spider man homecoming

I literally can’t read jealous peter fics where you’re with Flash because while I can suspend my disbelief to imagine myself as the daughter for Tony Stark, as some sort of mystical being with super human powers, as the girlfriend of a superhero himself, as someone who exists in an entirely different universe and reality, I just cant imagine myself ever even TOLERATING Eugene “the Flash” Thompson.

Hey do you think while Tony was programming Karen he intentionally made sure that she was really encouraging and complimentary for Peter?

We know that F.R.I.D.A.Y. is pretty sarcastic and straightforward with Tony, which makes sense because then Tony has ‘someone’ to banter with, but do you think that when programming Karen he made sure that she would be kind and gentle with Peter to encourage him when he was upset or needed advice (like when he talked with Karen about Liz) and to live a positive life and have a positive figure to talk to about the Spidey life and stuff and just think of the time Tony took to not only design the suit but to program Karen to motivate Peter when he’s feeling discouraged and wow this is like my new favorite thing

There is a parallel universe where...

Bucky likes Deadpool’s wife

Captain America seduces Peter Quill’s ex

Everett Ross and Doctor Strange are best friends

Tony Stark has relationship with aunt May in Rome

Spider-man and Thor goes to sea hunting whales

Pepper is dating Hulk

Old Spider-man tries to be part of  the Avengers

Vulture is a superhero (None other than Batman)

And Natasha and Steve are happy together

people who think tobey mcguire is the best spiderman

people who think andrew garfield is the best spiderman

people who think tom holland is the best spiderman

people who have a favourite spiderman and bash the other two because they can’t just let people like what they wanna like

i love crying like a little bitch, don’t you?