spider taur

Qo, Myriots mother, is a Jorōgumo, a type of creature from Japanese folklore. According to some stories the Jorōgumo is a spider that can change its appearance into that of a seductive woman. (Before they go and eat their seduced victim)

Anyway, I took that idea and ran with it. Since I never really like using “magic” as an excuse for transformation, I tried to make both forms balance each other out. I don’t think her human form is large or heavy enough though to compensate for her abdomen weight.
That’s ok I’m just brainstorming.

(day 96)

“Oswyn, take a letter.

Fair Sir Reginald,

You have not returned my messages inquiring about the last time you came to slay me. Perhaps I have been too subtle but that touch to your hindquarters before you went rushing from my manor? In my culture it signifies a wish to procreate. Next time you see fit to charge into my grounds intending to eviscerate me, please know my bedroom is on the third floor, large doors at the end of the hallway. Please give me notice so I may be ready for you~


Countess Sybil Blanche”

“…Madame Blanche. I wish I could convince you to stop making me write these…”

Fff, I’m having too much fun designing these two. We’re still looking for a Light Magic leader by the way!

My Big Bad Greek Family!! Peri and Pearl will be in the mail tomorrow!!All I need is Manny and my collection of greek based characters will be complete,,I think!!

(From Left to Right)

Wydowna Spider (Daughter of Arachne)
Posea Reef (Daughter of Poseidon)
Casta Fierce (Daughter of Circe)
Iris Clops (Daughter of a Cyclops)
Viperine Gorgon (Daughter of Stheno)
Deuce Gorgon ( Son of Medusa)
River Styxx (Daughter of Grim Reaper, Niece of Charon)
Avea Trotter (Daughter of a Harpy and Centaur)

I Love the Greek based chracters, hoping that one day they will make Olympus High, a schoold for demigods!!