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  • me, anytime i see a scary looking insect/bug/arthropod: i appreciate your role in the environment and i'm sure you are a beautiful example of your species but please stay 19274538382 miles away from me, thank you
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Reptile hobby

The more and more I get into this hobby and fall in love with every aspect of it the more depressing it is in an entirely different way. When I first went to repticon 3 years ago I saw all of these cool morphs and colors and I was kind of like a kid at a toy store.

I watched AnimalBytes tv and hung off of every word Bryan said and I had my favorite snakes and morphs. I would tell all of my non reptile friends about everything on the show and annoy the hell out of them. I would see pictures of snakes together in a cage and I thought they were cute friends. I was making plans for everything I wanted to do and how many snakes I could have and it was great! Then the more I started digging there was this small voice coming from what I assumed were ignorant people.

Then I came to tumblr and started seeing people so passionate for the first time about THE ANIMALS and not money or a snake breeding empire. It turns out that the voice that I was hearing was the voice of reason but I didn’t fully understand or comprehend the gravity of these situations until I was in reptiblr for a while. Reading blogs like @wheremyscalesslither @crispysnakes and other extremely knowledgeable people on here educated me enough to know that I had to relearn everything I thought I knew. I had no idea that there were morphs with neurological or physical health issues like the spider morph. I had no idea that people were so actively supporting something that was so obviously wrong or even by their arguments questionable at best.

I learned the proper way to house and take care of my animals and even though I cannot have as many as I originally intended, I know now that it’s better to have 3 healthy snakes with proper husbandry and enrichment than having 8 that aren’t having a higher quality of life.

I guess I’m saying that there is an extremely sketchy possibly even dark side to the reptile community that is honestly the face that welcomes you into the hobby. I just hope people that are new to the hobby come in with an open mind and do your research. Find people that are knowledgable and people you know you can trust and let them help you. No one is infallible so still make sure to read up and do your homework.

This isn’t a game, you are caring for another life and you have a responsibility not only to keep them happy and healthy but to keep bettering yourself as a reptile keeper. You never know everything and you might even need to reevaluate what you thought was law. That’s what separates the people that care about the animals from the people that care about HAVING the animals.

