spider skin

ok i’m so sorry but here are a few more shining moments of pure beauty from the mbmbam pilot

  • “one time i saw a video of a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell”
  • it’s so hilarious that griffin, who was in an anti-bullying PSA as a tiny babe, again speaks out against bullying, holding a basketball like a hip 90′s kid
  • griffin mcelroy only carries $3 in his wallet
  • when the spider guy tries to bring a molted spider skin into travis’s spider-free palace the boys are like “nononono seriously stop.” what good bros
  • ranchos are the coolest. and i gotta tell ya, babes dig ranchos the most. eight legs of justice
  • “please don’t trip. please don’t trip. oh no he tripped! he’s rolling down a hill onto the highway! he’s in a lake! why are you filming, help our dad!”
  • why were they eating spaghetti in a pool
100 Art Journal Materials.

1) Pressed flowers
2) Coloured Sand
3) Thin buttons
4) Embroidery thread
5) Second hand postcards
6) magazine clippings
7) Patches for mending clothes
8) Denim from old jeans
9) Pages of old books
10) Pressed insects
11) Newspaper articles
12) Calligraphy inks (more vibrant and transparent than water-color)
13) Paper bags
14) Envelops
15) Washi tape
16) Spray paint
17) Scrapbook paper
18) House paint (paint stores give away mistinted paint for extremely low prices, can confirm: I work at a paint store and get free paint every day.)
19) Colour chips (get these while you’re at the paint store :p)
20) Tin foil
21) Candle wax
22) Nail polish (if you pour it on the page and let it dry its beautifully shiny and textured. I use it to make eyes that glisten).
23) Oil pastels
24) Locks of your hair
25) Perfume samples
26) Resaraunt coasters
27) Gold leaf pen ( found at art stores)
28) Chalk
29) Black coffee
30) Postage stamps
31) Junk mail
32) Leaves
33) Dead butterflies and moths
34) Food lables
35) Coffee sleeves
36) Ribbon
37) Unused pages from previous journals/ notebooks.
38) Duct tape, patterned or otherwise.
39) Watercolor
40) Sharpie
41) Makeup (lipstick especially)
42) Lino Stamps (art stores sell ones you can carve yourself.)
43) Door numbers and letters (home depot has a whole wall of them).
44) Lables from a lable maker
45) Ticket stubs
46) Receipts
47) Resaraunt menus
48) Other people’s drawings
49) Baggage tags
50) Recipe cards
51) Pencil crayon
52) Regular crayon
53) Acrylic paint
54) Pressed mushrooms
55) Little plastic bags
56) Felt pen
57) Charcoal
58) Straw and dried grasses
59) Old school notes and assignments
60) Printed photographs
61) Business cards
62) Parcel packaging
63) Yarn or wool
64) Book marks
65) Stickers from Starbucks coffee bags (you can ask for these without buying the coffee)
66) Tea and tea bags
67) Spider webs
68) Snake skin (pet stores)
69) Scraps of fabric
70) Pet fur
71) Hair dye
72) Berry juice
73) Wood stain
74) Sawdust
75) Masking tape
76) Glitter
77) Notes from family members and loved ones
78) Beer and wine lables
79) Cellophane
80) Cardstock
81) Birthday cards
82) Oragami paper
83) Shoe laces
84) Dictionary entries
85) Plasticine
86) Melted Crayons
87) Chalk board paint and sidewalk chalk
88) Metallic foil
89) Coin rubbings
90) Wallpaper
91) Thin tile
92) Spray on velvet
93) Cue cards
94) Name tags
95) Invitations
96) Squished bottle caps
97) Paper doilies
98) Stencils
99) Dried herbs
100) The inside of correlated cardboard.

Incy Wincy Spider

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  This is my first entry for @bucky-plums-barnes100 banging kinks for Bucky’s birthday” Reader gets bored while they watch a movie.

Word Count: 1,078

Warnings: Smut, Language, Spider Walking (kink)

A/N: Spider Walking is great and very underrated. It’s driving someone insane by touching them with the pads of your fingers, sort of like a fly walking up your arm. No actual skin contact, just fleeting caresses. Hope you like it, my loves!

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You and Bucky lay in bed, his attention focused on the screen of your laptop, his eyes following the movements of the characters in his favourite film. It was a European film, lots of smoking and swearing, and you grew tired of it after a few minutes. Needing to distract yourself, you started mapping his veiny forearm with the pad of your index.

The arm around your waist squeezed gently. “Are you bored?”

His voice startled you and your fingers stropped tracing patterns on his arm. You tilted your head up to look up at him, your lips turned up in a shy smile.

“A bit,” you admitted, laying your head back on his chest. “Was that annoying?” You slid your fingertips slowly along his forearm so he’d know what you were referring to.

