Sleepover (Thievery Pt. 2) | Peter Parker x Reader

requested: original was not, but a bunch of people wanted a part 2, and i kinda think imma make it a series

summary: reader prepares to hang with the boys and they have a fun night, though something suspicious happens at 2 in the morning…?

word count: 1449

part 1 part 3


You ran a shaky hand through your hair as you tossed an over-sized sweatshirt in your backpack for tonight. Try as you may, you couldn’t shake the feeling that you recognized the man behind the Spider-man mask. When he touched you, it was the same electric feeling you got when someone else touched you, but you couldn’t figure out who. You frantically checked your watch and saw that it was 5:15. Shoot, if you don’t leave soon you’ll be late.

You zipped the bag hastily and slung it over your back, weaving around the bed and through your decorated door. As you got into your living room you dug around in the cupboard to find a pen and notepad and wrote out a note to your parents that you would be with Peter and Ned, and to call you or May if they needed you. Your parents were hardly around with your father being a surgeon and your mother being a flight attendant and since you’ve know Peter since you were 3 and in preschool together, they just kind of trusted him and Aunt May to take care of you.

Images of the fight flashed across your mind, red and blue, webs everywhere, and heat causing your face to flush and hands to sweat. You didn’t want it to ruin your night with your best friends though, so you shoved it to the back of your consciousness. You tossed the pen back in the drawer and slammed it in impatience and rush. You then turned to the door finally prepared to leave. As you pulled it open, however, you came face-to-face with Peter’s clenched fist, prepped to knock.

“Oh my god!” You sucked in a breath of shock and surprise and grasped his fist, lowering it away from your face. He blushed and looked down at his feet. “Pete, what are you doing here? We are coming to you.” You asked him confused.

“Oh, I was just kind of in the area and figured I could come and walk with you.” He sounded out of breath and looked a little haggard but you figured it was just from the exercise. Admittedly, you were relieved that he was here. You were kind of frightened from the earlier ordeal and it was nice to have another person with you.

“So want to head out? I’ll take that.” He gestured to the elevator down the hall and took your bag from you to hold. You couldn’t help but notice for the millionth time that over the last few months Peter had gotten fairly fit. The tightly would muscles in his forearm bulged a little in his forearm, it was your weakness.

“Oh, thanks Pete.” You thanked him, blushing profusely. He nodded a polite reply and then you two set out. You remained silent throughout the elevator ride, the only noise being the ringing sound of the bell that goes off as you pass each floor, ding, ding, ding, ding. By the time the doors opened you decided you couldn’t hold in the secret anymore. It was nearly bursting out of you and Peter was the one person on earth with whom you felt truly safe and at home, you trusted him with your life.

“Peter, I have to tell you something…” You whispered as the two of you pushed through the glittering revolving lobby doors. Out on the street it was louder and you felt less worried about someone overhearing. Peter tensed up at your comment, weird.

“What’s up?” He asked you in a weird high voice, the one he always used when  he was trying to cover something up. You put that aside for the time being, with your confession being so extreme.

“I met Spider-man today,” You said it really fast from excitement, he looked nervous. “I was going to Delmar’s like I said, and a gunman came in. I began to fight him and then he went on fire and then Spider-man came in and he was beating the guy up and then I opened the ice cream freezer and then he webbed him and he thanked me for my help!” It all came out in one breath. Relief flooded your body, stabilizing you, and allowing you to take a deep breath.

“Wait, what? He had a gun! Y/N, oh my god have some sense. No level of fighting can stop a bullet!” He seemed really angry at you, and it was weird that he seemed more focused on the fact that there was a gun than anything else. Then again, even Spider-man hadn’t seen the gun, seeing as the man was on fire by the time he came in. 

“No, Peter, you aren’t listening… I MET SPIDER-MAN!” You were waving your hands around in excitement at this point. He turned to you and despite his clear unease he choked out a snort at your glee.

You spent the rest of the walk home telling him all about Spider-man, with him smiling this small humble smile and simply listening to you.

