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Friday Night Smut

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Warning: smut, language

Word count: 1086

Summary: Tom overheard you telling a friend that he was vanilla and so he decides to change your mind.

  • Okay I’m gonna start and say that my in box is filthy now. Lol lots of power play requests. Dom/sub. So I’m going to combine a few because they are super similar. There was multiple of dom!Tom using a toy on younestly? Mood. There is a second part that I will post tonight will be sub!Tom.

You made the mistake of Tom hearing you say that he was vanilla to your friend on the phone. He didn’t say anything that day. Instead he waited until that evening and pulled out your toy that you thought he didn’t know about. A simple vibrator that you used on your clit when he was gone for work.

Tom waited until you had both eaten dinner and were watching tv in bed. He leaned over and kissed your cheek. You smiled and kissed him softly. His hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you close.

“What has gotten into you, tiger?” You asked.

“Just want you,” he said looking at you like prey. He placed his lips on yours and slipped his tongue in your mouth. His kiss was rough and demanding. His hands roamed your back and Tom broke the kiss to pull your top off. He tossed it across the room.

“Tom,” you protested.

“Come here,” he said pulling you on his lap. His lips found your neck and he nipped at the sensitive skin. Your protest died in a moan. He kneaded your breast. You pulled at his shirt and he stopped you.

“Not today, love,” Tom said. He softly pushed you on your back. You looked on in confusion. Tom pulled out a bandana from his bedside table. “Is this okay?”

Your heart pounded. You really wanted to try being tied up but Tom seemed too sweet for that. You didn’t trust your voice so you simply nodded. Tom smirked and you felt so wet and nervous. Why was he smiling like that?

He softly tied your hands together above your head. He ran a hand down your arm and pinched your nipple softly. You gasped. He pulled your pants down and off. This was a different Tom. His eyes gleamed and he just looked like trouble.

He climbed off the bed and you leaned up took at him. Tom went straight to your drawer where you hid the toy you used when he was gone. He pulled it out.

“How do you- how… babe?” You asked shocked. Tom stalked over to the bed.

“I’ve known about this for a long time, darling. You aren’t that slick. But you are wet. Do you like this, love?” Tom asked. His voice. It had such confidence that you weren’t used to.

“Y-yeah,” you moan as he ran a finger along your slit. Tom watched your face as he slipped a finger in you. You closed your eyes as he thrust the finger in you as his thumb rubbed your clit.

“I want to see you cum from this,” he waved the toy around. You nodded. Tom slid the device between your legs and up to your lips but not in. You panted as he turned the vibration on. He circled around your clit but never giving you what you really wanted.

He pushed the toy partially inside you and your hips jumped to ride it. You softly moaned. Tom removed the device and danced around your clit again. You could tell he was doing this on purpose and by this time you were throbbing.

“Tom, touch my clit. I want to cum,” you begged. Tom thought your hands above your head held your breast up perfectly. He bent and kissed your nipple. You groaned as the vibrator was pulled away from your body.

“Tom, please. I need to cum.”

He sat up and you could see the glint in his eyes as he placed the device on your clit. Your hips jumped and you moaned loudly. You soon felt your body tighten and you came. Your hips bounced and you moaned.

Tom pulled the toy away but instead pushed 2 fingers inside you. You saw stars. Your heart pounded and it was too much but at the same time exactly what you wanted. He bent and kissed your clit.

You moaned loudly at the hypersensitive feeling. He kissed it again and you began panting. His tongue lapped the poor bud. Tom’s fingers never stopping inside you.

You felt your body tighten again and you couldn’t believe you were close again. Tom wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked. You whimpered as you came for the second time.

He pulled his fingers out and climbed up to your face. He kissed you softly and you tasted your own wetness. Tom ran a hand across your body.

“You okay love?” He asked

“Yeah, I’m great.”

“Good, I’m not done. I want you to cum on my cock,” he said nibbling your earlobe.

“I don’t know if I-”

“That’s why we have this friend,” Tom said grabbing the vibrator. He pulled his pants down and you could see he was painfully hard. He pumped himself a few times before climbed down to line up with your core. He sunk in.

He had never felt you so wet. He began moving. Your hypersensitive pussy felt every little movement. Tom grabbed the vibrator and slowly turned it on. He placed it on your nipple.

You began panting. The illusion of being tied up never felt so amazing. He slowly ran it down your body. Your hips jumped as he touched your clit with it again.

You felt almost overwhelmed but in such a good way. He roughly thrust deep in you. You softly wrapped your legs around his waist. The vibrator never left your clit.

Soon you could tell Tom was close. His breath grew ragged and his speed faltered. But your own release came on you quickly. You moaned and gasped before whining his name as your pussy clenched around his cock.

Tom groaned, sped up, and came with a moan. He pulled the vibrator away and turned it off. He pulled out and laid down beside you.

“What was that? Not that I’m complaining. That was-that was amazing,” you said. Tom could tell. Your skin practically glowed and you looked fucked out.

“I guess you can’t tell your girlfriends that I’m vanilla anymore,” he said with cocky smile.

“You heard that?” You said with your eyes wide as your rolled over towards him.

“Yeah. I wasn’t a fan.”

“I’m sorry, tiger,” you said softly.

“Love, it’s okay. I just you know what’s up,” he said patting your bottom and winking.

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Friday Night Smut

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without a word xvi

summary: peter found a reason to keep breathing

warning: angst x2, a bit of fluff

A/N: hello my babies, the amount of comments my fic has been getting makes me so so happy. thank you so much! love you! 💗

“please breathe, baby”, y/n whispers in peter’s ear. he’s far from being able to hear her at this point and it made her more desperate. “please breathe”. tears stream down her cheeks as she hoarsely whispers the silent prayers into his neck. “i love you”.

y/n’s sobs don’t stop even after the ambulance arrive. her father had to pry her away from him because y/n refused to leave peter’s side. and even then, she was kicking and screaming.

she had so many regrets and she felt so unbelievably guilty for not expressing how she truly feels. she regrets not kissing him and not showing him off in public and not telling him that she loves him…because she does. y/n loves peter so much that it’s physically hurting her to see him motionless.

“peter”. she cries out his name as th e paramedics place him onto a gurney. “peter, please be okay”, she starts to sink into the floor. she can’t believe something so horrible is happening to her precious boy. and she can’t do anything about it, that was what she couldn’t get over. she couldn’t do anything about it and it killed her inside.

the paramedics wouldn’t allow her or her parents to ride with them since peter was in dire need of medical help. so y/n’s parents kept up with the speeding ambulance truck and she continued to sob, even when she called may.

her voice sounded so hoarse and may immediately knew something was wrong.

“is peter okay?”, she asks in a hurry. y/n can’t find it in herself to speak and shakes her head. she couldn’t tell may what happened to him. it was her fault and she didn’t want may to pity her for her mistake. “y/n? honey, what happened?”. that’s all the young girl heard before her mother took the phone from her and told may the details. and y/n couldn’t bring herself to listen so she covered her ears and rocked herself in the backseat.


y/n waited painstakingly long in the uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room for the doctor to return with some sort of news about peter. her knees were in her chest as she hugged them, trying to provide herself some warmth in the cold hospital. she tried to think positively but it was almost impossible.

y/n knows it’s bad, it’s so terribly bad and she wishes that peter went home to may because maybe this wouldn’t have happened. or maybe it would have, and it could’ve been worse. peter could’ve died in his sleep tonight and no one would have known. the thought gave her chills.

peter was probably so scared, dealing with the doctors and all of their equipment alone with no one he knows and no way to communicate. it must be so hard for him to deal with this and y/n wishes she could just turn back time to fix everything. but she knows she can’t, she has to deal with what life was throwing her and unfortunately, it involved her greatest love.

“y/n! y/n!”. aunt may had been searching every floor for the familiar face she knows and loves. she wore her house slippers and sweats and her hair was slightly messy because she didn’t have time to do anything else but run out of the apartment the second she got the news. her glasses were tangled in her long locks and she just looked so desperate to search for answers.

“may?”. y/n perks up and sees her walking briskly towards her. the young girl runs to meet her halfway and embraces her in a tight hug. y/n can feel may’s fingertips digging into the back of her shoulders and she tightens her hold. may was scared something had happened to y/n, too.

“i’m so sorry”. the guilt in y/n’s voice made may shake her head and plant a light kiss on her temple. y/n sighs in relief, at least she isn’t mad.

may rubs her back soothingly. “no, no you couldn’t have known how bad it can be. maybe peter never told you…”. may’s voice dies down. y/n furrows her brows and may pulls back with a sad smile.

may didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but she thought was important and y/n should know. “sit, we should talk”.

y/n’s heart broke the more may told her about peter’s history of asthma. how he had one of the worst asthma attacks of his life at school once and had to be taken to the hospital, a lot like what was happening now.

she was a bit hurt that peter never told her but she didn’t blame him. it was a hard task to take care of him and peter didn’t want y/n to carry that burden.


when y/n says things couldn’t get any worse, she was wrong. peter’s asthma was much worse than what her and may had anticipated and it was taking a while for the doctors to get back to them. they were both starting to worry that peter wouldn’t be okay.

may rubbed her hands together and prayed silently to herself. her and peter weren’t very religious, but she needed to find something to give her some sort of hope.

y/n’s fingernails were slowly being chewed off as she walked back and forth along the floor. she had so many concerns, she didn’t even know where to start.

