Look! At! These!!!!! The rest of my Redbubble haul. All designs are by the fabulously talented @spider999now. I needed a new phone case… and then I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been pining after these 3 designs in particular for months now and now they’re finally mine!! I’m so happy, I could swoon 😍😍😍

There are too many things related to this piece right now…
- A few days ago I wanted to draw Stiles as wearing an FBI uniform and there is badge on it written ‘Derek Hale Protection Club - Captain’ to @sterek who is the co-captain of this club.
- Than I started, and somehow I ended with a portray about them in this scene, bc the first videos came out about how Stiles see this whole thing, and I like bamf!Stiles and that he’s saving Derek, bc he’s strong.
- And meanwhile bisexual week happened, and I haven’t done anything yet to it, so…hm… My hands slipped. :D
- And finally I finished it today, when Teen Wolf ended… I could thank a lot to… well, not the show, but the Sterek ship itself. It gave me the chance to meet some amazing people ( @benaya-trash @pale-silver-comb @eternalsterek-broughttolife @scruffysterek @raveng1rl @sterekisperfection @swanofstorie @szabvero @homemadesterekpie @bulletblaze @arsenicjade @annoyinglycute @asagi-s-garden @nosetothewind94 @merlshmallow @sterekohtp @fandom-madnessess @suis0u @spider999now @doctortay @nerdderek @gonardo @ladydrace), read amazing stories, enjoy amazing arts and other creative posts. So if we’re here I’d like to thank for everyone - not just the honorable mentioned blogs - being the part of this fandom and this ship, and I guess we will see each other tomorrow. Bc Sterek is eternal, fortunately. ;)

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Derek crept downstairs,the aged floorboards whining beneath his weight. He made his way into the dining room, running his hand through his tousled hair as eh stepped into the dully lit room.

The table was covered in scattered pieces of paper, coloured pens, post-it notes, highlighters, coffee mugs, empty soda cans, textbooks on various subjects - from mathematics to mythology - each opened to various pages, and a laptop - the screen shining magnificently in the darkness. At the end of the table sat the scraggy-looking boy who stared down at his work, his eyes shadowed by dark bags of fatigue. His pale cheeks seemed more hollow than usual as he gnawed absentmindedly at the end of his pen.

Derek sighed heavily and stepped over to the boy’s side, resting his hand on Stiles’ slender shoulder and leaning forward to nuzzle his face into the crook of his neck. He pressed a tender kiss against the soft, mole-speckled skin, crinkling his nose at the stench that radiated off the boy: the bitter chemosignals of frustration and anxiety. He smiled as the bitterness subsided and Stiles relaxed slightly, shutting his eyes and arching towards Derek’s touch.

Stiles let out a heavy sigh and rested his head on Derek’s, looking down his nose at his work.

“Come to bed, Stiles,” Derek whispered, his breath making the hairs on the back of Stiles’ neck rise and sending shivers down his spine.

“Just five more minutes,” Stiles pleaded, lethargy already dragging at his voice.

“That’s what you said two hours ago.”

“I’m nearly done,” Stiles argued.

“You said that half an hour ago,” Derek pointed out.

“I mean it this time.”

“Fine,” Derek huffed. “But im going upstairs to strip down to my birthday suit and climb into bed, and if you’re not up there in ten minutes, I’ll drag you up there.”

“I’ll walk away when you’re asleep,” Stiles replied, ignoring his threat.

“I’ll tie you to the bed,” Derek whispered, gently nipping Stiles’ shoulder. His threat died away as he yawned and buried his face in Stiles’ warmth, inhaling his rich scent.

“I’ll break free,” Stiles countered, his voice full of humour as if this were a game.

“I’ll hide your homework.”

“I’ll tell my teachers tha dog ate it,” Stiles jested.

Derek could hear the smile in his voice. He nipped Stiles’ shoulder, harder this time; hard enough that Stiles yelped.

Stiles laughed it off thought, gently smacking Derek’s head.

Derek turned his head to the side and kissed the pale skin of Stiles’ neck, a silent plea that he knew would win Stiles over every time.

