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Maybe like a hc of being jealous of MJ? And a reassuring Peter

sure thing! I hope this is of your liking :) 

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feedback is greatly appreciated <3

  • peter always makes it his daily job to tell you how much he loves you:
    • how thankful he is for you simply being there for him.
  • but it’s not about that,
    • it’s not about doubting his heart.
    • it’s about doubting what the future may be, because of the past.
  • you know MJ and Peter used to date before you came into the picture.
  • you know they broke up because it didn’t work.
    • so why did it feel like your heart was being squeezed and crushed when you saw them together?
  • you can see why people fall for her, not only peter.
    • MJ isn’t just a pretty face; she’s strong-willed, she has principles.
    • she’s a strong woman.
    • and you fear for that.
  • maybe it’s the way they talk, the way they look at each other.
    • they’ve been through so much together, they’d make a great couple.
    • they made a great couple.
  • these insecurities clouding your mind eventually caught peter’s attention.
    • he often asks if if there was something bothering you, but you’d just dismiss his worry, changing the subject before he can further question you.
    • and peter isn’t dumb, at all.
    • he’s just confused and worried.
  • was it something he said? Or did? Or why did it seem like you were mad at something?

  • it wasn’t until one night he called, and you didn’t answer.
  • usually, he wouldn’t be troubled:
    • he calls pretty late at night to check in after patrol, so it’s just common for any other adult to be asleep when his calls go in.
  • nevertheless, Peter was worried.
  • you’d been acting pretty distant in the week, and the missed phone call was just the last excuse he needed to pay a late visit to your home.
  • annd that’s when he found you,
    • curled up in your—now rather messy—bed sheets with your fingers pressed up against your lips.
    • were your eyes red and puffy?
  • you told him everything: how you worried that he’d fall again for MJ, how you thought MJ was a better choice for him, how you weren’t a good choice for him.
  • Pete had to shush you with a kiss to stop your rambling.
    • because in reality, he often found himself tangled in similar thoughts.
    • little thoughts that would soon become storms.
  • Peter also often thought about how he didn’t deserve your love.
    • he thought he was unworthy of your golden heart.
  • and MJ? MJ is one of his best friends; someone he knows will always be there
    • nothing more, nothing less.
  • sure, they’ve been through a lot together. and that’s what made their bond unbreakable.
  • but Pete doesn’t feel the same connection he does with you when he’s with MJ.
  • after clearing things up, Peter would hold you in his arms.
    • still suited up, his mask somewhere on the floor.
  • whispering sweet words to you.
    • and only you.
serenity |p.p. / part 1|

moodboard credit to @candycornparker


SUMMARY: When merchant ships start mysteriously going missing, Tony Stark enlists the help of Peter Parker to discover what could possibly be causing them to vanish from thin air. Unbeknownst to them, some mysteries go deeper than the sea itself.

PAIRING: Peter Parker x Siren!OC


Peter Parker was not engaged in his modern politics class.

School was miles away. The only thing he was engaged in was the phone that had vibrated in his pocket at the beginning of seventh period. He would have gotten it confiscated if he hadn’t suavely talked his way out of the predicament. Now, the phone was burning a hole in his pocket, and his leg was bouncing out of control. Happy Hogan’s name appearing on his screen was a rare occurrence, and it sucked that it had popped up almost milliseconds before the bell rang. He stole a glance at the clock for the millionth time that afternoon and realigned his focus for the last ten minutes.

“Okay,” his teacher, Mr. Ellis, looked through his lesson plan, “We have ten minutes left, let’s briefly touch on the missing merchant ships.”

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Is there any chance you could do a head cannon with Peter getting his legs waxed? You're such an amazing writer and I think you would make this super cute xxxx