Ilvermorny House Aesthetic
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Wampus:</b> loud, clear voices; speaking up without fear; clenched jaws; sloppy handwriting; a commanding presence; the first inhale after coming up for air while swimming; strong noses that flare when angered; staying up until 3am laughing with friends; messy buns; strength training; bitten lips; cinnamon; fishnets; muscles shifting under a lover's fingertips; powerful thighs; neon and bright colors; chiles rellenos; that moment right before the free fall on a rollercoaster; scratch marks; the sound of a knife sharpening; fruit infused water; tongues burnt on midday coffee; kisses from big dogs; hair ties breaking; unsettled dust; linking arms; backless dresses; very hot baths; rock climbing; mosh pits; Doc Martens; smudged lipstick; spicy curry; tunnel graffiti; charcoal-stained fingertips; baring teeth; caffeine addiction; wrinkled noses; gasping between passionate kisses; sharp cut creases; holographic knives; 1967 Chevy Impala; heterochromia; the snap of leather; the scent of an extinguished match; hickeys; ripped leggings; inner ear headphones; screaming at the top of your lungs; twists; the sizzle of steak hitting the grill; strobe lights; the anticipation of a bassdrop; new age tattoos; dermal anchors.<p/><b>Thunderbird:</b> tilting faces toward the sun; mountains in the distance; bright smiles; weathered and worn books; hammocks; darjeeling tea; the look of awe and wonder; smirking; wavy hair; paper airplanes; muted nail color; sunkissed highlights; aster flowers and wildflowers; recycling; legs aching from standing and/or moving too long; trailing hands over tree trunks; wide, open spaces; stargazing; hipster fashion without hipster elitism; whistling along to the music in your head; lightning bugs landing on hands; music festivals; Sailor Moon; choker necklaces; abandoned railroad tracks; making custom playlists for friends; lifted pinkies when drinking; crochet braids; space buns; dresses with pockets; morning fog; being unafraid of, or even thrilled about, getting lost; high cheekbones; petrichor; feeling breathless contemplating existence; a light sheen of sweat; septum piercings; blushing from ears to chest; schadenfreude; OTEs; power lines; burnt marshmallows; accidentally dropping food on shirts; horizontal bamboo blinds; tripping over words around attractive people; vintage suitcases; reading field journals; Long Island iced tea; maypoles; handmade flower crowns; serendipity; elote; Volkswagen vans; bathhouses; windblown hair; pastel hair; homemade granola; picking up bits and pieces of language while traveling.<p/><b>Pukwudgie:</b> herbal tea; warm, fond smiles; dimples; brown eyes; being underestimated; thick blankets; humming along to music playing in the background; journaling; macadamia nuts; the sound of cicadas; tracing hands over tall grass; tight hugs; peaches; tiny, dainty tattoos; naturally long eyelashes; muddy hemlines; elderberry wine; holding hands; jumping as high as possible on a trampoline; rain pattering on a window; succulents; crystals; terrariums; bangles; flannel shirts; tear tracks; powder-lined cat eyes; finding an onion ring in your fries; balloons; throwing autumn leaves in the air; honey bees; stickers; apple cider; crickets chirping; damp cotton; Ford Farlaines; hide and seek; an unnoticed stumble; sunlight reflected on lake water; Eskimo kisses; ice cream melting over fingers; the twitching of squirrels' tails; raw spider silk; headwraps over natural hair; tapping toes to the beat; "Christian cussing" around children; competitive sand castle building; fiercely protecting others' autonomy; bunny teeth; dulce de leche; harmonizing; grass stains; gardening; gel pens; absolutely losing it to memes; angel bite piercings; naturally pink cheeks; the countdown before taking the plunge; freshly clipped nails; rushing to aide someone having a panic attack.<p/><b>Horned Serpent:</b> narrowed eyes and pursed lips; box braids; stacks of nonfiction books; satire; forehead kisses; hands gently caressing cheeks; helvetica; a collection of partially filled notebooks; a face softening in realization; diffused light; bitten nails; eavesdropping; Earl Grey tea; fencing; the sound of the A/C kicking on; A-line dresses; freshly shaved legs against cool, clean sheets; glass ceilings; minimalist tattoos; sketchbooks; cursing when spilling coffee over your notes; plum lipstick; thick-rimmed glasses; vindication; neutral tones; smudged makeup from rubbing eyes during an all-nighter; button-up shirts; aching fingers and wrists; taking a break from a project only to realize hours have passed; Cadillac Broughams; julienne cut vegetables; fish tacos; ankle socks; being 10 minutes early; origami; spiral staircases; soft smiles watching children learn; flyaway hairs; finger-walking on metal desks; mint ice cream; having a 10 or more kill streak; pressed flowers; silhouettes; the crunch of biting into an apple; limericks; sake; Frank Sinatra; lighthearted debates that turn into yelling matches; sphinx cats; pastel hair; deadbolts; elaborate mosaics; nostril piercings; YInMn blue.<p/></p><p/></p>

atropine  asked:

Do you have a favorite snake, if so can we see? Also, thanks for delighting my feed with these beautiful creatures, and the knowledge that comes with.

Cheers and welcome. Thank you for your kind words. Choosing favs is hard… but here are a few that I think are really cool:

(Naja nigricollis) black-necked spitting cobra

(Naja nivea) Cape cobra

(Pseudechis porphyriacus) red-bellied black-snake

(Crotalus oreganus cerberus) Arizona black rattlesnake

(Pseudocerastes urarachnoides) spider-tailed horned viper

(Cerastes cerastes) Saharan horned desert viper

(Bitis gabonica rhinoceros) West African Gaboon viper

(Bitis nasicornis) Rhinoceros viper

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hey so im really sad and need help. i need links to cute chris pine interviews? like any. all of them. he's all ive got

Are you okay my love?? He’s not all you’ve got - you have me. I’m here if you need to chat.

Some of my favourite Chris interviews:

I hope this helps. Please take care of yourself my darling, and I hope you feel better soon!

Sometimes I think the image of Australia as being full of dangerous animals is exaggerated. Then I learn in my first aid course that the real danger of white tail spider bites is not the venom, but the flesh eating bacteria they leave behind.


