misguided: widow is annoyed by sombra in spiderbyte bc she doesn’t feel

enlightened: spending time w/ sombra is lowkey the highlight of widow’s day bc on base w talon she is expected to train, eat, and be evaluated like clockwork but when her gf is in her arms at 4 in the morning she feels like a person

Okay, so to clarify a bit about my lesbian Sombra enthusiasm, since some might not know: the canonical Bride of Frankenstein screamed when she saw her “”husband,”” hated him, and ran from him:

Sombra clearly has no attachment or wish to associate with said “”husband””:

And she’s doing this in the house of a woman literally named Widowmaker:

So look I’m not saying this was intentional on Blizzard’s part but I gotta say they sure did accidentally make Sombra a lesbian icon who is literally murdering the physical manifestation of compulsory heterosexuality.