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Prompt lists

  • He had noticed one day that your legs were sMOOTH???
  • “Babe… where’d the hair go?”
  • “I got them waxed the other day”
  • “How does that even work?”
  • “They put hot wax on your hair, press a sticker onto it, and rip your hair out of your skin”
  • :)))))))))
  • “That sounds like it hurts”
  • “Nah not at all! Wanna get yours waxed tomorrow? I’ll go with you!”
  • He could tell you were lying but he hadn’t been able to actually attend any dates with you in the past like two weeks and he felt bad
  • “Fine, but only because I miss you”
  • The next day rolls around and he’s starting to regret missing you sm bc he does nOT want to get his legs waxed
  • “What if I need the hair?”
  • “For what? Winter? You’ll be fine”
  • “But what if I miss my hairs?”
  • “Your hairs? Plural? You have names for them or something?”
  • “This one is Paul, this one is Stacey, that’s Margaret, there’s Carl over there”
  • He started picking individual hairs up and naming them smh
  • “Paul, Stacey, Margaret and Carl will be okay without you, I promise. It’s time for you to let them go”
  • He sniffles and wipes away a pretend tear omg
  • Y’all finally get to the salon
  • And they sit him down
  • You talked to them in private and told them that this is his first time and that he’s gonna need to hold your hand at first
  • So everyone gets ready and they put some wax on his leg and he’s just watching tbh he doesn’t even know what’s coming
  • The lady presses it into his leg and the yANKS IT OFF AS HARD AS SHE CAN
  • He looks at you like you’ve just killed his newborn baby
  • “Why’d you make me do this”
  • “I didn’t! You missed me, remember?”
  • “I hate when you’re right”
  • “I love it”
  • He grabs your hand for the second time
  • He squeezes your fingers together so hard that they almost break off
  • Keep in mind this boi is extra stronggggg
  • He just takes really big deep breaths and exaggerated all movements
  • Once his first leg is done
  • They move to the second one
  • And he’s forgotten the level of pain already
  • So when they start fresh with a while new leg
  • He almost cries
  • “I wanna go home ffs!”
  • The lady is almost dead tbh she’s having a hard time not laughing out loud :’)
  • poor bby
  • Once everything is done
  • You take him home and lay him on the couch
  • And he complains about how raw his legs are
  • That night he slips into the suit and when he tightens it he screams so loud??
  • You get scared but then he’s like “They’re so raw!!!!!!!!!!”
  • You’re halfway between laughing and crying whoops

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lattes and numbers⎜h.o

summary: long set days lead to coffee at 11:00
requested by the lovely @positiveparker: “can you do a AU with Haz where the reader works at starbucks and Haz comes and orders a drink? I LOVE YA <3333″ this has been in my drafts for ages now i’m so sorry, but i love you, babe! not my gif

warnings: fluff, language, harrison being adorable. barista!au

words: 542


THE BELL ON THE DOOR of the coffee shop you worked mixed in with the small conversations people were having at the tables, the sound of music softly coming from the speakers in the ceiling. 

tom had drug harrison to a underrated coffee shop he had discovered while in town for filming. the two boys walked into the shop, harrison taking a look around while tom led him over to the counter. your eyes met tom’s as you looked up from your phone, shoving it in the pocket of the apron you had tied around your waist.

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Lazy sunday morning’s with Peter.

archanean-knight  asked:

Hey k how are you today. I was wondering if you could write headcanons about peter and the reader working together on Dr octavius’s prosthetic. Bonus points if she is the scientist in charge of the neuroscience aspect of the job

I’m not entirely sure if this is what you meant w/ your request, so feel free to shoot me a message if I got it wrong! <3

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under the cut for spoilers!

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Peter Parker Finding Out You Bruise Easily hcs

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Requested by Anonymous

these are so bad im sorry

  • he’d always be gentle and careful with you (not sexually c’mon now he’s a whole virgin)
  • even before he found out you bruise easily this boy is all about being sweet
  • he would be EXTREMELY cautious if he’s swinging around new york with you
  • he probably wouldnt even use his webs like that unless it was an emergency
  • if he did happen to accidentally give you a bruise (from holding your hand too hard or something small like that) he would feel SO BAD
  • like he wouldn’t stop apologizing
  • buys you flowers or chocolate or whatever it is you’re into
  • even though you assure him that it’s not that big of a deal
  • he must make up for it
  • he makes sure you always come before him

Hope you enjoyed!  Feedback is welcomed ~

I’m slowly falling in love with Tom Holland and there is nothing I can do to stop it…

the bet || part i/iii || fuckboi!peter parker x reader

 oi, I don’t want to make this too long but…. IM BACK smh I’ve been so m.i.a. but that’s literally because I’ve been so busy and have bad writer’s block. Smh this probably ain’t even gon be good. But like I worked hard on it to have meaning and stuff and I rlly hope you guys enjoy it. I just want you guys to get straight to the story because you’ve waited so long for it and I’ve been teasing it sm smh. Just read it hope you enjoy muthertruckers😬

tags : @running-outta-time @i-just-wanna-run-hell @munalisax @themyscirahs @sammie-blogs @geeksareunique @violentlybarnes @geeksareunique

words : 11,197

warnings : fuckboi!peter parker, mild cussing, various mentions of sex, angst, ned needs a hug, peter needs a hug, you need a hug, everyone needs a hug



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”I bet you your whole Goddamn rep that you couldn’t get weird ass mcgee over there to sleep with you; you know, take her v-card. Before. We. Graduate.”

