a spin the bottle kiss ; tavris

Feferi’s leg brushed by his, the tips of her fingers gently tracing circles on his knee. Tavros flinched, smelling a faint whisper of alcohol on her breath. Why had he even agreed to come to this party? He could see two people making out on the couch already, not even interested in the game of Spin the Bottle. They didn’t have to, they already had someone to drunkenly slurr sweet nothings to.

He was uncomfortably squished between Nepeta and Feferi in the circle. The exuberant cat girl leaned her head on his shoulder and he heard Equius grunt in disapproval beside her. Vriska glared at him threateningly and the two girls fawning over him from the opposite end of the circle, reminding him of what had happened and how he’d been dragged here in the first place.

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Tavros X Vriska High school AU in which Vriska is teasing Tavros.

“Hey Tavros, like my new shirt?” Vriska purred, leaning in close enough to smell his aftershave and the gel he had used to slick his thick hair back, cornering him against the set of lockers. He stared for only a half second at her exposed cleavage before turning bright red and quickly averting his gaze, biting his lower lip. “You looked!” She beamed, laughing, glad he wasn’t ignoring her like Gamzee had told him too, “You looked and blushed. I saw you!”.

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