You were completely at home in Peter’s living room, with your legs resting on Ned and your head on Peter’s lap you were living the luxury life. The Empire Strikes Back was playing in the background but you guys were trading your best pick-up lines, it was your turn; “Did you just fart?” You asked them, arching an eyebrow. They both shook their heads innocently. “Cause you blew me away!” You threw your head back, laughing at your own terrible joke. Peter chuckled and Ned snorted. 

“That was solid, Y/N.” Peter looked you right in the eyes and said, “You look ill… You must be lacking vitamin ME.” And he booped your nose. You giggled and tickled his chin, always knowing his weaknesses.

“Oh spare me the love fest.” Ned whined. To which you became embarrassed and sat straight up off both of them and leaned into the couch. You couldn’t see Peter mouthing what the hell to Ned, and him shrugging in apology. You immediately felt cold, both physically and emotionally, from the lack of Peter.

From that point on you all sat on your squares of the pull-out couch and watched the movie in silence. But you couldn’t focus. Peter’s hand was right next to yours and you wanted nothing more than to intertwine them and pull him close. You could smell him from here, he smelled of maple and cinnamon.

You were shot back to the day when the two of you were 7, you were dressed up as Princess Leia, a white bed sheet wrapped around you and he was dressed as Han Solo, with a cowboy vest.

“Come here Leia!” He called to you, holding out a small hand. You skipped over to him and gripped it tightly to your chest. “I love you,” You whispered dramatically. “I know.” He gasped and then fell to the ground dramatically. You fell over with him and both rolled around on the ground clutching your aching tummies. He stopped suddenly and sat straight up, golden curls pointing at odd angles. “Will you be my Leia?” He asked. “I already am.” You’d replied.

Remembering that day, you suddenly did something that you never would have done. Maybe, it was because you had fought someone today or maybe you were just growing up but you felt a surge of confidence. You hooked your pinkie over his. You glanced at his face and although he was facing straight ahead, an excited smile crept over his face and weaved his fingers through yours so you were really holding hands.

The feeling you had was indescribable. This was everything you ever wanted. Peter had to have some of the same feelings as you, considering for the rest of the night he moved closer and closer until you were leaning on his shoulder. You fell asleep gradually, breathing him in and feeling completely at peace.

A light noise woke you up to a dark living room lit only by the menu screen from the movie and the absence of Peter next to you. You guessed he went to the bathroom. Sitting up and stretching your back, you heard a noise come from his room, like a small bang of something falling. You stood up to investigate and made it to his doorway, you rubbed your eyes to rid them of the sleepy blurriness and saw something on the ceiling. You looked up and switch on the light just in time to see the hero you worked with earlier peel his mask back. Surprise hit you like a truck, knocking the breath out of you and making you light-headed.



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Peter Parker Blurb Night Oct. 6, 2017!

Voting is closed for blurb night is tonight!!  

Cora, @tomhollandxreader and I are so excited to announce the topic for tonight’s blurb night!!! The winning topic is Peter Parker, with a grand total of 142 votes!!

So, please start sending in your blurbs and writing based on peter parker, these can be just your thoughts on him, requests for writing about/involving him etc!!

You can also include Peter Parker!AUs, (such as College!Peter, or Dad!Peter) if you’d like!!

Blurb night will officially start at 8pm CST (central standard time) PLEASE send me and Cora your requests, prompts, writing and thoughts! We are so excited and this is going to be so much fun!!! If you’re  busy tonight, you can send something in at any time and we will post it with full credit to you during blurb night tonight!!!! Even if you don’t think you’re very good at writing, I will treasure anything you send in. You can also send in other related work, @lightningkid394 made a super cool moodboard based on our topic that will be posted at the start of blurb night!!! I am so excited and thank you to everyone who has/will participated it means the world to me!!

I’m going to tag some lovely people so that this hopefully doesn’t flop!! So sorry if you’re tagged twice or something like that!! Love you all very dearly!

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