“Fine,” Stiles sighed in defeat. “Give me two minutes to finish this paragraph and save my work.”

“Alright,” Derek agreed, straightening his back and turning to walk back upstairs. “But if you’re not up there in two minutes, I’m locking you out.”

That was a threat Derek would see through.

“I love you too, Sourwolf,” Stiles called after him as he straightened his back and set to work.

merry christmas and happy holidays everyone! this is inspired by @spider999now, who drew this lovely art piece and was excited that i wanted to write a fic for it. i hope you enjoy!  ❤ ❤ ❤

i waited for you like a lonely house (T, 4.5k)  

Derek isn’t sure why he buys the house.
He doesn’t need the space, that much is certain. While it’s not as big as the one Derek grew up in, something about the cheerful yellow paint and the wide staircase (with banisters wide enough for children to slide down) draws him in.

Tags: Derek/Stiles, Alternate Universe- Canon Divergence, Deputy Derek, Christmas, Fluff, Pining, Domestic


This Birthday was unique, it was magical, kind and sweet, nice and quiet, and it was full of light and emotions thanks to everyone who was involved, and thanks to incredible friend I was blessed to find - Sasha (@jesusonthetortillas)

I have read every single message she got for me from you all, and she wrapped them in tiny hand-made envelopes, so I’ve spent 3 hours straight on reading your messages one by one =) 

Together Sasha and Avi ( @aviator116) brought me tons of amazing art supplies, so I could continue drawing nomatter what, hehe. =) Look at these amazing cupcakes they are!

I wanted to thank ALL of you

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I have no words, I cried while reading these notes, I had no idea how huge  my #SPNfamily was. Thank you for all your love and support!!!

<3 <3 <3


malec/sh visual artists?

I’d love a post with all the great malec/sh artists in the fandom if people could help out?

Here are those I know/found. Would love for people to add onto this so I and whoever is interested can check them out! Thank you! 

@noksindra @shirmir @su-pectrum @phildrawsfanart @procoffeinating @mortallwarlock @mariemarion @smiliea @notbeingcryptic @darquebane @lemonoclefox @rxyzart @mundanelion @malecwings @svenjaliv @sojy88 @aeriadbraveheart @noxiim @martyna-maria @artmaristorck @bbmonarch @umkasandiary @spider999now @littleartbot @gatitomeow97 @reivenesque @victoriakarmanova @freakypumpkin @gazellel @grace9524 @mayhemonium @crystal-declaire @samkatdiz @geeky-sova @alphanbel @wrath-of-the-badger-art @reallysporadicsterekart @menelzwanytytanem @liljalock @shadowhuntersdoitwell @xkxdx @dakotaliar @evenasyoungastheyare (their fanart account is @mymalecsideblog@sara-scrive @heterophobialec @roncheg @tsumi-noaru @earnestlyeleanor @klempa 

anonymous asked:

I've been absent from Tumblr and the Sterek fandom for about a year, I'm still so in love with this ship and I figured I would ask you something. What are some of the TOP fics/fanart/headcanons/anyyyything that I missed that I NEED TO SEE/READ? .....I'm sorry if this is a daunting question, but I just missed them

First of all, welcome back Nonnie!! We Sterek shippers are still here going strong and producing amazing content. I’m going to try to keep these recs from 2016! 

(Also full disclosure I’m missing a ton of awesome fic, these are just ones that I pulled from my bookmarks and from my page)

Ao3 Fics: 

