spider saturday

Finally, At Peace | Part 3

Summary: You finally get some answers even if it unsettles you at first, but in the end you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,395

A/N: A part three! This was pretty cute, but it’s a long one because I just wanted to keep the night alive. Part 1 can be found here and part 2, here.

The weekend passed and you heard nothing back from Peter after you saw Spider-Man. Saturday and Sunday felt like they were never going to end. You wanted to see Peter so badly in class on Monday morning. You couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. He took you by such a surprise. However, you wonder what responsibility Peter had that sent him off running.

As you were getting ready for the day you received a text from Peter:

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“Hmmn… what if I established a sort of Spider Saturday? I could select a lovely species of the week and make an informational post - the world deserves to know so much more about my favorite animal order, after all.

“The only difficulty is deciding who to feature first. We really ought to begin with a bang… Theraphosa blondi - the Goliath Birdeater, perhaps?”

Miles was also an enormous hit immediately after his August 2011 debut. Sales for the series spiked, but more important, Miles was a publicity sensation, drawing attention in mainstream media outlets and among fans who had long ago grown bored with Spider-Man. Just a few months into his existence, long before Marvel had made any Miles merchandise, fans were constructing their own Miles costumes (his uniform has a slightly different color scheme than Peter’s) and wearing them to conventions. Marvel knew it had a hit on its hands, and has recently started cranking out Miles costumes, Miles toys, and a version of Miles in the hit Saturday-morning Spider-Man cartoon. When Sony announced it was rebooting its Spider-Man movie franchise yet again, there were cries across the internet for the new Spidey to be Miles. “Miles was something that was vital and important, and he sold,” Hibbs said.
—  Vulture, “The Secret History of Ultimate Marvel, the Experiment That Changed Superheroes Forever “

40 years on When I did my 40 years on review of 2015′s new cars on New Year’s Eve one car I neglected was the Ferrari 488 Spider. The Pininfarina-designed 308 GTB was introduced at the 1975 Paris Motor Show and the GTS Spider version didn’t arrive until the Frankfurt Show of 1977. The 308 had a 2927cc V8 which produced 250 hp, the 488 Spider’s V8 displaces 3908cc but with twin turbochargers produces 670 hp