“Online registrations are canceled within minutes, tables at restaurants are canceled and given to others (makes surprise dates for partners a hassle), and renting a car is even worse,” Mann says. One time, “I reserved and rented a car through Enterprise online. Confirmation email and everything in hand. I thought going through Costco Travel would eliminate the usual rigmarole, but I was wrong. A few days before [my trip], I called Enterprise to verify the reservation. The woman on the other side was nice about it, but those familiar words stating that they had canceled the reservation because they thought it was a joke came.”

Even after confirming that it was not, “she stated she had remade the reservation but that I had to be on time otherwise it would get canceled again. It was a tentative reservation because they still didn’t believe I existed.”

But that’s just the price one pays to live awesome, right?

It’s not over yet.

How Legally Changing My Name To ‘Spider Mann’ Ruined My Life