Fluffing Gobstoppers by mikkimouse (words: 1,615, explicit)
Stiles is cursed not to curse. He’s really not happy about it.
Starting Now I’m Starting Over by skoosiepants (words: 4,306, teen)
Stiles may or may not have gotten his professorship at Hogwarts because he can turn into a cat.
detectives stilinski & hale and the case of ust bystilinskisparkles (words: 5,447, teen)
“Detective Stiles Stilinski,” Derek says through gritted teeth, glaring at Stiles the whole time, “Is the best detective I’ve ever know.”
What’s In a Name? by Rose235b (words: 6,214, teen)
Derek finds a Polish baby names book and decides that his new goal in life is finding out Stiles’ real name through trial and error.
A Tentative Truce by Inell (words: 8,540, teen)
Stiles and Derek have a long standing rivalry that has extended beyond the Beacon Hills High School theater department to every other area of their high school lives. With the announcement of the winter production, their competitiveness has to be set to the side so the musical can be successful. With a tentative truce in place, Stiles unable to ignore his growing infatuation for his co-star.
Feed Me Diamonds by TroubleIWant (words: 14,591, mature)
Derek is Batman, Stiles is Cat…dude? Uh, he’s the Cat Thief, let’s go with that. They bone, okay? But first they angst about it.
i have always been the storm by stilinskisparkles (words: 25,251, explicit)
The Sterek Twister AU
Snatches of Sound by bleep0bleep, rosepetals42 (words: 26,105, explicit)
In which Stiles and Derek are rival musicians who, somehow, through no fault of their own, are forced to work together.
Blind Date With A Book by thepsychicclam (words: 30,361, mature)
Stiles thought the Blind Date With a Book trend was a great way to drum up business for his small bookshop. He definitely thought it was a great idea after the hot guy kept returning and buying more blind dates with books.
And I Never Thought I’d Ever Say Forever by suchfun (words: 31,844, mature)
He used to believe it, back when he was sixteen and idealistic, before he actually got his TiMER, back when he was so sure that his soulmate would be Paige. Back when he believed in the romcoms, in his mom’s books, in the elaborate advertisements for TiMERs—the ones with all the interviews with loving real life couples, with testimonials to their effectiveness and their ability to make you happy and fulfilled, with guarantees of an improved quality of life and even life expectancy. Back when he thought meeting his soulmate was an inevitability, not a slim possibility.
The Circus at the End of the World by mikkimouse (words: 91,049, explicit)
Three hundred years ago, the world ended not with a bang or a whimper, but with magic.

Derek Hale and his sisters, Laura and Cora, are the proprietors of Hale’s Circus of Magic, Monsters, and Mystical Wonders, known colloquially as the Circus at the End of the World. They and their ragtag pack ride the rails between the outposts and the Havens, performing for those who can pay (and some who can’t). Their circus is a small haven in and of itself, a place of safety for those who have nowhere else to go.

It’s a quiet life…until Stiles Stilinski joins the crew.

Headcanons and Not!Fic

Confident Stiles not!fic (tooting my own horn here)
Jock!Stiles headcanon/not!fic by @pale-silver-comb
Sterek first kiss headcanon/not!fic (me again sorry…)
Sappy!Derek not!fic by @strictly-chaotic
Stiles not being affected by Derek’s hotness by @thepsychicclam
May I Interest You in an Apology Muffin fic by @leslieknopeismyspiritanimal
Derek forgetting his anchor headcanon by @halekingsourwolf
Angle of View fic by @petals42 (superman!derek, cameraman Stiles)
Sterek Olymic AU by @whatthehellisahoechlin
Sterek office AU (me again… oops?)
Bickering and cute Sterek headcanon by @braedens
New Years Ficlet by @eeyore9990
Sterek Tinder AU
Now There’s Your Pickup Line
by @leslieknopeismyspiritanimal

There are so, so many more that I just can’t find right now because I’m sleepy and also lazy. 

I would also check out @spider999now@andavs@geeky-sova, and @batwynn for their killer fan art. I’m serious, their art is amazing. 

Also if you’re not already following these lovely people, check ‘em out (also I’m missing a bunch of killer blogs because I suck) @pale-silver-comb @strictly-chaotic @mad-madam-m @haletostilinski @halekingsourwolf @wellhalesbells @wibblywobblytimeywimeygirl @cobrilee @coyotequeens @eternalsterek-broughttolife @shealwaysreads @inell @theofficialstereklibrary @thesparkandthewolf @sterektrashbag @stileshale @redhoodedwolf @ryvetted4 @smokesforsterek @bleep0bleep @yodas-yo-yo @endgame-sterek @petals42 @shitpostingsterek @stilinskihalefamily

If any of y’all have any recommendations feel free to add them!