“mrs. parker?”. y/n had never been so nervous and anxious to hear an update in her life. anything would have been better than not knowing. may gives her a look and they hold hands, lightly squeezing to give each other comfort.

“it seems as if peter has gone through acute respiratory failure”. it was just as bad as it sounded. may screws her eyes shut and looks down at he ground. y/n squeezes her hand tighter. “peter had suffered a severe enough asthma attack that fluid started to build up in the air sacs in his lungs. he’s going to have to undergo a few tests and stay in our care for a minimum of 3 days, but other than that, you can see him”.

may sighs in relief. after waiting for hours she could finally see her son.

“you should come in with me, he would want to see you, too”, she selflessly offers after the doctor walks away. y/n doesn’t know how may does it, after waiting hours in anticipation she still wanted y/n to see peter before her. the young girl smiles through her tears that had started to flow again.

“no, you should see him. he’s waited long enough”, she whispers. y/n wanted to see peter so badly, but it was only right to let may see him first, she had been waiting just as long as y/n has, anyway.

may squeezes her arm thankfully and quickly makes her way to peter’s room. y/n sighs in relief, at least he’s well enough to have visitors.

peter started crying the second may came into the room. he was so scared and didn’t know exactly what was happening to him or why he was in the hospital in the first place.

“it’s okay, i’m here”, may whispers. he’s too weak to grab onto her sweater so peter rests his hand on her back and sobs into her shoulder. his lungs are too weak to being crying this hard and he’s starting to cough and may tries to calm him down. “shh, just relax. everything’s gonna be okay”.

peter whimpers as he pulls away and may wipes his tears with the back of her sleeve. his emotions are almost overwhelming. he was most of all sorry for having to put may through all the drama and baggage he came with.

i’m sorry, he mouths with his bottom lip wobbling. may shakes her head. “shh, don’t worry about that”. may presses a kiss to his hair. she doesn’t care about anything else right now, except for the fact that peter is okay. she doesn’t care about the huge hospital bill or the amount of hours she was going to have to work the next few months to pay for his bills, she just cares that her boy is alive.

may sits there with him and feels so grateful that her prayers came true. even if the only way she can hear his strong heart beat is through the monitor, it’s the best thing she’s heard all day.


y/n stands by the closed door and looks around the small hospital room, guiltily. she doesn’t want to see this. she doesn’t want to see peter needing a nasal cannula to supply oxygen for him. she doesn’t want to see his arms with needles hanging out of them so he can stay hydrated. she wants to see his sunshine smile and his beautiful brown eyes.

peter weekly opens his hand for her to take. he missed her. he wished he could’ve seen her stunning face when she woke up this morning.

y/n’s hand carefully holds his and he sighs when their hands lace together. it’s the best feeling in the world to him, to hold his girl’s hand and just be able to look at her. nothing could top that.

her thumb stroked over the skin of his and the steady sound of peter’s heart monitor picked up. peter blushed. he couldn’t hide what she did to him.

y/n’s lips turn up into a sweet smile. “you’re breathing”, she says. peter nods against his pillow and his cannula slips off of his face. y/n hides a pout and reaches over to tuck the tubes behind his ears again, her hand slipping down to rest on his chest to feel his heart.

she visibly relaxes. y/n had been so stressed ever since she woke up to the sound of him wheezing. she was afraid she would never be able to feel his beautiful and big heart pound again.

but it was

and it was pounding for her.

“why didn’t you tell me?”, she whispers. she was, by no means, putting the blame on peter. but she would have liked to know about his condition, but she didn’t blame him. not one bit.

she couldn’t, not when he shrugged and looked down with shame covering his face. her head rested in his neck for the second time that day. “i thought i lost you”, she whispers weakly.

y/n wouldn’t know what she would do without peter. he had been a staple in her life since she met him and she couldn’t remember a time where she wasn’t thinking about him. her life would’ve been ruined if something horrible had happened.

peter laughs but groans after pain shoots up into his chest. y/n pulls back to look at him. “i’m not going away that easily”, peter signs weakly with a small smile. y/n couldn’t believe after going through hours of pain and treatment that he was still smiling. he was really her angel.

y/n hums, her chest feeling warm and her nerves finally dying away. “i guess i’m stuck with you”, she laughs.

and there it is. peter’s sunshine smile. the one where the skin around his eyes crinkle up and his cheeks ball up slightly.

“yeah. i guess you are”

y/n presses their foreheads together and her thumb strokes his cheek softly. “you’re so special to me, peter”.

his dreamy eyes cast over her face and he smiles wider, bringing a hand to her cheek.

she’s special to him, too


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could u please make a yandere peter Parker with a yandere crush?

Originally posted by aweparker

  • The only reason he knows is because he stalked followed you to a classmates death
  • A particular girl that’s been sweet towards him all week, sharing worksheet answers, laughing and forcefully continuing conversations
  • Of course you couldn’t do anything in front of peter without the fear of him hating you
  • Not like peter seemed super interested in her anyways, but you can’t just let her continue this, you can’t take any chances
  • She went out with her friends today, walking back home late at night to which you pulled her behind a building, through a alleyway which hid you from security cameras
  • You following her, pretending to do your own thing as you waited for the right time to strike while peter stalked you, spidermaned up pretending like he was focused on something else
  • Following you only to see her body twitch out it’s last signs of life from a slit throats, you staring at him mortified, already knowing he’s Spider-Man from how much you’ve observed him
  • And you two just kinda stared at eachother, peter taking his mask off trying to understand what your reason would be to kill, your such a sweetheart how could you do this
  • Slowly walking up to you causing stutters of “p-peter wait, I,, it’s not what it looks like I’m not,,” dropping the knife as you frantically fidget with your hands, afraid of what he would say
  • “I did this for us I’m not a murderer!” Grabbing your hands together with his own “you did this for us? You did this for me?” His voice much calmer and quieter than your own, peters form much closer than necessary
  • Eye contact never breaking as you nod, confused to his unlikely behavior. The smile growing on his face confusing you even more, watching as he becomes overwhelmingly delightful with a flustered face
  • Blood still flowing out of your victims neck pooling around her head staining the fabric of her cloths and sticking in her hair, eyes lifeless with unnaturally pale skin
  • Peters hands moving from your hands to wrap around your waist leaning his forehead onto your own, whispering “you love me?” Closing his eyes for a second as his smile stays the same, tearing up a bit from the pure joy when he sees you smile as well, confirming his question
  • Laughing before kissing you repeatedly, holding you close to him in a tight grip feeling you kiss him back with your arms around his neck was a dream come true
  • “I love you too” was all you could say as peter broke away from you, looking towards you with pure love ignoring the slowly overwhelming stench of the girls blood

Author: carry-on-my-pretty-weeper

Character(s): GenderNeutral!Reader, Ned, and Peter

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: arguing and bullying

Author’s Note: i’m so happy that i can actually write again! I feel like the words are just pouring out of me so get ready for some stories!

Originally posted by womensco

Today was starting to get on your fucking nerves. Anything and everything seemed to be going wrong. It started with walking into school this morning and seeing a bruise on Peter’s face. You knew it wasn’t from a bad guy since he wasn’t on patrol last night. He wouldn’t tell you what happened but you bet it was from one of the jocks. Then your lab got messed up because Flash was trying to show off and ended up spilling dead fish not only on your paper but also on yourself. Luckily MJ had a change of clothes for you to wear but it didn’t cover the stink of fish. Then you were let out of class late because the teacher would not stop fucking talking! So there was nothing good left at the cafeteria.

Grabbing an apple you take a seat next to Ned and let out a huff before letting your head thunk onto the table. “Rough day?” he questioned with a sympathetic look. Lifting your head up you meet his eyes.

“The worst,” you sigh utterly exhausted. When Peter entered the cafeteria you couldn’t help but notice the jocks yell out at him. You couldn’t tell what it was they were saying but the look on Peter’s face was all you needed to know it wasn’t good. He quickly made his way to your table. He seemed to be having his own bad day. You scooted over and he took a seat next to you. “You know for heads full of nothing they sure have a lot to say,” you huffed glaring at the bullies.

“Y/n it’s nothing,” Peter replied keeping his eyes glued to the table. But it wasn’t nothing and you could tell.

“Pete you can talk to me. That’s what I’m here for,” you expressed as you reached for his hand. This caused him to stand up abruptly.

“It’s nothing okay?” he snapped before walking away. He just didn’t want to talk about it. Why couldn’t you get that?

