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Mercymaker Bioshock AU

Mercymaker Bioshock AU because… reasons

Amelie is a dancer in the upper parts of Rapture; she with her husband Gerard have built quite a life for themselves since moving to the underwater city. Gerard and Amelie regularly attend much of the nightlife in Rapture, and when Amelie isn’t dancing they attend formal parties thrown by some of Rapture’s elite.

One night while attending one of Rapture’s formal ball’s, Amelie is struck by a Big Daddy as it pursued someone else. The fall cuts her right forearm rather badly, requiring a visit to the hospital. While admitted, Amelie becomes acquainted with Dr. Angela Ziegler, a child prodigy who has made quite the name for herself as the assistant who helped discover ADAM’s regenerative properties.

Angela uses this technology on Amelie with her consent. It closes the wound but leaves a couple of straight line scars on her right arm.

They exchange a few words, Angela admitting she hasn’t been down here that long. Amelie asks how she’s adjusting to which Angela replies, “I don’t mind salty as long as it comes with something sweet,” as her hand brushes over Amelie’s. Amélie, still dressed in her formal attire, doesn’t move her hand away at the gesture, meeting Angela’s gaze with her own. They stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before Gerard bursts in. After assessing his wife’s arm he changes his focus to Angela, bowing before her, thanking the doctor for her efforts and telling her that they are most appreciative of her help.

Over the next month Amelie makes frequent trips to see Dr. Ziegler at the hospital. Usually it’s a minor cut, or a sprain, nothing time would not fix, but Amelie insists she needs ADAM every time to get her back out there as soon as possible. She couldn’t let Gerard down by taking a break, even for a night. Angela complies, as each visit is accompanied by very noticeable flirting from the dancer. It never escalates further as Gerard is always waiting very close by, eager to escort Amelie to wherever they had to be, even back home.

During Rapture’s descent into chaos a few weeks later, Amelie kills Gerard in a crazed ADAM-induced rage, believing he was planning to do the same to her given the chance.

As the years progress, Amelie transforms into a spider splicer, her eye colour changed from hazel to a yellow pigment. She spends her days hunting down little sisters for their ADAM. Every time she adds an additional line to her right arm to signify another kill, more ADAM to add to her supply, all branching off the lines she was marked with by Angela on her first visit to the doctor.

Meanwhile Angela manages to survive the onslaught going through Rapture with the help of Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum. Tenenbaum has regrets over the creation of the little sisters, or little ones as she calls them, as she and Angela try their best to cure the little ones of their illness, to give them another chance at a normal life. They learn about a ghost that lurks in the night, assaulting any little sister unfortunate enough to have lost their Big Daddy protector.

During a raid where Tenenbaum and Ziegler are rescuing a group of little ones from an apartment building they encounter Amélie. In her now altered state, Angela doesn’t recognise her at first, but as Amelie engages Angela in combat the doctor can recognise the woman that was before them. Thinking quickly, Angela pierces Amelie’s chest with a little sister’s harvesting needle, incapacitating her.

Angela spends weeks treating Amelie, curing her of the excess ADAM in her system. It takes an excruciatingly long time and leaves Amelie in immense pain, but it eventually clears out of her body, leaving her sane and in control again. Amelie still remembers the atrocities she committed as a splicer, but Angela, with the assistance of Tenenbaum, help her find redemption by aiding them in rescuing the little sisters before others can harvest them.

After a successful job where they rescue a handful of little ones and secure some additional supplies for their makeshift orphanage, Angela offers Amelie a bottle of water with the remark “Don’t worry, it tastes much better than the water outside.” Amelie replies, “Hmph, I don’t mind salty as long as it comes with something sweet,” placing her hand on Angela’s shoulder. Angela gazes into Amelie’s yellow eyes as they both lean in for a kiss. Tenenbaum is taking care of all the kids across the hall and won’t need to check the supply room until breakfast the next morning.

Amelie takes ahold of Angela’s waist as she guides her towards the bed. They have much to catch up on.


Bioshock 1 and 2 enemies:

  • Big Daddy (Bouncer)
  • Big Daddy (Rosie)
  • Big Daddy (Rumbler)
  • Big Daddy (Alpha Series)
  • Big Sister
  • Thuggish Splicer
  • Leadhead Splicer
  • Spider Splicer
  • Houdini Splicer
  • Brute Splicer

Splicers are the most common enemy in the first two bioshock games, and are featured heavily in the book. The become more frequent in the story after plasmids go on sale and become popular, thanks to Frank Fontaine and the scientists Brigid Tenenbaum and Yi Suchong. Splicers are citizens of Rapture who have used excessive amounts of a drug called ADAM, and the drug has damaged their bodies and minds beyond repair. The drug, which was discovered by Brigid Tenenbaum, works by exchanging original cells within a subject with new and changing cells, changing people’s genetic structure. The effects of plasmids and gene tonics seem minimal, but technically there is no safe level of ADAM usage. ADAM is a very dangerous drug, being addictive and causing adverse side effects. Some users develop physical deformities, whereas some users (like Sander Cohen) become mentally unstable with few, if any, physical effects. The side effects are different with each individual as different users have different reactions to ADAM. The term splicer is a reference to gene splicing. 

