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Common Samhain and Halloween Superstitions

  • If you see a spider on Samhain the spirit of a loved one is near
  • If you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards, you’ll see a witch at midnight
  • If you hear an owl on Samhain someone will soon die
  • If you bob for apples and catch one on the first try, you will find true love
  • If a bat is seen flying over a house three times, one occupant will soon die
  • Crossing paths with a black cat on Halloween is a sign that a witch is nearby
  • Anyone who lies in a coffin on Samhain is inviting death into their lives
  • If you hurt a black cat on Halloween you’ll have seven years of bad luck
  • If a black cat meows on your porch or near a window, a death will soon occur in the family
  • If you go to a crossroads at Halloween and listen to the wind, you will learn all the most important things that will befall you during the next twelve months
  • If a candle lighted as part of a ceremony blows out, it is a sign that evil spirits are nearby.
  • Children born on Halloween are believed to have supernatural powers, such as warding off evil and second sight
  • Those who hear a sigh in the wind of Samhain believed to be destined to die within the year
  • Burn new candles on Halloween for good luck in the year to come
  • To protect your home, walk around it backwards and clockwise three times




I didn’t even notice the spider in the top left panel at first and had to go back and be terrified in hindsight because the camera angle makes it look far bigger than it really is. 

Or at least, far bigger than I HOPE it is. 

Modern Witches Daily - Spirits.

Here is a gif to illustrate an anecdote a friend told me ! A friend of her who enjoy doing ouija, communicate with the spirits and ghosts in her house by knocking on the hollow walls of her living room. They answer with little knocks sometimes. 

An ancient philosopher once said that the bee extracts honey from the pollen of the flower, while from the same source the spider extracts poison. The problem which then confronts us is: are we bees or spiders? Do we transform the experiences of life into honey, or do we change them into poison? Do they lift us, or do we eternally rebel against the pricks? Many people become soured by experience, but the wise one takes the honey and builds it into the beehive of his own spiritual nature.
—  Manly P. Hall - Excerpted from “The Occult Anatomy of Man”

So I recently bought a big bag of spiders from Target

And I was looking through the bag when I found this spider with no legs

I felt bad that he woudent be able to run and play with his spider brethren

So I made him this tiny spider wheel chair…

You are now free to roam little spider!!!

Soul Shattering

Soul shards are the result of the Soul shattering. This is caused by any number of things, but more commonly it is caused by a very traumatic event or by leaving pieces of your Soul in the Astral Worlds when you travel. These happen unintentionally and result in the same general effects, which are typically: feelings of being lost, scattered, depressed, tired, or feeling disconnected. Often the person feels more and more like they are ‘not here’, depending on how many shards are lost in different parts of the Astral World.

Reckless Astral Travel is not necessarily the most common cause of Soul shattering, but when it is, typically it is due to poor grounding techniques. Typically the person returned from a journey inappropriately by means of waking themselves too suddenly, accidentally leaving a part of their essence, or a Soul shard, in the Astral Realm. Sometimes this can go unnoticed, other times, this is immediately noticed. The person may awaken to feel like they are still in a dreamlike state, and they are just not able to shake it.

A misconception surrounding this is that Astral Travel is always deliberate. This is not the case. Sometimes we do this when we sleep, completely unaware that we have done this. Sometimes we are aware, those of us that are more connected to our Subconscious workings, and know that we get tapped to do some extra work when we lay our corporeal Selves down to rest. If when we are ‘Dreamwalking’, we are jolted awake by something suddenly, this too can cause a fracture of the Soul.

Cases where the Soul is fractured by traumatic events are further more tricky, because this can be caused by a wide array of events. These are typically deep traumas, and the fracture usually burrows deep, often complicating its retrieval. A person’s Soul can fracture from traumatic events only once per event, but can fracture for a similar event later under a different circumstance.

The more this happens, the worse the effects become. This can start to have a mood impact, leading to shifts in mood, feeling lost, feeling scattered, confused, in disarray, and drops in energy. These can be repaired once the Soul Shards are retrieved, either by the one whose Soul was shattered, or by a practiced Astral Walker. Bridging sessions can retrieve the Soul Shards, then unify them once more with the sufferer. A Bridging Session is a session where the sufferer and the practiced Walker travel together to retrieve the Shards, which can take up to a few hours, depending on how many and how scattered the pieces are, and how receptive the sufferer is.


This is suitably dramatic and everything but our earlier discussion about His Dark Materials is giving me flashbacks about DUST and every pun I ever thought of in between now and then. 

Creepiest thing to ever have spontaneously ever grow out of your eye: this. 

Please tell me that’s just Spirit Spider Webs that only Watanuki can see. I DON’T THINK I COULD HANDLE IT OTHERWISE. 


Recent Stickers I’ve made for cons.
(please excuse my captions, i’m so tired right now, lol)


In spirit of the Spider-Verse, I had some fun with my own Spider-Kid Design, a Khmer kid from Long Beach much like myself, and much like.. a lot of my fan characters… and characters in general… Gotta represent somehow!

I wanted to do a few more iconic Spider-Man character rehashes but maybe later tonight!

ALSO AS A SIDE NOTE, thank you so much to everyone who commissioned me, and to everyone who continues to support me through sticking around as well! :) It’s helped tremendously, and I can’t thank you all enough!