You just sat there with a hurt look on your face. Closing your mouth you felt tears sting the side of your eyes. A lump was starting to form and before you cried in front of your friends you ran off. Your shoes could be heard loudly thumping down the hallway. Running up a flight of stair you found the place you wanted to go. When you reached to for the door you prayed it was unlocked. You heard the click of the door knob and breathed a sigh of relief as you opened the door.

The roof is your safe spot to cry or just let out all of the stress that you’ve been keeping bottled up. Shutting the door behind you, you sink to the floor. You tried to take deep breaths but the tears made their way past your eyes. Angrily swiping at them you flung your backpack to the ground and let out a frustrated cry.

“Y/n?” Looking up you saw a disheveled Peter with a concerned look on his face. Using the edge of your sleeve you tried futility to wipe any evidence of emotions from your face.

“What do you want Peter?” you demanded as you turned away from his prying eyes. This was the last thing that you wanted. Crying in front of people made you embarrassed and you just wanted him to go away.

“Are you okay?” he asked moving to sit next to you. You whipped your head around so quickly it momentarily scared him. You gave him a tear filled glare and he could feel your heart rate increase.

“You want to know if I’m okay?” you challenged receiving a nervous nod from Peter. “Well I’ve been having a shitty day all day today. I woke up late so I had to skip breakfast, Flash spilled dead fish on me, I didn’t get to eat lunch and to top it all off not only is my best friend being bullied but also not even talking to me about it. So I don’t know do I sound okay to you?” you huffed as a new wave of tears pushed their way out. You felt Peter come closer to you and pull you into a side hug. It was a bit awkward but also comforting.

“I’m sorry I just- I didn’t want you to do anything about it. I knew that if I told you you’d get involved and then you could get hurt-”

“Hate to interrupt but I think you forgot who you’re talking to. There’s nothing they could do to hurt me. I’d kick all of their asses.” This caused a small chuckle to escape his lips. He pulled you closer and felt your heart rate even out.

“Okay for future reference, I promise to talk to you about bullies and such,” he insisted as reached out his pinky finger. A smile crept its way onto your face as you linked your pinky with his. After your guys’ heart to heart you both went downstairs where you happened to meet a certain group of jocks who were long overdue for a good ass kicking.

“Y/n/n, they aren’t worth it. Plus your parents don’t want you starting fights,” Peter urged and you knew he was right so you took a deep breath before you started to walk away.

“Hey it’s Penis Parker! Where are you and your loser friend going?” one of the meatheads shouted.

“Remember breathe Y/n/n, breathe,” Peter whispered as you fought the urge to turn around and give them a piece of your mind. Right breathe. Don’t respond. They aren’t worth my energy. Just as you thought they couldn’t upset you more one of them shoved Peter from behind. This caused him to trip and almost fall to the floor. Screw it. You turned and punched the jock as you could. He stumbled back a bit as a dangerous look settled on your face.

“I swear to god,” you growled as you shoved him against a locker, “if you don’t stop messing with Peter you’re going to regret it.” He pushed you off with a scoff.

“Whatever.” After he walked away you turned back to look at Peter and immediately started apologizing.

“Peter I’m so sorry. I know you said that you didn’t want me to start fights-”


“But this time I didn’t technically start it-”


“And I couldn’t just stand by-”

“Y/n!” he interrupted as he cut your rambling short. “I was just going to say thanks,” he replied with a crooked grin.

“Oh! Well uh-you’re welcome?” you stuttered confused as to why he wasn’t mad. The two of you continued walking down the hall until you reached the door leading outside. “You’re not upset?” you asked in disbelief.

“Not in the slightest bit. Not going to lie that…that was bad ass,” he beamed as your face became increasing hot.

“Thanks Pete.” Even though he didn’t need the protection it felt nice to know someone had his back. Not to mention the fact that you don’t even have powers but you still ran head first into trouble. You were a fiery stubborn hot-head but you were his fiery stubborn hot-head. And he intended to keep it that way.

Hickies (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: can you do one where Peter and reader got a bit steamy with a make out session and Peter doesn’t notices to ton of very very noticeable hickies on him until he’s left his room and him trying to survive the day with it?

A/N: Hey guys! I am finishing my exams this Wednesday, so I will probably upload nothing else until then -I will try to write my imagine based on the incredible trailer that day, so it should be up on Thursday at most!

Peter laughed softly as your lips traveled down his neck, leaving small kisses. His t-shirt was off, you wearing it.
‘’Babe, somebody is gonna barge in’’ he whispered, a smile on his lips as your lips kissed his stomach. ‘’Are you giving me a hickie?’’ he asked, furrowing his brows.
You raised your head to look at him, a smile plastered on your face.
‘’Of course not’’ you reassured him.
He brought your face close to his and kissed you, the kiss getting more intense as time passed. His hands traveled to your hair, messing it up, then moving to your hips and pulling you closer to him as he sat on the bed. You put your hands on his hair, pulling at some strands and making him groan.
Lowering your head, you started to kiss his neck again, his eyes closed. His hands moved to your butt, making you moan softly as you gave him a hickie, which was followed by multiple others, although he didn’t notice.
You kissed him on the lips again, his tongue entering your mouth as your hands drew patterns on his back. He run his hands up and down your body, enjoying the feeling of having you so close to him.
Finally pulling apart to breathe, you rested your forehead against his and smiled softly, opening your eyes to find his looking at you with an expression full of love. He grinned before grabbing the hem of his t-shirt with his hands.
‘’Will you give me back my t-shirt so I can go out and have breakfast?’’ he said, the grin still on his face.
You laughed and took it off, his eyes never leaving your body. You then put on your clothes, and as you looked at him putting on his t-shirt, you admired the way his neck was full of hickies, although he didn’t notice.
‘’Let’s go grab some food’’ you said, getting up from bed and grabbing his hand.
You both left your room at the Avengers Tower and walked towards the kitchen, a comfortable silence between you.
When you got to the kitchen, everybody was there, considering it was still pretty early and they couldn’t afford to sleep in and lose training.
‘’Good morning everyone’’ you said as you let Peter’s hand go, walking to the fridge to get some juice.
Peter sat on a stool as you passed him some pancakes, and Tony looked at him with a smirk on his face before nudging Steve’s side.
‘’Spiderboy, what you got in your neck?’’ he asked, the smirk present on his voice.
Peter automatically raised his hand and put it on his neck, trying to see if he had something.
‘’What do you mean?’’ he asked, his voice raising an octave.
‘’It seems like somebody decided to paint a sunset there’’ Natasha told him.
You rested against the counter, a cup of warm coffee in your hands, which you brought close to your lips.
‘’I’m pretty artsy, right?’’ you asked, taking a small sip of your drink.
Peter gasped and looked at you, an offended look in his eyes.
‘’You said you hadn’t given me a hickie!’’ he accused you.
‘’When you asked me, I hadn’t’’ you said, shrugging your shoulders.
Everybody laughed as they looked at Peter, who looked like an angry kid.
‘’What am I supposed to tell my aunt? The ‘I fell going down the stairs’ excuse isn’t gonna make it this time!’’ he complained.

When you’re skipping class with your friend and you hear a teacher approaching but your friend freezes. (I paused a video at the right time)

being tony stark’s daughter and dating peter parker would include....

yeah i know there’s 500 of these but i dont care! also this is a universe where civil war didn’t happen and where everyone is a big happy family also this is long as fuck i am SO sorry (not really tho)

for @hollands1d 

  • you met peter on the way to a mission with the avengers 
    • #Homeschooled
  • you’re sitting next to bucky cracking jokes and he’s just staring at you
  • like no shame, full on drooling
    • “who is that?”
    • “that’s bucky. i thought you guys met.”
    • “no no no, the girl.”
    • “oh, that’s just y/n”
  • you notice him staring and introduce yourself with some ridiculous superhero name you made up on the spot
  • he totally falls for it and you just burst into laughter and he’s super confused
    • “no, honey, i don’t have powers, i just kinda kick ass. i’m tony’s daughter.”

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thanos: the end is nea-

peter having a breakdown in the middle of a space war: i-i don’t know d-dude tony asked me to be his best man and i h-havent been to a wedding before so im under a lot of pressure h-here do u think u can reschedule?

thanos: shit dude sure. sorry man take pics for me 


I will never be over this side profile 🤤

Being a superhero and dating Peter Parker would include...

- him finding out about you by overhearing the television while out to dinner with may

- at the classic thai restaurant on 54th ofc

- he’d be so focused on watching the screen that may would have to snap him out of it since he almost spilled his soup for the third time 

- “she’s so cool’

- basically drooling over you

- spotting you around the city a couple of times

- turns out you’ve been curious about him too

- being a mystery to one another

- peter taking upwards of a million years to gather the courage to talk to you

- you two meeting because you both showed up at the same place to catch some criminals

- “so you’re spider-man?” “asdfghjkl you’re (insert cool superhero name here)”

- peter becoming an actual fanboy

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l o v e - tom holland

summary: tom and y/n are so in love. from the way he looks at her to being the only one he truly adores. love was made for them. this is the ups and downs of being in love with tom holland.

notes: gif not mine based off the song by nat king cole. this was supposed to be something cute and small i wrote in an evening but here we are a week later with the longest fic i’ve ever written. please leave me your thoughts, i worked really hard on this!!

word count: 3542

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first impressions - peter parker x reader

w/c: 838

warnings: none!!

