Hello!!!!!!!! I’m agog with the possi8ilities 8rought a8out 8y a multi-universal 8logging platform, the information enormity cultiv8d 8y the masses en masse must surpass the limited intensity found within what few hundred works lay in my 8eautiful personal collection! Not to mention expedient patterns of information sharing compared to other platforms hasten my pursuits, al8eit others are less pretentious in their use of “micro” to mask a complete difference in audience and producers. Regardless, I am sure we will all 8e situ8d well together, so long as everyone makes li8eral use of the ask function to hear necessary invalua8le information, information 8eyond compare, information from me.

So! Chop chop! Lets all get to introductions. My name is aranea serket (middle name extraordinary, surely).