The words spoken smugly by one of Peter’s multiple friends at the lunch table caught his attention as quick as you could say, “Spider,” The statement challenged him, making him smirk at the smug boy before looking over his shoulder, almost savagely, at the fifteen year old girl huddled in her own little corner of a table in the back, her face morphing as she read through numerous pages of the thick book she held in her hands.

Watching the scene, Peter laughed and shook his head before turning back the group at his table, them looking deeply invested as to what would happen next, he spoke lowly, “Watch me.”

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Title: Flustered

Word Count: A lot

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader

Warnings: Sexual themes but no actual smut

Summary: You want to prank Peter Parker and the best way to do it is to make him very flustered.

Part 2  Part 3

You were walking around the tower trying to find someone to mess with.  You saw Nat, Bucky, Wanda, and Clint sitting around the breakfast table.

Nat and Bucky were immediately out because messing with assassins usually ended with bodily harm.  You shuddered remembering that time you tried to throw a water balloon at Bucky.  Never again.

Wanda and Clint were out for the same reason.  They both knew you were about to do something before you even did it. Wanda you could understand, mind reading and all, but with Clint it was weird.  It was as if he woke up knowing when, where, and what you were going to do to him.

You moved on to the kitchen to find Thor, Steve and Vision.  You hated pranking Thor and Vision.  Thor just assumed it was some Earthen custom and laughed along with you.  Vision just didn’t get it, ever.

Steve was just too much of a gentleman to ever react or retaliate.  Where’s the fun in messing with someone if they don’t react?  You sighed disappointing there was no target for you here.

You walked around trying to find your dad and Banner.  You finally found them in their lab.  This made you groan.  Pranking in a lab was at best dangerous and at worst explosive.  Also pranking your dad usually meant you got grounded or lost mission privileges.  Not worth it.  That left you with one person.


You walked into the lab with a mischievous glint in your eye. “Dad do you know where Spider-boy is? I need someone to mess with or my whole day just feels off.”

Tony looked up with a smile.” I believe he’s in the training room.”

This made you extra happy.  Not only did you have a target but your target was probably working out sweaty and shirtless.  So you turned right back around and went off to the training room.  

You had to sneak up to the training room due to the giant wall of windows.  You peaked around the corner to look in and your heart almost stopped.  There was Peter Parker working out in just low hanging athletic shorts. Sweat was dripping down his abs and his messy hair was in his eyes. You looked skyward for strength to not melt into a puddle right then and there.

You looked around the room trying to formulate a plan.  You saw his suit in a gym bag near the door and an idea popped into your head.  You smiled, you really were just too evil.  You tip toed towards the door as not to be seen.  You quietly creaked open the door wincing at the sound it made.  You froze looking up at Parker but he was so concentrated he didn’t even notice.  You sighed and went over to the bag zipping it open and grabbing the web launchers.

You smirked and continued to sneak up on your unsuspecting victim.  Once you got close enough where you couldn’t miss you stopped.  “Ohh Peter.” You drawled finally gaining his attention.

He turned around with a confused look right before you webbed his hands to the floor.  He yelped as he fell and tried to wriggle out of it.  You slowly sauntered over to your prey with a smile.  Once you reached him you sat down straddling him.  This made him immediately stop wiggling.

“Now that I’ve caught my Spider what to do with him?”  You whispered leaning in.  Peter gulped as you got closer.

“Y/N I was training let me go thi-” You rolled your hips as you leaned closer.  He squeaked as his face turned to a fiery red.

“What was that Spidey?” You giggled.

He gulped before continuing “I-I s-said let me go and stop this.”  He stuttered out.

You feigned an innocent look. “Stop what?”  And rolled your hips again.  He closed his eyes and took in a ragged breath.  His arms were bulging trying to be free of the webbing.  You rolled again for good measure.

“S-s-stop that.”  He whispered his eyes tightly closed and even his ears were burning red.  You giggled at the state you were putting him in.  Looking down at your master piece you knew one more thing would seal the deal.

You started at the base of his neck and started to kiss and suck.  Slowly moving up to his jaw.  You heard him groan and it took all of you to not stop and laugh. Moving along his jaw you finally got to his lips.  You pulled him in cupping both of his cheeks.  The kiss was passionate as Peter tried to lean in but only getting so far.  You continued to roll your hips as you were kissing him making him moan. You broke apart both breathing heavy. 

When you broke apart his eyes fluttered open and they were dark and full of lust. You wanted to stay there forever continuing this sweet torture but that wasn’t the plan. 

You briskly got up and started to leave.  Peter made a sound of protest, wiggling harder to be free.  He tried to call you back. “Y/N wait you can’t just leave me!”

You just smiled, blew a kiss and said, “If you get free come and find me.” 

I hope all the porn bots following me are enjoying the existential crisis the Infinity War Trailer is giving me.