Could you do a peter x stark!reader where he comes over to get a look around and the ( homeschooled ) reader walks in in a croptop and tony complains like “ you know I don’t like you wearing that shirt bc it’s too ” and she interrupts notrlly caring “ revealing Ik ” and grabs an apple and turns to a nervous peter and says “ sup hot stuff ” and bites it then winks and leaves ? You can finish the rest. Sorry it’s so specific ❤️ 😂

a/n: i got this request ages ago and i really loved it but i just got the motivation to do it so here it is! i hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by hardyness

To say Peter was nervous to visit the Avengers compound was an understatement. Especially because this time he would actually be getting the tour, not just brought in for five minutes to be offered a job as an Avenger. As he rode in the car with Happy on the way there, a million thoughts rushed through his head. What if I break something? What if I go into an area that I shouldn’t go into? What if I accidentally say something rude to one of the Avengers? And then, as if his anxiety couldn’t get any worse, he remembered that Mr. Stark had a daughter that lived at the compound: you.

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Forever [17]

Pairing: Fuckboy!Tom Holland x Reader (A Walk To Remember AU)

Word count: 5,811

Warnings: Swearing, angst, mentions of death, mentions of injuries, mentions of past trauma, drinking

Summary: And the truth comes out

A/N: This isn’t exactly where I planned on ending this chapter BUT it works out and gives y’all some answers so hey. And uh, hi, thank you for the 300+ messages about 16 lmao I’m sorry I broke y’all. MY TAG LIST IS CLOSED PLEASE DON’T ASK

prt. 14, prt. 15, prt. 16

series masterlist // masterlist

To say you felt horrible would be a complete understatement. Tom just slammed the door in your face after you saw someone he very clearly just had sex with. Having a door slammed in your face doesn’t feel good at all, but it especially hurts when it’s by someone you truly care about, even if you’ve made it seem like you don’t.

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Silence [ Eddie Brock x Reader ]

Originally posted by manculture

Summary: Sharing an apartment with your best friend suddenly goes downhill.


You hadn’t seen Eddie since his birthday last year. Of course, you messaged him and he called you. They became more frequent, though, after Anne called off the engagement.

You were there for him - well through Skype and any form of communication.

After high school, while Eddie wanted to become a journalist, you decided to travel the world. You saw many different cultures, tasted exotic food, visited historical landmarks, etc.

However, when you had decided to settle down, you didn’t have a place. Your parents had wanted you to go to a university but banned you from the family for following your dreams.

So, one night as you were Skyping with Eddie in a coffee shop, he brought up a question.

He was dressed in sweats and a jacket, his hair messy. He had been asleep but immediately answered your call. He was glad he did, too. After hearing that you had no where to go, he came up with a plan.

“Why don’t you move in with me?” Eddie said with a nervous, but hopeful smile.

“That’s asking for too much, though. I wouldn’t be able to pay rent for a while since I would still have to find a job.”

“That’s okay, you’re my best friend, (Y/N),” He said seriously. “You were there for me during my darkest moments, and now I want to give thanks to you by letting you stay here.”

You pondered for a moment, and your heart already knew what you wanted to do. But, there was another voice saying not to because it would be a burden on him.

“C’mon, (Y/N), it’ll be like old times when we used to have sleepovers and see who could eat the most Oreos?”

You grinned at the memory which made you nod, “Okay, I’ll move in with you.”


Walking around hastily through the airport, you tried to spot Eddie who said he’d pick you up.

You gave a big huff before seeing your dorky best friend with a giant sign that said, “HERE FOR (Y/N)!!!”

You ran up to him, engluffing the two of you in a warm hug.

He had a giant smile on his face as he twirled you around, “I’m so happy to see you!”

“Me too!”

“Aren’t you two so cute, how long have you been dating?” An elderly lady said from right beside you.

Eddie turned bright pink and you could feel your cheeks warming up.

“Oh - we, we’re not together,” you stuttered out, but you did see in the corner of your eye how Eddie’s face fell a little.

“What a shame, you’d be cute,” the lady walked off, leaving you two a little awkward.

“You want to go grab some Oreos?” Eddie broke the tense air.

“I thought you’d never ask!”


Later on that night, after you and Eddie stuffing yourselves to the brim with Oreos, he bid you a goodnight and headed off to his room.

Deciding to get up and clean up the living room a bit before you too headed to bed, you could hear Eddie harshly whispering to himself. He wasn’t doing a good job at it, either.

You could hear him clearly.

“No, V, you can’t eat her.”


“Yes, she broke my heart back in high school, but that doesn’t make her bad. She didn’t do it on purpose.”

More silence.

“She dated someone who I hated.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, entirely confused on what he was talking about. Maybe he was on the phone? But who would want to eat someone?

“No, those feelings aren’t coming back… Okay, yes, I’m lying.”

You pursed your lips, ready to just stop easedropping. But, the next thing he said caught your attention.

“Why do you think I invited her to live with me?”

Halting in your steps, you felt your heart quickening. Did Eddie have feelings for you?

Piecing everything together, you realized it was actually you. In high school, you did in fact date someone Eddie didn’t like on purpose. You thought he would confess his feelings for you, but he never did. So, you broke it off with the guy and reconnected with Eddie.

Walking up to his door, you knocked profusely. He cussed silently before opening the door.

He half-smiled, “Hey, what’s up?”

“First of all, who is eating people? Second, you have feelings for me?”

His face paled, “I didn’t want to tell you this until later because I didn’t want you to freak out.”

You were confused, “Just tell me, Eddie.”

“Well, a little after Anne broke up with me,” He said, not meeting your eyes, “I got attacked by this parasite, basically. It’s an alien.”

You looked at him, baffled, “Eddie, are you doing drugs?”

He shook his head immediately, “No! No! I’m being serious… Okay, V, you can come out but don’t hurt her.”

Suddenly, Eddie’s face changed and he grew taller, black goo going around his entire body.

You screamed as a horrific face appeared.

“Hello,” it said as you backed up.

A scream let your lips.

Eddie was back again and reached out towards you, “He’s not harmful unless you’re bad!”

Tears were in your eyes, “What the hell!”

“I know, I know!” Eddie waved his hands around. “It’s crazy but you’ll get used to it.”

“How… how did this happen?” You were shaking a little bit.

“Remember life foundation? Yeah, well, when they launched that rocket into space, these aliens came back. Venom attached to me to survive.”

Your mouth opened and closed like a fish. Words did not seem to form at all for you.

“And about those feelings…” He stepped forward and gently grabbed your face in his hands, “(Y/N), I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving you since high school.”

“Eddie, you’re a complete idiot,” you shook your head. “I’ve loved you, too… And, just because you have this… alien inside of you, I’ll still love you as long as he doesn’t eat me.”

He chuckled before kissing you tenderly.

Although you would have to get use to the fact of Venom, you were grateful that you had Eddie. And even if it took all these years to finally get together, it was worth it.

smile ✦ peter parker

summary : as the adopted daughter of none other than tony stark, you have a myriad of responsibilities. babysitting peter parker probably wasn’t supposed to be one of them. not that you’re complaining.

word count : 4.7k (also known as the longest thing I’ve ever written)

author’s note : ur adopted b/c not everyone is white and i don’t want anyone to feel excluded from reading this due to the fact tony is white (and yes ik there are interracial couples i just want everyone to feel included i want to make sure whoever wants to read this can without feeling weird about it b/c i know it is something that bothers people in the fanfic community okay bye enjoy my loves.)

   Tony Stark was a lot of things to a lot of people. He was the billionaire, he was the genius, the philanthropist, and the notorious playboy in his younger years. Most notably, however, was that he was Iron Man. He was marveled at by the entire world, him and the group of heroes that stood beside him; the Avengers, as they called themselves. To you, however, he was your father. 

   A terribly overprotective one, at that. 

  Of course, this was only to be expected of a father, even a foster one, but the lengths the man went to in order to keep his only daughter out of whatever he deemed trouble were rather extensive. You rarely ever left the Avengers tower, and if you did you were accompanied by a team of people you could only describe as rip off Secret Service men. Sometimes, Natasha would replace them, or Steve, but that was a rare occurrence. You were homeschooled by the best tutors his money could pay for- this particular move was less about refining your education and more about keeping you away from any boy in the five boroughs. 