List of adverse effects (taken from the bioshock wiki) :

- Bleeding from eyes, nose and mouth

- Blindness

- Crystal formations on skin

- Cutis laxa

- Death

- Hair loss

- Hair patches

- Hallucinations

- Heterochromia iridum

- Hormone imbalance

- Insanity

- Insomnia

- Jaundice

- Lesions

- Memory loss

- Paranoia

- Rashes

- Shingles

- Spider veins

- Swollen gums

- Syndactyly

- Tooth loss

- Tumors

- Varicose veins

- Vitiligo

The use of Adam and plasmids becomes more frequent once the Rapture civil war starts. Frank Fontaine used ADAM’s addictiveness to make money from Rapture’s citizens, as well as using ADAM to bribe splicers into working with him. He knew that ADAM was highly addictive but still insisted on it being sold. 

In the first bioshock game there are 5 types of splicers. The first you encounter are Thuggish Splicers. These splicers are quite weak and attack with melee weapons like pipes and wrenches. They often attack in groups and later on in the game they are equip with the Electric Flesh tonic, making them immune to the Electro Bolt plasmid. The second splicer type is the Leadhead Splicer. They use firearms to attack, usually using pistols or machine guns. They keep their distance from the player and are harder to kill than the thuggish splicers. The third is the Spider Splicer. These splicers crawl on the ceilings and throw hooks at their enemies, and often run to attack them then retreat by jumping back onto the ceiling. They can be hard to hit due to this and are great at surprising unsuspecting victims. The fourth splicer type is the Houdini Splicer, who use plasmids to teleport and disappear. They usually attack using fire, and disappear after they have attacked the player to have an advantage, though they can be tracked by the clouds of smoke they leave behind. The final splicer type is the Nitro Splicer, and are rarer than the other splicer types. They attack by throwing grenades from a distance. If the player gets to close to them they throw a smoke bomb in an attempt to escape, and when killed they drop a bomb to harm anyone near it. Bioshock 2 adds one more splicer type, the Brute Splicer. These enemies are much larger than the other splicer types, and more powerful too. They attack by ramming into the player, and also by picking up heavy debris and throwing it. They are able to jump huge distances and use this to their advantage. 

Splicers are known for wearing masks to cover their facial deformities.  The theme chosen for the 1958 New Year celebration was a masquerade ball, and thousands of ornate animal-themed masks were created and distributed throughout the city to the revelers. Before the idea of the New Years masquerade party was thought up, the splicers would have worn simple, crude masks, made from pieces of metal and fabric with holes punched through them. The most common mask worn is the rabbit mask. Sander Cohen is known for wearing this particular mask in a black colour.


“We put our eldest Sister through a new regimen of physical and mental conditioning, and suited her up with modified Protector equipment of my design.”

Big Sister: Combines the strength of a Big Daddy with the ADAM-draining abilities of a Little Sister. They are armored, deadly, and can survive out in the ocean, but are also able to drain ADAM from corpses to power Plasmid abilities.

Along with dashing and slashing attacks, Big Sisters may wield genetic abilities like Incinerate! and Telekinesis. Big Sisters are incredibly agile and can jump up to perch on walls like a Spider Splicer, catching their target unawares.

Track: Big Sister on The Move

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some nice cosplays from acen! if you see you let me know and ill tag it.

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Spider Splicer - Bioshock

Grunkle Stan - Gravity Falls

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So uh, This blog recently surpassed 1000 followers!

I am crazy thankful for all of you guys for following me and laughing at my dumb Bioshock jokes and drawings. So, in order to properly thank you I decided to do an art give away!


  • I will randomly select 3 blogs that reblog this post by January 25th and those 3 lucky winners will be able to ask me to draw *anything* they want!
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  • You DO NOT need to be following to participate, but all follows are appreciated
  • I have the right to refuse to draw anything but I seriously doubt I will need to
  • I will draw anything/anyone from any Bioshock games, including OCs and self inserts
  • It should be noted that I am not a professional artist, and I’m doing this just for fun. As an amateur artist things make take a little longer or be a little simpler than people are used to, but please bear with me and I will do the best I can to deliver great art as quickly as possible!!

You can see examples of my work HERE

Good Luck Everyone!!


Florida Supercon was an absolute blast. I met some really cool people. There were some great costumes. If you have any pictures of me as Booker Dewitt or Little Sister, please tag my blog! If you were in any pictures and recognize yourself tag yourself as well. Shoutout to Skylar who was a super duper awesome Elizabeth and such a sweetie. If you have a picture of us together please let me know!