spider man: homecoming

You can’t stop lying, you’ve got liarrhea!

May after finding out Peter is Spidey, probably

The Fall Festival

College Peter Parker x Reader

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Warning: smut, danger, maybe language. Word count: 3300 Summary: just a normal day for Peter Parker full of a science club meeting, a hay ride, and rescuing the a bunch of people in front of his awesome girlfriend. @thewackywriter

Peter Parker fucking loved fall. He also liked the pumpkin spiced food and the pretty fall scents girls wore. Peter liked the swirly leaves in the park. Mr. Delmar would sell pumpkin empanadas on Fridays in October and they were awesome. The Halloween decorations would spill out everywhere and Peter prided himself on having the best spider webs on the block, probably all of New York. What kind of Spider-Man would he be if he didnt?

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tony: hey kid, you doing alright?

peter: well not really, im in a puddle of blood

tony: is it yours?

peter: im pretty sure

tony: do you know where its coming from?!

peter: probably the stab wound

tony: you’ve been STABBED?!

peter: oh yeah, definitely

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Why did you kiss me? -part 2

A/N hey sorry I couldn’t help but add on to the first one. Hope you like it.

Summary: you catch peter staring at you and kiss him

Pairing: peter parker x male reader!Tony’s son

You walk up to Peter’s door, you have been to his apartment before but never through the door. You usually only came over when peter had managed to get injured being spiderman and in that case you came up the fire escape through his window. You ring the doorbell and hide the flowers you got May behind your back. May opens the door and says “you must be y/n” you nod before saying “and you must be miss parker, these are for you” you say as you pull the lovely yellow daisies from behind your back. She smiles just like Peter’s and thanks you for the flowers. You follow her in to see peter setting the table. “Well your freind y/n is just lovely, look at these” she says as she puts them in water. Peter pulled out a chair and moves his hand telling you to sit down. He sits right beside you and May sits down across the table. You hold Peter’s hand under the table well you talk to May. You and peter made up some stuff that was mostly truth about meeting at his internship and what you do. You told May about how you really prefer art over science and get to design many of Tony’s progects. You guys talked all through supper. “Peter and I can do the dishes” you say as May starts clearing the plates. You take them and fill the sink with soapy water and peter comes in with the rest of the dishes, he cleared everything off the plates and you were washing them. He comes and stands next to you so you take some bubbles and put them on his nose, then kiss him. When you were done the dishes peter put a movie on the tv and you two tried to cuddle on the couch without making it look like you were cuddling. About halfway through the movie peter got up and walked to the kitchen to get more snacks and May followed to help. “Hey peter you could have told me” she says when she is sure you can’t hear. “Told you what?” he says.“that you’re gay” this totally takes peter by surprise and he spits out “how did you know”. “I saw you kiss y/n well doing dishes, you know I dont care that you have a boyfriend peter. I’ll leave you guys alone for the rest of the night” she said as she walked off to her room. Peter walked back into the living room “wheres May” you say when you noticed it was only him. “She saw us kiss so she said she would leave us alone for the night” you could tell that he wasn’t ready to tell may so you walked over and hugged him. “you okay dollface” you said as you pulled out of the hug. “Ya I was planning on telling May tonight anyway guess I didn’t have to and she said she is fine with it, that’s a huge relief I was actually starting to worry” he smiled. You two sat in his bed and talked until about three in the morning when peter fell asleep.

You wake him up in the morning with a kiss on his cheek. He looks up at you with sleepy eyes and a bed head and you catch yourself thinking that you might just love the guy in front of you. “Get up sleepyhead I figured we could make breakfast, i make a killer french toast” you say as he gets out of bed. “Now will this french toast kill me because you poisoned it or because it’s so good” he laughs. “Well I guess you will have to see”. You and peter make breakfast and just as your setting the table May comes out. “May would you like some breakfast y/n says its killer but won’t tell me if he poisoned it” he says kind of sarcastically and you can see the smirk on his face. “Well based on how it looks I will take the chance” she said sitting down.

god im just thinking about how much going to public school in the MCU would’ve made me hate captain america. every time i got caught giving some bitch the finger or writing on bathroom walls or ditching class or stealing books from the library cause i got a fine or what have you, and then they gave me lunch detention or ISS and i sat in that dumbass eraser-smelling room and im in My Chair (the chair i always sit in and yell at anyone else who tries to take it), fuming, arms crossed, full of teen angst and hating everyone around me, and AGAIN had to watch this stupid fucking video ive already seen so many times that i know it by heart and every word grates on my eardrums and i’d just see this fuckin familiar face

and i would be ready to LOSE MY SHIT

I just realized

Shuri improved the Black Panther suit so T'Challa would be safe, making it invulnerable to explosions and strong blasts. Safe against what killed their father.

Do you know what Tony added to Peter’s improved suit? A parachute that opens with voice command, safe against what almost killed Rhodey.

*The Avengers sitting around the living room*

Clint: let’s play Two Truths One Lie

Natasha: yeah i’ve heard of that one.

Peter: oh i’ll go first!

Peter: i’m small, my eyes are green, and a whole building once fell on me and i almost died!

Tony: that’s the right idea kiddo but it’s gotta be a bit more challenging for everybody-

Pepper: his eyes are brown.

Tony: ….

Tony: a building wHAT-

I don’t know whats more funny, tony with blasters or the fact that peter was showing him a HALLWAY

Me whenever Tom Holland posts a new picture

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HC that the spider bite made Peter even lighter.

you’d think it would make him heavier, what with the new muscle and (perhaps) a denser bone structure.

but what if the bite changed his bone structure to be less dense? more light so he could easily swing himself around, make his footsteps even quieter for stealth, and add to his flexibility.

i just thought it would be funny if

  • tony goes to help peter up when he falls (like, grab his hand to hoist him off the ground) and completely underestimates how much strength to use and sends the poor kid flying.
  • Aunt May and Peter are watching a movie with Peter’s head in her lap, she tries to get up to get something to drink & Peter - joking around - holds onto her, not letting her up. May laughs and once again, underestimating how light he is, she jerks herself up and yanks Peter with her - so she stands there with Peter easily clinging to her like a koala. “Peter what the fu-“
  • (in the end she just easily walks to the kitchen with Peter wrapped around her , giggling the whole way because she still wants her drink and no feather light spider-kid is gonna stop her)
  • Peter wanting to prank Tony by tackling him - but as he jumps onto his back the man doesn’t even budge, so Peter just awkwardly sits on Tony’s back.
  • “kid it literally feels like i’m wearing a backpack do you even eat”

anyway someone write about this please