   You chose to spend majority of your time reading in your room and training, always wary of anyone who approached you about being a friend. Your surname meant everything to people, especially the girls that wandered around Manhattan desperate to become the bestie of the daughter of the richest man in New York. You loved your dad with all your heart, but the stigma that ran with the Stark name would never stop irritating you. 

   That, and the impromptu plans he threw at you on a regular basis. 

   “Miss Stark, your father is requesting access to your room. He knows you hate it when he barges in.” Vision drifted into your room without warning, making you jump. You yanked your earbuds out of your ears, giving him a look. 

   “I hate when anyone barges in, Vision. That includes you, too.” You pushed your chair away from your desk, placing your pen on the desk and shutting your notebook. “Tell him he can come in if he lets me become an Avenger.” You raised your voice at this, knowing he would hear you. 

   “He says that he’ll consider it if you let him in.” 

   You raised your eyebrows. “Touché.” You motioned for the door to open, and your father walked into the room, immediately taking his pristinely polished shoes off and lying down on your bed. You stared at him.“Dad, it’s not cool to wear sunglasses inside. You look lame.” 

   Tony Stark rolled his eyes at you. “It’s called a look, sweetheart.” You laughed, pretending to nod in agreement. He placed his hands behind his head as you spun your chair back around to your desk. “What are you working on?” 

   “Something for Bruce,” you muttered, pen cap between your teeth as you continued to jot down important points from his numerous lab reports. You were going to have to hand in a full analysis of his findings for your end of term science paper, and he was more than willing to aid you. “Science report.” 

   “My daughter, beautiful and intelligent, my flesh and blood,” Tony declared proudly. 

   “Dad, I love you to the death, but I’m still not your biological kid,” you smiled all the same, though, and he knew behind the tough exterior you were happy to hear his expressions of admiration. 

    “Who needs a biological kid when I’ve got this great, wonderful adopted one right in front of me.” 

   Not looking up from your notebook, you said, “You’re really laying it on thick today. I’m all of those things, obviously, but I know you want something. So, what is it?” You paused, then said, “Thank you, by the way.” 

   “You sure we’re not related?” He sat back up, clasping his hands together. “What do you say about Germany?” 

   “Nice enough place I guess, interesting history, why?” 

   “I kind of need you to go there for two weeks with me.” 

   With a groan, you dropped your pen and held your face in your hands. “Another surprise trip? Dad, I have school. I have homework! Do you see this?” You held up the thick stack of reports from Banner’s lab, waving them around. “This is gonna be, like, my life’s work.” 

   Tony shook his head. “Kids these days and their homework. Seriously. When I was at school I would have taken any opportunity to shirk my responsibilities.” 

  “You did do that.”

    He waved his hand. “Technicalities. Anyway, as you know the Avengers have been disassembled. Sokovia Accords and all that bullshit. I assume you’ve been keeping up?” 

   “Hard not to.” It was true. Anything in the news was about the great split of the infamous team, Captain America vs Iron Man. It was impossible to turn on the television without hearing about it. And, considering you lived underneath the same roof as half of them, it was quite literally not an option to be ignorant to what was going on. 

   “Good,” he grinned proudly again. If there was one emotion that the man felt whenever he was around, it was proud. Nearly everything you did made him beam with pride, and if you had been placed into an actual high school, there was no doubt in his mind that the person at the top of every single class would be you. You excelled no matter the circumstances. “So, to sum up, there’s gonna be a big showdown in Germany. Western style, naturally. Guns blazing and everything.” 

   Your eyes lit up and you nearly flew out of your chair, rushing over to him. “Oh my god, are you finally gonna let me fight? You’ve seen my training, right? I’m getting so good. I’m like, practically Natasha level good. She’s been showing me that move where I can snap people’s necks with my thighs and-” 

   “First of all, your thighs are not going around anyone’s neck, so jot that down,” he interrupted. Your enthusiasm visibly deflated. “I need you to kind of watch over this kid who’s coming with us. He’s from Queens. You love Queens.” 

   “You’re making me babysit?” You flopped down on your bed, staring up at the ceiling. “C’mon, dad, I’m sixteen. That’s practically an adult. I think I should be allowed to fight this time. I’m Avenger worthy.” 

   “Practically an adult is not the same as literally an adult, as in over eighteen.” You groaned again. “Don’t call it babysitting, anyway. He’s your age. Well, he’s a few months younger, but that doesn’t matter. Just call it… hanging out with a good kid that’s fighting for your dear old dad and making sure he doesn’t get into trouble in Germany or annoy Happy too much.” He patted your knee, standing up. “We leave in the morning, kiddo, so pack up.” 

   “How come he gets to fight if he’s younger than I am?” 

   “’Cause he’s not my daughter. Goodnight, light of my life.” He kissed your forehead before leaving, giving you another encouraging smile.

   “Goodnight, pain my ass,” you grumbled as he left. He popped back in, a stern expression on his face. “If I watch your new protégée can I become an Avenger?” Tony rubbed a hand over his eyes. Teenage girls were exhausting. 

   “We’ll talk about it.”

   You’re sitting at your breakfast table with suitcases piled next to you when Peter Parker strolls into your life with happiness in his every footstep because he is just so, so glad to be there. You’re spooning cereal into your mouth when he sits down directly across from you, a video camera cupped in his soft looking hands and the little red button clicked on, meaning that he is recording you. You place your spoon back into the bowl of milk that is dusted with cinnamon sugar from the Cinnamon Toast Crunch you’ve been eating for the past ten minutes. 

   “Do you mind?” 

   “Mind what?” He asked, peeking up from behind his camera. You gestured toward it, wiping your mouth with your sleeve. 

   “The camera. I’m kind of still in the middle of eating breakfast in my pajamas,” you leaned forward, switching it off. “You must be the Spider-Boy.” The chestnut haired boy feels a blush creeping up his neck and settling along his cheekbones when you say that. 

   “Oh, did Mr. Stark tell you that?” He rubbed the back of his neck, laughing awkwardly. “Um, it’s Spider-Man, actually.” He mumbled the man part, knowing fully well that he didn’t look like much of a man in the eyes of anyone, his eyes casting down as he fidgeted with the strap on his camera. 

   “Oh good,” you nodded. You took another spoonful of cereal. “I like that better. Nicer ring to it.” You grabbed your box of sugary breakfast and pushed it toward him, an offering. 

   “Huh?” He was a bit dazed. He stared at the box in front of him and then realized he had been doing that for far too long of a time to be considered normal. “Oh, right, um, sure, thanks!” He opened the box and took a handful, shoving it in his mouth. You kept eating your cereal, silently staring at the bowl and willing yourself not to laugh at the boy in front of you. With all his nerves, he was still a bundle of energy and cheerfulness, and, well, let’s face it, he was sort of adorable. “So, you think my name’s cool?” He tried to sound suave, charming, as he said it, tried to smirk at you, but he stopped when he realized that he looked stupid.

   You gave him a half smile. “It’s pretty good.” His face positively lit up with happiness to be taken seriously, and you knew the feeling too well. You stuck out your hand. “Oh, forgot to introduce myself-” 

  “Y/N Stark, adopted daughter of Mr. Stark, probably the smartest girl in all of New York and, uh, correct if I’m wrong but… Black Widow’s best student as well as Bruce Banner’s apprentice.” 

   You gaped at him. The blush he had been sporting crept up to his ears and made his nose turn the shade of a strawberry. “Well, uh, yeah,” you said, flustered. “Should I creeped out or flattered?” 

   “Flattered, please.” The genuine worry in his eyes as he leaned forward made you laugh. He had an endearing personality. 

   “Flattered it is.” You watched the slow sigh of relief leave his mouth, his hands flying up the mess of hair atop his head and fixing it distractedly. Your dad walked into the room, and Peter practically fell out of his chair trying to stand up and seem presentable. Your slouch was indicative that you didn’t care much. He was just your dad. “Morning, pops,” you slid the box over his way.  

   He frowned at it.” Y/N, that stuff is crap. I don’t know why you eat it.” 

   “Wanda and I like it,” you said defensively, a slip of the tongue. You knew your dad was going to get annoyed at the mention of the Scarlet Witch, who had evaded and ignored his attempts at keeping her powers under control. “It’s good. High quality. Right, Peter?” You whipped your head toward him. 

   He felt his heart give a little tug. He grabbed the box out of your hand and shoved more cereal in his mouth, the cinnamon sugar sticking to his lips. “Yeah, Mr. Stark. Best stuff ever,” he said through a mouthful of it. Tony gave them an amused glance, picking up your two heaviest suitcases and beckoning you both to the landing strip. Peter swallowed his food. 

   He didn’t even like Cinnamon Toast Crunch that much. He was just thrilled that you knew his real name.

   Everything about this kid was infuriatingly dorky in the cutest way possible. You came to this conclusion as you boarded the jet with ease, sitting in your usual spot by the window and greeting Happy with your typical friendly smile and idle chitchat. Peter stumbled onto it with awe written across his features as he stared around the place, touching nearly everything much to Happy’s dismay. 

