.” You told your husband as you walked through the living area with a basket full of clean laundry you needed to fold. Marly was sleeping on the couch, his nap catching him at an earlier time.

“Y/N come here here for a second, will you?”

You set down the basket of clothes, looking over at your sleeping son and walked towards Henry. Your attention was diverted to a man standing at the door, looking at your cautiously.

“Y/N, this is Thomas. He says my mom wants to meet me.”

You looked at Henry in confusion, as you extended your hand to shake Thomas’s. Henry wore a happy smile, and you smiled at him, your confusion leaving you.

“Nice to meet you,” Thomas greeted. You turned back to him, letting his hand go and nodding your head.

“It’s nice to meet you as well.”

“Y/N,” Henry grabbed your hands in his and took you a couple of steps away from the door. You looked at your husband, his smile never leaving him. “I’m going with Thomas to Birmingham tonight, she’s there.”

Your brows pulled together. He was leaving so soon?

“I’ll be back by tomorrow, love.” Henry gave you a kiss on the lips. He grabbed his coat before you could respond and left with Thomas. You watched them get into an expensive car, and they drove away without Henry looking back at you.

You’ve known that Henry was adopted after his foster family accidentally revealed the big secret to him. They told him his mother was dead, but Henry always told you that he knew she was alive. He was saving up money to hire someone to look for her, and Thomas just showed up, out of thin air it seemed.

Your son began to cry, pulling you from your thoughts. You picked him up, Henry’s eyes staring at you tiredly. You placed your son’s head on your shoulders, slowly bouncing him back to sleep. Your thoughts went back to Henry, he finally found his mother. Although you were happy for him, it just felt so sudden. In a weird way, you didn’t want Henry to have another family. You thought you and Marly were enough for him, but seeing Henry’s eagerness told you different.

Henry came back by dinner the next day. He walked through the door, his face stretched in the biggest smile you had ever seen on him. He took off his coat and hat, placing it on the rack by the door. He passed by you, kissing your cheek and then picking up his son from the floor where he had been playing by your feet as you made dinner. You said nothing as Henry sat at the table with Marly on his lap and you served the food.

You sat yourself down, beginning to eat. You watched as Henry fed your son the soup. You can tell he was itching to say something.

“What is it Henry?”

He looked up at you, a grin still plastered on his face. “She’s beautiful, Y/N. My mom, she’s great.”

You nodded, drinking your water silently.

“She wants to meet you,” Henry turned to Marly. “You and Marly.”

You nodded again, continuing your eating.

“Y/N,” Henry called. Your gaze moved to his, his brown eyes staring at you seriously. “Thomas is my cousin, and I have more in Birmingham. They’ve offered me a job at their company.”

“In Birmingham?” You dropped your spoon. Henry nodded. “You want to move to Birmingham?”

“Yes,” Henry confirmed. You sighed, placing your elbows on the table.


“It’s Michael now. Michael Gray.”

You looked at Henry, his face holding seriousness. You scoffed and stood from your chair. Henry watched as you walked around the table. You picked up your son and turned away from your husband who followed after you. He called your name several times and you shut your bedroom door on him. He opened it swiftly as you placed your son in his crib. He began playing with his toys, paying no mind to you or Henry.

You began taking Henry’s clothes out of his drawers and folding them neatly on the bed.

“What are you doing?” Henry asked from the hallway. You didn’t answer, bringing out more of his clothes. “Y/N.” Henry came up to you, grabbing a hold of your wrists but you pushed away from him.

“You want to move to Birmingham, yeah?” You pulled out a suitcase, throwing Henry’s clothes into it. “Then here,” you shut the suitcase and threw it at Henry. It hit his chest hard, but he caught it anyway. Henry threw it onto the bed as you went to your son and picked him up. “Leave us then,” you said, turning back to face Henry. “Leave us, go live your life as Michael Gray or whoever the fuck.” Your tears were uncontrollable as they spilled from your eyes. Marly began to whine in your arms and you tried to hold him close.

Henry stepped closer to you, but you kept backing away until he had trapped you against the wall. “Y/N, that’s not what I meant. I want you and Marly in Birmingham with me.”

“And we’re just supposed to leave our home?”

“I know this is hard-”

You pushed passed Henry as you interrupted him. “Obviously not, you’ve already planned the move without asking me.”

Henry sighed, following after you as Marly began to cry. “Y/N, stop. I love you, and I love Marley. I would never think to leave you behind.”

You sighed, turning to face Henry at the hallway. You realized that Henry has put you and your son before him long enough, it was time for you to put Henry before yourself. You didn’t have much of a life here anyway, and your son wasn’t old enough to remember this place.

“I’ve never been to Birmingham before,” you commented. Henry smiled, grabbing your son from your arms.

As he bounced the baby on his side, he spoke to you. “It’s nothing like the country.”

You smiled, wrapping your arms around Henry and Marly. You kissed both the boys on the cheek, Marly’s cries beginning to stop. “I’ll think about it,” you mumbled against Henry’s neck.

He kissed your forhead, letting his arm wrap around your body and bring you closer to him.

“I’ll never leave you and Michael behind, even if you say no.”

Weeks passed of Michael getting everything in order. Most days he was travelling back and forth from Birmingham, looking for a place that you and him could live. He had sold your house in no time, including all of your furniture. You had also accustomed to calling Henry: Michael. You thought it fit better anyway and Michael had said mutliple times that he wanted all your last names to be changed to Gray. You didn’t mind, you would gladly take Gray over his foster family’s name.

Before you knew it, you were standing at the train station of Birmingham, holding onto Michael’s hand while carrying your son. You were waiting for Michael’s mother, whom had sent you a letter through Michael after you decided to move to Birmingham after all. She thanked you for allowing her and her son to be together again, and told you how fond of you she was already.

“That’s her.”

A woman walked towards you, smiling from ear to ear. “Is this him?” She asked as she turned to her grandson.

“This is my mother, Y/N.” Michael informed you. “And this is your grandson, Marly.”

Polly stared at the one year old with tears in her eyes, she’d never thought she would see her children again, let alone their children. The hugs that were given next were heartwarming and you found yourself happy in your decision.

Michael, you, and Marly fit into the Shelby’s like a glove. You three were the missing piece and had become as close as ever to the Shelby’s. You learned to love all of Michael’s family like your own, and they soon became a grand replacement to your own family who have cut off any communication with you.

Polly became like a mother to you, and Michael couldn’t be happier with his job, his wife, and his son. And he reminded you of this every day.

You and Michael would be married until your deaths, only having very few fights within your marriage, most of the including Peak Blinders business.

You had more children as you got older, and at every birth, Polly was by your side. You raised your children in Birmingham until Michael decided it was time to move to the country, buying a bigger house than before. Life was peaceful for you and your children, minus times Michael was caught in bad business.

Whatever the case, you and Michael would pull through it and love each other like no other.



Dangerous | Michael Gray

Warning: violence, blood, +

Request: I was wondering if you could do a Michael imagine where him and the reader knew each other before and sort of had a really sweet thing going on between them before he went to the peaky blinders and she was all innocent and Michael still thinks she is but really she’s dangerous

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