The Ghibli Museum Shorts Art Booklets The Ghibli Museum shows several short films exclusive to the Ghibli museum. The Saturn Theater has windows where automated shades lower and open before and after each showing of its short films. This is because Hayao Miyazaki designed the theater with small children in mind, who could possibly be scared of the closed in theater. The museum shows one of the following Ghibli short-films in the Saturn Theatre and these are their artbooks above in order: Koro’s Big Walk コロの大さんぽ Koro no dai-sampo Water Spider Monmon 水グモもんもん Mizugumo Monmon Mei and the Kittenbus めいとこねこバス Mei to Konekobasu The Day I Harvested a Star 星をかった日 Hoshi o Katta Hi The Whale Hunt くじらとり Kujiratori Looking for a home やどさがし Yadosagashi A Sumo Wrestler’s Tail ちゅうずもう Chūzumō Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess パン種とタマゴ姫 Pan dane to tamago hime Treasure Hunting たからさがし Takara Sagashi Updating my Ghibli Collection

zycout  asked:

Question spam! Are all the different types called rooks? Are they only real animals, no dragons or unicorns? What about insects or spiders? You mentioned wounds and the cats having bandages because of 9 lives, are they spirits? Is Jock and Hunk the only two-headed one? Don't feel like you have to answer all this 😛


These are all so wonderful, thank you for asking, it’s really nice to get the thoughts I’ve had out in writing for you guys ;v; 💓

1. Yes!!! Rooks are their species. There are obviously different types of Rooks, but they all are Rooks. So take Doll, he’s not a Cat Rook, nuu he’s just a Rook. There’s no division, they’re just one race.

ALTHOUGHHHHH, Fun Fact: When I started working with Doll himself, I was originally planning on making Rooks only feline based! And not only that, the Rooks would have had their types based off of the type of wound dressings they had! Doll has bandaging on his arm, as well as a tail that resemble Ribbon! So Doll would have been a Ribbon Rook :3 Other types consisted of Button, Zipper, Thread, Velcro, Yarn, Needle, and Fabric Rooks! This concept was dropped only because of design issues, and I really wanted to do more than just one animal species omg 💨

and another Fun Fact!!! Rooks were only called Rooks because they were all supposed to have a black base with a pop of color (Like Doll and Stud’s designs) because a Rook is actually a crow! and crows are black :3 The name kinda stuck, so there you go ✨I was too infatuated with lots of colors to really just keep it the same all throughout /////

Anywayyyy to keep going…

2. Absolutely not! All creatures, including insects, marine and avian animals, prehistoric or fantasy creatures, are bases for a Rooks design if you want it too! I haven’t had the moment to make other body types 💦 but they’re feasible as well :3 Rooks don’t have to be just bipedal creatures, they can look like centaurs, have spider leggies or mermaid tails, however you’d like, just as long as there’s an animal like trait that they’re base off of!

 3. Honestly, I haven’t quite figured that one out, but I’d just put it as Felines being the most mystical of the species. Like they’d be the cryptids of Rook culture, but it’s still something natural?? Doll floats around all he wants and no one bats an eye, its just a societal acceptance, Hunk and Jock have two fucking heads, Looker’s got a few more eyes on his face, no big deal. Totally not cause cats are my favorite ///////

But the nine lives thing stands, feline looking Rooks tend to have the most wounds, these wounds come from past life trauma (the equivilant of the human version where scars and birthmarks are symbols of how you died, yada yada). So Doll was beheaded at one point and that doesn’t phase him pff 💨 Jock probably had his tongue cut out and Hunk got an eyeball plucked. But wounds of course are not limited to felines of course, it’s just the pure AMOUNT sometimes.

BUT!!! Bandaging is limited to felines! The bandaging of a body part would refer to the loss of that body part. Doll’s past life could have had their arm and half if their leg taken off, but Doll still acquired those parts when some other Rook who’s not based feline would not have those parts to begin with. 

So kinda going off topic, but I don’t think Rooks ever truly die, they only would when wounds are so extensive that there’s literally no body left to pass on. Then I guess they’d become spirits :3 

and finally 4. Nope!!! But!! Polycephaly is a rare thing, it’s not every day you see Rooks who have a few heads on their shoulders, but again, nothing is shamed or made fun of, monsters don’t give a damn about looks and I think that’s wonderful <3333 So Jock and Hunk aren’t the only ones in the world with two heads on one body, they’re proud of themselves and their past life, whatever happened there gave them each other and that’s all they really care about 🐯🐱

Oh goshhhhh, that was so much fun writing, I really appreciate you asking me all of those questions, bby, it really helps me document things, I love it 💖 Please ask me any more questions if you’d like, I’m all ears 

- Dolly ❤