   “Haven’t you been on a plane before?” The man asked, growing irritated with the way the kid was filming everything. You saw Peter zoom in on Happy’s face and grinned out your window. 

   “Nope, never!” Peter exclaimed, his video camera still in front of him as he captured every detail of his trip. 

   “Well, sit down so we can take off,” Happy said gruffly, grabbing Peter’s shoulders and forcefully placing him into a seat. 

  Peter sat still for a moment, then hopped over to the seat next to you. He placed his camera in front of him on the tray table. “Y/N, smile for the camera. I’m recording.” You looked at him, then turned to the camera and gave it a deadpan stare. You even threw in a slow blink. “Good enough,” he shrugged. He kept it recording as he shifted in his seat so that his entire body was facing you, his chin resting in his hand and his elbow on your armrest. His gaze was sort of nice. “So, Miss Stark, I have a few questions.” 

   “Um, okay, shoot,” you closed your book that you had open on your lap. “I’m not that interesting, just so you know.” 

  “I think you’re interesting,” he assured you. You heard Happy let out a choked laugh at Peter’s flirting attempt, but it was just another thing you found sort of lovely. It was a genuine compliment. “What’s your favorite subject in school?”

   You’d been expecting the typical what’s it like being Tony’s daughter spiel, and you were pleased to get an actual question about yourself for once. “I like everything, I guess. I kind of love school, but I don’t go to a conventional school, so. Training is cool, I like that a lot.” 

   “You train with Black Widow, I have to ask- can you show me some moves? I need to refine my technique before the fight,” he explained.  

    “Do you wanna learn how to crush people with your thighs?”

   “Wow! Do you think I could? Could you teach me? That’s so cool,” he beamed, turning to the camera for a split second with an overexcited look. 

   You pursed your lips, staring out your window for a minute. You were up in the air by now, and there was long flight ahead of you. “Maybe. If my dad is okay with it. I have to check.” Peter looked confused, 

   “Why wouldn’t he be?” 

   “He’s, you know, really overprotective.” You put your first against the cheek, leaning the same way that Peter was. You sighed. “I don’t have a lot of friends. Which is fine, but I can’t even attempt to go make any because I have a whole freaking SWAT team on my ass the minute I step out of the tower because he’s so worried about my safety.” You let your head hit the window, your eyes rolling skyward. “And that makes no sense because-” 

   “You’re really strong and stuff. You can protect yourself,” Peter finished. 

    “I think you know me a little too well, Peter,” you said, poking him lightly in the arm. “But… yeah, exactly. I don’t really get to do anything fun. I don’t have adventures. Sure, reading is fun and studying is fun for me and training is great and I love hanging out with everyone in the tower but I’m still a teenager. No fun for me, though. My life is pretty boring, sorry if that makes your little video diary suck.” You stuck your tongue out at his camera.  

   “No worries,” he said, taking it off the tray table and turning it toward you. “Tell me every boring detail, Miss Stark.” 

   “As long as you stop calling me Miss Stark.” 

   “You’ve got a deal.” 

   It was a seven hour trip, and you both passed out by the three hour mark after Peter had pried every excruciating detail from your life out of you. You hated sleeping on airplanes, but your head was slumped against his shoulder and his arm was knocking against your own and his sweatshirt was as soft as pillow. You remembered the shy glance he had given you just before you knocked out on his shoulder for the remainder of the flight. He had a sweet smile. 

    Peter filmed absolutely everything. He filmed himself getting off the plane and then filmed you getting off the plane and nearly shoved the camera in Happy’s face until he threatened to break it and Peter backed off. He radiated enthusiasm. “Look at this, and this, and this, oh shit wow that’s so cool look at this! Oh man this is good stuff!”

   “Peter this is literally just the airport how am I supposed to take you around the actual city?!”

   “OH WOW Y/N have you seen this!” 

    “Yes, Peter!” 

     He zoomed in on your face, your devoid of emotion look appearing again. “Are you ever gonna smile for the camera?” He gave you a pout, doe eyes and all. You turned away. 

   “No. I’m supposed to be babysitting you, please be behave.” You touched your fingers to the bridge of your nose, dragging Peter to a couch. “Please sit. We’re getting the hotel reservations checked.” 

   “Do they juice boxes? I’m really thirsty.” He was just trying to make you laugh at this point, and annoying you was kind of funny for him. You let out an involuntary chuckle when he pretended to claw at his throat, throwing himself on the ground. 

   “I’ll make sure they have juice boxes for you, Petey. You’re such a seven year old, geez.” You pretended to gag. 

   Looking offended, Peter replied, “I’m actually twelve.” 

   Jokingly, you said, “You’re a twelve year old that’s going to get a punch in the face if you don’t settle down right now.” He stood up, directly in front of you with his light eyes and little grin, another feverish looking heat burning at his face. Nevertheless, he still said, “It’d be an honor to get beaten up by you.” 

  His voice, the sincerity he carried within it despite the ludicrous statement, made you feel those famed butterflies fluttering inside you. Maybe it was the way he looked into your eyes as he said it. Maybe it wasn’t. But something within you was starting to like Peter Parker, and you’d barely known him for twenty four hours. 

   Then again, it was hard to not like Peter. The kid was just so damn likable. 

   He had known it from the moment he first set his eyes upon you that day in the tower that he was a goner. If he had known it then, just from sitting down across from you with nothing to him but his lanky figure and a suit that resembled a onesie more than it did a costume fit for a hero such as he, he was sure of it now, a week and a half later. 

   Every day had been the same routine. He’d be up bright and early in the morning so you could help with him his training, teaching him how to utilize the suit your father had given him with ease rather than his usual tactic of jumping into everything blind. You’d been the one to help come up with nearly all of the web shooter combinations. He didn’t know all of them yet, or close to half of them, but he was progressing wonderfully. 

   After training, you’d give him the tour of your favorite places around Germany, close enough to where you’d both be able to get back to the hotel before dark. He filmed the both of you constantly, but you shied away from the cameras every time without fail. He couldn’t understand why, but he didn’t push. He just liked filming in general, and would accept you not smiling in any of his clips as long as you were still in there. 

   There was a beautiful sense of normalcy that came with hanging around Peter. You reveled in it. No one had ever made you laugh so hard with his ridiculous attempts at jokes or made you smile so much at his shy flirting skills that clearly needed to be revisited. 

   It was okay. You didn’t mind. And the fact that you didn’t tease him for it made him so, so happy. 

   Then, came the day of the fight. Peter had his camera out, he was dressed in his spidey suit, and you were standing there next to him dictating who he should and shouldn’t go after. 

   “Don’t go after Wanda ‘cause she could obliterate you in two seconds and Cap could crush you, too, but he won’t ‘cause he’s really nice like that. Bucky won’t care as much, though, so don’t do that- Ant-Man seems pretty cool and harmless but I don’t have as much intel on him and Peter if you get hurt you have to go hide somewhere-” 

   “I’m not gonna get hurt,” he said confidently. 

   You ignored him. “I’m gonna be in your earpiece, figuratively speaking, so I’ll hear everything you do and if you talk I’ll be able to hear you and you can hear me. So, just… keep me updated.” Peter took off his mask for a second, hair sticking up everywhere from the static. You leaned up, smoothing it back into place. Everything about him was soft. You wanted to curl up in it and stay there for as long as you could. 

   “I’ll be fine, Y/N, don’t worry,” Peter placed his hand on your shoulder. You felt your face heat up. 

   “I- I’m not worried.” You totally were. “I know you’ll be fine.” You didn’t want him getting hurt. “I just want you to be careful.” You didn’t want him to fight. 

   You could’ve sworn his face fell a  bit when you said you weren’t worried, but he squeezed your shoulder anyway. Without a moment’s hesitation, you threw your arms around him, your nose pressing against his neck as you took a deep breath. He stood there for a second without doing anything until he realized that if he didn’t hug you back, he’d be the dumbest person on the face of the Earth. You felt his surprisingly defined arms hug you back. 

   You didn’t look at him when you pulled away. You stared at the spider emblazoned on his chest, gave him a quick good luck, then departed from the room. You sat on your own hotel bed with a rapidly beating heart.

    The nerves were killing you. Ten more minutes. You opened your laptop and pulled up the system that would allow you to communicate across Team Stark. You were more focused on your dad and Peter. You tapped into your dad’s earpiece after placing the headset on. “Dad?” You spoke into the microphone. 

   “Hey, kiddo, everything okay?” 

   “Y-Yeah I just-” you took another breath. “Be safe. I love you.” 

   “I love you too, Y/N. Are you sure everything is okay over there?” 

   “Can you just make sure Peter gets out okay? If he gets hurt, bring him right back, please. That’s it.” Maybe it was a stupid request in someone else’s eyes, but you needed Peter to make it back in one piece. Tony Stark looked over at Peter Parker, crouching in his hiding spot and fumbling around with the gloves of his suit and gave the kid a knowing smile. Of course that was the one his  daughter fell for in the end. Perfectly fitting. 