A soft laugh bubbled past his lips. “Not at all. Actually, it’s very soothing.”

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My spider alien s76 skin idea turned into a mutated Jack AU where Gabe finds him confined and brainwashed, and after rescuing him Jack gets his sanity back but he’s literally a giant lovable alien puppy boyfriend now (I mean his mind is still at like 90%, he’s just attached to Gabe like a puppy haha). Gabe needs adorable puppy alien Jack in his life. I’ll expand and fix the whole AU idea later but it’s 4 am and I need to go to bed…

late night kiss pt. 5

A/N: Well. This took forever, and I deeply apologize. But, man, those trailers got me so pumped and cured me of my writer’s block. So here it is! Finally! Part 5!

Summary: You debate with yourself over whether or not Spider-Man is really Peter Parker.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 06 

It had to be Peter.

You had sat in shocked silence, blinking at the Brooklyn Bridge above you. Though you couldn’t see anything that was going on since it was too far away, you could still hear the sounds of an ongoing fight, people’s screams echoing in the air. After a few minutes of simply watching, your mind a complete blank, you decided to start making your way home since it was going to take you a while.

On the way, you’d thought about your revelation and validated your own suspicions with small details that you hadn’t noticed in your haze to uncover Spider-Man’s secret identity.

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Goodnight Morning Light || Peter Parker x Reader ((drabble))

{summary: lazy mornings spent with your boyfriend}


warnings: none

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


The soft rays of sunshine beamed down on your eyes, gently rousing you from your slumber as you stirred in your sleep. With a soft groan, you slowly sit up from bed, feeling a large hand slide down from your stomach to your waist.

“Oh?” You trail your gaze downward, seeing your boyfriend in a deep sleep. His sweet brown eyes were still hidden beneath his pale eyelids, and you watch as they trembled, evidence of his dreams.

Even while he slept, Peter managed to keep his arms around you.

With a smile on your face, you admire your beloved’s features, completely in awe that such a beautiful and extraordinary boy could belong to someone like you. You were so ordinary compared to him, and you were grateful that he had somehow (miraculously) fallen in love with you.

Being careful with your movements, you gently lean down to brush the stray strands of hair away from his forehead, placing a kiss against his skin while softly murmuring, “I wonder if you ever dream about me?”

Using your lips to gently trace at his eyebrows, you felt his two arms suddenly wrap themselves around you, securing you against him as you laughed, “Petey, what the hell? You caught me off guard!”

Peter draws you closer so that he could press a kiss against the base of your throat, the caress tickling you as your laughter refused so subside, “Spider-boy, honestly stop. You’re tickling me too much!”

He lets out a grunt before nipping at your skin, “It’s Spider-Man, and to answer your question…” Peter leans up, giving you a chaste kiss while admitting with his lips pressed against yours, “I’m always dreaming about you.”

Your grin was wide when you playfully pulled at his cheek, earning another grunt from him when he suddenly forces you back down in bed with him. With your head resting against his pillow, you inch closer to him to nuzzle his chest. Letting out a content sigh, you softly ask him, “Petey, can we spend a lazy day in bed?”

“That was honestly the plan, babe.” Peter yawns against his pillow, curling up his body while holding you close to his chest. “It’s too early to wake up, and I like using you as a blanket.”

With a sleepy smile, you hid your face within Peter’s shoulder, not minding his plans of napping the day away. Still taking cover from the sunlight by burying your face against him, you yawn while muttering, “Goodnight morning light.”


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Moar headcanons of The Host please? :D

(Alright. Sure

  • Like @markired said, his voice is very similar to the radio host from Silent Hills PT, very calm, very steady, just a touch of eerie when he speaks.
  • He’s a very calm individual in general. Even when in danger (as rare as that is) he stays completely calm.
  • Can tell his audience about the most terrifying and gruesome of stories without changing his tone in the slightest. 
  • People have noted feeling a sense of dread while listening in to him.
  • Others have noted an acute feeling of extreme paranoia, coupled by hallucinations of hands reaching for them or spiders crawling across their skin. 
  • Has never killed anyone with his hands or a weapon, though his show has predicted deaths with alarming accuracy and many people have accidentally died while listening.
  • Only leaves his recording spot at night. He only visits a small local grocery store where the people working there don’t ask many questions. 
  • Always wears the jacket. Always.
  • Seems unaffected by temperature.
  • Prefers coffee over tea.
  • In his spare time, he listens to old radio shows like Inner Sanctum and Lights Out! 

Why is it that more Necromancers in fantasy don’t keep giant bugs or snakes as pets?

Like, I mean, via molting and shedding they produce perfectly good; usable husks of dead tissue on a regular basis, which would be perfect for creating what’re essentially massive amounts of ground troops of snake skins and spider molts, I’m surprised at least one creator hasn’t happened upon it…