Web Warriors #11

  • Mike Costa (w)
  • David Baldeon (a)

|Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco|

I don’t usually tell girls I’m half spider (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi could you do an imagine where the reader is waiting for her ride in pouring rain and a man tries to steal her bag but spider-man comes and helps? And after he helps her she kisses him spidey style? (While he’s upside down) thanks (:

A/N: So I kind of(totally) forgot that I had a tumblr -don’t kill me, please. I was out for the whole day and didn’t remember I was supposed to upload until now, and I have to edit the other two imagines I was planning on uploading today, so I will have them up tomorrow instead. I am extremely sorry and hope you forgive me xx 

The fact that you loved rain didn’t matter -you didn’t like standing on it for fifteen minutes waiting for your mom to pick you up. She had messaged you telling you she’d pick you up, and ten minutes later, she sent you another message saying she was stuck in the traffic; so you were basically the only person standing in the pouring rain, having nowhere to cover from the rain until your mother arrived.
You were looking distractedly at your phone, the screen covered in water, as you had your earbuds in, trying to block out the noise from the cars honking around you. You weren’t paying attention to your surroundings, only wanting to be home and lay in bed wearing your pajamas; so when a man quickly ran past you and took your bag, you didn’t notice until you tripped, your bag still around your shoulder. You shouted and ran behind the man, trying to get your bag back. You knew what you were doing was stupid -he wasn’t going to give it back willingly, and you didn’t even know how to punch. Luckily for you, the man was quickly webbed to the wall, your bag being webbed from his hand and to your chest. You looked up, seeing a blur of red and blue moving through the rain. Squinting your eyes and trying to get a better look, you saw who everyone called Spiderman. You didn’t know much about him -whenever you tried to talk about him with your boyfriend Peter, he would change the topic of the conversation.
Walking closer to where Spiderman was standing, you took your hair out of your face. You saw him in front of you, but he was not standing -he was upside down, his hands tugging at his web in order for him not to fall down.
‘’Uh-I don’t really know what to say. Thank you for getting my bag back’’ you said, almost blushing. You weren’t shy, but it felt weird talking to a masked person who had just helped you and who just happened to be looking at you from upside down.
‘’You are welcome. This is my job’’ he said, shrugging his shoulder a bit. ‘’Do I get payback?’’ he asked, and you could tell he was smirking under the mask. His voice sounded familiar, but it was muffled against the mask, and the rain also made it difficult for you to understand him.
‘’I think you are expecting a kiss, but I have a boyfriend who wouldn’t like it much, so I’m just going to say thank you again’’ you said, laughing a little. Just as you turned around, you felt a web getting stuck at your arm and sending you back to where you had been standing, Spiderman trying to take off his mask without falling down, using only one hand. ‘’Wh-what are you doing?’’ you asked, surprised as to why he would reveal his identity to you.
‘’Can you help me?’’ he asked, his voice still muffled. ‘’I am kind of struggling.’’
You helped him, not really knowing why, curiosity taking the best of you. To your surprise, you saw your boyfriend, a grin on his face. The first thing you did was smack him, earning a groan from him.
‘’Peter Parker! How dare you keep a secret this big from me?’’ you hiss, half mad and half surprised.
He just smiled and blushed, rubbing his neck with his free hand.
‘’Well, you see,’’ he started ‘’when I first flirt with a girl, I don’t usually tell her I am half spider. It usually throws her off.’’
You just laughed and caressed his cheek, your lips getting closer to his. They touched briefly before you pulled apart, a smile on your lips.
‘’It feels weird kissing this way, you know’’ you whispered.
‘’Doing things weirdly is my speciality’’ he whispered back before pressing your lips against his own, his tongue swiftly entering your mouth; his hand on the back of your neck, pressing you closer to him. ‘’I guess I’ll have to fight crime to help you more often’’ he said before laughing, his breath tingling against your mouth.
A sound made you pull apart, your phone screen lightning up with a call from your mother. Picking it up, you smiled at the boy in front of you.
‘’Yeah, mom, I’ll go now, I was just hiding from the rain’’ you said before turning off the call, giving Peter a quick kiss before walking to where you had been standing. ‘’See you later, bug boy!’’ you shouted before running off of his sight, a smile still on his lips.

So I recently bought a big bag of spiders from Target

And I was looking through the bag when I found this spider with no legs

I felt bad that he woudent be able to run and play with his spider brethren

So I made him this tiny spider wheel chair…

You are now free to roam little spider!!!

Imagine your OTP hugging. Person A has a bag with a lot of heavy/hard objects in it and Person B accidentally punches it when they hug Person A. Person B sends updates about how their minor injury is doing to Person A.