   “I’ll make sure.” You knew your father couldn’t see the grateful smile on your face, the sigh of relief that fell past your lips when he spoke these words.

   Peter Parker, I swear if you make it out of this, I will smile like an idiot in every single one of your stupidly adorable video diary things. I swear. Just be safe.

 “Your black eye is awful,” you told him, dabbing at it with more cream. “Totally ruins your face.”

   “I think I look manly.” 

   “You think incorrectly.” You stepped back, your fingertips tilting his chin up so you could examine it further. “I think I got the worst of it. You did really well, Peter. Exceptionally well.” His face was glowing from your compliment. 

   “Can I get on that tape?” He asked excitedly, ducking under his hotel bed for his camera. You nodded, and he switched the camera on. He held out his arm so that you were both in frame. And you smiled. He forgot all about what you were supposed to say the moment that beautiful smile appeared there. “I- wow, Y/N.” 


    His stare was kind as it usually was. “You just-” he paused. “Your smile is really, really beautiful.” There was no way for you to turn away from the camera this time and you were left grinning like a lovestruck idiot at the boy in front of you, leaning up on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. 

  “Thank you.” 

  You slept the entire plane ride the way you had the last time, curled up against Peter. This time, it was intentional. One of your arms was flung across his waist and his was wrapped around your shoulders, the sweatshirt he had came in now swaddling you cozily. There were two separate cars waiting for you. You stood in between them when the flight got off, the sleeves of his sweater hanging off your hands as you reached out to grab his. He felt you push a piece of paper into his hand. “You better call me, Peter Parker. I’ll be really upset if you don’t.” 

   He wrapped you suddenly in an embrace that lifted you off your feet just a little bit, his lips pressing against your temple. “I’ll call you every day.” 

   He kept true to his word. Every day without fail, your phone rang with a call from Peter, and you fell asleep on the phone with him more often than not. If you weren’t on the phone with him, you were texting him, and if you weren’t doing that, you wished that you were. The consistent communication was better than nothing, but regardless, you missed his presence. You missed the way you felt walking next to him as he explained why chocolate ice cream was so clearly better than vanilla. You just missed him. 

   “Peter?” You held the phone to your ear, nestled in your blankets already even though it was barely nine o'clock. His sleepy voice mumbled out a yes? “Would it be stupid if I said that I missed you?” 

  She could practically hear his wide smile through the phone. “Of course not. I miss you, too. So much. Probably more than you miss me.” 

   “That’s so not true!” She scoffed. 

    “Wanna bet?” His tone was mischievous, no longer the hoarse, pretty voice of a boy just waking up from his nap. “Open your bedroom door.” 

    “Are you joking?” 

    You hung up the phone, throwing back your covers and not caring one bit that your hair was a dripping mess from your shower or that you were wearing  a terrible set of hello kitty pajamas that weren’t meant for anyone over the age of ten based on the size of the top. You nearly tackled him to the ground when you saw him standing in your doorway, a happy squeal escaping your lips. You were surprised he even got in, considering your dad wasn’t home, but you figured Vision had let him in. Vision always had a way of knowing. 

   “Have I ever told you that you have a really pretty smile?” Peter’s lips hovered over yours, almost hesitant. You took the initiative to kiss first, your hands delving into his silk-like hair. There was no point in waiting anymore. Your noses bumped together clumsily when he tilted his head back, admiring. You could feel your whole being light up when he gazed at you the way that he did, in that admiring, careful, Peter way of his. 

   “Careful, Spidey,” You warned, hands on his chest as you stared right back up at him. 

   “Careful of what?” He quirked an eyebrow. 

   “You’re going to make me fall in love with you one of these days if you keep looking at me like that.” It was only the truth, and you were a honest person.

   “That’s sort of the plan,” he shrugged in a seemingly careless way, but he couldn’t hide it. He was an open book. An open book who loved you, and the way that you smiled at him when he pulled back his sleeve to reveal a web shooter, a strange glint in those brown eyes of his as he said, “You up for an adventure?” 

Stark’s Girl (NSFW)

Pairing: Peter Parker(Spider-Man) x Reader

Summary: Reader is Stark’s daughter and has a crush on Spider-Man AND Peter Parker. What happens when Spidey shows up in her room?

Words: 2972

Warning: SMUT and fluff and language

  Being Tony Stark’s daughter has its perks, the biggest one being that you know the Avengers. A lot of your classmates, girls and guys alike, always bombard you with questions ranging from “Are they really as nice as we think” to “Is Thor’s ‘hammer’ as big as we think. You have no answers for the latter kind. Even if you were legal age, they’ve become your family: it’d just be weird
However, there’s one Avenger that you’d jump at the chance to get with; Spider-Man. You’ve never actually met him, you don’t even know his age, but at this point of your crush, it didn’t matter to you. You’re too far down that rabbit hole.
Which is why you’re in your current situation: some asshole jock trying to ask you out. You’ve already done the polite refusal, but he won’t give up. Time for plausible excuse now. You glance around for any help and see your second crush, Peter Parker.

  There are a couple reasons for this one. One, he didn’t ever try to pursue you like many others did. Two, he’s shy and pretty sweet. Three, he’s smart and not afraid to show it.

  You couldn’t use him as your excuse. He gets bullied enough, no need to add to it. So, you went with your second choice.

  “Sorry, but I already have plans with Spider-Man tonight. My dad set it up for me.”

  Everyone’s attention turns to you, which only makes a faint blush crawl up your neck. Pressing your books tighter to your chest, you hold yourself higher just like Tony had taught you when you go to galas. When you turn to leave for your next class, you see Peter looking at you with slight surprise and something else that you can’t recognize.

  Choosing to ignore it for now, you walk past everyone who’d been staring at you, though they’re still staring since you turned down one of the most sought-after jocks on the team. Some of them understand because who would pass up a date with Spider-Man? Others wonder if you’re mentally ill.

  Ned elbows Peter hard after people start scattering. “Dude! Y/n Stark and you?”

  Peter feels his cheeks flush as he rolls his shoulder to relax his arm from his friend hitting him. “Actually, no. That never was set up, so no. I, nor Spidey, have a date with her.”

  Ned furrows his brows, leaning against the lockers. “But…what’s keeping you from showing up at her place later?”

  Pausing, Peter stares into the empty space of his locker. What is keeping him from showing up and just…hanging out with her as Spider-Man? He didn’t have a chance as Peter Parker, but apparently Spider-Man does. So, with a slam of his locker, he sets a plan in his head.

  And boy are you in for a surprise.
  You groan out loud as you fall face first onto your bed, your backpack forgotten by your bedroom door. The Avengers are out on a mission, but there’s food in the fridge from last night so you aren’t stranded on your own. It’s kind of weird being on your own after the Avengers had taken a break. Well, it isn’t their choice, but now they’re allowed to go out again and fight. You’re happy they have their jobs back, but ever since the team pretty much split in half, it’s been weird to get used to.

  Rolling onto your back, your hair splaying over your bed behind you, you close your eyes with a heavy sigh. You’re alone for an undetermined amount of time with hardly any homework left because you used your study hall to do it instead of getting a guy to make out with and no one to call because you really don’t make friends in your classes, so you’re stuck.

  A tap on your window makes you jump in surprise. Who could be at your window when you literally live in a skyscraper? So, being the curious girl you are, you pad silently over to the window and pull the curtains back, nearly screaming when you suddenly see Spider-Man’s face. Well, masked face, but it still counts. You somehow keep yourself from falling backwards before you open the window to let him in. You didn’t want him to fall off the side of the building!

  “What the hell are you doing?” you ask, your voice squeaking in surprise.

  A muffled chuckle comes from him. “Sorry to scare you, but someone told me we had plans together. Why didn’t I get wind of that?”

  You turn red, but shrug playfully. “Well, maybe word didn’t get around to you fast enough, mar busy-body. Though…since you’re here…”

  He tilts his head. “Since I’m here…”

  “We could hang out.”

  You can’t tell what his expression is under his mask, but you do see the eyes on his mask widen slightly. It’s actually a little funny to watch his mask move with his expression. You smile cheekily at him as you move to sit on the small couch in your room, which is in front of your TV and gaming stand. You pat the seat next to you.

  “Are you coming over here to talk to me or what?”

  He nearly jumps clear across the room to land on the couch next to you, making you giggle at him. Who knew Spider-Man was such a goof?

  “So, uh…y-you wanted to talk? Or hang out?”

  “Isn’t that kinda what we’re doing?” You ask, leaning your elbow onto the arm of the couch behind you and laying your head against your fist.

  He nods quickly, folding his hands in his lap. He’s bending forward a little bit, obviously nervous, but also excited to be here with you.

  You grin. You’re already having fun with him and you can’t wait to see what happens with this.

  He clears his throat. “So, uh, wanna know anything about me?”

  You hum softly as you think. There are several things you really wanna know, but you don’t wanna scare him off. As a Stark, you’re not very…censored, so it’s easy to scare people who aren’t used to it and you don’t know what all Spidey can take of your brashness, so you go with the first, logical choice.

  “Who are you under that mask, Mr. wallcrawler?”

  He chuckles, nudging your arm with his elbow. “You know I can’t tell you. You should know better than anyone that I can’t.”

  You roll your eyes, turning to sit facing him, meaning that your back is to the arm of the couch. “Well…what can I see of your face?”

  He sighs softly, giving in to you a little as he pulls his mask up just over his nose. You keep yourself from blushing when your eyes glance down to his pink lips and back up to the white eyes of his mask. You bite your bottom lip as you think more in your head, trying to keep all the thoughts you know are just plain awful that you really want to do with him down out of your mouth.

  Oh, the things you wanted to do to him with your mouth.

  “You okay? You haven’t said anything in a while,” he says softly, getting nervous since you hadn’t said anything after he pulled his mask up slightly.

  “Huh? O-oh, no! I’m fine! Promise.”

  “Hey, Y/n!” your father calls from down the hall. “Me and the team are heading out for a bit, you gonna be okay on your own?”

  Your thoughts run faster with this. “Yeah, Dad! I’ll just study or something!”

  Spider-Man watches you as a huge smile spreads across your lips and you scoot to sit closer to him. “So, Spidey, do you…wanna do anything fun?”

  He smiles softly, scratching the back of his head. “Um, yeah. That’d be awesome.”

  You lean towards him, trying to keep your eyes on his instead of his lips. “Do you trust me? To do something fun with you?”

  He nods slowly, glancing down at your lips even though you can’t see it. “Yeah…I do.”

  You grin before you crash your lips onto his, one of your hands moving to cup his cheek, keeping him close. His hands immediately grab your waist, pulling you closer than you were a few seconds ago. Smirking to yourself, you pull away from his hands and his lips, standing up and walking to your bed with a sway in your hips. He turns to watch you, licking his lips as he tries to process everything. Are you serious about this?

  You rest your hands on your hips. “You coming or am I doing this on my own?”

  Again, he jumps across the room to you, his arms wrapping around your waist again, hands playing with the hem of your shirt. You giggle softly, curling your arms around his neck to play with the small curls that slipped out the back of his mask. You feel a little weird to be doing this, after all you have another crush on an amazing boy from high school who’s the sweetest ever, but…

  It’s not every day you get a chance to be with Spider-Man.

  You press your lips to his again, only this time he’s ready for it and he moves his lips with yours languidly. You could do this all day, you’ve never kissed anyone that makes you feel this way. As heat starts to build within you, his tongue flicks across your lips before slipping into your mouth. He seems cautious to do anything with you, so you have to take the lead.

  Tugging at his curls, you nip his bottom lip gently and step back towards your bed, pulling him on top of you as you fall onto your bed. You both end up laughing softly as he pulls himself up to hover above your body, dipping down again to kiss you. He would probably only keep doing that if you let him, just kissing your lips over and over and over…

  But you have other ideas.

  You press the small spider on his chest to loosen his suit. You helped your uncle design it, so you know how it works, even though that surprises him that you do. Helping you out, he pulls his gloves off and slides his suit off his body, revealing all the muscles he’s gained from his job. Man, is he built, but he’s still lean. Definitely not as big as Cap, but built more than guys at school are when they brag about their muscles.

  “Eight pack?” you ask with a smirk, dragging your fingers down his abs, making him tense them in surprise.

  “Uh, well, you know…climbing walls and swinging around New York takes a lot of…core strength.”

  Not boastful. Good trait to have.

  You pull your shirt off with an arch of your back. The white eyes on his mask seem to widen as you reveal more of your bare, flush skin to him. He licks his lips again before he starts pressing wet, open mouth kisses to your jaw and down your neck. You let out a soft gasp of surprise before you end up whining when he nibbles at the spot right above your collar bone, which only makes him grin and suck on your skin. You have a feeling he really doesn’t care about leaving marks or is even thinking about the consequences of what could happen if anyone sees them. Not that you are, either.

  His hands run down your stomach to the hem of your pants, his fingers hooking into the belt loops of them. He tugs and you lift your hips, letting him pull your pants down which also pulls your underwear down a little, just enough to make it obvious that he’s getting very excited.

  You giggle softly, pulling his suit off his hips and down his legs, showing off his plaid boxers. He picks you up to lay you down on your bed again, your head on your pillows as he kicks his suit off, climbing over you. You wrap your arms back around his neck to crash his lips back to yours, your tongue immediately invading his mouth again. His hips press down against yours and you whine, wanting both of your underclothes gone so you can just feel him. God, did you want to feel him.

  He must feel the same since he hooks his finger into your panties and pulls them down, followed by his boxers. You quickly pull away from him to twist your body and fumble for your bedside table drawer. He smiles as he starts placing kisses on your back, sucking and licking every now and then, gently biting your shoulder blades when you stretch them. You whimper as you tug a small packet out of the drawer and hold it in front of his eyes.

  “What’s this?” he asks with a tilt of his head.

  “Did you never go to sex ed?” You let out a soft laugh. “It’s a condom. You put it on your dick so I don’t get pregnant.”

  His cheeks flare red as he gently takes it from you, tearing it open carefully so it doesn’t rip before rolling it onto himself, biting his lip as his eyes drag along your body. You smile, tracing your fingers over the lines of his muscles. He shudders and ducks his head down to leave kisses along the tops of your breasts, only being stopped by the bra you hadn’t slipped off. He growls and nips at your skin as his hands travel behind you, fumbling with the clasp as he can’t keep his mouth off your skin. You moan softly when you rock your hips up against his and his cock presses against your clit. He smiles as he finally frees your breasts from the confines of your bra and finally takes the nipple of your left breast in your mouth to tongue over and suck.

  You rock your hips up again and the tip snags slightly at your entrance, making him push his hips forward at the feeling, wanting to just wreck you completely.

  “Spider-Man,” you whisper breathily against his ear, tugging at the curls on the base of his neck. “Please, take me. I need you.”

  His hand goes to your neglected breast and gently kneads it as he presses into you, making both of you moan and you to hiss softly in his ear. He lifts his head from your chest and captures your lips sweetly, passionately.

  Then, you realize it’s more than just two bodies having sex.

  His thrusts start slowly, gently just rocking your body with his hips. It starts driving you crazy as he keeps his steady, slow, hot pace. So much that it makes you whimper his name in his ear, which only makes him grin as he moves his lips to your neck again, sucking on the mark his already left. When you whimper again, his hips jerk forward quickly and hard.

  “Shit!” You squeal, hips bucking with the thrust.

  He chuckles breathlessly against your neck, starting up again with that same pace now, hard and quick thrusts mixed in with his former slow and steady. Each one making a different sound leave your lips, sometimes a squeal or high moan, sometimes a yell of his name. Each sound you make drives him on, soft groans and your name leaving him.

  “Spidey, oh, god…” you murmur into his ear, your arms wrapping over his shoulders to pull him closer, your nails dragging across his skin to leave marks that would definitely be there in the morning.

  “Close, baby?” he whispers into your neck, gently biting at your neck. “Wanna cum on my dick?”

  You whine, arching your back. “Please, please, harder…”

  He lifts himself up, hands on either side of your head before his hips suddenly slam forward, making you cry out loudly as you clench around him, your entire body going rigid under him. He smiles softly, watching you come undone as he keeps slamming into you until he moans loudly, filling the condom. You pull him back down and leave gentle kisses along his shoulder and up is neck, sucking at the skin right under his jaw.

  He pulls out of you slowly after you both calm down from your orgasm and falls onto his side next to you. He pulls the condom off and ties it off before throwing it away in your trashcan and burying it in tissues and paper balls. He finally collapses next to you, groaning softly.

  “This…might just be…the best day…of my entire life,” he whispers, just loud enough for you to hear.

  You giggle, curling up next to him and slinging your arm over his stomach. “Wanna cuddle for a bit?”
He nods, pulling you against his body. “Honestly…I’ll probably pass out soon. Sorry in advance.”

  You nod, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “Go ahead and sleep, my hero. You did a lot of work today.”

  He smiles and you watch as the eyes on his mask close. You wait a while until his chest rises and falls evenly, only then daring to mess with his mask. His entire body is still sparkling with sweat from the sex you just had, so wouldn’t it be better if he could breathe easier without the mask?

  You gently, carefully, pull the mask off his face, watching as loose, sweaty curls drop onto his forehead, a grin spreading your lips. No reason to feel guilty about sleeping with Spider-Man now.

  Peter Parker lays next to you in your bed, curls in his face, eyes closed, breathing softly, after you had just had sex. You cuddle close to his chest, your legs entangled with his own.

  It’ll be fun when you wake up later.

tags: @captainswriting @caitsymichelle13 @384-chubby-dumpling